5 New Minecraft Servers That Are the Future of Minecraftby@ex
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5 New Minecraft Servers That Are the Future of Minecraft

by ExApril 14th, 2022
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Mineclub is the “First Social & Game Metaverse” as it calls itself, a social and minigames server that uses resource pack technology to its fullest. Origin Realms takes Minecrafts typical survival experience and flips it on its head - in the best way. NFT Worlds SMP is bringing P2E gaming to Minecraft. Fans get ready for MCC Islands big release. MrBeast creates new tech in the Minecraft space.

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Minecraft has been under the spotlight for over a decade now, and it has been constantly evolving since its release. Now on version 1.18, and with version 1.19 being tested in snapshots, the game has changed a lot since it’s early popularity. While Singleplayer has been the main focus of the Minecraft team and the general community, the Multiplayer scene has also been slowly but surely advancing. In the last year, huge progress has been made to raise Multiplayer to new heights, with some servers pushing the limits of what Minecraft Multiplayer is capable of. These 5 new servers demonstrate what Minecraft Multiplayers future holds, as the 11 year old game matures to keep up with current gaming experiences.

1. Mineclub

ip: (versions: 1.17-1.18)

This server seemingly has it all. Mineclub, the “First Social & Game Metaverse” as it calls itself, is a social and minigames server that uses resource pack technology to its fullest. Loading into the server for the first time is a jaw-dropping experience. Almost everything you see as you look around its nightclub-themed hub is custom-made by their team. Custom block textures, pixelated banners and holograms, animated NPCs, interactive UI’s, homes for players to freely build whatever they want, and a wide variety of cosmetics, barely scratches the surface of what this server has to offer. Perhaps the most impressive feature of Mineclub is its player-run cosmetic ecosystem. The currency of Mineclub is gems which players can use to purchase hats, hand-held items, titles, furniture, and pets. Players can then trade these cosmetics with other players, wager them in a 50/50 game, or list them on the market to sell. The most desired cosmetics are “Unobtainable” rarity and are distributed in limited quantities during month-long events. After the events are over, these Unobtainable cosmetics are never given out again, forcing players to buy them off others if they want to add them to their collection. Minecraft has never seen cosmetics at this level before. Adding on to the ecosystem, the servers Owners have hinted at integrating blockchain technology into cosmetics, allowing an immense amount of imaginative possibilities. Mineclub also has a few playable games, but the servers main focus is on social interaction and community. Join this server (that is still in beta) to experience a Minecraft you never knew was possible.

2. Origin Realms

ip: (versions: 1.18)

Origin Realms takes Minecrafts typical survival experience and flips it on its head - in the best way. Utilizing resource pack technology, Origin Realms boasts an enormous display of custom blocks, armor, cosmetics, NPCs, sounds, and ores. Every player on Origin Realms has their own realm, and while these realms may seem like regular survival worlds at first, they are filled with new blocks, ores, and more that any Minecraft veteran wishes they had in vanilla. Players spend their time doing normal survival tasks, like building a base, upgrading their armor, and collecting resources; while also exploring and learning about everything new Origin Realms has to offer. Players can warp to what may possibly be the most impressive Minecraft hub of all time to interact with others, complete quests given by NPCs, and use the various buildings utilities. Playing on the server feels like you stepped into a version of Minecraft released 10 years in the future. Just over a year old now, you have to check out Origin Realms before it comes out of beta.

3. NFT Worlds SMP

ip: (versions: 1.17-1.18)

Re-releasing on April 16th, NFT Worlds Survival Multiplayer brings p2e gaming to Minecraft. What was once a free mint for seemingly cutouts of a Minecraft world, the NFT Worlds collection is rapidly growing to be a fully-functional Metaverse. Owning a NFT Worlds NFT allows for holders to open a P2E Minecraft server using the $WRLD token as its currency. These holders can create any gameplay on their server that they choose, as Minecraft itself has infinite possibilities. Already in this novel Metaverse, servers have FPS shooter games, PvP games, Kart racing, Golf, Bedwars, and a Battle Royale mode. But the main server hosted by NFT Worlds collection owners is the SMP. While not offering much awe-inspiring gameplay yet, the SMP server allows players to play Minecraft how they’re used to, all while earning $WRLD for their time spent playing. Players link their Minecraft account to their wallets on NFT Worlds website, allowing for easy transfers of $WRLD earned on whichever server they play. They can then transfer $WRLD to their friends freely and seamlessly, compete in events for the token, or purchase in game items using it. Minecraft, being the most sold game ever, has millions of players already ready to play and enter this Metaverse NFT Worlds has created. At its peak, the server had over 2000 players queued up to try it out. With NFT Worlds releasing their Avatar NFT collection soon, their own Minecraft launcher, and utilizing $WRLD token more and more, this is a Minecraft experience you do not want to miss.

4. MCC Island

ip: (versions: 1.17-1.18)

Perhaps the most anticipated Minecraft server ever, Minecraft content creator fans, and the multiplayer community patiently await for MCC Islands release. Based on the extremely popular Minecraft tournament: Minecraft Champions, what was once a minigames paradise only accessible to Youtubers and Streamers, now will open its doors to the public with this upcoming server. On this island players are promised to be able to play some of the games they see their favorite Minecraft Youtubers playing (with Hole in the Wall and Ace Race confirmed to be in beta), as well as collect cosmetics, roleplay, and explore the island. If the public server is anything like what fans are used to seeing on stream, the server will use lots of resource pack technology alongside amazing looking custom models. Noxcrew, the owners and builders of MCC, have been working on MCC Island for a long time now, and seeing their portfolio of previous Minecraft creations, MCC Island is expected to be one of the best Multiplayer experiences. What was rumored to be a February release, has been pushed back to an unknown date, with some speculation of a release alongside the next MCC event on April 30th.

5. MrBeast Gaming Events

ip: N/A (versions: N/A)

While not technically an ongoing server, MrBeast’s team has developed Minecraft experiences and technology that has never been seen before. For starters, the team has developed the ability to seamlessly layer multiple Minecraft servers into one, allowing for thousands of players to all play on one world at the same time. This alone allows for so many new crazy possibilities in Minecraft. Whether its 1000 players hunting down their favorite Youtubers, 100,000 players competing in a building competition, or 456 fans playing for $45.6k dollars in a Squid Game recreation; MrBeast always impresses with his Minecraft videos. MrBeast’s team creates entire new Minecraft games for every video, pushing out quality Minecraft gameplay each time. Getting into one of these events may take a big stroke of luck, but watching them showcases that Minecraft’s limits can be pushed farther than we expect.

With Minecraft remaining one of the most played and watched games, you can expect new servers like these to continue popping up and developing. What some may consider an old and simple game, is actually just getting started in what its truly capable of.