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63 News Sites Ranked by Bitcoin Mentions

January 13th 2018

What are the most progressive news sites? Perhaps they’re the sites that have the most pages mentioning Bitcoin, compared to the total pages.

This data isn’t perfect, but what I’ve done is a site search on Google for each news site I could find that I thought was big (largely based on lists I found), and then did a search for each site while including the following term: bitcoin.

Here’s the example for CNN:

Vanilla Search:

Bitcoin Search:

I then divided the number of Bitcoin results by the total results to get the percent of results that are related to Bitcoin. These results are far from perfect because in some cases Google doesn’t seem to index things correctly, and in some cases Bitcoin-related ads are skewing the results. If an outlier exists that doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s probably a glitch causing it to outlie so please do the search yourself/investigate further/disregard it.

It would be cool to also do this for AI, or we could combine the terms and do the Google search [bitcoin OR AI OR “artificial intelligence”]. But perhaps Bitcoin is good enough. In my mind, digital currencies and artificial intelligence are the two biggest disruptors of our time. Eventually quantum computers, 3D printing, and flying cars could be added to that list, and hopefully more that I can’t even imagine right now.

I did these searches over the weekend. Enjoy!

Here’s all of the data.

Top general news site:

Top tech news sites:

Top financial/business news sites:

As a bonus I added to the bottom of this list. It’s not really a tech news site but it’s where Satoshi Nakamoto originally offered up Bitcoin for download, so I put it in here for reference.

All Combined:

Here they’re ordered by the total number of Bitcoin pages. This doesn’t include all of them, but it should be all of the top ones by total Bitcoin articles.

p.s. from Eric: “shhh… if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve scrolled down this whole article and are more likely than most people to care about what I think. So I’ll give you a little more of what I think: I’ve been thinking a lot about Kin. If you’re interested, here’s my 5 min explanation of Kin.”

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