Hackernoon logoHappy 4 Year Anniversary to Hacker Noon! by@jayz

Happy 4 Year Anniversary to Hacker Noon!

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Dear Loyal (& disloyal/arch-enemy) Readers:

I'm dropping back in to write something non conference related for the first time in years to say thank you all for being a part of this wonderful journey the last four years.

I guess I should quickly introduce myself, I'm one of the founders of this here establishment. You all may know of me as the George Harrison of the Hacker Noon team, given that even members of the Hacker Noon team don't realize I exist. Nowadays, I’ve been serving as an advisor.

Pictured, David Smooke and Jay Zalowitz toast to the first 1,000 writer in what was then the one room ArtMap Inc. office in the Flood Building on Market Street in Jan 2016.

Shortly after our team was rejected from Ycombiminator for an unrelated project, I clicked the create button for a medium publication that was originally titled “Hacker Daily” after my co-founder (and Hacker Noon's ceo) David Smooke pointed out how medium publications worked. For the next couple of weeks, I went to work automating the things that humans didn't need to do, as I generally do throughout my work.

Around 10pm Jan 7, 2016, we went live, and everything went crazy. We received over one thousand story submissions in nine days. I cannot properly give words to the whirlwind the early days were, the hustle it took to recruit tech leaders over the years, and to just be a part of growing a cool place to spend time on the internet. 

I won't try to bore y'all with too much Hacker Noon, history (for more of that, click here, here, here or here), just that I'm really excited to point out Hackernoon.com is now operating in its own site, on its own CMS, with its own independent team, and well positioned to have a really great new year with what’s coming down the pipe.

This has been an absolute highlight of my life, and I know I'm not going too far out of band to say that everyone involved with the project feels pretty much the same.

I'm off to go form the Traveling Hackburys, but first, here's a photo of David in a birthday hat:

Happy Hacking everyone, here’s to ... four more years ... of Hackernoon!


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