This Is How Self-Integrity Can Change Your Lifeby@scott-d.-clary
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This Is How Self-Integrity Can Change Your Life

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To all my friends with a gazillion ideas but no action, this one's specially for you! We've all been in that spot, right? Our heads are jam-packed with cool business ideas, plans to become better versions of ourselves, and all sorts of creative ventures. We're so pumped about the future that we can almost feel it in our bones. But when it's time to walk the talk – to actually do the things that'll bring us closer to that awesome future self – we suddenly hit the brakes. What's our go-to excuse? "Life just gets in the way." But here's the thing: life's never been about the daydreams, it's about actually making things happen. That's why most of us have a tough time turning our dreams into reality. We have to face being uncomfortable, worn out, challenged, and even afraid. We have to do things we might not really want to do, all for the sake of that amazing future we envision. And guess what? It all starts with self-integrity – keeping our word and taking responsibility for the promises we make, whether they're big or small.
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