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834 Stories To Learn About Decentralized Internet

by Learn RepoOctober 13th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Decentralized Internet via these 834 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Decentralized Internet via these 834 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

How can we make the internet work for the end user?

1. Version 0.3.19: A Poem

2. Social DAOs: An Essential Guide

The best overview of all social DAOs that you haven't heard about yet to understand how social DAOs actually work, what they have in common and what's different

3. Why The Metaverse will be Bigger than Facebook and Google Combined

What is the metaverse and what blockchain-based games are pioneering the way to make metaverse happen? Read that and more in the interview with Mickey Maler.

4. UST/Luna Meltdown & The Lessons That I've Learned So Far

The lessons that i've learned from UST/Luna meltdown.

5. [Writing Prompt] Decentralized Internet Interview Questions List

Welcome to HackerNoon’s Writing Prompts program. Answer one today!

6. 4 Defi Platforms with NFT Gaming to Watch in 2022

The most prevalent Defi and NFT adoption was from the gaming industry. Dozens of platforms were conceived within and before 2021.

7. Play2Earn for Beginners: Where to Start

How to start playing with the new Play2Earn/GameFi games like Axie Infinity, Ember Sword and more as well as how to analyse these games for your research.

8. An Introduction to Decentralized Currencies

9. Oana Batran, Chainge Finance CBO, on the World’s First Decentralized Exchange App

Chainge Finance talks about the advantages of Decentralized Exchanges.

10. 12 Best IDO Launchpads in 2022

IDO launchpads have a pivotal place in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

11. 3 Best Cross-Chain Solutions To Use In 2021/2022

Here you can find 3 the best working Cross-Chain solutions in a current DeFi market.

12. 4 Must-Have Crypto Browser Extensions

Top crypto browser extensions to help you in your crypto journey.

13. Lazerpay: An African Decentralised Dream

African startup called Lazerpay is the blockchain and web3 solution to Africans banking problems since colonisation. They are a decentralised finance company.

14. How to Write Smart Contracts on Bitcoin

How smart are 'smart contracts,' really?

15. 7 Dapp Platforms to Follow in 2021

Polygon, ZKSync, and Arbitrum are just some of the dApp platforms you should be following in 2021.

16. An Introduction to The Bounty Economy

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are creating their own micro-economies, issuing bounties to members to complete tasks to achieve their mission.

17. is DEAD: F*CK the Alternatives!

Looking for "alternatives"? Good luck with that!

18. The 'UNKNOWN' Bug On Uniswap Continues to Plague The Platform

Uniswap is probably one of the most popular decentralized exchanges for listing projects but a severe bug could cause Uniswap and its users significant issues.

19. Elon Musk and Twitter: Really, Why So Serious?

It’s not about being the richest man in the world, but if we’re going to be honest, it kinda is.

20. Cybersecurity in Web3: How to Jump on the Bandwagon Safely

The article addresses common cybersecurity vulnerabilities identified during smart contract audits, social engineering's role in web3-related cyber fraud, etc.

21. Subnets are Solving the Crypto Scalability Problem

The crypto industry has run into serious scalability issues. But subnets provide the best possible answer to resolve it once and for all.

22. CBDCs Are A Very Bad Idea

Learn the risks that Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) pose to your monetary freedom and privacy.

23. How To Stake ETH 2.0 Without Running a Node and 32 ETH

How to stake eth without running a node, defi solutions, staking

24. The Objective Need for Decentralization: Reality Consensus

The main goal of network technology is the creation of human consensus. This is the REQUIRED step for ANY collaboration to occur. We MUST decentralize the web!

25. How to Solve "Struct Containing a (Nested) Mapping Cannot be Constructed" in Solidity

How to Solve "Struct Containing a (Nested) Mapping Cannot be Constructed" in Solidity

26. The Decentralized Gaming Evolution

As the players are growing every day, the gaming companies should also care to fulfill the growing demands. So according to the pace of the technology developer

27. Is "Balkanized" Internet The Dark Future of Decentralized Internet?

There’s a thin line between decentralization and the “balkanization” of the internet.

28. Decentralized Uber: Here's How I Built It With, Waku, and Vue.js

Write a decentralized Uber using Waku and Vue.js

29. Why YouTube’s biggest competition will come from decentralized video platforms

YouTube creators and users are fleeing to decentralized, blockchain-based platforms, which offer greater choice and less exploitation.

30. 4EVERLAND's Bucket API for Decentralized Object Storage

A guide to use 4EVERLAND's bucket API for decentralized object storage.

31. How Putting your Book on a Blockchain can Change your Career Overnight

Bend your mind around decentralized publishing with these success stories

32. Web 3.0: A Poem

Cryptographically, the brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

33. 5 New NFT Platforms Riding Crypto’s Latest Wave

Here are five new platforms hoping to become mainstays of the burgeoning NFT landscape.

34. Introducing a New NFT Project Based on Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin

Art101 announced a Vitalik Buterin NFT collection 'Based Vitalik'

35. A Brief Introduction to Ethereum Swarm

The idea for Swarm came from Gavin Wood, one of the founders of Ethereum.

36. 6 Common Crypto Scams to AVOID in 2022

With cryptocurrency being more popular than ever before, crypto scams are rapidly making their way into every corner of the crypto world.

37. YellowCard, The Crypto Ambition of Africa

This article is about a Web3 company called YellowCard that has a crypto exchange app platform for bitcoin, ethereum and others, based for the African market.

38. Understanding DAO: A Basic Explanation

DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations is the new form to organize communities and work. here's the basic explanation of DAOs

39. A Decentralized "Internet of Blockchains:" Blocknet Protocol

Blocknet is moving to the v18 base chain and gearing up to support business customers with the release of XRouter 1.0. In this article, I take a look at the inner workings of the Blocknet Protocol and what it offers.

40. How Starlink is Disrupting the Internet

Starlink, by SpaceX, will provide internet from the constellation of low Earth orbit satellites with low latency and high speed compared to submarine cables.

41. Are NFT Marketplaces Really Decentralized?

Are NFT marketplaces really centralized or decentralized?

42. The Multiverse of Madness: Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Inflation & Bitcoin

Warren Buffett vs. Elon Musk - Inflation vs. Bitcoin

43. Understanding Metaverse: A Basic Explanation

What is metaverse - a simple, basic explanation. How metaverse will impact the world?

44. What are the differences between Bitcoin and XRP?

Bitcoin's maximum supply is 21 million and XRP's maximum supply is 100 billion. The difference is that all XRP were created on the first day...

45. How to Solve Level 3 of the Ethernaut Game

In level 3 you have to play a game: coin flip. To complete this level you'll need to guess the correct outcome of a coin flip 10 times in a row

46. The Illusion of Decentralization

Back in the 1990’s, then-chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan used the phrase “irrational exuberance” to describe the rapid and relentless rise of stock markets amidst a preponderance of data that should have tempered market mania. Setting aside Greenspan’s role in stimulating such “irrational exuberance” via interest rate driven monetary policy, it seems as though his phrase is ripe for recycling when looking at the current fever for “decentralization”; particularly, decentralization as it would apply to blockchain, Web 3.0, and cryptocurrencies. Can blockchain as a foundation of Web 3.0 really be decentralized?

47. Ethereum is Supposed to go PoS (Proof of Stake) in 2022 Which Will Make it More Scalable

This article talks about DAOs, ethereum scaling and why DAOs will be the future of governance.

48. Why Did Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer Stocks Drop by 60% in 6 Months?

The “pillars” of our freelance industry have collapsed spectacularly!

49. What Elon Musk's Twitter Purchase Means For DOGE

Dogecoin's price jumped as high as $0.1428, marking a 12 percent rise in its price in 24 hours.

50. 10 Best No-Code NFT Avatar Creators

In this article, we’ll explain 10 best avatar maker and Top NFT Avatar creators that you can use to make your NFT avatars without coding.

51. Top Platforms to Launch an NFT Collection for Digital Content Creators

Creators with zero to little coding experience can leverage any of these platforms to build an NFT collection, unlike many other currently available solutions.

52. Self-Sovereign Identity, smart contracts and Web 3.0

Decentralized, self-sovereign authentication and authorization of users in web projects using smart-contracts and public blockchains in Web 3.0

53. Choosing a DeFi-Friendly Crypto Exchange

DeFi, or decentralized finance is a $70 billion independent financial services industry.

54. A Decentralized internet is Unviable / Web 3 Developers are Clowns: Do these Opinions Hold any Salt?

In the beginning, God created Web 1.0 (No offense, Tim Berners-Lee). Then Web 2.0 followed. The age of the third web is now upon us but there is a divide...

55. Taking Away The Metaverse from Mark Zuckerberg: Billionaire Brothers Strike Back

Mark Zuckerberg and brothers Winklevoss are fighting for their vision of Web3.0 - or is it just the next stage of old rivalry?

56. How to Make an NFT: Minting, Trading, and Monetizing for Beginners

A non-fungible token is verifiably distinct from another one. So, NFTs offer a way to manage provenance, ownership and transfer of unique items.

57. Closing The Gap Between Companies & DAOs

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a utopian idea. Today’s organizations - corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations - have a jurisdiction. DAOs are everywhere and nowhere. Today’s organizations embrace hierarchy and have governing boards and managers. DAOs are flat and they make decisions either by number of votes from token-holders (participatory DAOs) or by the rules of the code itself (algorithmic DAOs). Today’s organizations require people to routinely conduct legally-required functions, such as paying employees or buying insurance. DAO users and counter-parties are compensated automatically through smart contracts.

58. The Quickest and Most Secure Way to Run Your Blockchain Node

This article tells you the quickest approach to running a blockchain node. You can save yourself a lot of time reading it!

59. B1 and Chintai are Mainstreaming Blockchain in Traditional Finance (now rebranded as B1) is making big moves in the crypto space with an upcoming IPO and newly announced exchange, Bullish.

60. Proof of Work is a Tried and True Solution

Gold is the original Proof of Work to back a currency.

61. The Top 7 Metaverses That You Can Try Right Now

Everybody's talking about Metaverse. Here are top crypto metaverses that you can try right now!

62. Brave Browser, Brendan Eich, Digital Privacy, Web 3.0 and the Battle Against Surveillance Capitalism

After becoming more and more paranoid about Google and other tech companies tracking me online, I learned about alternative options to more private web browsers.

63. Is Satoshi Nakamoto Back?

Is Satoshi Nakamoto returned? Let's see what he done now!

64. 5 Best Audit and KYC Solutions for DeFi Projects

As DeFi, and crypto in general, keep getting global recognition, developers have had to comply with KYC and AML regulations in certain jurisdictions.

65. Decentralized Storage Could Be Blockchain's Killer Application

The distributed architecture of these novel storage solutions makes them immune to censorship, service failure, and data theft. With decentralized cloud storage

66. How to Import Crypto APIs into Excel

This is a step-by-step guide to integrating crypto APIs in Excel.

67. Here's-My-Private-Key Scam in Crypto: How It Traps Unsuspecting Users

A new form of scams that trick everyone with poor basis of knowledge of blockchain world.

68. How to Make Money in a Falling Market

The best way not to lose but also to make money in a falling market is to hedge your purchases with short positions on a margin platform.

69. Does Web 3.0 Need Web Servers?

Internet censorship doesn't only affect those breaking the law. The decentralized browser DeBot Contest on Free TON is working towards an alternative.

70. Ethereum 2.0 - 5 Things About the Change You Don't Know

Learn what the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade means, how it works, and what changes it means for the Ethereum blockchain

71. Is it Possible to Create a Decentralized Internet? This Startup, and its "Farmers" Think So.

The internet is now almost entirely centralized.

72. Top 7 Investment Firms Leading NFT Venture Rounds

Who invests in NFT? Here's the list of the top VCs and investors who invest in NFT, metaverse, play2earn industry.

73. My 5 Favorite Proof of Work Cryptocurrencies

Proof of Work is an important aspect of the cryptocurrency solution. Here are my favorite Proof of Work cryptocurrencies.

74. Zero-Cost Blockchain Transactions Are A Reality on Polkadot

Maybe this one: Read the cases where a zero-fee transaction in Polkadot makes sense, as well as how to actually implement them while protecting yourself against

75. #DeFi - All of The Problems, Some of The Solutions

However, there are some things that keep DeFi from popularizing despite its many benefits.

76. Code A Minimalistic NFT Smart Contract in Solidity On Ethereum: A How-To Guide

How to code a minimalistic NFT contract on the Ethereum blockchain in Solidity

77. Web 3.0 For Businesses: A Beginner's Guide

Web 3.0 may be the next frontier of the Internet, but many know little about it. Read to learn everything about Web 3.0 and its implications for businesses.

78. LUNA's Crash and Scams in Desperate Times of Crypto

Diving deeper into the TerraLUNA crash, and a fair warning against internet scams that may become more frequent as time gets more desperate.

79. Top 5 NFT Play-to-Earn Marketplaces to Follow in 2022

Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, as a business model, lets gamers earn rewards (often in the form of crypto) for playing games.

80. Is the US Going to BAN Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is more popular than ever before, and it’s worrying a lot of people in Washington.

81. How to connect MetaMask with the EOS blockchain

Little guide how to connect EOS blockchain with the wallet MetaMask.

82. The Great Presidential Crypto Debate with Polk, Nixon, Jackson, and Washington

How would the presidents from the past reflect upon and react to the brave new world of cryptocurrency and money decentralization?

83. Web 1.0 to Web4: A Brief History of The Evolution of Internet Technologies

The Internet has come a long way from Web 1.0 to Web 4.0

84. What are Cross-Chain Swaps?

A cross-chain swap is a complete decentralized mechanism of exchanging your tokens for other non-native tokens.

85. Security in The Sea of Decentralized Finance

How do you avoid losing funds due to your own negligence.

86. How To Mint Your First NFT (Non-Fungible Token) For Free

How to create and mint NFT (non-fungible token) for free at Opensea, Rariable and Mintable. How to promote and sell NFT tokens

87. How Can You Earn Interest with Cryptocurrency?

In many ways, cryptocurrency is starting to replace the ways people increase their wealth, earn interest, and even earn a passive income!

88. Learn the blockchain basics - Part 1: Determinism

The first episode of this series describes Determinism. This article will explain the most fundamental principle each and every blockchain follows by design.

89. The Decentralised Internet Writing Contest 2022: Round 3 Results Announced!

Here we are with the final announcement of the #Decentralized-Internet writing contest winners!

90. Is Decentralisation Even Real?

What does decentralisation mean in the context of blockchain, and where is it relevant for end consumers. See how the industry is evolving.

91. How to Build an Ethereum Transaction App with React and Solidity: Part 2

Following part one of this tutorial, we will be building the frontend side of this project.

92. Hiding Secrets: Steganography in Digital Arts and NFTs

The Da Vinci code for the NFT art generation is called steganography. Artists must use new techniques for hiding their secrets inside their artworks.

93. 5 Ways to Make Money In Crypto

The pandemic has changed the rules of the game, not only for business, but in fact, has affected everyone. The words quarantine and remote work have become commonplace in our everyday life. Those companies that could not switch to remote operation suffered losses or were completely liquidated.

94. A Beginner's Guide To The Liquid Network

Liquid Network is a layer-2 solution that offers fast, confidential, and cheap Bitcoin transactions for retail and institutional investors.

95. The #Decentralized-Internet Writing Contest

The decentralized internet writing competition offers $3,500 in monthly prizes from HackerNoon and Free TON.

96. 6 Ways The Internet of Value Can Benefit the World Economy

The Internet of Value is a concept proposed by Ripple which envisions a world where value moves and is exchanged like information is exchanged today...

97. Why Is BTC Over $50k While Other Cryptocurrencies Struggle To Cross $1: A Deep Dive

the majority of digital coins on the market are issued by private blockchain corporations, there are several factors that count towards the value of crypto

98. Cross-Chain Bridges: Are They Worth The Risk?

Cross-chain bridges may be growing in popularity, but their use poses significant risks to users.

99. RichQUACK Aims to Combat Inflation via Token Burns & Staking

In this post we'll look at RichQUACK, its features and the teams plans for growing it's ecosystem.

100. A Game-Changing Blockchain Startup for DApp Development with No Code

Bunzz is the world's first platform that allows software developers and businesses to develop DApps (Decentralized Applications) in a few minutes without knowin

101. NFTs Can Bring Immutability and Transparency to the Halal Supply Chain

By integrating immutable NFT technology within the halal supply chain, consumers can investigate and ensure increased confidence in the origin of halal foods.

102. In the 90s, Web 1.0 was Running on a Fully Decentralized Infrastructure

How Ethereum’s composability created the most innovative ecosystem to date.

103. The Perfect Culprit: Is Crypto or the Banking System Funding Terror?

It is the financial system that could be easily corrupt and not the crypto one in funding terror all over the world.

104. 5 Exchanges Where You Can Trade Crypto Options

In this post we’ll look at five exchanges that enable investors to trade crypto options, as well as the features and fees involved.

105. The Current State of Cryptocurrencies in Africa

In a Yahoo finance publication, Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, ranked number one for countries using cryptocurrencies the most. This was while the country plunged deep into a recession in 2020.

106. Slow Rug Pulls: The Wild Nature of Cryptocurrency Projects

Generally, rug pull projects are those crypto projects whose developers have put little effort into them.Then developer abandons the project with investor funds

107. From FireChat to Starlink: The Best Attempts to Decentralize the Internet

In this article, we look at the past, present, and future of internet decentralization efforts. We'll explore how projects such as FireChat and Starlink.

108. Crypto-Cards 2021: Bitpay Vs. Wirex Vs. CryptoPay Vs. TTM Bank

Why can 2021 redefine how we use crypto cards?

109. Decentralization of the Internet: The Frontier of the Internet

Developers and tech entrepreneurs have created a silent but consistent mission to try and decentralize the internet. The goal is to make it a safer place for people to transact and communicate.

110. 5 Crypto Compounding Projects to Look at in 2022

Compounding is a sure way to bolster your earnings in the long run, especially if you are invested in long-term income-earning pathways.

111. Decentralized Web (DeWeb Tokens) 101 – The next big thing?

Over the last years, but especially the last months, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) emerged to a popular and highly hyped niche within the crypto space.

112. When DeFi Meets TradeFi: Comdex Co-founder, Abhishek Singh, Discusses Commodities In Crypto

A discussion with Abhishek Singh, Co-founder and CEO of Comdex on the recent crypto crash, features of a robust DeFi infrastructure layer, and much more.

113. Who Showed Up to Dogepalooza and Who Cares? (Much Surprise)

What happened at the first-ever Dogecoin-themed charity music festival Dogepalooza? Hear it from the perspective of one of the performers there, Rito Rhymes.

114. How to Find a Job in Crypto and Blockchain in 2022

Interested in crypto jobs? Understand the market and learn the 15 best ways you can find opportunities

115. Introducing $NOIR, the World’s first Phygital Wine Token

NOIR New Moon, a Sparkling Rosé produced using the Méthode Traditionnelle technique, will be offered exclusively as 777 dynamically priced $NOIR tokens..

116. DAOs - Blockchains Final Frontier

Prosperity not created by capitalism but through cooperation.

117. The Crypto Economy is Too Conservative and it’s Your Fault

This may be crypto’s largest problem right now: It rewards repetition, instead of innovation. Here's what you can do to help.

118. The One True Metaverse Shall Be Decentralized

There are many attempts at the metaverse, but building a real metaverse isn't that simple

119. DecentraMind for Web 3.0 or Against It? — Interview with Mikhail Danieli

DecentraMind by Web 3.0 or for it? — interview with Mikhail Danieli, project visionary and ambassador about the future of the platform and the company.

120. Down with the Registration!

Sef-sovereign Identities can help minimize the consequences of data leaks by keeping personal data personal.

121. Building a Classic Web3 NFT Minting Dapp With React and Solidity: Part 2

In PART ONE of this tutorial, we coded the smart contract part of this application with Solidity, now it's time we merge it up with ReactJs.

122. Don’t Buy Cryptocurrencies (Earn them)

Five easy ways to earn cryptocurrency, without spending a penny. From getting a job, to winning contests, you don't need to code to be involved in blockchain.

123. The Coronavirus Cover-Up: A Closer Look At Internet Censorship in China

I am writing this in transit between Helsinki and Vilnius. I’ve got a mask on, and it’s uncomfortable. But I shouldn’t complain - the mask itself was a godsend - given the nationwide shortage of masks, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes in Singapore.

124. How to Start Investing in NFTs: For Complete Beginners

How does investing in NFTs work? This guide will cover all you need to know to get started.

125. How this Web3 Project is Unlocking a Trillion-Dollar Data Economy with Data NFTs

Learn why data could become the most promising NFT utility that sets the foundation for a valuable trend: Data Finance (DataFi).

126. 10 DeFi Projects to Keep Your Eye On in 2021

DeFi can change the financial landscape. Here is a list of the 10 best DeFi projects to watch out for.

127. Top 10 Ethereum NFT Projects to Follow in 2022

Decentraland, Gods Unchained, and Cryptodads are among the best Ethereum NFT projects to follow in 2022.

128. Learn the Blockchain Basics With Sovryn: An Outline

Learn the Blockchain Basics With Sovryn is a technological series about blockchain technology, written in plain English with the aim to foster basic knowledge.

129. Here's How to Build a Decentralized Internet

The philosophy of how to build a fully decentralized internet. Web3.0 needs interoperability, open source and better economic designs to succeed Web2.0

130. ThoughtSlime on Why All NFTs are a Scam

A contrarian POV on NFTs from ThoughtSlime

131. DeSci: Decentralized Science as Our Chance to Recover the Real Science

DeSci is an approach to organize scientific ecosystem in a decentralized way to have the real science done by the people, for the people.

132. How The Metaverse Relies on The Data Economy

The Metaverse isn't just built on the Data Economy, the Data Economy is the Metaverse.

133. How to Transition from Full-Stack Developer to Web3 Pioneer in 2022

Looking to dive into Web3 development? Here is an intro and quick example of how full-stack developers can get started in the decentralized web.

134. IOTA vs. IoTeX: The Battle of the IoT Blockchains

The blockchain that connects the internet of things will be worth $1 trillion. The top two contenders? IoTeX and IOTA. Read on to find out which will end on top

135. ERC20 Infinite Approval: A Battle Between Convenience and Security

In order to save money and time, many users choose infinite approval when needed. As a result, they do not know the day when they suddenly find that their token has been transferred away.

136. 3 Best Metaverse Games to Follow in 2022

Almost everyone in the P2E space is already aware of the big names like Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and The Sandbox, but there are many others to follow too.

137. Cross-layer Interoperability: The Future Of Interconnected Layer 2 Ecosystem

Welcome to the world of cross-chain and cross-layer interoperability, building the future of the interconnected multi-chain and multi-layer ecosystem.

138. Top 6 Crypto Launchpads in 2021

Want to discover promising early-stage crypto projects? Crypto launchpads are platforms that provide an early access to token sale rounds of vetted projects.

139. I Stopped Developing iOS Apps and Switched to Web App Development After 12 Years on The App Store

After twelve years on the App Store, I've decided it's time to go all-in on the web and would like to share what that means and outline the tradeoffs involved.

140. Introduction to Cryptographic Hash Functions

Cryptographic Hash Functions are a class of hash functions that are cryptographically secure. From password authentication and integrity verification to blockchain—these functions are used in a multitude of applications.

141. How I Made a Fortune from the 2020 Bear Market

A brief overview of how Ben Knaus went all in during the 2020 Bear market. And how in 2021 those risks turned to huge rewards. Also 7 rules for bear marets

142. An Analysis of the Cryptoskulls NFT Project in 2022

A brief summary of the paraboolic rise of the CryptoSkulls NFT collection.

143. 4 DeFi Protocols that Will Build the Future of Finance

There is a protocol arms race in DeFi right now. Yet due to DeFi’s composability, an advance boosts the whole ecosystem, not just one protocol.

144. Why Do We Urgently Need Web 3.0?

Mass censorship and de-platforming have been normalized at such break-neck speed that a new totalitarian milestone appears almost every month. Fortunately, cryptocurrencies have already paved the road ahead for a brighter, less surveilled future, leading to Web 3.0.

145. Top 5 Smart Contract Platforms on Polkadot for building DApps (A Developer's Guide)

Here is a detailed review of 5 best developer-oriented smart contract platforms on Polkadot that you can use to build Web3 DApps. Check it out!

146. What Happened to Solana (SOL)?

Solana (SOL), a fast emerging blockchain project, has caught the attention of investors in the crypto space in recent weeks.

147. How Blockchain can Disrupt the Restaurant Industry

This article talks about blockchain and restaurant tech to disrupt and uplift the restaurant industry after COVID-19.

148. Greed Threatens to Destroy Dogecoin, But the Motto May Be Redemption

#DoOnlyGoodEveryday is just an awesome motto. One I can embrace. Greed threatens to destroy #dogecoin but I cling to the motto. The community has been around for years. It has shown resilience. They believe the motto Do Only Good Everyday. They were doing it when dogecoin was going for less than a penny.

149. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Web 3.0

Decentralized architecture is new and still evolving. I’ll start by outlining some general concepts and definitions so we’re on the same page semantically.

150. Fixing Broken NFTs With IPFS and Filecoin

Many NFTs on the market today have design flaws that compromise their integrity and permanence. Learn how we can fix that using IPFS and Filecoin!

151. How To Own A Piece Of The New Web With Web 3.0

Web 3 is the latest wave of the internet that is already changing how users utilize and interact with the web.

152. 6 Ways to Start Using NFTs in Your Business

NFTs are on the rise. Learn how to use NFTs for your business and exploit this new technology for massive commercial gains.

153. Is Decentralized Internet the Future of VPN & TCP/IP?

Internet censorship is a contentious topic all over the world today. While some advocate it as a safety net restricting access to the dark and illegal portions of the internet, others consider it to be merely a tool used by governments and authorities to conceal information from citizens for religious or political purposes.

154. How to Build a Profitable NFT Marketplace with React, Solidity, and CometChat

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a profitable and well-designed NFT marketplace with chat functionality.

155. Learn the Blockchain Basics - Part 3 : Hashing Functions

With the third episode of our shared journey, we will uncover the meaning of the hashing function, share a ride on the Avalanche effect, and much more!

156. How to Model In-Game NFT Token Economics for Digital Games

This article talks about NFT based games and how developers can model an NFT based in-game token economics for their decentralized gaming offering.

157. My Favourite Scams these days (Cryptocurrencies, Mining, Forex and NFT scams) — 2021 deep dive

My deep dive into the world of novadays crypto and related scammers. Bit fun and highly educational.

158. Revisiting Making Money in Crypto

Making money in crypto using strategies from The Richest Man in Babylon.

159. The Evolution of Casinos in the Age of Decentralized Internet

A brief look into how traditional casinos are slowly getting replaced by a completely virtual but immersive experience, driven by blockchain technology

160. DeFi: It's Time We Really Started Looking At Blockchains Beyond Ethereum

The mother of DeFi is Etheurem, but the true DeFi platform the world needs now is Bitcoin-based, which follows the original idea of Satoshi Nakomoto.

161. Power of Proposals: Understanding SORA's Decentralized Development Process

SORA is a decentralized central bank that includes a decentralized development process that uses RFP to implement new developments in the network

162. How I Built A Smart Contract That Pays People Automatically

Learn how an Ethereum smart contract can pay your kids, employees, or whomever quickly, fairly, and automatically. No more banks, no more headaches.

163. How You Can Invest in the Metaverse Today

Wondering how you can invest in the emerging metaverse industry? It's actually easier than you think, and I'll walk you through the 3 main options!

164. Telegram Bots Have Helped Pave The Way for dApps

2020 is shaping up to be the year of dApps! New communities are forming around cryptocurrency and they are asking for just one thing: decentralization. All the services and platforms you are accessing online right now can be decentralized in one way or another.

165. How Do Yield Aggregators Work?

The main profit generators in DeFi are decentralized exchanges and loan services. Yield Aggregator optimizes the ways to get this profit for maximum efficiency.

166. True Meaning of DAOs  -  Bitcoin as Business

Understand how the first and most succesful DAO works, and how Bitcoin can host Web 3.0 applications, dApps, NFTs, and DAOs in the future.

167. Learn the Blockchain Basics - Part 4: The 51% Attack

This episode we will cover two potential risks of PoW blockchains that are related but are frequently misrepresented: the double-spend fraud and the 51% attack.

168. An Algorithmic Decentralized Central Bank: Eliminating Irrational Token Allocation with SORA

For this article, we focus in particular on the macroeconomy, tokenomics, macrotokenomics, governance, and decentralized applications

169. Learn the blockchain basics - Part 2 : "Mining", "Miners", and the Proof of Work Algorithm

The second episode of this series describes the Proof of Work algorithm. After reading this article, you should have a basic understanding of the PoW algorithm.

170. DeFi on Bitcoin: How Sovryn is Answering The Final Criticism Against Bitcoin

Unbank banking and make the underbanked financially sovereign. After all, a major part of freedom is being able to freely use your own assets. DeFi and Bitcoin.

171. Learn the Blockchain Basics - Part 5: Why Blockchains Fork?

Forking is only one way of updating a blockchain, but it's an important one in the tricky context of decentralized networks. So, fork and reach further!

172. Becoming a Day Trader - Interview and Introduction to the Trading Products

Day trading is like a fascinating game that rolls chess, poker, and gaming into an exciting package, adds the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster, and flavors it with a few dashes of lemon and a pinch of salt.

173. Invest In Bitclout? I'm NOT Buying It!

The legal and accounting risk of BitClout is way too high for me to participate.

174. Learn the Blockchain Basics - Part 9: Blockchain Around the World

The blockchain is a cryptography-focused architecture based on the internet protocol, powered by networked computer servers that do not need to be set up by developers.

175. 5 Polkadot Projects Worth Checking Out [April 2021]

Learn more about the 5 best Polkadot ecosystem projects in 2021; featuring Acala, Moonbeam, PolkaBTC, Darwinia and PolkaFoundry.

176. $SHIB: My Journey Through the Deepest Recesses & High Command of a $10 Billion Decentralized Army

This is the story of the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency phenomenon, where meme coin mania meets the future of finance and the decentralized internet.

177. The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Tokens

You have probably heard lately the terms tokens, crypto tokens, and cryptocurrencies. In this article, I will cover in depth what crypto tokens are, how they are created, what they are used for and how they differ from cryptocurrencies along with the most common questions around this topic.

178. 10 Affordable NFT Projects You Should Know About In 2022

In this post we'll look at 10 affordable NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

179. Learn the Blockchain Basics - Part 7: What is Inside A Bitcoin Block?

A guide to the initial elements of a blockchain explorer and the different parts of a Bitcoin block.

180. Tokenomics of different stablecoins

How different types of stablecoins differ and how they function, why are they stable and are they even stable at all?

181. The Fascinating Science of the Dollar

To evaluate a potential central bank digital currency, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System published a document in January 2022 titled Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation. The paper purports to summarize the current state of domestic payments systems, and further discuss the different types of digital payment methods and assets that have emerged in recent years, including stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies. The authors have requested feedback via an online form that poses more than twenty-two questions due by May 20th, 2022. Since meaningful responses require more than the five-thousand characters allowed by the twenty field response form - and some sections actually contain more than one question, we are publishing thoughts and observations on it here instead, while further addressing some of the shortfalls in the framing and positioning of the paper, and consequent request for comment.

182. How the NFT Breathes New Life Into Branded Content Marketing

How companies can protect their branded content and take their brand marketing to the next level by tapping into the NFT space.

183. How We're Building an Open-Source Google Photos Alternative with React Native

We built an opensource alternative of Google Photos using react-native, to showcase the project "box", which aims to liberate people's data and privacy by web3

184. Passive Income Part 1: Drip Network

In this multi part series I'll be delving into the Defi playground with a few low cost entries and revealing my experiences. Part 1 looks at the Drip Network

185. HBAL703: A Poem

A day near Loon's noon would never end without Fête de Nuit's annetna, longitudinal ones seemed—deemed more minimum from a helium point.

186. Blockchain Is Eating The World

Checking out these top blockchain applications and use-cases to see how blockchain technology is revolutionizing industries.

187. The Other Side of Moderating the Metaverse

Exploring what it entails to be a moderator in a Web3 metaverse in the future by taking lessons from gaming and social media mods today

188. The Web3 Games Blockchain Network Based on Substrate

The Substrate blockchain framework has made substantial progress in the development of the Web3 Gaming Blockchain with ParaState.

189. This Self-Proclaimed Art Illiterate Person Builds Web3 Products for Coinbase

Meet Noonies 2021Nominee Gagan Gehani

190. The Workings of Web3 Technology

It is likely that many of you still do not know exactly how the web3 technology works, so here we are to explain it.

191. Cross-Chain Technology Hopes To Solve Blockchain Scalability Issues

Recently, developers found ways to address the issues and allow communications with the different Blockchain. The solution lies within cross-chain technology!

192. The Decentralized Web is Here to Stay

Imagine ecentralized YouTube, Facebook, Gmail. Are we there yet and what will the decentralized web for developers look like once it all finishes maturing?

193. Be Happy on Social Media Again!

Bluesky 🙏🏻 vs Mastodon 👎🏻

194. Industry-Specific NFTs Will Bring Next-Level Growth

NFTs are quickly breaking out into the real world in surprising ways.

195. Tatiana: A Love Letter from HackerNoon's Best Crypto Journalist of 2021

The story behind the victory as best crypto journalist 2021

196. Zero-Knowledge Proofs: An Intersection of Data Verification and Privacy

Dive into the world of zero-knowledge proofs & learn about the challenges and opportunities that will arise by combining them with oracles.

197. Despite the Bearish Sentiment, There are Still Ways to Make Quick Gains with IDOs

There are still ways to make quick gains in the crytpo market with IDOs despite the market being bearish in the last few months thanks to disruptions.

198. What do NFTs Mean for the Movie Industry?

NFTs are making their way into the film and television space. here is how it is reshaping the movie business.

199. Web3: The Internet of the Free

200. The Spatial Web is Coming... Web 3.0 is About to Take a Giant Leap - Part 4

Anything that wants to be recognized will have to be included in this Web 3.0 network. Every protocol, platform, interaction, messaging, data distribution, 1st

201. Top Platforms to Tokenize Your Investment Assets

how tokenization is transforming the entire investment ecosystem including traditional venture investment and start up markets

202. From the Genesis of Social Networks and Beyond

Social media networks are an interesting space to watch over the next few years because of Web 3 and the decentralisation of the internet changing things.

203. Differences Between Non-Fungible Tokens and Security Tokens

some NFTs may function as security tokens without the knowledge of the buyer, but how do you distinguish NFTs from security tokens

204. Decentralizing Art Will Give A Big Boost To The Creator Economy

For many years, artists and cultural centers face difficulties in claiming ownership of their products and their products are quickly reproduced and resold multiple times. The original authors do not even get a commission. This has lead to an increased need for social protection, better and more open access to relative markets, better exposure to artists, their products and, those in cultural centers.

205. The News DAO?

Form a News DAO against the usual news agencies where we can find out the truth about things, without censorship from the 'owners'.

206. The Future of the Internet Lies in Decentralization: Dr. Zamboglou

A decentralized internet is coming to guide society away from persistent scarcity and towards unlimited abundance.

207. Bitcoin in Times of War

The decentralized, permissionless nature of Bitcoin really does make it a beast that cannot be brought down that easily. This is a crucial aspect of Bitcoin as

208. Decentralizing The Future

With mega-corporations dominating the marketplace, can the average person still create an innovative new digital product and compete in this day and age?

209. How Is Cryptocurrency Regulated In The US?

This article will discuss the current state of cryptocurrency regulation in the United States and how it could change in the future with more intervention

210. Cryptocurrency: Redefining Trust and Money

This article lays out a high-level outline of the building blocks of a revolutionary technology called cryptocurrency. Read on to find out about cryptocurrency

211. Why Security Tokens Thrive In The Developing World

Security tokens may not be nearly as exciting as NFTs and other crypto investments but they're not to be ignored, especially in the developing world's youth.

212. Barlow's Declaration of Independence of the Metaverse

Governments of the Old Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, we are the inhabitants of the Metaverse, the new home of free minds.

213. The Need of Education for the Decentralized Internet with Renjit Philip

Hacker Noon's Decentralized Internet interview with Renjit Philip.

214. BFT Consensus: Will Your Car Full of Passengers Turn Right, Left, or Fly Over a Cliff?

Deep dive BFT consensus in governance and its significance; SMV smart contracts and transparent voting processes and finding a majority consensus.

215. Meet DeFi. The Changer of Life.

These days, if you mention that ‘decentralized finance (DeFi) is revolutionary’ you may get more than a couple of eye-rolls.

216. What Can You Do to Make Reddit Aware of Your Game? A Real Experience

In this article, you will find how to promote your game on Reddit, how to get karma, and what subreddits you can use for this. All you need is this article.

217. Perpetual Swaps - Origins in CEX, with a Future in DeFi!

Perpetual Swaps, the single biggest primitive still missing from the Bitcoin DeFi puzzle, are coming to Bitcoin-based DeFi thanks to Sovryn.

218. 'Using Public Infrastructure to Handle Ownership Rights': Interview with Sillytuna

Decentralized internet interview with Sillytuna.

219. Exploring NFT Galleries with Benjamin Agostini

In this NFC interview, we spoke with Benjamin Agostini, Co-Founder of We discussed NFT art and galleries, and the future of NFTs and marketing.

220. An Overview of The Wasted Lands: NFT Heroes & Play-to-Earn Combat

The Wasted Lands is a play-to-earn (p2e) strategy game with a puzzle based, match-3 combat system.

221. How to Pin Data onto IPFS to Create a Decentralized Storage Network

Learn more about how you can pin data onto IPFS in seconds, at a fraction of the cost of existing services by using decentralized storage and Filebase's S3-API.

222. KW-726: A Poem

“2029 feels like a pivotal year. I'd be surprised if we don't have AGI by then.”

223. Spatial Web Demands a New Protocol - Part 4 - IEEE

Original internet protocols are too limiting for the network capabilities needed to move forward with XR Tech. IEEE new core standards have been established.

224. How to Code Your First Smart Contract with Solidity

In this tutorial and the subsequent ones, I will be journeying you through the world of web3.0 development starting with how to build your first smart contract

225. Digital Identity: A Fad or the Future?

With rising concerns regarding user personal data safety and online privacy, a lot is riding on the proper implementation of the Web3 concept.

226. Is Proof-of-Stake the Savior of Cryptocurrency's Future?

Learn the benefits of Proof-of-Stake blockchains and why they matter for cryptocurrency's future.

227. Risk Control Lies at the Core of Lending Platforms - Unhashed #13

Unhashed is a QnA series where I speak with top execs of new and established blockchain projects to unravel the mystery of blockchain & crypto.

228. In Decentralized AI We Trust

End-users enjoy free products provided by central authorities but do not realize they are manipulating our behaviors and making a good fortune from our data.

229. Two Factor Authentication - The Deep State Tool That Supports Mass Technology Dysfunction

2FA is the initial, mandatory stage of ongoing privacy intrusions that are unwarranted and Orwellian. Alternatives now exist.

230. Inery Aims to Eliminate Entry Barriers to Web3, Blockchain

Web3 Infrastructure is seriously lacking in one department - data systems. Inery addresses the issues of centralized data management

231. The Spatial Web is Coming... How Smart Technologies Function Within the Spatial Web - Part 3

How the spacial web protocol is being designed and the three tiers of computing technology that provide the backbone of the new system's infrastructure.

232. The Metaverse Will Bring Our Civilization to a New Level

Users can launch a metaverse with a 3D world, NFTs, play-to-earn & build communities to earn, and take community engagement to a new dimension on web3.0.

233. Talking Crypto and DeFi Portfolio Management with Narek Gevorgyan - Founder at CoinStats

CoinStats is shaping up to be our users’ go-to destination for all things crypto and DeFi.

234. My Thoughts on BitClout After Many Weeks of Activity

On April 8th, 2021, I kept seeing BitClout (now DeSo) trending on Twitter and this is when I decided to make an account. Part of me was intwined with the idea and thought it could potentially, maybe quite possibly become something. However, since the beginning, I was also one of BitClout's most vocal critics.

235. Alien Worlds Co-Founder Sarojini McKenna on DAOs Disguised as Vegetables

Why DAOs are like vegetables.

236. Decentralised Social Networks Are the Future of Web 3.0

The role of decentralised social networks in addressing the numerous problems that big tech is currently facing is becoming increasingly important.

237. FTX Raised $1bn With This Pitch Deck in 2021. Let’s Review It!

FTX raised $1bn in 2021. Let's review their Pitch Deck and understand what Web3 and crypto projects can use for their investment rounds!

238. 'Standardization Is the Biggest Challenge': Decentralized Internet Interview with Paul Macklin

Why will the decentralized internet be adopted with Paul Macklin.

239. Shaping the Future of Entertainment: Web3.0 and Play-to-Earn Games

The combination of these two forces will significantly impact the future of entertainment.

240. The Case for NFT-Based Fractional Ownership of Domain Names

Building a valuable domain portfolio can be challenging primarily because most of the premium names have been taken. Fractionalization of domains can help

241. Spatial Web Demands a New Protocol - Part 2 - HSTP

HSTP bridges all Smart Technologies including all data and entities within each space, to facilitate a truly augmented technological experience.

242. Meet the Writer: Hacker Noon's Contributor Denise Holt, Futurist, Advisor, Founder

Denise Holt talks spatial web, writing, and more.

243. Inside the Curve Wars: DeFi Bribes

What role do token bribes play in defi curve war?

244. At Gateway to Cosmos, Prague was the Center of the Blockchain Multiverse

Read more about:

  • Risks in DAO governance
  • Smart contracts in JavaScript
  • Fast and secure interoperability

245. Revault Networks Integrates With Orbs Layer-3 technology to Become "Google" for Blockchain Vaults

Revault is the first DeFi protocol to integrate with Orbs’ layer-3 technology. The technology locates and puts money into the strongest vaults automatically.

246. Access Denied Unless Netizens Opt-in

I live in a "Democracy" where the voice of the people gets constantly censored. We constantly live in a fear that if we raise our voices and speak anything against the supreme leaders in the country, we are looking at dozens of charges, fines, or jail time.

247. Trust Minimization and Decentralized Internet: Interview with Josekrypto

Decentralization is one of the most important aspects of the internet, and it is something that we should all fight to protect. It ensures that the power remain

248. When I First Heard Of Bitcoin

The first time we all heard of Blockchain many years ago probably didn't hint at the potential that the cryptocurrency has shown to demonstrate in recent years

249. The Race for Building the DeFi Ecosystem on Cardano

Lennon Qualmann talks about AdaSwap and the future of the Cardano blockchain network.

250. Cake DeFi Announces $58 Million in Crypto Assets Rewards to its Users in Q2 2022

Cake DeFi just published and details the progress the company made in the quarter. The platform reported to pay 58 million in payouts.

251. Lonero Needs the Hackernoon Community's Help

Hello World! It is about time, time that we asked you guys for help! I'm not talking about e-begging. What I'm talking about is that we want to stage a new site on StackOverFlow, but nobody knows about our proposal yet!

252. Bite-Sized Blockchain Guides Part 1: What is a Blockchain?

In this series, we will talk about everything from blockchain basics to building a complex DAPP.

253. Building a Startup that Lets you Stake on the Future - Interview with Noonies Nominee Lucien

This is my testimony, my deep soul dive into who I am and where I stand for, being nominated for the 2022 NOONIES. Makes me proud. Vote for me to get more of me

254. Let’s Play Ethermore: Part 2 – The Liberation of Ecnanib Hold

This gameplay video also showcases a recently added feature of status effects and how they look in our quests.

255. Can I Trust You? Ensuring Honesty in Decentralized Systems: Oracle Manipulation & OEV

Dominik Muhs, Senior Security Engineer from ConsenSys Diligence, dives deep into the world of oracles.

256. Terra Approaches Tesla in Terms of Bitcoin Reserves

Soon Terra can have more Bitcoins than Tesla. Moreover, in long term, it can get more Bitcoins than Microstrategy.

257. Why Compliance and Data Protection is Important in the Blockchain Space

Interview discussing why compliance and data protection is important in the blockchain space

258. “Decentralization at It’s Core Is About Protecting Values”

This interview is part of the HackerNoon Decentralized Internet Writing Contest.

259. Is Decentralization of The Internet a Reality or Utopia?

The advent of Web3 has been predicted for several years, but is a new iteration of the Internet a common practice already?

260. Crypto Assets Are Primarily Communication Networks

When I was in college there was a joke going around that the easiest way to piss off the physics professor was to ask him “what is gravity?”, upon which the professor would launch into a 45 minute diatribe on gravitons and the latest advances at CERN; but the truth is, we don’t really know. The best we can answer the question is that gravity is a force, but anything beyond that is currently conjecture. The same principle applies to Bitcoin.

261. How We Manage Our Sub-Governance During The COVID Pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, everyone has worked remotely, even Sub-governance in Free TON. Initially, the team had some difficulties, but they managed to solve them. What difficulties Sub-governance faced in Free, what communication platforms did the team like and what the participants did to improve their work efficiency, read in the blog.

262. WingRiders DEX Aims to Address Scalability Issues Faced by Ethereum Dapps

Scalability is currently one of the largest concerns for the Ethereum network. The network still suffers from slow transactions and high gas costs.

263. A Look Into Layer 2 DEXs - Will ZKSwap Stand Out?

A look into layer2 Dex

264. "We have a long way to go and that’s what makes the DeFi space exciting." - Adrian Peng

The article discusses digital asset management and how cross-chain asset management is crucial for investors to tap emerging technologies.

265. Introducing dApps and Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges are platforms that allow users to trade cryptocurrencies.

266. The BAYC VMA Video Is Everything That's Wrong With The Metaverse

The Snoop Dogg/ Eminem BAYC video was a mess, and Paula Abdul did it better in 1988.

267. A Promising Future with More Opportunities: Decentralized Internet Interview with Kushagra

This interview is part of the #Decentralized-Internet writing contest!

268. Solving Centralization Issues With Decentralized Technology

In a world where centralization has become the norm across many aspects of life, many issues reside, especially concerning the internet.

269. Shortage.Finance Review: A Safe Asset-Backed by Ethereum brands itself as a decentralized, safe asset-backed by Ethereum.

270. Why the Metaverse is Inevitable

What is a Metaverse, and why does - among others - Facebook and Mr Zuckerbucks believe they’re going to be so big? Well, my enlightenment seeking friend...

271. True Meaning Of DAOs — Understanding A New, Emerging Phenomenon

DAOs set out to replace organizations as we know them today with an approach of openness and decentralization. But what are DAOs really?

272. An Intro to GameFi: Gaming Meets Decentralized Finance

GameFi concept (derived from ‘DeFi’ (decentralized finances) and ‘game’) was introduced in September 2020 by Andre Cronje, Yearn.Finance core contributors and ‘Father of DeFi’. But is GameFi the next big thing?

273. Demystifying Decentralization: Separating Fact from Fiction

The most used & abused buzzword of the entire crypto industry so far has been decentralization.

274. Manifold Accused Of Classic ‘Pump-and-Dump’ Amid Bungled Pak NFT Drop

Twitter users allege Manifold is guilty of perpetrating a classic crypto “pump-and-dump” following its latest NFT drop.

275. How to Trade Crypto on Uniswap for Beginners

Uniswap is a decentralized finance platform that allows users to buy, sell, or trade digital assets such as Ether (ETH), ERC20 tokens, and DAI stable coins.

276. What an Electronics Store's Epic Fail Taught me about Consumer Rights

It was that dreaded time. This is usually a time that many people wait for, but not me. I didn't need an upgrade. My phone's battery was draining like crazy and it has been a while. We all know that phone vendors started making phones less "tinkerer friendly" by sealing them up, so the batteries aren't easily replaced. An urban myth (that is actually quite true), is that phones push software updates over time that actually make your phone slower until the phone seems almost unusable. Even opting out of phone updates in the past (every chance I get), that inevitable pop-up always comes up. My rant aside, it was time for me to upgrade to a new phone.

277. Tech isn’t the Barrier to NFT-Game Interoperability

NFTs can be the key to interoperable in-game assets, but the real reason why this is yet to happen is the business interest of their developers.

278. Maximizing Capital Efficiency on DEXs Will Improve Global Adoption

Capital preservation whilst engaging in DeFi is important for crypto investors, however high slippage on DEX's can cause users to pay more than they should.

279. Only 13% Of the Tech Professionals Are Buying in the Metaverse Real Estate, a Study Shows

Few people are buying virtual real estate in the metaverse, according to a survey from the professional social network Blind.

280. Buying Virtual Property: 4 Key Principles to Consider

How should investors value virtual property and do the principles of physical property valuation apply to virtual property?

281. Inside Open Collective's Effort to Become Decentralized for Global Public Good

A pathway for companies to exit to community using curve bonded crowdfunding by aligning incentives to produce socially-beneficial behaviors and outcomes.

282. DOGAMI is Bringing Dog Avatars into The Ethereum Metaverse with The Sandbox

The Sandbox has partnered with the Tezos-powered mass-market play-to-earn NFT DOGAMI game to bring its dog avatars into the Metaverse.

283. Decentralized Internet Interview

Hi, I’m Allan Mang’eni, a software Engineer and Blockchain Enthusiast based in Nairobi Kenya. Currently, I work as the Dev lead for Wengi Web.

284. Spielworks Launches Season One of its Wombat Dungeon Master NFT Game

Season One of the Wombat Dungeon Master NFT game has launched and the Genesis item pack sold out in only a second. We'll take a deeper look at the NFT RPG Game.

285. NFT Copyright Protection for Beginners

Demystifying ownership and legality of NFTs. What NFTs are--they are representation of ownership. But what does it mean for copyrights?

286. Why Deflationary Stablecoin Projects are the Future of DeFi

Similar to fiat-backed stablecoins, cryptocurrencies-backed stablecoins are issued with cryptocurrencies as collateral. Unlike fiat collateralization, which is usually done off the blockchain, the cryptocurrency or crypto asset used to back this type of stablecoin is done on the blockchain using smart contracts in a more decentralized manner.

287. Intuitive Oracles and Incubators As The Vehicles for Launching Crypto-Projects: Robyn Linn Explains

Help developers launch and manage their projects and help investors make more educated decisions

288. Once Upon a Time in DeFi

Before I tell you how The Price PureFi has saved the Kingdom of DeFi, here is a story of how it all began.

289. Fact or Cap: NFTs are the Future

One degen's take on NFTs, web3, and the future of decentralized assets.

290. Top 5 Crypto + Bitcoin Podcasts: 2021/2022

If you're looking to learn more about Bitcoin and Blockchain, then podcasts are a great tool. Check out these top 5 recommendations for where to get started!


The hashtag started with this tweet 13 years ago.

292. Decentralized Learning: Debunking Myths About Education

Blockchain will help revolutionize the education system. The concept of "Ongoing Learning Journeys" will change the way have been seeing learning and education.

293. Crypto Adoption in Europe Lags Behind Rest of the World

In this slogging thread, our community discusses their thoughts on crypto adoption and the current European ranking on the topic.

294. Tavern Lecture Two: A Fantastical Discourse on NFTs, Tokens, Milk, and an Inebriated NFT Avatar

Discussions intended to impart knowledge to the reader about a variety of topics related to the emerging fields of blockchain gaming, Metaverses and NFTs.

295. An Interview with Decentralized Zero Knowledge's Rami Akeela and Weikeng Chen

ZKP in a decentralized world

296. Banks Make Money Off you, Not for You - Unhashed #16

Sean Rach, the co-founder of a not-for-profit finance service platform hi, talks about the digital finance ecosystem and the evolution of the crypto markets.

297. Protect Your Crypto Wallets With InfoSec - The Three-Tier Wallet System and Crypto-Hygiene

Securing your wallets is essential when protecting digital assets against cyberattacks. Let me share how to use cybersecurity skills to boost crypto-security!

298. Startup Interview With Mitja Goroshevsky - Co-Founder and CTO of TON Labs

Mitja Goroshevsky, the Co-Founder and CTO of TON Labs, where I focus on developing core technical infrastructure for Free TON

299. The Spice Must Flow: Why Crypto Brokers Spent $3Million to Buy a Rare Dune Book

Cryto investors use DAO built on the the Ethereum blockchain to purchase million dollar copy of Jodorowsky's Dune

300. Future Expectations: What Will Affect Ethereum Price in 2021?

Today, we will analyze Ethereum's (ETH) value and the various technical, competitive, and regulatory factors that may affect its valuation in the future.

301. Successful Decentralization Lives Right Under Our Nose

The successful decentralization of the Internet is a profound example to help other channels proceed in the same direction (social media included).

302. Transparent Food Poverty Donation Solution Moves to Implement UK Pilot

Human Venture provide a dignified, everyday solution for financial support to over a thousand families, now they bring their innovative solution to the UK.

303. What Makes Decentralized Storage the Future of Online Storage Market

Decentralized storage is a promising development, and its rapid implementation in 2021-2022 shows promise for the tech systems powering these networks.

304. The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest 2022: March Results Announced

Hey Hackers! The wait is over! Here we are with the results announcement for The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest, March 2022 sponsored by QuickNode.

305. To Dox or Not Dox: Is Anonymity in Crypto a Farce?

Crypto enthusiasts attribute different meanings to decentralization and anonymity. This article examines these two pillars and the various arguments around them

306. Deeper Network's Connect And IDO Launch: the Latest News

Deeper Network, which is building the decentralized internet infrastructure for the Web 3.0, has broken Indiegogo records by raising over $1 million to become the most successful blockchain project in the history of the crowdfunding platform.

307. Top Tools to Use for DeFi Projects

New Defi-based platforms have been coming up recently, providing tools for analyzing and investing in Defi and decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

308. The SANDBOX Will Lead The Decentralized Storytelling Revolution

Blockchain gaming and platforms like The Sandbox will open up game development to a wider audience of storytellers than ever before. Viva La Revolution!

309. Big Brother Sets Eyes on Crypto

Will Big Brother shut down the DeFi movement just as it's gaining ground?

310. GitHub is Amazing, but its Terms of Service is Extremely Concerning

Lots of websites have a termination clause, even Hackernoon, however, when it comes to the case of open source software this can be extremely concerning. The reason goes much deeper than you think.

311. How Decentralised Prediction Markets (DPMs) Tap into the Wisdom of the Crowds

DPMs and the liberation of speculative markets

312. What You Need To Know About Metaverses Now

What is Metaverse - a simple explanation. And what you need to know about metaverses

313. The Luna & Ust Crash: Fall of an Ecosystem left with only 1 Winner

The Luna Story: the sudden rise and fall of a cryptocurrency ecosystem that left only one winner in the clamourous aftermath of a sudden market crash.

314. The Question of Ethics in Decentralization

The importance of ethics in a decentralized world.

315. Miner Extractable Value (MEV): The Biggest Thorn in DeFi

Miner Extractable Value (MEV) is one of the pain points for those who use DeFi products. Here are some possible outcomes if this doesn't get addressed.

316. What are Quantum-Resistant Blockchains?

What are quantum-resistant blockchains? How will quantum-resistant blockchains change the crypto world? Read this article to get answers to these questions.

317. Peeking at The Future of The Metaverse

The money pouring into the metaverse is building the virtual infrastructure for a space that could lay the foundations for the bulk of future human activities.

318. How Are DAOs Changing the Way We Live and Work?

The level of transparency that DAOs provide could lead to better relationships between organizations and their members, workers, and even the general public.

319. The Blockchain Social Experiment: Enforced Logic

The blockchain community is not united in the strive of decentralization, as many groups and projects also exist with a more centralized architecture.

320. Top 5 Solana NFT Marketplaces in 2022

The 5 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces for a variety of applications.

321. Decentralized Autonomous Organization - Core Concepts

Core concepts of a DAO. Will it be the next crypto trend? xDAO project.

322. An Intro to Web3 and Why You Should Give a Damn

With blockchain, Web3 users get more freedom, privacy and access to the same social services without fear of their data being used without their permission.

323. 7 Blockchain Fun Facts You Ignored

With the Crypto Market crashed, now's a good time to refresh yourself on small facts about the space while it recovers and stabilises in the meanwhile.

324. Reviewing the Terra White Paper in 2022

There has been a lot of talk about the stablecoin architecture of the Terra-Luna ecosystem, to separate crystallize the facts I summarize the whitepaper here.

325. How To Write a Whitepaper — The Decentralised Way

We dissect the evolution of the whitepaper, what these papers mean to crypto and blockchain platforms, and why decentralization should be more than a buzzword.

[326. Nigerian Contemporary Art:

The NFT Marketplace and People that Don’t Know How to Quit]( The concept of governance has evolved extensively. This is evident in the evolution from the first ‘city-state’ notion of it practiced in Greece (born out of necessity and aided by the Mediterranean geography) to a largely democratic system, attainable in most parts of civilized society today.

327. 3.6 Million Websites Went Offline Due To a Fire: Decentralization Prevents That

Recently, the cloud computing company and hosting provider OVH has had a fire that caused nearly 3.6 million websites to go offline. Some of the websites effected was a government site for the French government, and even a cryptocurrency exchange. According to Reuters, many of those sites were told to, "activate their disaster recovery plans following the blaze."

328. Hubble Protocol, a DeFi project on Solana Raises $10 Million Led By Capital, DCG and CMS

Hubble Protocol, a decentralized finance (DeFi) application on the Solana network, raises $10 million to develop infrastructure on Solana.

329. Now Is the Right Time for Entrepreneurs to Embrace Web 3.0

Web 3.0 democratizes the ability to build businesses that hold value, so entrepreneurs can offer services like finance, insurance and banking solutions

330. IPFS – The New Internet's Protocol

IPFS can be seen as a new decentralized Internet infrastructure on which various applications can be built in a secure & resilient way.

331. The Unfulfilled Promise of Blockchain and the Key to Unleashing Its Potential

Solving the Blockchain Trilemma to Unlock Real Business Value.

332. Signup or Login with Web3.0 Wallet to HackerNoon

HackerNoon now supports logging in with your web3 ethereum wallet!

333. The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest by QuickNode and HackerNoon

Hey, Hackers! The Decentralized Internet Writing Contest has just got BIGGER! HackerNoon is excited to host the contest in collaboration with QuickNode!

334. Optim Finance is Bringing Single Asset Vaults and Staking to Ardana's dUSD Stablecoin on Cardano

Ardana’s on-chain asset-backed stablecoin is integrating with yield aggregation protocol to provide a DeFi suite to users on Cardano.

335. Ignite Tournaments raises $10 Million for Building Play-to-Earn Esports Tournament Infrastructure

Ignite Tournaments has raised $10 million in funding from key investors to develop the world's first mobile play-to-earn ("P2E") esports tournament.

336. Meet the Writer: HackerNoon's Contributor Emmanuel Awosika, Freelance Blockchain Writer

'I think the centralized internet has been useful, especially in the post-2000s era.'

337. Web3 and Beyond: Decentralizing the Internet Can Increase Your Productivity

Consider how society has changed because of the Internet. In this article, I'll explain how the web has evolved, where it's going next, and why it's important.

338. How Web3.0 Will Change the Way We Think of the Internet

What is Web3.0? How it's different from the previous versions of the internet, and what can we do with it?

339. Object Storage: A Beginner's Guide

You're chowing down at Thanksgiving dinner, talking about cloud storage, when your grandmother asks, "What the heck is object storage?”

340. A Quick Intro to Testing DApps (decentralized applications)

If you’re a test engineer and you’re keen to get involved in Web3, it can be hard to know where to start. Here's an introduction

341. #Decentralized-Internet Writing Competition 2021: October Results Announced!

Heyo Hackers! October has been a great month! We received some superb decentalized-internet stories, and now it is time to celebrate our contributors

342. GameFi Platform DEA signs Partnership Agreement with Angkor Tiger FC to Promote Gaming Guild

Angkor Tiger FC will engage in DEA’s Play-to-Earn ecosystem as a “gaming guild”.

343. How to Democratize E-Signatures Using Blockchain Technology

We democratize digital e-signatures and make them public, so that all participants can unambiguously identify the contractors

344. 5 Female Empowerment NFT Projects Breaking Bias in the Cryptosphere 

World of Woman NFT Project has surpassed 300 million in trading volume, here's why celebrities are jumping into it

345. DeFi and the Rise of Stablecoins

In the last few years, Bitcoin has had an unexpected competitor - stablecoins.

346. Eliminating Polarization in Web3

A decentralized Sybil-resistant social media network could soothe the polarization issue and clarify how the community truly thinks and feels

347. Project Management for DeFi Protocols: An Overview

How to set up a DAO over the protocol or DeFi project? In this article we describe a necessary steps to make your project secured and decentrlaized

348. The Need for a Decentralized Untainted and Uncontrolled Internet

Dесеntrаlіzеd internet dеvеlорmеnt will be thе kеу tо future humаn іnnоvаtіоns.

349. Polkadex is Launching the First Cross-Chain Orderbook based DEX with the release of Thea