Let’s Play Ethermore: Part 2 – The Liberation of Ecnanib Holdby@ethermore
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Let’s Play Ethermore: Part 2 – The Liberation of Ecnanib Hold

by EthermoreMarch 7th, 2022
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The quest is set to take place in the fictional city of Eranib. It is the first time the city has been taken over by a group of thieves. The city is under attack by the city's residents. The story will be told in a new version of this video. We are happy to let you know how to write your own stories about the story you are playing in the game. The video is available to download at

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Welcome adventurers! Today, not only are we presenting you with Ethermore’s second let’s play video, we also wanted to further experiment with AI-generated synthetic audio narration for our quests.

This is a very rough version of what the final product could look and sound like, this time with multiple narrators.

Additionally, this gameplay video also showcases a recently added feature of status effects and how they look in our quests.

(skip to 11:25 to see the status effects in action)

Please take a look and let us know what you think in the YouTube comments!

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The Liberation of Ecnanib Hold Quest Synopsis

Ecnanib Hold was once a great fortress, built to protect a neighboring city. However, time has made a ruin of its once great walls, and bandits have moved in and taken control of the hold.

The bandits have been left to their own devices, robbing innocent civilians and stealing goods from merchants traveling to the city.

You decide to join the raid party led by The Captain of the City Guard. Together with a bunch of rookie adventurers, you are tasked with the mission of killing every bandit in the hold.

However, things aren’t exactly what they seem.

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How to Write for Us

Like what you saw in the video above? Interested in writing a quest of your own? If you have writing skills and a passion for building fantasy quests, we’d would be happy to publish your quest on our platform. Learn how to write for Ethermore here.