12 Best IDO Launchpads in 2022by@stephenray
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12 Best IDO Launchpads in 2022

by Stephen RayJanuary 22nd, 2022
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IDO launchpads have a pivotal place in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. In the era of decentralized finance, everyone has an equal chance to create a token-based startup that can take them to new heights. Finding the right launchpad with the right features and reasonable barrier to entry can be highly lucrative. The following list is composed of some of the most quality launch pads in the market. TrustPad is designed around bringing IDO availability in an overall safe and positive way.

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IDO launchpads have a pivotal place in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. In the era of decentralized finance, everyone has an equal chance to create a token-based startup that can take them to new heights. Most importantly for the average user and retail investor, they have the opportunity to participate in something that otherwise would not be available to them. DeFi and crypto remove the barriers of entry and let all investors participate.

It's not always easy to find a great launchpad however as there are many to choose from. As IDO launchpads grow in number, finding the one with the right features and reasonable barrier to entry can be highly lucrative. The following list is composed of some of the most quality launchpads in the market.

1. TrustPad

The TrustPad launchpad is designed around bringing IDO availability in an overall safe and positive way. Focusing primarily on the Binance Smart Chain but also stating that they offer other chain support, TrustPad has many different features for investors like staking, pool participation, and farming. The launchpad has four large communities from all over the globe as well, showing that they have a comprehensive presence for startups.

2. Gamestarter

Considered more of an “IGO” instead of an IDO launchpad, Gamestarter is a central hub for gaming and NFT focused startups to begin their journey on both the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. While many launchpads have a more generic outlook on the projects they pick, Gamestarter is focused on giving gaming startups an exclusive presence and provides a good way for retail investors to find projects in the crypto gaming network. The IGO launchpad also has a game-based mindset with the implementation of their launchpad with future goals such as an app on mobile devices.

3. ScaleSwap

Among all the IDO launchpads available, ScaleSwap is a launchpad that gives optimal fairness for retail investors and companies alike, while also having the benefit of multi-chain support. ScaleSwap is focused on being fair and transparent while also giving the highest sustainability possible. Retail investors can be guaranteed pool participation based on their proprietary 6-dimensional scoring system. A feature called ScaleSCORE keeps the barrier to entry low and incentivizes the most dedicated investors as well for the long-term journey of a startup.

ScaleSwap also has dedicated support on hosting startups of many different chains. Many IDO launchpads only host projects from one chain, such as Ethereum. ScaleSwap hosts multiple chains including all EMV-compatible chains, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Fantom, and Harmony.

4. PAID Network

Many launchpads try to distinguish themselves in many different ways and PAID Network has taken a very different approach than the rest by claiming to offer the most exclusive set of startups in the crypto space. PAID Network is one of the longer-running launchpads on the list and offers projects from both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems. In addition, PAID Network gives out extra benefits that are directly related to the retail investors that hold and stake their native token on their network.

5. Poolz

Launchpads can also be competitive and that is what Poolz can bring to the table by offering more of a peer-based IDO launchpad with some gamification features. Offering a large selection of tokens, Poolz gives attention to the retail investor by offering leaderboards and showing how others are stacking up against each other. Similar to PAID Network, Poolz allows users to lock up tokens to gain the benefits of participating in IDOs and taking advantage of early offerings.

6. Metalaunch

Another launchpad that focuses on gaming-based startups, Metalaunch is a gaming and NFT launchpad that focuses on IDOs for metaverse style projects like VR. Hosting multiple chains like Solana, Metalaunch is focused on bringing the more niche parts of gaming to the center stage and available to retail investors. This focus on metaverse startups also allows these projects to get more recognition so they can be invested in with those that want to see them succeed.

7. Solanium

Focusing exclusively on one chain, Solanium is an IDO launchpad that is designed to give exposure to startups on the Solana blockchain. With Solanium, retail investors have access to one of the biggest Solana launchpads and can stay on one solid platform if they want to focus on just one chain. Solanium is home to over 23,000 unique stakers on the platform which benefits from a tier system and gives options for governance over the platform as well.

8. Red Kite

Claiming to be one of the most “cutting edge” launchpads, Red Kite is a comprehensive IDO launchpad that was made by the creators of PolkaFoundry. RedKite has an extreme vetting process that only allows the most high-quality projects that were hand-picked by the team. Retail investors can choose between three different blockchains - Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, and lets them easily toggle between the three of them. Users can also buy tokens from the platform and stake them to receive exclusive benefits.

9. DAO Maker

Composed of many different chains including Solana and HecoChain, DAO Maker is an IDO launchpad that focuses on growing startups. in relation to the retail investors that are interested in their projects. Users can find a whole selection of startups on the list along with the ability to stake via the DAO Maker ecosystem while also including a yield simulator that lets you estimate how much someone might benefit from the system.

10. Polkastarter

Using a set of successful and time-tested models, Polkastarter is a an IDO launchpad that focuses on a basic array of features that are more polished for an overall experience. At first glance, Polkastarter shares many of the exact same features as every other launchpad, offering a no-frills appearance, but this is also accented with some gamified aspects to make the IDO experience more involved. Features like leaderboards and quests help make the platform more interactive and give a solid clean discovery of IDO startups.

11. Mantra DAO

With IDO launchpads having the general concept of being decentralized, Manta DAO puts its focus on being as much of a community-oriented launchpad as possible to provide the most optimal experience for retail investors. Mantra DAO is popular for many benefits for users including staking, lending, governance, and more. What Mantra DAO wants to accomplish is to give wisdom to its retail users so they are not left in the dark with who they are investing in. The platform supports three chains - Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon - giving a good amount of diversity for the average investor. Multi-chain support plus exclusive benefits like lending Mantra DAO a good advantage in the IDO space.

12. BSC Pad

Focusing only on the Binance Smart Chain, BSC Pad is an IDO platform that hosts many different BSC startups that cater to those wanting to invest in one particular platform. BSC Pad has investment rounds that let you participate with different benefits depending on how much you stake in the launchpad. BSC Pad is a fan favorite among retail investors but they lend themselves to a lack of transparency in their conditions. In addition, some of the terms and conditions of tokenomics have not been as decentralized as they could be.


There are many launchpads to choose from and with the cryptocurrency space getting bigger, it's difficult to find the right one. In finding an IDO launchpad, you want to work with one that has your best interest as a retail investor or a startup. Launchpads like ScaleSwap and Mantra DAO focus on user fairness and features that create this healthy environment. Other launchpads like Polkastarter give a clean user experience. No matter which you decide is best for you, it's just important that you explore the valuable opportunities that a launchpad can provide.