Decentralized Learning: Debunking Myths About Educationby@knowledgefruit

Decentralized Learning: Debunking Myths About Education

by KnowledgeFruitApril 21st, 2021
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Aims to create a community of "Ongoing Learning Journeys" KnowledgeFruit aims to be an alternative to certificates or certificates. The community will help people earn by posting their ongoing learnings on decentralised social media platforms. It will also help build an open-learning repository with the help of the decentralised web and decentralised power of decentralised technology. The idea is just the tip of the iceberg, and it will be a dynamic learning community that would help people post their learnings.

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So the story goes on like this...

When I was in 8th standard I got 4 marks out of 100 in mathematics. It's not like that I didn't attempt any of the questions, I sat for full 2 hrs 30 minutes and tried all the questions. Hoping I would at least get marks for attempting the question.

When I saw the answer paper, it was just 4. Even after filling 4-5 sheets, I could only manage a single-digit number. I enjoyed learning new things but never really understood the way it was taught in school.

I somehow completed schooling and graduation but I dropped out of my Post-Graduation. I couldn't justify myself to continue the same.

Moreover, when I started working, I realized, whatever I have learned all through my formal education is contributing far less in my life as compared to the lessons learned informally, outside schools & colleges.

Myths that I think education institutes wants us to believe

Myth 1: You cannot gain knowledge without a teacher.
Debunking Myth: If you have the zeal to learn, you can learn from anyone & anything under the sun, a teacher is just one of the various sources present.

Myth 2. You need to complete the course within the timeline.
Debunking Myth: If everyone learns at their own pace, why it is expected to complete the course within a fixed timeline, 2 years, 3 years, or 4 years course. And, if you don't complete the course within the time frame, you are labeled as slow learners, how justified is that?

Myth 3. The fuzz about "Important Topics"
Debunking Myth: During school/college days, a lot of stress is given on "Important Topics". But, does life happens to us in form of "Important Topics"? ​Students are being prepared for exams and not for their real-life situations.

Myth 4. You need a certificate to progress through the career.
Debunking Myth: You make your career, not certificates. You know who you are, a certificate is just a reflection of what others think of who you are.

I always wonder how can people sitting at the top decide what I must study and how. To do something about it, my friend and I started a venture - KnowledgeFruit in the year December 2019. We were clear about what we want to achieve but don't know how we would do it.

We tried a few things here and there but could not convince ourselves. When corona struck, like everyone else, we also took the online route. Clueless about what we must do, we started posting content on the changes that are required in the current education system.

While experimenting with our way forward in this entrepreneurship journey we started learning a lot of new things, we thought why don't we share this learning with others, it might come in handy to someone who is looking for fresh & updated learning.

Mostly we have seen people sharing their past learnings, but in reality, cannot be implemented today. The changes are happening so fast that the past strategies or learnings are losing their importance. And with this thought process, we started documenting and sharing our learnings on social media platforms.

We then realised, why don't we create a group or community of people sharing their ongoing learning journeys which will not only act as a learning platform for others but also a platform to connect with like-minded people. It has been few months but we are on this mission to create a community of "Ongoing Learning Journeys".

My friend picked the traditional platforms and l started venturing into new platforms. And this was the first time I came across decentralized social media platforms. I realised its true potential when I started using it and within no time it was paying my bills.

Though the community that I have created is at a very nascent stage, presently I am the only one posting my learnings ( lack of voting power ) but I am sure in the future it will be a dynamic learning community that would help people earn by posting their ongoing learnings.

I have started learning more about decentralised platforms and blockchain, decentralized learning & education can get new dimensions with the help of the decentralised web. A community like - Ongoing Learning Journey - can really change the way we look at learning and education. This will remove the dependency of having a central authority and make the learning more flexible and learner-centric. Blockchain technology will help in decentralizing education.

This idea when combined with blockchain technology will also help to build an open repository of "Ongoing Learning Journey" which will act as an alternative to certificates or degrees.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.