How to Find a Job in Crypto and Blockchain in 2022by@request
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How to Find a Job in Crypto and Blockchain in 2022

by RequestJanuary 20th, 2022
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Interested in crypto jobs? Understand the market and learn the 15 best ways you can find opportunities – suitable for full-time employees and crypto freelancers.

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Interested in crypto jobs? Understand the market and learn the 15 best ways you can find opportunities – suitable for full-time employees and crypto freelancers.

Are you searching for a job in the crypto industry? Whether you’re looking for freelance work or a full-time position, this post will give you plenty of places to look. We’ll start with an overview of the blockchain and crypto job market in 2022.

You’ll then see 11 job marketplaces you can use to find opportunities in the industry. Next, we’ll share 3 popular grant and bounty programs. If you’re still looking for more, we reveal a great method for finding vacancies that aren’t listed on job sites.

The crypto job market is growing

Cryptocurrency is undergoing a period of explosive development. New projects pop up almost daily and it’s quickly becoming a household topic. This awareness is reflected in the job market. LinkedIn ranked the most in-demand job skills, they found blockchain was the number one hard skill.

A report by Indeed found that in about 1 year, there was a 118% jump in crypto and blockchain jobs.  It goes on to say the sector is no longer as focused on software development. Instead, there are now listings for various support roles, such as accounting, marketing, and human resources.

Where to find crypto jobs

We want to help you find an opportunity in the growing crypto and blockchain jobs space. We’ve compiled a list of methods and useful sites for finding your next gig.

Job marketplaces

Let’s start with the obvious method. Job marketplaces and boards where companies can list their available vacancies.


Labeling themselves ‘the #1 website for blockchain jobs’, CryptoJobs have almost 3000 open vacancies listed. They’re trusted by many big names and the interface is easy to use.


Crypto Jobs List shows about 4000 crypto and blockchain jobs. Also worth checking out is the ‘Salaries’ section – users can anonymously submit their earnings to help other crypto freelancers with compensation expectations.

Cryptocurrency Jobs

Offering a curated collection of the best crypto jobs, Cryptocurrency Jobs has about 1000 vacancies listed. The interface is easy to use and offers helpful filtering options.


PompCryptoJobs only has around 300 jobs listed. However, the high-quality jobs, detailed listing information, and advanced search filters earn it a spot on our list.

Crypto Careers

With almost 700 jobs and a quickly growing list of high-profile clients such as Facebook and Robinhood, Crypto Careers is a site you should consider.

Crypto Jobs Daily

Crypto Jobs Daily lists around 3000 jobs. There are vacancies from big names like Coinbase & Kraken. It’s a site all aspiring blockchain freelancers should look at.

Blockchain Headhunter

As a high-quality recruitment agency, Blockchain Headhunter doesn't display a huge amount of vacancies – they have less than 50. Instead, they screen applicants to find the perfect fit for their clients. If you have a strong CV then it’s a good option.

Crypto Recruit

Crypto Recruit are “specialist recruiters to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry”. It comes with a well-organized interface and the ability to filter by location – although many of the jobs are remote.


As a professional network of about 800 million users, LinkedIn is the first place many companies will list their vacancies. This familiarity is why they have over 26,000 blockchain jobs.


The blockchain industry is gaining mainstream acceptance. This is seen on Indeed – “the #1 job site in the world”. Their crypto jobs section has more than 9000 jobs listed. We’d also advise checking smaller job sites only accessible in your country.


Upwork is a job site where businesses can create gigs and hire freelancers for almost any project. The blockchain jobs section is great for freelancers looking for part-time or project-based work.

Bounty and grant programs

On the topic of project-based work, we come to bounty and grant programs. Many successful crypto projects have programs in place. They’ll list tasks that need to be done, incentivize with rewards, and invite their community to complete them.

Checking individual cryptocurrency sites can get tedious. Luckily, some sites gather bounties from many projects together:

  • Gitcoin has a list of bounties, hackathons, and grants for open source projects. With almost $40 million awarded, there are plenty of opportunities for crypto freelancers.
  • Bounty0x is another popular site for bounties – they’ve awarded over $5.3 million.
  • HackerOne is a massive bounty site with over $150 million awarded. It’s not crypto-specific so you have to do a little extra research. Here are a few popular crypto projects you can find there: MakerDAO, Cardano, and

Direct pitching

An option that’s not considered too often is directly pitching companies. There are lots of ways you can connect directly with crypto projects: social media, chat apps, email, phone, etc. If you think you can provide a useful service, get in touch and let them know.

Not sure who to pitch? Any active project is a good idea. CoinMarketCap tracks over 14,000 cryptocurrencies. Some of them will be open to working with blockchain freelancers, others will only want full-time employees.

Getting paid as a crypto freelancer

Let’s assume you’ve found a company that wants to work with you. How do you get paid? That’s where __Request Finance__comes in and makes it simple to receive payment in crypto. In just 8 seconds you can send a fully compliant invoice – denominated in your preferred currency.**

Clients will love it too as they get access to 1-click payment. It’s fast, secure, and accounting-friendly. More than 1,000 businesses already use Request Finance to pay their grantees, contractors, freelancers, and employees. Some of the big names that trust Request includes Maker, Aave, ParaSwap, Ocean, Multis, The Graph, and Portis.

Final thoughts

We’ve shown that the crypto job market is rapidly growing and shared a variety of ways you can find opportunities in the industry. With 11 job marketplaces, 3 bounty and grant programs, and the possibilities of direct pitching – you’ll have plenty of options to become a crypto freelancer.**

We also introduced you to Request Finance and explained why it’s the number one choice for blockchain freelancers to send and pay crypto invoices. With so many crypto companies already using Request Finance, it can simplify your onboarding process when working with new clients.

Are you ready for a crypto job?