Cardano had always had to fight the tag of being Charles Hoskinson’s unadulterated vision of Ethereum. Today, Cardano comes with some of the most peer-reviewed papers, its own set of fanatics, and now, even smart contracts.
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Everything about Cardano, from the name of its crypto (ADA) to the names of its protocol (Ouroboros) screams scientific shoutouts. That Cardano positions itself as the most scientific of blockchains is largely accepted by many. The Cardano community is probably the only one that fights Twitter wars with logic. Alas, if only the smart people there could realize that Twitter wars are not to be fought with logic! Cardano is where developers go when they start to get disillusioned by other devs, when your code is better than their code, and when you know better than everyone else. This is probably why everything at Cardano comes out a bit later than everybody else but always comes out with a bang.