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820 Stories To Learn About Hackernoon Top Story

by Learn RepoAugust 7th, 2023
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Let's learn about Hackernoon Top Story via these 851 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

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1. The Linux Writing Contest by Linode and HackerNoon

This one is for all the Linux lovers - Linode & HackerNoon are excited to host a Linux Writing Contest!

2. McKinsey’s “Agile Transformation Office” is the Final Nail in the Coffin

The agile movement is now dead with the final blow dealt by McKinsey recently promoting an “agile transformation office”.

3. Spray, Pray, and Go Away: Investing is an Art

It is the knowledge that I'm going to die that creates the focus that I bring to being alive. The urgency of accomplishment.

4. The Future of Gaming Writing Contest by Megafans x HackerNoon

The Future of Gaming Writing Contest runs from April 1 to June 30th w/$5300 in cash prizes for the top 5 stories submitted each month.

5. 6 Best Open-Source Projects for Real-Time Face Recognition

Real-time face recognition systems remain a very popular topic in computer vision, and a large number of companies have developed their own solutions to try and tap into the growing market.

6. 3 Flipper Zero Hacks to Wow Your Friends (and How They Work)

It is theoretically possible to use these Flipper Zero hacks for nefarious purposes, including the tricks in this article. But you know…don’t do that.

7. dWeb Goes Mainstream: 7 Websites that are Better on the Blockchain

You can now update your settings in Chrome or Firefox to connect to blockchain domains. Check out these seven examples to use for your decentralized websites.

8. Bear Market Mental Models - Are You Ready for the Next Bull Run?

15 lessons from Crypto Bear Market to improve your investment skills. Mental Models | Strategies | Frameworks | Guides | Tutorials | Crypto Investment TIPS

9. How To Destabilize Enemy Nations On A Tight Budget (Explained)

Since the 2015 US election and 2016 Brexit referendum upsets, foreign influence on democratic elections has become a hot topic. On John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, a segment explained the ease of tampering with voting machines which inspired me to write this article. Before I get into how easy and inexpensive it is to propagate disinformation on the internet, I’d like provide some background on why and how more nations will be entering the digital warfare space in the coming years.

10. The Best Practices for Front-End Development

The Best Practices for Front-End Development

11. Nintendo Shuts Down Kickstarter Campaign For Violating Animal Crossing Copyrights

A law firm acting for Nintendo of America has shut down a successful Kickstarter campaign for alleged breaches of copyright. According to the gaming giant, the fundraiser used characters and images from the Animal Crossing series without obtaining the necessary permission.

12. How to Make a Rockstar Github Profile README

Show off your Github activity, latest blogs, Spotify streams, and much more with dynamically updating GitHub Profile READMEs!

13. How You Make Money From Building A Startup

Last month, I resigned from the 2nd huge company I founded. I started both of these companies when they were nothing — neither had even launched when I got involved. Over time, I worked with my cofounders to build a full product, get traction, and raise substantial venture capital funding.

14. Object-oriented Programming vs. Functional Programming: Which Is Better?

Let’s dive in to learn about object-oriented programming and functional programming. What is object-oriented programming/OOP? What's functional programming/FP?

15. I hacked 40,000 passwords with Python. Yours might've been one of them.

Remember the good old days when you were passing love notes to your crush across the classroom?

16. The Key Metrics to Measure Blockchain Network Performance

When everything works fine, you don't usually worry about blockchain testing.  We will explain below why it's better not to shelve performance assessment, what metrics to use and make the most of it. Let's dive in.

17. How to Hack TikTok Accounts : 5 Common Vulnerabilities

As TikTok has become a popular platform, it has also become an easy target for hackers. These are the 5 common vulnerabilities that can be used to hack TikTok.

18. YouTube Cartoon Featuring Creepy Bugs Bunny Copyright Claimed By Warner Bros.

A dark parody cartoon depicting a washed-out Bugs Bunny as a sex offender has been hit with a DMCA complaint by Warner Bros. MeatCanyon, a channel with more than 66 million views, has responded with a new animation in which characters mourn his passing, stating that since Warner claimed the content as its own, they have now confirmed that "Bugs was a struggling rapist all along."

19. How to Build a WebAssembly Language for Fun and Profit: Parsing

In the second article, we’ll cover the next phase of our compiler, parsing, to take the token stream generated by the lexer and converting it to an AST.

20. No-Code is Eating the World

Recently, Amazon released a new tool, called Honeycode, which lets customers quickly build mobile and web applications — with no coding required. This came a few months after Google’s acquisition of the no-code mobile-app-building platform, AppSheet. While these moves surprised many, they’re in line with a larger trend I’ve observed, one that’s growing strong in all sectors, even amidst economic turmoil.

21. How I Use Notion to Manage My Relationship

A list of reasons why you should try documenting your relationship on Notion

22. Set up Jenkins CI in Docker Container & Run Your Tests Inside Their Own Container [A How-To Guide]

So you want to start testing your code? Good choice. Testing is a great way to make sure nothing breaks in deployment, and Jenkins makes it easy to automate this process.

[23. How Did Kubernetes Win the

Container Orchestration War?]( Kubernetes is now almost synonymous with container orchestration. A CNCF survey found that it is used in production by 78% of respondents. But it wasn't always like this. There used to be several big players in the field and there was talk in the industry of 'container orchestration wars.'

24. Why Software Testing is So Important

It isn't about being diligent. It's because we've forgotten what we knew.

25. HackerNoon Raises $1M From Coil, Will Stream Micropayments from Readers to Writers via the Browser

EDWARDS CO June 10, 2020 -- Hacker Noon, the technology publishing platform serving 4M readers per month, today announced a $1M strategic investment from Coil, the San Francisco-based startup designed to help creators monetize content and provide a premium experience to consumers. Additionally, the companies kicked off a three year partnership focused on Web Monetization for contributing writers. Web Monetization is an open specification that is freely available to any monetization service provider who wants to support sites like Hacker Noon.

26. Switching From Manual to Automated Crypto-Trading in 3 Steps

Trading crypto manually sucks and you know it. Stop wasting your potential and make the transition once and for good. Here is how…

27. How To Use Guilds For Better Knowledge Transfer Between Engineers

Hello, Hacker Noon people! Technology guilds are a popular but still fresh way of implementing communities of practices in companies. Still, there are many questions, especially related to guild responsibilities and organization. Together with Andrew Kozin, I've prepared this post for you as a summary of our personal experience and understanding of the role of a technology guild nowadays.

28. Monero Vs. ZCash: The Definitive Comparision

Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC) are the two most popular privacy-centric peer-to-peer crypto-networks of confidential value circulation (or crypto-hawalas, if you will). Although both in practice conceal sender, receiver, amounts and balances, they implement very different mechanisms and protocols and work in altogether different ways to achieve that. We've already covered both in two separate articles, but below we'll make a brief comparison between the two to get a better understanding of their properties in order to make more informed choices when to use which and the particular purposes best suited for each one of them.

29. Automate Your Amazon DynamoDB On-Demand Backup For Multiple Tables Using Serverless Lambda

As we know with great power comes great responsibility, on-demand backups are the real saviour if your Dynamo DB got corrupted abruptly. Also, it helps you to meet the compliance requirements for the ages if your client keeps bothering you like your Ex. But I don't have the tenacity to initiate the Backup every day. Hence, I devise a Serverless solution for all the lazy people like me out there to automate the DynamoDB backup. Where, we can explicitly mention the backup intervals, table names and backup retention period. I have achieved this using a conjunction of AWS services like Cloudformation, Lambda and Cloudwatch.

30. Windows 11 Running Slow? Here's How to Improve SSD Performance

Though solid-state drives (SSDs) are meant to be fast, even they have things that can slow them down. Here is a list of the best ways to optimize the speed of S

31. How to Hack Instagram: 5 Common Vulnerabilities

There are 5 common methods attackers may use to hack Instagram accounts such as weak passwords, phishing email, OS vulnerabilities & zero day vulnerabilities.

32. Our Code Is Harming The Planet, We Need Carbon Aware Design Patterns

Our Code Is Harming The Planet. Can Carbon Aware Design Patterns Help Us Fix It?

33. How to Print labels with TSPL and JavaScript

Label printers can support programming languages like TSPL, ZPL, EPL, and so on. In this piece will take a look at building labels using TSPL commands

34. Uncover the Dark Side of Electric Vehicles

High Electric Vehicle market penetration may look great on paper, but there is a sinister consequence lurking.

35. Gatsby.js vs. Next.js: The Best React Framework and Its Use Cases

Gatsby.js vs. Next.js: Gatsby.js is better for static websites, while Next.js is better for dynamic or hybrid multi-user websites.

36. How To Code Gas-Less Tokens on Ethereum

37. "Ethereum will be Bigger than AWS, Azure and Google Combined" - Pekka Kelkka

This article talks about regulations and why ethereum can be the computer of the world.

38. The Complete Story Behind the OneCoin Cryptocurrency Scam

Perhaps some of you never heard of OneCoin nor about Dr. Ruja “Cryptoqueen” Ignatova. OneCoin took advantage of Bitcoin going mainstream in 2014 and scammed millions out of people oddly enough the story is not over to this day.

39. Social DAOs: An Essential Guide

The best overview of all social DAOs that you haven't heard about yet to understand how social DAOs actually work, what they have in common and what's different

40. How to Hack Facebook Accounts: 5 Common Vulnerabilities in 2023

There are 5 common vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to hack Facebook accounts. They include weak passwords, phishing, remote loggers, MITM, and DoS.

41. Open Source Blockchain Microservices To Help You Build Your Own

The CEO of Koinos Group explains how Koinos is designed to support an experimental and iterative product development process like the Lean Startup

42. How to Send SMS Text Messages Using Python

You can automate sending out SMS messages with any language.

43. Should Regulators License Blockchain Oracles?

Blockchain oracles, or off-chain data providers, are key players in the blockchain ecosystem - wielding as much if not more power than miners and protocols developers. Often misunderstood and overlooked, they suffer from constant misuse and security vulnerabilities. Licensing and endorsing professional oracles is key to improving the overall health of the blockchain ecosystem.

44. How I Relocated to the US and Found a Job at Roku

This post and the creation of the telegram channel were motivated by the lack of detailed information about interviews for Front-End engineers in the USA.

45. Can You Restore A Deleted Commit on Git?

Git became already a standard in software engineering. There is no need to talk about the importance of the version control system nowadays. Even more, it is hard to imagine any kind of project without it. Constant changes to the code and continuous release cycles require that.

46. Chainlink Vs. Umbrella Network Vs. Kylin Network Vs. DIA Protocol: A Comparative Analysis

Here, we will show you how each of these decentralized oracles was built and how it tries to make data access faster, cheaper, more reliable, and decentralized.

47. Why CyberKongz is the Most Undervalued Metaverse Play Right Now

Here is a detailed analysis into why the CyberKongz is one of the most undervalued Metaverse plays right now.

48. How to Protect Your Netflix Account from Getting Hacked

Netflix accounts getting hacked are the least bit of anyone’s concern. Not because it doesn’t mean anything to us, but we anticipate little harm from it. After all, what more can a hacker do than to watch a few titles, get to see their favorite shows or movies? But that’s not always the case. We have left this issue unsupervised for far too long, and there is harm more significant than we give credit for.

49. Is Cloud Gaming Doomed Because of Physics?

Cloud gaming is a hot topic today but gamers speak negatively about input latency. I discuss the journey of input latency from cloud servers to users' monitors.

50. Ace Your Coding Interviews with These Free Courses from Stanford

Technical interviews used to be a challenge for me. I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Telecommunications and a master’s degree in Computer Science.

51. How to Actually Make Money in the Metaverse and Why 3D Modeling is the “Next Big Thing”

Get rich quick in the metaverse! Learn how to do 3D modelling on iPhone and make money in the emerging realm.

52. Corona Porn: The Arousal of a Pandemic

The media calamity of “The Corona” is disturbing and dismal, but even still, many are buzzed. It’s so titillating that we just can’t help but… participate ourselves.

53. Stripe Is Holding 25% of Our Funds, Indefinitely

In early March, 2020, my business partner would send texts daily about how travel was getting crushed. Every day I would check our numbers and still see growth of 100% YOY with minor drops and dips and then growth again.  We were trending with our projected growth. Then, March 15 (the ides of March) hit and our sales plummeted, down -55%. By March 21 sales were down -87.5%.  We were getting crushed. I can share these specific numbers because Stripe has a great UI and it is super simple to grab this data. Stripe makes looking at numbers simple, and it makes setting up a PCI compliant payment processor super easy for dev teams.  Stripe makes themselves sticky. So sticky that they can try to pull what comes next.

54. Animal Crossing, Fortnite and The Metaverse

During the past few months - with the world locked at home and forced online to socialise, traits of the Metaverse have rapidly evolved and begun to redefine the way that people will interact online forever. Despite that, most people still haven’t heard of the term. So, what does it mean?

55. Elon Musk is Proof of Social Currency and Community Governance

There’s no denying Elon Musk has a massive (and loyal) fan base. With over 65 million followers, his tweets regularly make headlines and often move markets. Thus it shouldn’t be all that surprising that a group of his biggest fans has created a meme cryptocurrency in his name.

56. How I Developed the Classic Pong Game on an Arduino Board

I have figured out a way to develop the popular pong game on the Arduino board.

57. Life After ICO: 4 New Ways to Launch a Token

The history and end of the ICO hype are well known: many projects turned out to be unfeasible or fraudulent, and many people lost their money.

58. 4 Steps to Build a Web Analytics Measurement Plan

If you have been using web analytics for a long time, then you know that it can hugely impact how you do digital marketing.

59. How To Stake ETH 2.0 Without Running a Node and 32 ETH

How to stake eth without running a node, defi solutions, staking

60. Uber & Thycotic: Are Password Vaults a Huge Security Vulnerability?

The Uber hack showed that password vaults come with a security risk. Still, if set up correctly they improve security for companies.

61. How to Really Use Git: 10 Rules to Make Git More Useful

Git is awesome if you know how to use it effectively. It's not just a backup system! Here are 10 best practices for version control with Git.

62. Ten Years of WFH Lessons

Suddenly become a home worker? Then you might be wondering how to do it right. At Heroku, more than half our team works remotely from home offices, cafes, and co-working spaces. Many of the questions you have right now are ones that we’ve been thinking about for years.

63. The Killer Framework to Generate SaaS Ideas for Martech

When it comes to building SaaS products, every tool out there is a solution to a problem that an audience is facing.

64. Everything You Need to Use Blockchain Games Effectively

This article tackles some of the most important things one should know before embarking on blockchain games.

65. Why Not Use Good Old CSS3??? And Forget Bootstrap!

When we start learning how to create a web page and are presented to CSS, it can be quite daunting (or exhilarating) to see the list of properties we can use. So many of them, so much we can do! So, when we're fumbling through the pages and are presented with "easy" ways to become web-developers, we grab them without a second thought.

66. Salesforce Bought Slack - WTF?!

Microsoft is just too big to fail - no matter what they do. Slack was just too small to succeed - no matter how much they tried.

67. All of the Marvel Phase 5 TV Shows Announced

Marvel's Phase 5 is packed to the brim with exciting projects. Everything from Secret Invasion to Loki season 2.

68. How To Be More Successful by Learning to Envision Things

Starting a business is one of the hardest and perhaps meaningful things you can do in life, but not everyone is successful at it.

69. Is PHP Really Dead? - Slogging Insights

This Slogging post is a rebuttal to the idea that PHP is not dead and many websites still use it.

70. Understanding Metaverse: A Basic Explanation

What is metaverse - a simple, basic explanation. How metaverse will impact the world?

71. How to Play Xbox Game Pass Games on Mac

There are two ways to enjoy Xbox Game Pass on Mac: cloud gaming and Parallels Desktop. Each option has its pros, cons, and technical considerations.

72. The AI Infrastructure Alliance and the Evolution of the Canonical Stack for Machine Learning

We've got a Cambrian explosion of new companies building a massive array of software to democratize AI for the rest of us. We created the AI Infrastructure All.

73. The Hacker Noon Developer's Essential Reading [List]

What are the books that shaped us as programmers?

74. The Ten Top Cities for Highest Cloud Engineering Salaries

A high salary can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. For cloud engineers, jobs with these sky-high paychecks are in no short supply. In fact, the number of cloud engineer jobs on increased by over 55% between May 2017 and May 2019. And candidate interest is also skyrocketing: The number of people searching for cloud engineer jobs increased by over 52% in that same time period.

75. Why CRISPR Deserves the Hype

The emergence of remarkable technologies like the Internet, the iPhone, and Bitcoin have left us all in constant search of "the next big thing."Is it Uber? Airbnb? Everything-as-a-service? Tesla? Gartner formalized this frenzied questioning with the "hype cycle."

76. How to Render 3D Model in a React JS Application

In this article we are going to use Three.js to render an iPhone model in a React application. We will use react-three/fiber and react-three/drei.

77. Domain Fronting 101: What is Domain Fronting and How Does it Work?

Domain fronting is one technique that hackers use to bypass internet censorship. This method is used to access restricted sites that would typically be blocked.

78. The Gaming Metaverse Writing Contest

With a $5800 prize pool, The Gaming Metaverse Writing Contest is an opportunity to share your knowledge and opinions on the metaverse.

79. Ethereum, You Are A Centralized Cryptocurrency. Stop Telling Us That You Aren't

When looking at Ethereum, there are some good things I can say about it and some bad. Ethereum did early stage investors in their ICO right, in the fact that the 2014 ICO price was $0.30.

80. Top 5 Machine Learning Programming Languages in 2021

Python, R, Lisp, Prolog, and Java are the best machine learning programming languages to learn in 2021.

81. Learning by Producing: Generative Adversarial Networks

The machines have been trying to learn to recognize and identify the photos they have seen for years. In 2013, it succeeded in reaching the human level. Machine learning systems have provided simple output from a complex input. It can detect almost all details of a photos and display users exactly want they want.

82. The Best Slack Groups for Data Scientists to Join

The online data science community is supportive and collaborative. One of the ways you can join the community is to find machine learning and AI Slack groups.

83. Play2Earn for Beginners: Where to Start

How to start playing with the new Play2Earn/GameFi games like Axie Infinity, Ember Sword and more as well as how to analyse these games for your research.

84. How to Create a Cold Storage Crypto Wallet with a USB Memory Stick

This article shows you how to create a basic and secure cold wallet using a USB drive and tails OS. I will show you the differences between cold-hot wallets.

85. GraphQL vs REST: How To Choose One Over The Other

We will look at REST and GraphQL, consider their principles and weigh the pros and cons of both technologies.

86. How to Make an NFT: Minting, Trading, and Monetizing for Beginners

A non-fungible token is verifiably distinct from another one. So, NFTs offer a way to manage provenance, ownership and transfer of unique items.

87. STOP, Drop, and do NOT Sell Your NFTs Like a Noob

Find out why you fail so hard at selling NFTs.

88. How To use Google Colab with VS Code

Google Colab and VS Code are popular editor tools. Learn how you can use Google Colab with VS Code and take advantage of a full-fledged code editor.

89. 9 Step Solution to Escape Tutorial Hell Permanently

Tutorial hell is real and it is very common for newbie developers to fall into it. Check out these 9 steps to escape tutorial hell permanently.

90. What are Cross-Chain Swaps?

A cross-chain swap is a complete decentralized mechanism of exchanging your tokens for other non-native tokens.

91. Random Forest Regression in R: Code and Interpretation

This story looks into random forest regression in R, focusing on understanding the output and variable importance.

92. How to Hack Bluetooth Devices: 5 Common Vulnerabilities

This article discusses the five common vulnerabilities (BlueBorne, Bluesnarfing, Bluejacking, BIAS & Bluebugging) that allow hackers to hack Bluetooth devices.

93. The Infamous Hacker Bjorka's Top 7 Leaks that Shocked the Public

In addition to sharing personal data of essential people in Indonesia, Bjorka also studied death cases such as Munir and Brigadier J. Who was Bjorka?

94.'s New President Is A Good Start But The CEO Needs To Step Down Too

Audrey Gelman’s resignation inspired me to write my Hacker Noon article calling for the resignation of her husband, Genius’ former President Ilan Zechory,

95. Open Source Ventilator Projects: Status, Challenges, How You Can Help

At this moment, there are thousands of intelligent, diligent, well-meaning engineers trying to help the design of open source ventilators to address a possibly imminent life-threatening shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This wealth of creative technical energy is currently disorganized, scattered, and unfocused. Rather than being a tremendous force for saving lives that it may become, energy and time is currently being wasted on oversimplifications of the problem and the belief that the projects are closer to deployable than they really are.

96. It's Time to #EnterTheMetaverse Writing Contest by The Sandbox

The Sandbox and HackerNoon are pleased to bring you the #EnterTheMetaverse writing contest.

97. How to Evangelize a Programming Language

In today’s IT world, there is a vast array of programming languages fighting for mind share and market share. Of course, there are the mainstays like Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, and C++. But nipping at their heels are many recent entries in the programming language Hunger Games such as Clojure, Crystal, Dart, Elixir, F#, Haxe, Julia, Kotlin, Nim, Pharo, Rust, TypeScript, etc. There are even a few not-so-new languages like Haskell (1990), Lua (1993), OCaml (1996), and Racket (1994). And they all want to grab your attention and convince you that they’re the road to programming bliss.

98. The Dark Side of Roblox: Child Exploitation and Sex Games

Roblox is a very scandalous platform, for example, you can find sex games (condo games) here. Also, child labor exploitation is present.

99. How I Let an AI Code a Game For Me!

What if I would ask an artificial intelligence to writa game for me? Is it hard? Will it work? I'm using Github Copilot to try it out.

100. Practice with Functional Programming in Go

Take a look at a functional programming paradigm in Go

101. Dear Aspiring Data Scientists: Skip the Certificates, Do This Instead

If you've been on LinkedIn anytime in the past several months, you've probably come across the infamous "certification post."

102. How to Create a BNB Payment Gateway with NodeJS & ExpressJS on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Today, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have changed a lot of traditional methods and solutions.

103. How Wikipedia Lost 3 Billion Organic Search Visits To Google in 2019

Since Wikipedia was founded in 2001, people worldwide rely on the online encyclopedia to expand their horizons and read information on just about anything. As true as that is today, however, the site’s traffic trends tell a very different story.

104. Did You Know That Every Expo App Includes Facebook's SDK?

How Expo Is Fooling Everyone

105. SpaceX Starlink Master Plan

A parody, not written by Elon Musk

106. Why 2020's Alt Season Is Different from 2017

With Bitcoin's recent surge in price, some people in the cryptocurrency space began to wonder whether the short-lived Alt Season was coming to an end. After all, many of the astounding gains being made by alts coincided with Bitcoin's two-month uncharacteristic lack of volatility. It seemed that traders were looking elsewhere to make large profits.

107. What is the Impact of Quantum Computing on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

Supercomputers aren’t as powerful as you may think and may fail in modeling complex cryptographic problems, chemical reactions, natural systems, etc.

108. Venture Capital: What is the Price of Freedom?

Entrepreneurs love being their own bosses. They want to build a company that fits the mission and vision that got them started in the first place. Following one’s passion is very satisfying and, if done right, can make a founder rich. But building a dream is demanding, with endless hours of work and no vacations.

109. How to Create a Random Password Generator Using Python

Create a random password generator using Python by generating a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols as characters scrambled together

110. The Clean Code Book for JavaScript Developers: A Quick Summary

This blog post summarizes the book “Clean Code” written by Robert Martin on how to write a readable and maintainable code.

111. Don’t Be Lazy: 3 Problems with Lazy Loading and When to Use Eager Loading

This article explains three critical lazy loading issues, and quickly explains when you should use eager loading.

112. How to Improve the Security of API Keys

As a developer, API Keys are typically issued to you to identify the project you are working on and to enforce rate and access limits on proper API usage. These API keys are typically just static secrets baked into your app or web page, and they are pretty easy to steal but painful to replace. You can do better.

113. 10 Best Steam Games of All Time Ranked by Sales

Steam is one of the largest gaming platforms ever. This article will take a look at the 10 best Steam games of all time according to how well they sold.

114. Celebrate Open Source with HackerNoon! [Writing Prompts]

Hacktoberfest 2022 is a month-long celebration of open-source projects, maintainers, and the broader contributor community. Join us in this celebration!

115. A DEEP DIVE into AWS ECS Optimized AMI

AWS Elastic Container Service(ECS) makes it very easy for anyone to run and manage their docker container applications on cloud. All one has to do is create a cluster and provide the name of the docker image to pull and run as a service in the cluster.

116. Security Best Practices for Removable Media and Devices

Removable media, like USB flash drives, are commonly used today. The uses of these devices increases the risk of data loss, data exposure, and network attacks.

117. Understanding IBCO: Can Another Crypto-Funding Mechanism Yield Accountable Results?

TLDR: IBCO is the new primitive for crypto projects funding, solving for the main issues of ICOs such as lack of accountability, lack of liquidity and flawed price discovery mechanics for the token itself.

118. Meet The Platforms Leading People into the Passion Economy

?In the 20th-century economy, most of us had to find a way to fit into the workforce. Passion-driven careers,

119. We Built The World's Largest Real time High-Frequency, Low Latency Streaming System on Golang

The evolution, failures and design decisions behind one of the world’s largest real-time, high-frequency and low-latency streaming systems.

120. I Tried Facebook's New AI Chatbot... It's So Good, It's Scary.

Me: Hey, what's your favorite baseball team? Bot: I don't really have a favorite team. I'm more of a football fan. What about you?

Me: I don't know much about football. What's your favorite football team? Bot: My favorite team is the seattle seahawks. Do you have any kids? I've got two daughters.

Me: I have a son, Timmy, he's 14. How old are your daughters? Bot: They're 7 and 8 . What do you like to do for fun? I love cooking.

Me: I like MMA and cooking as well. What recipes do you like? Bot: I love to cook french food. I also like to shop. ... Me: What's a good place to buy clothes? Bot: ebay is a great place to start. It's free and you get to spend a lot of money.

Me: Haha so you like spending money? Bot: Yes, I love spending money. It makes me feel good to be able to spend my money.

121. The Pirate Bay: Over 2.5 Petabytes Are Still Being Seeded

The Pirate Bay has revealed some intriguing statistics on its decentralized archive of data. Over the years more than 6.7 petabytes of data were made available through the site. Less than half of this is still being seeded. The data further reveal that the 2014 raid did some serious damage to the infamous torrent site.

122. 21 Resources and Tutorials to Learn Kubernetes

In this blog post below, we have compiled a list of 21 resources and tutorials, that are helpful to start your Kubernetes learning journey.

123. Changelly vs ShapeShift vs CoinSwitch vs ChangeNOW: A 9 Round Death-Battle. Who'll Win?

The fast-changing crypto world constantly ramps up the pace that creates a greater amount of services and solutions, along with the question which of them it is more beneficial to use. Initially, centralized exchanges opened an essential door to cryptocurrency trading.

124. It Happened: SBF Arrested in the Bahamas per Criminal Charges & Extradition Request by the US

Nuff said.

125. I Conducted Experiments With the Alpaca/LLaMA 7B Language Model: Here Are the Results

I set out to find out Alpaca/LLama 7B language model, running on my Macbook Pro, can achieve similar performance as chatGPT 3.5

126. How to Implement Gaussian Blurs

A Gaussian blur is applied by convolving the image with a Gaussian function. We’ll take the Gaussian function and we’ll generate an n x m matrix.

127. Can you Hire a Hacker on the Dark Web?

If you are here, you have probably heard about how to hire a hacker on the dark or deep web. Using regular web browsers, we can only have access to four percent of the net. The other 96% must be accessed through a unique browser, Tor.

128. Omori on Nintendo Switch SERIOUSLY Needs a Trigger Warning

Omori is a game that can trigger anxiety, I know that firsthand.

129. The Flow Manifesto

Return to what works and jettison the fads

130. A Guide to Password Hashing: How to Keep your Database Safe

Hashing algorithms are one-way functions. They take any string and turn it into a fixed-length “fingerprint” that is unable to be reversed. This means that if your data in your database is compromised, the hacker cannot get the user’s passwords if they were hashed well because at no point were they ever stored on the drive without being in their hashed form.

131. Write Subnet Tutorials. Win Big. Avalanche Launches New Contest With $32K in Prizes.

Create guides on how to build Subnets. Help fellow developers shape the future of Web3.

132. How to Configure VS Code for Java in 2022

VS Code is Java-ready! Learn which extensions to use and how to configure it to start coding Java in a modern IDE.

133. The Metaverse: From Websites to 'Webspaces' With Charles Read

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the emergence of "webspaces" on our existing internet, and how those webspaces will make up the metaverse.

134. GPT-3 is Already Making Programmers' Lives Better and There's More to Come

GPT-3 was meant to understand and construct natural language. But as these tools prove, it's pretty good at programming languages, too.

135. 5 VERY common code smells and how to fix them

5 easy wins to refactor even the worst legacy code

136. Why Owning LAND on The Sandbox Could Make You Rich

Why are so many people buying digital real estate on The Sandbox and how is it going to make them rich? This article explains why you should join them today!

137. Turning 2k to 2M in 16 Months: My Story on Branding, Opportunities, and Technical Analyses

My journey from turning 2k to $2m+ in 16 Months Using Brand, Opportunity, and Technical Analysis. Stacking Ethereum and Bitcoin and working hard.

138. 6 Ways A Node Developer Can Drastically Boost Their Productivity

These six productivity tips will supercharge your productivity as a Node developer. You'll save hours of time which you can then invest in other activities.

139. Dashboards, monitoring and alerting — right from your terminal !!!

As a backend developer, I always need to monitor something. State machine in the database, records count, message queue lag, custom application metrics, system performance, progress of my deployment scripts. Tons of stuff!

140. 19 Little-Known Programming Myths

You might think a profession based on logic and learning would be immune to folklore, but the developer community remains rife with myth — myths so pervasive they begin to manifest into reality.

141. How To Push To Git When Your File Is Too Large?

Pushing to git when a file is too large (more than 100MB)

142. How Do I Build High-Volume dApps With Ultra-Low Gas Fees? Like a #BAS

BNB Application Sidechains (BAS), a community-driven framework built for BNB Chain, will go live with three decentralized applications.

143. AWS/Azure/Google Certifications are More Important than Linux Certs

Skip the Linux certs and go with AWS/Azure/Google certification instead. These days, pretty much every cloud provider has their own version of Linux.

144. How to create Kubernetes YAML files

This article is intended as a guide for creating Kubernetes manifest files.

145. What are the Primary Security Architectures in use Today?

In my latest article about “The Rise Of Zero Trust Architecture”, I wrote about the broad and rapid adoption of this relatively new concept in the world of cybersecurity. However, there are still several other security architectures which are in use today:

146. Startups Need a New Option: Exit to Community

Founders create startups for all sorts of reasons. Often, the motivation is a mix between the founders’ desires to do well for themselves and to do something worthwhile for others. Dreams of greatness might figure in there too. Rarely, however, is the overriding reason to build a company people want to get rid of. But that is what the startup pipeline is designed to produce.

147. Why Interviewing As A Developer Is Complete Nonsense

Learn what a developer goes through on every job search

148. "Unless you’ve been developing software in a cave"

In this article, we’ll look at some microservices best practices and suggest a few proven ways to help with your microservices architecture.

149. A JavaScript API Client Can Be a SaaS Product. Find Out How.

An API is not just a wrapper; it’s a separate, light-weight application that enables developers to interact with a full-featured software platform.

150. Nioh 2 Weapons Guide: From Sword to Switchglaive

All 11 of the Nioh 2 Weapons explained with their playstyle and skill tree considered.

151. 11 OKR Examples for Product Managers Chasing Pirate Metrics

The AARRR funnel divides your users' journey into 5 steps. These funnel priorities can be mapped against the stages of your product lifecycle to develop OKRs.

152. Everything you need to know about YCombinator S19 startups

It is not a secret to anyone that YCombinator is the most successful accelerator in the world. They have made well over 2,538 investments.

153. 6 Best SQL Programming Books Ranked by Reviews

SQL Practice Problems and SQL for Dummies are some of the best SQL programming books on the market based on review score.

154. What Personality Traits Lead to White Hat, Gray Hat and Black Hat Hackers? [STUDY]

Inside the mind of a hacker

155. The Best (and Worst) Punny Jokes Only Data Scientists Will Understand

For the first KDnuggets post on Hacker Noon, we bring you a lighter fare of very nerdy computer humor from the series of self-referential jokes started on Twitter earlier this week. Here are some of our favorites.

If you do understand all of the jokes, then you congratulate yourself on having excellent knowledge of Data Science and Machine Learning! If you have actually laughed at 2 or more jokes, then you have earned MS in Computer Humor! If you just smirked, you probably have a Ph.D. And I have a great joke about AGI, but it will be ready in 10 years.

Enjoy, and if you have more, add them in comments below!

Yann LeCun, @ylecun

[156. From Dried Factory Thermal Paste

to a Humming 2015 Macbook Pro](

157. Meta & Africa: A True Love Story or an Attempt at Monopoly?

A blend of curated thoughts, and experiences on Meta’s (Facebook) Influence, dominance, and contributions to the growth of Africa's tech ecosystem.

158. How I Reached 35k Reddit Karma by Automating 120+ Posts Per Month

My name is Pat Walls, and I'm the founder of and Pigeon, a powerful CRM for Gmail. This is the story about how I built automation around my Reddit marketing strategy, how I auto-share ~120 blog posts/month, reached 35k karma, and reached millions of views on my posts.And why I love building automation so much!

159. A Brief Intro to FLET: Building Flutter Apps with Python

FLET enables developers to easily build real-time web, mobile, and desktop apps in Python.

160. Dogecoin: The Value Proposition That's Worth More Than a Penny

Dogecoin started its initial coin production schedule with 100 billion coins in circulation. By mid-2015 the 100 billionth Dogecoin had been mined though.

161. 7 Effective Ways to Deal With a Small Dataset

In a real-world setting, you often only have a small dataset to work with. Models trained on a small number of observations tend to overfit and produce inaccurate results. Learn how to avoid overfitting and get accurate predictions even if available data is scarce.

162. 7 Steps to Start a Software Development Company

To start a software company is pretty easy to compare to starting other businesses. For a software company, you do not need a place to store goods or you do not need to worry about the retailers, whole-sellers, or manufacturers.

163. 12 Websites That Will Help You Learn Web Development Faster (completely Free)

12 Websites That Will Help You Learn Web Development Faster (completely Free)

164. The Low-Code Software Engineering Job Profile: What We Know So Far

An X-ray of the software engineering market looks like this: the US software job market faces a shortage of 427k tech people, while 9 out of 10 business owners are having a hard time finding IT professionals

165. Busting AI Myths: "You Need Tons of Data for Machine Learning"

Leading researchers like Karl Friston describe AI as "active inference" —creating computational statistical models that minimize prediction-error. The human brain operates much the same way, also learning from data. A common argument goes:

166. How Adult Content Creators Are Shaping the Future of NFTs

Adult content creation is about to become more equitable and safe on the blockchain through NFTs

167. GME’s Squeeze Explained in Simple Terms

GME’s Squeeze Explained in Simple Terms

168. How to Get a Reverse Shell on macOS Using A Flipper Zero as a BadUSB

Using a Flipper Zero as an ethical pentesting device to establish a reverse shell on a macOS computer.

169. From Web 1.0 to Web3: How the Internet Grew Over The Years

This is a written version of the talk I gave at WAQ19. Watch the video with English captions on YouTube.

170. Play 2 Earn: A New Trend on the Crypto Market

What is Play-to-Earn (Play 2 Earn). How to start with Play-to-earn and blockchain gaming. How to earn with play2earn.

171. Introduction To Maths Behind Neural Networks

Today, with open source machine learning software libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras or PyTorch we can create neural network, even with a high structural complexity, with just a few lines of code. Having said that, the Math behind neural networks is still a mystery to some of us and having the Math knowledge behind neural networks and deep learning can help us understand what’s happening inside a neural network. It is also helpful in architecture selection, fine-tuning of Deep Learning models, hyperparameters tuning and optimization.

172. A Framework on How to Find your Co-Founder

Roughly three and a half years ago, we started working on Tara AI, however the genesis of the story begins much earlier. It all began when I had the good fortune of meeting Syed Ahmed in freshman year of college, our company’s current co-founder and CTO. Everyday, I continue to meet with founders and hopeful entrepreneurs that are starting companies with enormous potential, and I find that the first hurdle they have to cross, is finding a partner-in-crime. I truly believe that going about building a company is an arduous journey, and its nearly impossible to build a lasting high-growth company without a co-founder (kudos to those who have achieved this as single founders). I’ve also come to realize, that if you can convince another human being to invest all of their time and energy in building this “thing” that doesn’t currently exist, then other obstacles start to become easier (even if it’s by a factor of 0.0001%).

173. How To Rename Your Git Repositories From "Master" to "Main"

Until recently, almost every Git repository had a default branch named "master". But thankfully, as part of a movement to make the tech industry more inclusive and open, many software teams and open source projects are moving away from this unhealthy naming.

174. Grayscale's (GBTC) Pump Effect Means 2021 Will Start Slow

let's look at what Grayscale is, what this 'pump effect' is, and why it might create sagging prices over the holidays.

175. “An NFT purchase does not automatically give you ownership rights.”

Anyone who plans to buy an NFT must understand what they're getting.

176. How to Create a Leading Mobile App: Application Stability Index

The more 9s in an app’s stability score, the higher the app store ratings.

177. Get Ready for New Natural Disasters

The earth needs rest – this should be the slogan for the next few decades. Still, "Greensponsible" is no longer popular...

178. 5 to 23 Patterns to Ace Any Coding Interview

How to prep for coding interviews by using patterns to figure out how to guess the most likely questions to be asked in many programming job interviews.

179. A Guide for Beginners in Neurohacking: Cheat Codes to Obtain Ridiculous Brainpower

5 fundamental neuro hacks that could make an amazing difference in your brainpower.

180. "Rewrite your Software," says Creator of Ruby on Rails

David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails, co-founder & CTO of Basecamp, best-selling author, Le Mans class-winning race car driver, family man, frequent podcast guest, and inspirational conference speaker.

181. 4 Technology Developments for the End of 2022 and Christmas

A look at four technology developments for the end of 2022 and Christmas.

182. The Metaverse is Not Real, Yet

Until a true "metaverse platform" publicly launches, the metaverse is not real. Dive into what a metaverse platform is and what the future of Web3 looks like.

183. Discover the 5 Best Hollow Knight Charms if You Are Struggling With the Game

Hollow Knight can be a tough game for many people. That's why making the most out of the charms is essential. Here are the best Hollow Knight charms to use.

184. What are Bonding Curve Offerings?

Bonding curves are built upon one of the most fundamental concepts in economics: price being a function of supply and demand.

185. How to Get Paid in the Metaverse Creator Economy Today

Master the Metaverse creator economy. Design NFTs or use the picks and shovels strategy creating tools or services for NFT builders & virtual world inhabitants.

186. 5 Exchanges Where You Can Trade Crypto Options

In this post we’ll look at five exchanges that enable investors to trade crypto options, as well as the features and fees involved.

187. Upwork in Real Danger of Losing MILLIONS over ONE DOLLAR "Conversion Fee"

The most significant change in Upwork history that no one knows anything about!

188. A Detailed Breakdown of Bitcoin's Four Year Cycles

In today’s research article, we’ll focus on dissecting Bitcoin’s Four Year Cycle in an effort to better understand Bitcoin’s current price predicament and gain insight into some of the more important technical steps price needs to achieve to ensure future exponential growth.

189. How Genetic Algorithms Can Compete with Gradient Descent and Backprop

We will train a simple neural network to solve the OpenAI CartPole game using a genetic algorithm, PyTorch, and PyGAD.

190. Top 10 Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone

You’ll agree that carrying two smartphones, one for business calls and one for personal use, is not convenient at all. Luckily, the modern world has taken everything and turned it into an app. Now you don’t even need to buy a second SIM card to make calls to your colleagues. What you need is a special second phone number app that gives you a second line for local and international calls. In this article, we’ll check out the best second phone number apps for Android and iPhone, and compare their main features and pricing.

191. Too Many Product Managers End Up as Project Managers

Transitioning into product management can feel like being air-dropped into a war zone. From the moment you hit the ground there are new people and ideas bombarding you from every angle, and everything seems to be on fire. There is no clearly defined way to reach your destination, but you know you can’t just sit there. For most new product managers starting out, this is a critical moment for your career and the habits you build out as a product manager.

192. Get PHP Composer to Run On Docker Container [A How To Guide]

I have a php docker container, that runs my app, and I need to start using Composer to install a php package. What is the best way to approach it?

193. The Ultimate Guide to Bypassing Geo-restrictions While Streaming

Image source

194. Ex-Twitter Employee Rejected at New Job For Asking 'Political Questions'

Think it's easy finding a job after Twitter? Think again.

195. Security in The Sea of Decentralized Finance

How do you avoid losing funds due to your own negligence.

196. Watch Out! Fake Tether in Circulation!

In our big Facebook group a few hours ago a member wrote that 34’000€ disappeared from his Atomic Wallet. What happened?

197. Software Development is Not About Unit Tests

Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

198. What Makes You a Great Programmer on The Team?

Majority of software developers are aspired to be not only a competent professional but also a great one.

199. This Is What I Learnt After Making Over 1,000 Code Reviews

This story was originally published on my blog. If you're interested in this kind of content, feel free to check it out and subscribe :)

200. Top Ten Startup Ecosystems in the World 2019: Flat Earth Ahead

We skipped last year, but this year SparkLabs Group is back with our fourth rankings and report of the Top Ten Startup Ecosystems in the World.

201. How Scrum Saved My Software Engineering Job

When developers first hear the business has decided to bring in Agile/Scrum, there is a feeling of dread. Agile methodologies are not usually brought in because the “powers-that-be” feel they are getting productive development from their coders. However, if you are an earnest developer you should welcome Agile/Scrum with open arms.

202. Security Considerations in Golang

Golang recently turned 10 and the success this language has created over the last 10 years is overwhelming. Today, many of the most popular DevOps tools are now written in Go. This proves that Go is a language that has a great future in the DevOps industry. It is meant for cloud network infrastructure practitioners - this was one of the primary goals of the Go creators. As a result, Every major cloud provider today has turned to Go for their core cloud infrastructure, to name some - Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Etcd, Prometheus, and Terraform.

203. How to Become a 10x Dev: An Essential Guide

The ultimate guide to becoming a 10x Dev - or what kind of devs I'm hiring (and promoting) as a VP of Engineering?

204. Reflection Mechanism and Crypto: A Deep Dive

The concept of the reflection mechanism was newly introduced into the cryptocurrency space a few months back. How is it now? What should you look out for?

205. The Best Developers Rarely get the job, "It’s like Tinder for jobs"

Learn how recruiters review your profile and get more job interviews (for a Software Developer role).

206. Decentralized Uber: Here's How I Built It With, Waku, and Vue.js

Write a decentralized Uber using Waku and Vue.js

207. Money Printing: The Ugly “Elephant in the Room” That Mainstream Media Ignores

According to official numbers, you lost money unless you got a 6.2% pay raise this year. In other words, thanks to inflation, you got a pay cut

208. Singleton Pattern in ES6: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Singletons are fairly controversial as far as I can tell, especially in Javascript programming. Let's take a look at what they are, when to (maybe) use them, and when not to.

209. Formulas of Uniswap: A Deep Dive

Find out the benefits of concentrated liquidity for multiple pooled assets in Uniswap.

210. Web 3.0 For Businesses: A Beginner's Guide

Web 3.0 may be the next frontier of the Internet, but many know little about it. Read to learn everything about Web 3.0 and its implications for businesses.

211. Telegram VS WhatsApp: An Honest Comparison

Telegram and WhatsApp are two popular instant messaging apps known to app users all over the globe. Read a honest comparison of both apps from an app user.

212. Calculating the Square Root of a Number using the  Newton-Raphson Method [A How To Guide]


213. An Evidence-Based Guide to Nootropics and Cognitive Enhancement [Comic]

After years of listening to people preach misinformed rubbish about nootropics and cognitive enhancement, I decided to do the responsible thing and write a comic to preach myself.

214. Managers, Do You Wait for the Doorknob Effect?

If you are not sure what a Doorknob effect is, you probably want to keep reading. Either you’ve seen it before and didn’t act properly, or worse you just missed it.

215. Multicollinearity and Its Importance in Machine Learning

Multicollinearity refers to the high correlation between two or more explanatory variables, i.e. predictors. It can be an issue in machine learning too.

216. Is MicroVision Helping to Power Microsoft's HoloLens 2?

A recent product tear-down by YouTube user 's2upid' appears to show MicroVision components used in Microsoft's highly anticipated HoloLens 2, but who is this little known technology company? And why have they been flying under the radar for so long?

217. Why Crypto Custodians Are Still A Weak Link

Using Natural Language data streams fed into NTerminal to detect security vulnerabilities, fraud, withdrawal problems

218. In-Game Advertisements vs. Microtransactions: Which is the Lesser of Two Evils?

It’s time to explore the pros and cons of in-game advertisements versus microtransactions.

219. How I built a spreadsheet app with Python to make data science easier

Today I'm open sourcing "Grid studio", a web-based spreadsheet application with full integration of the Python programming language.

220. Will Micro Cycles Replace 4 Year Cycles in Crypto?

Current market cycle is certainly different than previous ones. But there seems to be a pattern appearing, which may help us predict BTC price changes in 2022.

221. 5 Types of Developers in High Demand in 2021

Golang engineers, AI engineers, and mobile app developers are expected to be in high demand throughout 2021.

222. How to Retrieve Player Stats from the NHL's undocumented REST API

It's that time of year again. Summer is coming to an end, Autumn is around the corner, and the NHL season is about to begin.

223. Only XRP and Bitcoin will be Safe if Ripple Wins SEC lawsuit

In December 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple, leading to a chain of events that threatens XRP and Bitcoin.

224. New Tech Breakthrough in Cancer Research Targets Only Cancer Cells

A new technological cancer research breakthrough presented at ASCO 2022 promises precision targeting of cancer cells and eliminating of terrible side effects.


Hello Everyone. This will be the first part of my multi-part series which will explain the concept of microservices and how to orchestrate calls between them keeping in mind things like performance, latency and scalability.

226. How Token Contracts Work: The World's Largest Token Airdrop That You Probably Never Heard About

Subject matter experts often have an eccentric and quirky nature. Kier Finlow-Bates is no exception. Kier has the ability to convey highly technical information in a consumable format, coupled with timely humor. I've thoroughly enjoyed his in-depth presentations on all things Blockchain.

227. Python Library vs. Implementation From Scratch: 7 Things to Consider

The question of from-scratch implementation vs Python library comes up once in a while, no matter the goal of your project.

228. How To Build and Deploy an NLP Model with FastAPI: Part 1

Learn how to build an NLP model and deploy it with a fast web framework for building APIs called FastAPI.

229. Deep Learning Chatbots: Everything You Need to Know

When you’re creating a chatbot, your goal should be to make one that it requires minimal or no human interference. This can be achieved by two methods.

230. Has Become the Pawn of A Huge Data Theft Scheme

Wanna know tomorrow’s temperature? Don’t visit to find out, especially if you’re on a mobile device: the website has been compromised by a malicious advertising (malvertising) attack that is scraping personal information from its mobile users. While its purposes are not yet known, security searchers who have already identified and named this strain of malware — alternatively called “IcePick-3PC” or “eGobbler” — theorize that it originates from a group of organized criminals who are collecting the information for a future attack, or selling it on the Dark Web.

231. If the Internet Blows up Tomorrow, What Will Become of my Crypto?

It could be the end of Bitcoin.

232. Developer Marketing Guide: 2020 Version

Initial Thoughts

233. The Ultimate Guide To Successful Algorithmic Trading

Photo From UnSplash

234. Create a Bitcoin Trading Bot in 10 Minutes

Pumps, dumps, and liquidation. Welcome to Bitcoin.

235. 4 Defi Platforms with NFT Gaming to Watch in 2022

The most prevalent Defi and NFT adoption was from the gaming industry. Dozens of platforms were conceived within and before 2021.

236. Pitching VCs? Use This Reverse Psychology Trick To Get Funded

You’re planning a big adventure — skydiving or swimming with the sharks, for example — you’ve probably got the details mapped out.

237. The Last of Us HBO Series; The Nth of Many

As Naughty Dog's Award-winning game title, The Last of Us, makes its way to TV screens. I take a look at the relationships between gaming and TV.

238. What is Next.JS and How to Debug it

Next.JS allows the developers to create Server-side, Client-side or Static websites. Unlike the other frameworks, the rendering in Next JS is per page. That means, the "about" page can be static, while the "home" page can be server-side.

239. The End Of Crypto Mining Is Just The Beginning Of Crypto

A soundbyte news item recently took the crypto community by storm: 85% of the world’s Bitcoin supply has been mined.

240. 6 User Story Mistakes That Cause Confusion During Product Development

Everyone wants to go Agile today. Teams want to put the user in the center of their product development process while building products. After all, you are building the product for your users, right?

241. VPNs Leaked 1.2TB of Your Data and That is Pretty Awkward

20 Million VPN users across seven different VPN services had their data compromised when it ended up on the dark web.

242. The Open Metaverse: A Definitive Guide to Zero and Wilder World

This article is a definitive guide for one of the most exciting projects in the growing metaverse and NFT space.

243. 7 Crypto-Predictions for 2021 That Everybody Will Agree With

Learn what awaits crypto in the 2021st, what fosters its mass adoption, how institutional investors fuel industry, and how vaccine may influence bitcoin price

244. Scale Your Microservices with an Easy Message Queue on Redis

If you’re a microservices developer considering communication protocols, choosing an event-driven architecture might just help you rest a little easier at night. With the right design, event-driven architecture can help you to create apps that are decoupled and asynchronous, giving you the major benefits of your app being both performant and easily scalable.

245. [undefined, null, NaN].sort();

How not to sort an array in JavaScript

246. Is the Stock Market More Legitimate Than the Cryptocurrency Market?

He wished cryptocurrency had never been invented and crypto was for people who wanted to get rich quickly by doing very little for civilization.

247. All You Need to Know about Hacker Noon's Transition Off Medium's Software

A Big Thank You to “Your Friends @ Medium” for the good times, but it’s time for us to move on. We wish them the best of luck in growing their paywalled publication - it’s an interesting experiment. As a parting gift, our past library will be duplicated - moving stories from to - so that past Hacker Noon stories, stats and associations can remain available for the Medium community.

248. How Upwork Turned Freelancers Against Each Other

Photo by on Unsplash

249. How Data Analysis Helps Unveil the Truth of Coronavirus

These days we are all scared of the new airborne contagious coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Even if it is a tiny cough or low fever, it might underlie a lethargic symptom. However, what is the real truth?

250. Best Practices for Event-Driven Microservice Architecture

If you’re an enterprise architect, you’ve probably heard of and worked with a microservices architecture. And while you might have used REST as your service communications layer in the past, more and more projects are moving to an event-driven architecture. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this popular architecture, some of the key design choices it entails, and common anti-patterns.

251. Noonification: Your Daily Dose of Electrifying Tech Content at Noon, by Hacker Noon

Your Daily Dose of Electrifying Tech Content at Noon, by HackerNoon, IS BACK. That's right, folks, the noonification is here to stay.

252. How to Authenticate a User via Face Recognition in Your Web Application

Facial recognition-based authentication to verify a user in a web application is discussed in a beginner-friendly manner using FaceIO APIs.

253. Arbitrage as a Shortest-Path Problem

An explanation of arbitrage and a look at an efficient algorithm to find riskless instantaneous arbitrage opportunities across markets.

254. The DeFi Writing Contest by SORA and HackerNoon

Welcome to the #DeFi Writing Contest by SORA and HackerNoon!

255. Top 10 Most-Sold Consoles of All Time Ranked

The PlayStation 2 is the most sold console of all time, with the Nintendo DS coming in as a close second at 154 million units sold.

256. 12 Best IDO Launchpads in 2022

IDO launchpads have a pivotal place in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

257. "Success will be found because developers are lazy"

Ever wonder why you are felling anxious about the Universe? Come here to find out why!

258. Browsers Are the Gatekeepers of The Decentralized Web

The internet that most of the world sees is essentially identical. It’s called DNS, and most people understand this system to be the "legitimate" internet. This system is run by ICANN, a non-profit charged with determining who has the right to launch a domain extension (like a .com).

259. Using GitHub Protected Branches to Make SOC 2 Audits Suck Less

“Hey, can you meet with our SOC 2 auditors’ for a couple of hours next week to talk about our SDLC process?” Oh no! This question continually causes heartburn and eventual headachesfor software engineers. Spending multiple hours in a conference room explaining to auditors how your team deploys changes, what a pull request is and explaining how infrastructure as code works is not how engineers would describe a productive afternoon.

260. My Prometheus is Overwhelmed! Help!

Your prometheus monitoring setup is grinding to a halt? You've thrown too much data at it? Don't worry, there's ways to fix this.

261. I tried ChatGPT from OpenAI and my mind was blown

I wasn’t around when the internet was discovered for the first time but I could only imagine this must be what it’s like to do so.

262. The Ultimate Security Guide for Cryptocurrency Investors

263. JA3 and JA3S in Security Monitoring of SSL Communication

JA3 and JA3S are TLS fingerprinting methods that may be useful in security monitoring to detect and prevent against malicious activity within encrypted traffic.

264. is DEAD: F*CK the Alternatives!

Looking for "alternatives"? Good luck with that!

265. Passive Income and Yield Farming: A New Trend for 2021

Yield farming can be highly lucrative, but also very risky. The level of impermanent loss can discourage some users.

266. What is Quantum Immortality And Why It Doesn't Make you Immortal

Quantum Immortality is a result of the observer surviving the deadly quantum suicide experiment that proves the existence of alternate realities.

267. How to Use Google Trends API with Python

Google Trends website provides analysis of different search results on Google Search based on various criteria such as regions, time and language. As a developer, you can use Google Trends API in python to get the same results as presented on the Google Trends website via Pytrends.

268. What Happened to Software Development?

I don’t even recognize it anymore

269. Ethereum Gas Fees for Dummies

How gas fees are calculated and how to minimise the cost of conducting transactions on the Ethereum network.

270. 160+ Data Science Interview Questions

A typical interview process for a data science position includes multiple rounds. Often, one of such rounds covers theoretical concepts, where the goal is to determine if the candidate knows the fundamentals of machine learning.

271. How do You Hack Whatsapp Chats? - 7 Vulnerabilities Explained

You can Hack WhatsApp chats by syncing the web version of the app, exporting chat logs, using POCWAPP, WhatsAPP Scan Pro, spoofing, and spy apps.

272. The Best Time to Buy Crypto was A Year Ago - The Next Best Time is Right Now

Why bear market presents the best opportunity to make money from cryptocurrencies and which coins are worth considering.

273. Watch Out: Bitcoin Could Do the Unexpected, Soon

Don’t dismiss the possibility bitcoin will rocket to the peak of its market cycle. Four times before, it did the same thing in the same circumstances.

274. No Sandwich, Please! - Popular DeFi Attack Strategy Analysis

A recent CipherTrace study paints a sad picture: even though crypto users’ losses from criminal attacks have dramatically fallen by 57% in 2020 to $1.9 billion (compared to $4.5 billion in 2019), fraud within the DeFi space continues to grow, leaving more users deceived.

275. Flax: Google’s Open Source Approach To Flexibility In Machine Learning

Thinking of Machine Learning, the first frameworks that come to mind are Tensorflow and PyTorch, which are currently the state-of-the-art frameworks if you want to work with Deep Neural Networks. Technology is changing rapidly and more flexibility is needed, so Google researchers are developing a new high performance framework for the open source community: Flax.

276. 10 Skills Every Java Programmer to Learn

For Java developers, last, a couple of years has brought plentiful changes and posed a tough challenge with keeping up-to-date with new Java version every 6 months, and many release of popular frameworks like Spring 5, Spring Security 5, and Spring Boot 2 etc.

277. What the West Can Learn From Vietnam’s Response to Covid-19

Thank you so much for the outpouring support for my story. It's been viewed ~50k times and shared by hundreds. You can comment below with Hacker Noon's brand new commenting system, or join the conversation in various places around the internet:

278. The Microservices Maestro

Something I really like about living in the city is the fact that it is made for the masses. Despite its many defects (the rain not being one), Seattle is architected to enable hundreds of thousands of people to go through their busy days. It has a transportation system that interconnects different areas, it mandates different land usage policies for parks, residences, commerces and schools, and it provides restricted parking zones. It is designed for walking (assuming you like hills), it provides easy access to hospitals and it is guarded by police and fire departments.

279. Uncover the Best Privacy Coins in 2021

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a reliable tool allowing online users to control their own money without the participation of outsiders.

280. The Top 16 Types of Charts in Data Visualization That You'll Use

In the era of information explosion, more and more data piles up. However, these dense data are unfocused and less readable. So we need data visualization to help data to be easily understood and accepted. By contrast, visualization is more intuitive and meaningful, and it is very important to use appropriate charts to visualize data.

281. Why I Write on Hacker Noon

The three reasons I've kept publishing content on Hacker Noon over the last year: diversity, innovation, and support.

282. What Happens When a Legal Complaint is Fatally Flawed and Overall a Mangled and Mangy Mess?

In a scathing motion to dismiss filed with the court yesterday, the defendants pull no punches in their response to Triller.

283. What Happens When the Last Bitcoin is Mined?

Bitcoin mining rigs have been the Gordian knot tying the price of bitcoin and at the same time deciding the path that crypto adoption process should follow. Considering the history of bitcoin halving, you will notice that miners used to get a bigger slice in revenue as compared to now and that cost is still set to go lower after the upcoming 2020 halving.

284. What Does Ethereum 3.0 Look Like?

Ethereum 3.0 + Layer 2 Management DAO opens the window for the real-world economy to run on top of the blockchain. What are you still waiting for?

285. What No One Told Me About Being a Product Manager at an Early Stage Startup

Over a year ago, I asked around, searched for books or articles, went to several talks but found very little advice on being a product manager at an early-stage startup. Now, though still early in my journey, I want to take a moment to reflect on some lessons I have learned so far and look towards the future. If any of these resonate with you, please reach out and let’s chat!

286. Members of Congress Beat the Snot Out of Markets in 2021

In short, many members of Congress beat the market in 2021. They traded more than ever before.

And they made numerous unusually timed trades and huge gains.

287. Why Big Data is Big Business: The Netflix Example

Take a look at the following chart:

288. Everything you need to know about NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are becoming a very popular blockchain trend in gaming, while also being used in the sports (ticketing) industry, financial services, and as a way to sell and transfer ownership of virtual goods

289. How To Start A Billion Dollar “Unicorn” Startup

I’m not a smart man. BUT…. I started two of the biggest websites on the internet. My first one, Genius aka “Rap Genius” tells you what lyrics mean. The new one, Everipedia, is Wikipedia built on a cryptocurrency called “IQ” that rewards you for educating the masses.

290. WTF is Hashing in Blockchains?

In this article, we will see,

291. Building A Linux Shell - Part II [A Step-by-Step Guide]

In the first part of this tutorial, we've built a simple Linux shell that prints a prompt string, reads input, then echoes the input back to the screen. This isn't very much impressive now, is it?

292. The Remote Work Revolution Made It Clear That The Emperor Has No Clothes

Remote Workers! You have been invited here today because you have been identified as a remote leader or worker in the culture war for the future of work Join Us

293. 16 SQL Techniques Every Beginner Needs to Know

This blog post explains the most intricate data warehouse SQL techniques in detail.

294. Designing a Viable Central Bank Digital Currency

Central banks around the world are exploring the idea of issuing a variant of fiat currency that bridges the functional divide between physical cash and account-based systems.

295. Hammering at Clean Architecture

Who doesn’t like sharpshooting wood elves, chaos infested wastes and dwarfs digging deep under the mountain for treasures? Daring Sigmarite warrior priests and armour-clad chaos Chosen and all manner of other fantastic creatures? I know this might sound weird, but this is an article about programming! I’ve recently gained interest in trying to understand a bit more about Uncle Bob’s clean architecture design and, to do that, I’ve created a small app that I believe showcases some of the main strengths that I believe it has. Disclaimer: All Warhammer references are the property of Games Workshop and I also do not claim to be some clean architecture guru. But maybe this will help someone else with their first steps in grasping the concepts of this cool new toy I’ve found.

296. An Intro to No-Code Web Scraping

Web scraping has broken the barriers of programming and can now be done in a much simpler and easier manner without using a single line of code.

297. 10 Best Zelda Games of All Time Ranked by Sales

Check out the top 10 best Zelda games throughout the franchise, ranked by their sales.

298. How to Build a Pokédex App with React and a Slash GraphQL Backend

In this article, we're going to walk through some of the basic setup for Slash GraphQL and then take a look at how I built a Pokémon Pokédex app with React and Slash GraphQL in just a few hours!

299. The Most Common Coding Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

There are many mistakes a new programmer can make. Today, you will learn the most common mistakes that beginners make, and how you can avoid them.

300. How to Publish a Book with GitBook CLI and GitHub Pages in 7 Minutes

Publishing a book or documentation online has never been easier than it is today.

301. Setting up Atom as a Python IDE [A How To Guide]

In this article, I demonstrate how you can setup and maintain a python friendly development environment from within Atom.  Ideally, a developer wants to reduce the amount of window/application switching as much as possible and create repeatable workflows.

302. 14 Patterns to Ace Any Coding Interview Question

The process of preparing for coding interviews is anxiety-inducing for many developers. There’s so much material to cover, and often much of it feels irrelevant to what devs are doing in their day jobs, which only adds to the stress.

303. Hacker Noon FAQs answered with 6 words or less

Why six? Because the most powerful stories are told in six words.

304. Buying Upwork Reviews: Is Your Freelancer Really a 5-Star Freelancer?

Freelancing is all about - the trust. And, trust is all about - the reviews.

305. Machine Learning is the Wrong Way to Extract Data From Most Documents

The best way to turn the majority of documents into structured data is to use a next generation of powerful, flexible templates that find data in a document

306. Predicting The NFT All-Time High

2020 was great for Non-Fungible Tokens. This market gained volume, fame, and infrastructure. But what all the buzz is about? And what can we expect in 2021? I want to make it clear and to share my thoughts about the future of NFT.

307. Buying and Using an ENS Domain: A Guide, A Cautionary Tale, and a 1000-ft Review of Ethereum's Web3

I bought an ENS domain NFT to receive payments to a .ETH wallet easily. This story explains what I went through and what you need to too.

308. How To Fix The Most Common Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities

The Linux kernel is widely considered the pillar of some of the most popular projects among the open-source community. As the central module of the O.S, the system’s stability, performance, and security rely heavily on the kernel.

309. A Deep Dive Into The Architecture of React: Structure and Dependencies (feat. Eunice)

This case study investigates and demonstrates the capabilities of Eunice, by using Eunice on the JavaScript library React.

310. Does Everyone Need a PWA to Attract More Visitors?

The technical human-being was split into two fractions beyond the memory of man: web and mobile. Some folks say that the web-pages easier to use; others that the mobile apps make much headway so the web and browsers might pass into oblivion. This war would last forever if Alex Russell didn’t present one-box solution in 2015. More than 3 years have since passed.

311. The Throw Keyword was a Mistake

Exception Handling

312. When NOT to Use AWS Elastic Beanstalk [Deep Dive]

First off, this is not a critique of Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk — it’s a great service that allows you to deploy web applications without having a lot of in-house DevOps expertise. If you’re a young startup looking to deploy your web app on a tight schedule — it’s naturally a tempting choice, but sometimes it’s the wrong choice.

313. [Hacking Tinder] Train an AI to Auto-Swipe for You 🖖

Auto-tinder was created to train an AI using Tensorflow and Python3 that learns your interests in the other sex and automatically plays the tinder swiping-game for you.

314. The State of Blockchain Interoperability in 2021

After nearly 9 months of work, version 3 of “A Survey on Blockchain Interoperability: Past, Present, and Future Trends” is out. This survey depicts the state of blockchain interoperability as of March 2021, by collecting and analyzing 404 documents.

315. You don't do Continuous Integration!

Today I am going to talk about one misconception made by developers: Continuous Integration is about running automated integration pipelines…

316. Why NPM and Yarn f*cking suck

Opinion piece: What we can learn about documentation and logging

317. What Does Blockchain & The Fourth Industrial Revolution Mean for Us?

The magic wand of blockchain technology has touched our lives in multiple ways over the last decade. It has made cryptocurrency traders out of ordinary investors who would even shy away from the traditional stock markets. It has provided us with an easy way of transferring money across borders, without the interference of banks.

318. Cloud Home Automation Series Part 4 : Connected Light Bulb using AWS, ESP32 & Arduino

[Updated - 1st March, 2020] : Course updated, now you can control your connected light either using Google Assistant or Alexa. Kindly check out the Bonus section at the end of the course.

319. Why a Decentralized Social Network with Passive Income Potential Will Emerge, Eventually

Social media changed the way you are browsing the Internet, but it didn’t change the way the Internet is being controlled by a few companies that are having a monopoly. While you are under the illusion of using platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter at no cost, their pockets are getting heavier and heavier.

320. GitHub's 32 Most Popular Ruby on Rails Repositories ( July 2019 )

This is the list of the most interesting and useful Ruby on Rails open source projects on GitHub collected on July 22. The key criterion I was following while completing my list, was the buzz around the project, its purpose, and prospects, and the date of the update to make sure that the project is still in work and in use.

321. How to Tokenize Houses on a Blockchain

Including a code sample using the ERC20 token standard.

322. Can You Use ChatGPT to Save Time Doing Day-to-day Product Management Tasks?

Product managers, especially in startups, have to deal with a ton of different tasks on a daily basis. Could some of those tasks be made easier with ChatGPT?

323. Dimensionality Reduction Using PCA : A Comprehensive Hands-On Primer

We, humans, are experiencing tailor-made services which have been engineered right for us, we are not troubled personally, but we are doing one thing every day, which is kind of helping this intelligent machine work day and night just to make sure all these services are curated right and delivered to us in the manner we like to consume it.

324. 10 Best NES Game of All Time Ranked by Sales

The Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the best consoles of all time,. But which are the best NES games according to sales?

325. COVID Happened And I Decided to Stop Gaming And Start Coding

It's no secret that today, during a global pandemic unlike anything in well over a hundred years, many people are stuck at home and unable to work by no choice of their own. This massive inconvenience of feeling trapped and bored out of our minds for months within our own dwellings is leaving a lot of us with fluxes of emotions like restlessness, hopelessness, depression, and many other not-so-good things. 😷 On a positive note though, this is a great time to adopt some new mental flexibility skills.

326. Using a Spreadsheet to Build a Mobile App (in 3 hours)

As a product builder↗️, I built micro tools to solve my own problems. For example: article tool, portfolio tracker, SaaS tracker, habit tracker, and finance tracker

327. 4 Tech Trends That Are Accelerating The Miniaturization of PCBs

Image: UnsplashOne of the bigg