What are the Noonies?by@noonies2021
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What are the Noonies?

by Noonies 2021October 28th, 2021
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The Noonies are the tech industry’s most democratic awards. These awards - and the voting software powering this site - are presented by HackerNoon. 2021 marks the 3rd annual Noonies which is rumored to be the biggest year yet. You can nominate a worthy techie for a Noonie until November 3rd at The winners get a sense of making a difference in the world of free tech domains (example, NooniesTech). A couple of custom custom dot tech domains can be built from scratch.

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What are the Noonies?

The Noonies are the tech industry’s greenest awards. These awards - and the voting software powering this site - are presented by HackerNoon. 2021 marks the 3rd annual Noonies which is rumored to be the biggest year yet 😉 Over the last 2 years, more than 2500 people were nominated for various awards, and over 100k votes were cast. We can't wait to see what the HackerNoon community does this year.

Once an hour every hour, it's Noon somewhere 🙂 We’re trying to reward unappreciated corners of the internet. Like the Oprah of tech awards. 🤗

What is HackerNoon?

How hackers start their afternoons. We are the best place for technologists to read, write, and publish. Learn more about us and how to get published on HackerNoon.

What do the winners get?

Internet street cred. 😎 A sense of making a difference in the world. For Noonies 2021, all winners get a free dot .tech domain, a year's subscription to Avast VPN, and a brand-as-author publishing credit on HackerNoon. Oh and some awards have in cash prizes. See the yellow box on the individual Noonie for full prize details on each award.

I’ve been nominated! Why..?

For HackerNoon Contributor awards, we choose the top 5-10 authors who generate the most time reading on hundreds of our highest performing tags. For the rest of the awards, we did our research to find some gems that we thought deserved a nomination. 💎 You can nominate a worthy techie for a Noonie until November 14th at

What’s next now that I’ve been nominated?

Congratz on your nomination - you're already a winner in our books. 🥳 But, if you want to get a leg up on your competition, you gotta let your peeps know it's time to vote (comes November 14!) Try this tweet on for size - "I've been nominated for a @hackernoon Noonies 2021 award. To show your support, head over to and cast a vote for me!".

I’ve haven’t been nominated! Why..?

There’s still time! Public nominations will be open until November 14th, 2021. Visit to nominate your friend, boss, coworker, sister, or friendly neighborhood techie for a Noonie (or yourself cause like no shame - we stan that). 🏆

How do I nominate someone?

Click on any individual award and type the name of your nominee. The HackerNoon team will review your nomination. 🙏🏻 Nominations are open until November 14th.

How do I vote?

Voting opens on November 15th, 2021. ✨ But you can nominate anyone for any award until then! The HackerNoon team scoured the internet for the most worthy opponents in tech. After the utmost careful consideration, 5ish nominees per award were hand-selected, and we’ll be adding 5ish+ nominees by the HackerNoon community before voting. Yay democracy!

How does weighted voting work?

We weigh votes to further elevate the voice of our contributing writers, reward verified expertise, and prevent spam. Hacker Noon published writers votes count as 10, authenticated users votes count as 3, and unauthenticated visitors have their vote count as 1 (pending spam reviews).

The reasons for this are:

  • The contributing writer, by publishing their words and expertise on Hacker Noon, has earned the right to have their voice count the most when it comes to who deserves HackerNoon rewards
  • Authenticated users have a much lower spam rate so their vote should count more
  • We want to continue to ensure that anyone can vote. All users can vote once on each award in voting season

Can I sponsor The Noonies?

If a category (Decentralization, Future Heroes, Planet Internet, Software Development, Gaming, and Technology) doesn’t already have a sponsor, you can sponsor before voting starts (Nov 15). The best sponsors also offer cool prizes to the winners. Here’s more information and how to book a meeting. Current sponsors include but are not limited to Bybit, Avast, and .TECH Domains.

Are you adding more awards?

Probs not. HackerNoon staff curated 300+ awards. We are turning to our wonderful community to double our nominees right now. 🥺 But if you have a quality award idea with a great sponsor prize, email [email protected] with the subject: NOONIES AWARD IDEA: “Award Title” before voting begins.

How is this built?

Noonies.Tech is built by Hacker Noon’s custom voting software, which powered Noonies 2019, Noonies 2020, and Startups of the Year. The stack includes Algolia, Firebase, Vercel, Next, TypeScript, Tailwind, and more. It integrates with the content management system we built to power

How do I submit stories to HackerNoon?

Glad you asked. Simply create an account and submit a story. Our editors will review it within 7ish days! Learn more about publishing with us here. 🤟🏻

Who can I contact about the Noonies? is the best place to reach the relevant person. Can also email us at [email protected].

Can I pay to get nominated?

No, but you can submit your nomination for us to review. 😁

When can I vote?

Voting starts on November 14th and ends on December 8th, 2021. People can vote once per day per award. ✅

When will the winners be announced?

Voting closes on December 8th, 2021. After the HackerNoon team reviews the results, the winners will be announced on December 10th, 2021.

How do I build a custom award voting site like this?

We built ours from scratch. If you'd like us to power a digital voting experience on your site, email [email protected] 😤

Visit today and nominate your favorite techies 💚