Full Stack Coders Vs DevOps Developers- Whom to Hire for Your Next Project?by@shifa-martin
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Full Stack Coders Vs DevOps Developers- Whom to Hire for Your Next Project?

July 26th 2020
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by @shifa-martin 13,241 reads
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A Full-stack developer is responsible for both the front-end and back-end development of an application. DevOps Developers offer on-time delivery and superior-quality software. Majority of Full-Stack coders are hired by Google. According to research, there is 20.0% growth in the demand for full-stack coders in 2020 and it is expected to rise in the coming years. Full Stack Coders saves the cost and also possess specialized technical skills and on the other hand, DevOps.

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Are you thinking of creating a web development application? Seeking an answer, DevOps developers or Full-Stack coders, whom to outsource for your next project? 

Well, in short, a Full-stack developer is responsible for both the front-end and back-end development of an application. It can create everything in the app you require. Majority of Full-stack coders are hired by Google.  

According to research, there is 20.0% growth in the demand for full-stack coders in 2020 and it is expected to rise in the coming years. 

Full-Stack Coders saves the cost and also possess specialized technical skills and on the other hand, DevOps Developers offer on-time delivery and superior-quality software. 

Confused? Let me help! Today, in my blog I will brief you in detail the following- 

Let’s begin! 

What are Full-Stack Coders? 


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Full-Stack Coders or developers are specialists in both the front-end and back-end. These developers are proficient in both back-end and front-end languages and have detailed knowledge of frameworks, server, and network and hosting environments too. 

To get this depth and breadth of knowledge, the majority of Full-Stack Coders spent years of working in different fields and roles. 

As per the Hacker Developers Skills Report 2020, “the demand for Full-Stack Coders is increasing rapidly. Of the hiring managers interviewed, 38.0% said Full-Stack Coders comes under the top-role to fill in 2020”
“The demand for Full-Stack Coders was mostly generated from the small and medium scale enterprises, 43.0% of which ranked the role of their top priority” according to Times of India article. 

Full-Stack Coders possess diverse knowledge and skills of languages, such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, which falls under front-end development. In the case of back-end, these developers also hold expertise in PHP, Java, Python, RubyON Rails, and various databases, including SQL and MongoDB.

Some Important Responsibilities of Full-Stack Coders

    1. Creating front-end web architecture
    2. Developing user-interface on website page
    3. Ensuring cross-platform mobile phones optimization 
    4. Developing and Designing APIs 
    5. Meeting both consumer and technical needs 
    6. Staying updated on developments in programming languages and web applications 

The sole purpose of the Full-Stack Coders is to keep an eye on every aspect of software development within an enterprise. They are involved in all three layers of the development programming, such as a logic layer, presentation layer, and data layer.

Here are the advantages of hiring full-stack developers:

Full-Stack Coders are the professionals across all the corners. They hold in-depth knowledge and experience on diverse aspects relating to the application development and project requirements. Following is the list of advantages when you Hire Full-Stack Coders in India-

  1. Expert in both Front-end and Back-end development 
  2. Easily grab the charge of project requirement and responsibility 
  3. Knowledge of codes and user-interface designs 
  4. Cost-effective and budget-friendly
  5. Offer fast and on-time project delivery 
  6. Accustomed with latest technologies and updates

What are DevOps Developers? 



DevOps means development and operations. DevOps is an organization software development phrase mainly used to state a type of agile relationship between IT operations and software development. The main purpose of DevOps is to improve and change the connection by advocating advanced collaboration and communication between the two business units.

Coming to the definition of what are DevOps developers-

DevOps Developers are basically IT professionals with expertise in coding, scripting, and managing the overall operation of product development and deployment. These developers transform the traditional ways of software development, operations teams, and testing into a holistic environment for superior quality product development. 

These developers combine their hands-on experience and depth knowledge in software development with core business analytics expertise to offer innovative business solutions.

According to the Global Market Insight report,  the DevOps market generated a revenue of around $4.0 billion in 2019, and it is anticipated to attain more than 20.6%  CAGR during 2020 and 2026.


Image Source 

Some Major Responsibilities of DevOps Developers- 

  1. Project planning and development 
  2. Project deployment
  3. Performance management 
  4. Maintenance and Troubleshooting 
  5. Code Testing and deployment 
  6. Source-code Management and Script language programming 

The role of DevOps developers is highly versatile and demanding. These developers have to work-upon a wide range of tasks to meet their core responsibilities, including scripting, coding, and re-engineering. 

Here are the advantages of hiring DevOps developers

DevOps developers offer modification in IT culture and on-time IT service delivery by adopting agile and lean practices. It also improves the collaboration between development and operation teams. Following is the list of advantages of hiring DevOps developers- 

  1. Increases productivity of IT and business teams 
  2. Saves cost on upgrades and maintenance 
  3. Lowers down unnecessary capital expenditure. 
  4. Provides faster delivery and easy replication
  5. Continuously fixing bugs and issues 
  6. Offers better safety and security of data 

Full-Stack Coders VS DevOps developers: The Similarities

Radically,  DevOps and Full-Stack Coders are two sides of the penny. Selecting which side to play with is quite tricky. Both, a DevOps developer and a Full-Stack developer are highly sophisticated experts who work towards the same goal- deliver software on-time with zero bugs. The philosophies and methods that they choose to achieve the goal are what set them apart from each other.  

They both in some way are factors behind the increasing business demand for more flexibility and agility. So, for the better understanding of the similarities between DevOps developers and Full-Stack Coders, let’s read the following point-

1. Full-Stack Coders uses DevOps tools

Sometimes, a full-stack developer uses DevOps tools, such as Slack and GitHub, in the software application development or in case of project requirement. These both developers blur the fine line between engineer and developer as both are the two sides of an intriguing form of cross-pollination; advanced technologies are commonly integrated for both automation and deployment. 

2. DevOps Developers Deploy Full-Stack Developer tools

DevOps developers are even more selective in their tool-deployment than a full-stack developer. Python is a language of choice as well as the go-to configuration management tool “Puppet” and when I talk about web tools, including PHP and JavaScript, these are also being highly used by DevOps.  Python framework helps the DevOps to keep an eye on web development while automating the infrastructure. 

I think I have explained to you thoroughly what is a Full-stack developer and What is a DevOps developer.  Now, let’s discuss in detail whom to Hire Full-Stack Coders or  DevOps developers for your next project.

DevOps vs Full-stack: Who will win the race?

It is very important for you to evaluate the exact requirement of your enterprise before leaning towards employing offshore Full-Stack programmers or DevOps Developers. I have listed the necessary factors that must be considered before reaching a conclusive decision-

1. Technology Stack

Technology stack refers to the variety of technologies we are using in our project. The more technology there is, the more skills we require. Full-Stack coders possess special skills and knowledge in handling complex software stack tasks. 

Thus, you need to hire Full-Stack Coders to perform the software application development and deployment task when the number of technologies used are many. In addition, these developers will also work in ways to keep the project cost down and in the budget.   

 Full Stack developers

2. Project Agility

An agile procedure is for those applications that are trying to match up with extremely changing consumer markets, where there is a neck-to-neck competition to keep up with the latest features. It is basically the ability of the development process to adapt the change on demand. 

In simple words, it is the capability of the software application to change one component of the software stack for any other when required. Thus, it is quite significant to come to a conclusion in the case of agility.  If agility is your top-most priority, then choosing DevOps service is the best bet. 

But, if you have a feeling that every stack entry should be in the right place in the software’s blueprint and will remain the same further, then a Full-stack developer with skills and knowledge of the diverse language can be the right choice. 

DevOps developers

3. Team Size & Budget 

The size of the team for any project depends less on the need for application development and more on the ability of an enterprise to spend the money on hiring the dedicated development team these days. So, in case your application development is complex and needs modularity and includes a diverse range of stacks, then you must go with a DevOps developer. 

On the other hand, if the scope of application is limited, and has no complexity and only needs update integration, then Hire Full-Stack Coders is the best choice. To cite a metaphor, a Full-Stack Developer is a jack-of-all-trades and master of them all too. These developers can do complex tasks without crossing the budget. 

Team Size Winner
: DevOps Developers

Budget Winner
: Full-stack developers

4. Growth plan

Usually, Start-ups are known for an innovative product release or for frequent app releases. Enterprises try to imitate their operation style and possess the capabilities to invest more for good returns. In most of the cases, they hire DevOps Developers as they need them most and these developers have also proved them right too. 

: DevOps developers

5. Scalability

Scalability becomes the biggest problem for companies once the odds are challenged, and the widespread acceptance of the technology follows. This is usually the case for digital platforms, such as online markets or social media, where a large number of subscriptions and interactions take place.

In the case of enterprises, they are very focused on the quality of the software solution. High scalability helps them to maintain quality standards. Hence , scalability becomes one of the major factors for them 

So if scalability is a priority for you, DevOps is the solution.

On the other hand, a full-stack developer can do the job equally well if development involves a single effort with no real-time management or scalability goals in the near future.

: DevOps Developers  


Well, both offshore full-stack programmers and DevOps developers have their own qualities and flaws. In some cases, Full-Stack Coders may help you in driving the growth while in other cases, DevOps developers will push your software project little forward. 

So, there is no fixed path when you decide to Hire Full-Stack Developers or DevOps Developers for your next software development project, the choice is yours, based on your requirements, expected agility, time availability, budget, and software stack complexity.


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