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About Tech Company News Pages by Hacker Noon

December 9th 2020
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by @David 5,186 reads
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NEW: 2000+ Tech Company News Pages on HackerNoon, in alphabetical order :-)

Discover the trending stories surrounding the tech companies that run the world. NEW! Tech Company News Pages by Hacker Noon include: 

  • Business Overview: headcount, founding year, homepage, bio, social links, and domain ranking. 
  • Mentions in Hacker Noon Stories: all stories by the Hacker Noon community that mention a tech company or their technologies. 
  • Top Headlines Around the Web: we monitor the internet for the most significant mentions of each company. 

Here's are somes examples from the first group of published tech company news pages, and a screenshot of Twitter's company news page: 


If you'd like to have us create your company's tech company news page, edit an existing company news page, or publish your company statements with Hacker Noon, please fill out our brief tech company news page form. A real human will review. 

With Tech Company News Pages, we're surfacing breaking news about the company from around the web via Bing News API with mentions of their technologies in Hacker Noon stories, creating a hub for media's relationship with the top tech companies. The business overview information (headcount, founding year, homepage, bio, social links, and domain ranking) is a mix between the BigPicture API and our database. Massi Faqiri was the lead developer on the project. 

At Hacker Noon, we've done a good job elevating the voices of people making technology and digging into the weeds of how future technology will function, but previously we've haven't done a good job of covering the cog in the machine that greases all the wheels - the technology companies themselves. 

When you look at how Crunchbase changed TechCrunch, and moreso, how Terminal changed Bloomberg, you start to see the value in how digital publishing can scale with the company as the subject of the story. Business entities can and should have different design treatments and information inputs than humans and the technologies themselves.

Check out the first batch below :-) 


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