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178 Stories To Learn About Customer Experience

by Learn RepoJune 24th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Customer Experience via these 178 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Customer Experience via these 178 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

The core of every business is to ensure that they not only offer value to their customers, but that their customers have a great experience in the process.

1. The Role of Customer Success (CS) Ops in Tech-Touch

The Customer Success Operations (CS Ops) is, as the name suggests, about operations but that's only a tiny part of what CS Ops can and should be tasked to do

2. IAM vs CIAM [Infographic]— Which One is Better For Your Enterprise?

Source: LoginRadius

3. UX vs UI vs CX: What’s the Difference?

You might have heard user experience (UX), user interface (UI) and customer experience (CX) being used interchangeably. Even some of the most seasoned and professional marketers and designers confuse these terms.

4. How to Start a Conversation With a Customer: 25 Welcome Message Ideas

There won’t be analogies about an acquaintance in a bar or stupid jokes; it is clear without them how important it is to correctly start a conversation with a customer.

5. The Impact of AI Transformers on the Customer Experience

I have spent the last few weeks understanding the impact of a great revolution in the world of Artificial Intelligence and NLP on the customer experience. Not from a purely technical point of view, but trying to estimate the competitive advantage that this new approach can generate. We are facing yet another disruptive innovation, and it can bring significant advantages, let's try to find out which ones.

6. 5 Ways to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Do you want to make the most of your landing page? If so, don't miss these five conversion rate optimization tips.

7. 9 Must-Know UX Design Tips for Developers

How can a developer make UX an integral part of the development cycle? Read 9 Must-Know UX Design Tips for Developers.

8. Why Amazon's Working Backwards Framework Works — But Not at Your Company

Amazon's Working Backwards process is well documented across the internet. But why don't more companies use this for their innovation?

9. Reducing Friction Is More Important Than Customer Delight

Friction is part of life. We experience it all the time - at work, in relationships, in politics - it's everywhere. But when it comes to business, friction cost can be extremely high.

10. Noonies Interview: Daria Leshchenko on the Role of Tech in Customer Support

Daria Leshchenko from SupportYourApp shares her entrepreneurial journey and her vision of the future of customer support for startups.

11. Why microcopy is vital for startups & large businesses alike.

Brands usually skip microcopy without realising that it boasts enormous potential. After all, it is the smallest of details that make life worth living.

12. What is Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and What Are its Benefits

Today's online space is all about identity and at the core of it lies customer identity and access management or CIAM.

13. How Does the Bank of the Future Work?

Gone are the days when banking services were standardised and restrictive. Evolving digital technologies, shifting consumer preferences and increasing competition are creating new challenges for banks.

14. How to Generate New Software Startup Ideas

Ideas are responsible for the progression and prosperity of humans, without them we would still be living in prehistoric times. People spend most of the day work, smartphones when we’re out and about, and tablets and PCs at home. Congratulations to the thousands of software companies that have already helped to make history. Numerous software ideas have been made for people to choose the one with benefits to them.

15. Can Lady Luck, Innovation and Risk Management Grow a Brand?

Connor Crook, CEO of Diamondback Toolbelts, does give the impression that the destiny of your business is squarely in the hands of fate. However ...

16. The Steps and Benefits of Content Migration

When migrating content, don’t just “lift” it to a new location, but “shift” it, enriching your assets with structure, metadata and more.

17. How does an Experience Data Platform Help Tech Leaders Ace Innovation?

Tech leaders make digital teams run faster and unburden their own backlog with an Experience Data Platform

18. SupportYourApp CEO Daria on Startups, Tech Businesses, and #Noonies 2022 Nomination

SupportYourApp CEO Daria on Startups, Tech Businesses, and #Noonies 2022 Nomination.

19. Artificial Intelligence That Doesn’t Annoy Customers

How to make virtual assistant (conversational AI chatbot), that doesn't get users angry

20. Alternative Pricing: Letting Go of Bad-Fit Customers is For the Best

We determined during the pricing migration that some customers were simply not the right fit.

21. Lessons in Content Marketing from Netflix Shows

How to make your customers fall head over heels in love with your brand by following in the footsteps of the Tiner Swindler. No, really, we're serious.

22. Hack Calmer Conversations and Get Reliable Feedback from Users

Communicating with a product's users can be tedious, this article provides some tricks for obtaining useful feedback with calmer conversations.

23. Making Better Product Management Decisions with Customer Feedback Analytics

While companies become increasingly customer-centric, PMs are still sitting in a gold mine of underused customer knowledge. This is how can we change that.

24. WOW Your Clients: 5 Golden Rules to Make Your Client Happy

How do you imagine a happy client? We believe that happy clients scream “WOW!”. Here are the top 5 rules of delivering WOW service for you.

25. An Indepth Look at Content Engineering and its Importance

Content engineering is organizing the shape, structure, and application of content. Content engineering covers: model, metadata, markup, schema, taxonomy,

26. How to Drive Early 'Time-To-Value’ through Customer Success

Time-To-Value is a Customer Success metric that is undervalued in SaaS but could be an advantage for a business. This article explains TTV and the types of TTV.

27. Excelling In User Support: Think Big, Start Small

Another day at the service desk, the phone is ringing off the hook with calls from anxious customers, incidents are piling up, and inboxes are overflowing. You need to figure out where to start. And then, when you've managed to get settled, a walk-up arrives, asking for help with a password reset. They want to be helped, and they want help now.

28. On Raising $17M to Build AI Based Personal Assistants for Salespeople

An interview with the founder of Winn.AI, a mixture of Alex and Salesforce that aims to help b2b sales with its advanced machine learning capabilities

29. How to Leverage Your Daily Feedback Loops to Achieve to Your Goals Faster

Let’s take a look at the key features of an effective feedback loop and how you can use it in your IT career.

30. Say Goodbye to Surveys and Hello to Sentiment Analysis

For the past several decades, surveys have been the main method for a business to gain insights on how customers feel about their products.

31. 4 eCommerce Shipping Strategies to Improve Conversions

Here are the top 4 shipping strategies to improve the conversion rate on your eCommerce store.

32. Retaining SaaS Customers in a Global Economic Downturn

In a global economic downturn, retaining current customers is crucial for businesses, especially for SaaS companies facing the growing risk of customer churn.

33. All You Need to Know about Sentiment Analysis in Power BI

Since most of the world is online, everything by consumers nowadays is being shared online, whether a bad experience or a good one.

34. Email is Not Dead: Response Time is Everything

Email has been going strong for over 50 years but according to many news outlets, including Forbes, The Telegraph, and The Wall Street Journal, email’s use has gone down drastically. But the data tells a different story; it is estimated that by 2022, 126.7 trillion emails will be sent. In 2017, 90% of all Americans of all ages, from 15 all the way to 65 and up, checked their emails regularly. Even Gen Z checks their email - and quite often too. More than half check their emails several times each day. So in the end, email is alive and well and is still commonly used for personal and business applications. Using email for business can be a tricky endeavor however.

35. Here's How Not to Hit a Brick Wall with Digital Innovation - Save Your Time, Save Your Money!

What is it that's holding back retailers from riding on top of the digital disruption wave? The time it takes to integrate software is one of those things.

36. Is Tech Making or Breaking Your Customer Experience?

Technology can be a two-edged sword. It can deliver incredible results and create unique problems. The customer experience (CX) sector, in particular, has been heavily impacted by technology for quite some time.

37. How to Run Successful Online Focus Groups: A 101 for WFH Beginners

What is an Online Focus Group?

38. How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back: 5 Proven Strategies

Most businesses focus mainly on how to attract new leads to their website. But they tend to overlook the importance of retaining their existing customers.

39. Why Product Enablement And Customer Enablement Must Cross Paths

Product enablement is a procedure you use specifically to provide relevant product knowledge to the different departments in your organization for marketing.

40. Tell If Your SMS is Spam


41. 8 Ways You Can Use WhatsApp to Improve Customer Service

Check out how brands can leverage WhatsApp for customer service and improve customer communication through WhatsApp Business API.

42. 3 Ways Customer Portals Help Companies Build a Community of Devoted Buyers

Many companies find it challenging to tie customer satisfaction with revenue growth. However, when we consider the positive outcomes of customer engagement, such as high retention, increased upsell and cross-sell rates, and word-of-mouth marketing, the business benefits of outstanding customer experience become much more tangible.

43. 5 Important Metrics to Measure your Success

No matter how big or small your business is, you need to have certain metrics that tell you how much growth it has achieved.

44. 5 Ways to Use AI to Improve Customer Success

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful set of tools that can be used throughout a business' operations allowing them to achieve better customer success.

45. How Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers

While most businesses focus on customer satisfaction, they often overlook employee satisfaction. Studies show that highly engaged teams outperform unengaged ones by 21%. What's more, happier employees offer better service to customers. That means happier customers. Let's look at some ways to increase employee satisfaction in your business. Here are some tips to improve customer experience:

46. 4 Big Companies That Use UX Writing As A Growth Engine

I'd like to start off this blog post by differentiating between UX Writing and Copywriting as I feel like there's a lot of misunderstanding.

47. Employee Experience and Customer Experience: Beyond Retention and Loyalty

An #IBM research revealed that 70% of brand perception is settled by employees and 41% of customer loyalty comes from positive employee attitude

Customers can generally be divided into two, Internal and external customers. Who are your internal customers? Your employees.

Forrester defines customer experience as

48. 4 Tips to Mastering Multilingual Customer Service

Most online businesses have customers from any part of the world. How would you make them comfortable to use your service or product? How will you ensure a great customer service experience without getting stuck with the language barriers?

49. Can AI and Computer Vision Replace Human Intuition?

Computer vision now lives with us with exceptional AI capabilities. Learn how AI and computer vision is playing a key role in outsmarting human beings.

50. Digital Design Canvases Are Evolving to Better Suit Modern Workflows

The importance of information layers for design workspaces and the future of productivity in teams

51. Is Jira Align worth it?

Would you recommend Jira Align as a tool for product managers? Experienced product managers discuss the Jira onboarding process and alternatives.

52. ‘Maslow's Hierarchy of Customer Retention’: The Secret to Improving Churn

There are only a handful of companies that you love. But have you ever thought about why that is? We will break down what every company can do to cut churn.

53. SaaS marketing: How to revolutionize customer experience post-pandemic.

Tips for improving saas marketing post-pandemic. Here's how consumer behavior is affecting saas marketing, and how brands can work with the changing market.

54. Leveraging Digitization to Drive Customer Experiences in Life Insurance

Digitization is changing the face of all industries across the globe, and the life insurance space is no exception. By leveraging emerging digital technologies, life insurers can improve their business models, stay ahead of the competition and offer better customer experiences. Let's take a look at how digitalization enables life insurers to enhance their market reach and meet the ever-increasing expectations of modern customers.

55. The Rise of Cobrowsing For Customer Support Reps

Take a look at any industry and it’s likely that online support is expanding. The sooner you adapt to this technological trend, the better equipped you are to sustain and grow in your industry.

56. 8 Ways to Gather and Leverage Customer Data of Your Ecommerce Website

In this article, you will take a look at some of the different approaches you can use to gather and leverage customer data for your eCommerce website.

57. Interview with Maxime Jumelle About Using n8n at 🚀 has been using n8n for increasing customer engagement and improving customer experience. We talked with Maxime Jumelle, co-founder of to learn more.

58. How Can You Become Best in the Business by Tightening your Hat?

The combination of superb products and superb people has made the company grow by leaps and bounds in a very short time.

59. What Does It Take To Create An Effective UX?

The main criteria that really matter in UX are whether it fixes your users’ problems. Here are the three most important points of view in efficient UX.

60. What Is Average Handle Time (AHT) and How To Reduce It: 20 Tips & Tactics

Average handle time is a key metric to focus on when trying to improve your customer support strategy. Read more about its major contributing factors, and what

61. How to Make Inc's Fastest Growing Companies by Catching the Big Fish

From its inception to being honored on the INC. 5000 list for the third year in a row in 2022, Harley has strived to make his company as efficient as possible.

62. The Magic of Conversational AI: 8 Ways Chatbots are Helping Businesses

Have you heard stories about chatbots failing to deliver results? Well, we created a list of the 8 most important chatbot benefits that will prove the opposite.

63. 5 Quick Tips on How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

In this article, you'll learn what to do to satisfy your customers and how to build a stable and lucrative relationship.

64. Your Customers Are Everything In The SaaS Industry

Today, I’ll share some of the best lessons I got to learn from that experience. You can use these tips to beautify your SaaS or any other business.

65. Predicting if the Customer is Satisfied by the Resolution

Case study to predict if customer is satisfied by the resolution.

66. The Revolutionary New Way to Digitize Customer Experience: Zero-touch Networks

Zero-touch networks enable operators to digitize the entire customer lifecycle, taking all customer interactions online through a website or mobile app.

67. Which Is Better For Your Business: Relationship or Transactional NPS® Surveys?

What will be more profitable to the business, a Transactional NPS® Survey or a Relation NPS® Survey?

68. Why The Success of Dropshipping is Highly Dependent on Delivery Time

Delivery time is important to the success of dropshipping; this can, however, be aided by integrating AI-powered Chatbots to improve customer experience.

69. AWS Chatbot Magic: Building Conversational AI with AWS Services

AWS offers a range of services that can be used for chatbot development and deployment. The steps outlined in this article show you how.

70. How a Customer 360 and Dgraph Cloud Can Help Improve User Retention

Successful corporations leverage a customer 360. Check out how Dgraph can provide top-notch analyses quickly and effectively.

71. 5 Great Ways to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

Marketers and psychologists have known for years that people are attracted to every choice opportunity (check out the growing selection of products in your local grocery store's beverage department). But the digital world, with its offerings of unlimited inventory and a near-infinite web, has fundamentally changed people's expectations of personalization. Today's consumers not only want more choices, they also want better choices.

72. Best Ways to Utilize the Adobe Experience Cloud: A Short Overview

Providing a great customer experience plays a key part in beating off your competition in the industry. Adobe cloud comes with a set of tools that enable companies to provide omnichannel experiences that differentiate their brand and help in driving results. It is a combination of the best solutions that are highly effective when it comes to marketing, advertising, analytics, and commerce. They are fully integrated through a cloud platform that comes with support, service, and open ecosystems and the products are extremely helpful for companies that are looking to improve customer experience. As a business, there are many different ways you get to benefit from Adobe cloud products as they can be utilized in many different ways.

73. How Headless Commerce Can Improve Customer Experience

Do you know how does headless commerce improve customer experience? Here, we explained 4 benefits of why headless commerce is better for customer experience.

74. What is RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Analysis?

RFM analysis is a data-driven customer segmentation technique that allows marketing professionals to take tactical decisions based on severe data refining

75. Customer Service is a Function of the Entire Company

How to Manage Customer Service on a Shoestring Budget

76. Leveraging Data Science in eCommerce: 7 Projects to Try

As an online retailer, how can you improve your business? Of course through providing a better customer experience. An e-commerce company needs to have a well understanding of the following factors:

77. The Power of Knowing What to Do

The underlying reason a startup is so hard, so strange - and why so many fail - is that you yourself have to figure out what to do.

78. Identifying Fake Reviews On Amazon

Spotting the fakes isn’t always possible, but here are some tips

79. Big Tech, "I Want To Tell You That I Love You"

Credit : Emmanuel Chaligné

80. MVP(Minimum Viable Product): What It Is and How It Is Built

Ever wondered what is an MVP and why do you need it? Here's a detailed overview of what you need to know about MVP in 2023.

81. 11 Customer Feedback Software that Would Revolutionize 2022

Several customer feedback software is taking the market by storm. Experience the functions of some of the leading survey tools dominating 2022.

82. How to Identify if your Company is Undergoing Digital Transformation

The world of today requires trendy technology in order to beat the odds because of the competitive pressure existing among business organizations. This has made business people get out of their comfort zone to make sure they stay at the top. Giving the customers great products and services in an easy and satisfying way can only happen to businesses that are ready to undergo digital transformation.

83. How To Incentivize Free Marketing For Your SaaS Product

Your SaaS product is likely more important than ever before, given that many businesses are pivoting to the world of digital retail and find themselves in desperate need of excellent software to facilitate this sudden change. Despite the fact that SaaS products are in hot demand, however, many of their creators are unfamiliar with the best marketing tactics that are needed to cut through the marketplace’s noise and reach out directly to prospective clients. Furthermore, many SaaS gurus understand that free marketing for their product would be fantastic, but have no idea how to generate such advertising without having to pay for it.

84. Forget Growth Hackers: What The World Needs Now are Experience Hackers

Two simple questions are going to determine everything about how the reopening of world's economies will look and feel like over the next few months.

85. Survey Tools Testing: Typeform, Survey Planet, and Google Forms [Reviewed]

Client survey is an incredible tool. It can perform a surprising amount of functions, apart from the obvious one of getting user feedback. This includes remarketing, identifying your core audience and reaching out to it, or even subtly announcing upcoming releases.

86. 77% of CIOs Named Digital Transformation as Their 2021 Priority

There’s a big difference between an organization installing new digital systems and those systems actually being used to drive business growth.

87. What Impact Can a Product Information Management System Have?

Product marketers today are striving continuously to strike a balance between maintaining relevancy when entering new markets while stepping-up resiliency to increase profit potential. To address the ever-increasing customer demands across multiple touchpoints, they need a central hub to manage product information like attributes, and specifications. That is because they need real-time visibility into product data and rule out discrepancies by demolishing multiple data silos, so that Customer Experience (CX) does not suffer.

88. Why Does 'Startup Vision' Matter So Much?

There are hundreds of things that could possibly go wrong when you start your own thing. It surely is in the startup stage right now, but there is a clear difference between it growing big and dying out after a year. That difference is - The Vision.

89. Cybersecurity Best Practices and Risks [Infographic]

No business in the world can do away with cybercriminals. What’s worse, at times businesses are hit so hard, that they’re left with no other choice but to succumb to their losses.

90. How to Integrate Analytics into Your Marketing Strategy

So you have started a new business? Congratulations! Launching a brand can be as competitive as struggling to find a satisfactory corporate job. And promoting it can also be quite challenging. You may think that it is enough to drive it alone with passion and enthusiasm, but even with these two attributes, you know what has exactly been missing.

91. How To Improve Customer Retention and Increase LTV

Retaining customers is the number one growth strategy for business. Learn how to retain your customer and improve lifetime value (LTV).

92. What You Can Do If Your Startup Does Not Get Traction

Startups might sound cool but they are not easy!

93. Why You Should Start Using AI in Marketing (An Introductory Explainer)

Creating personalized campaigns, predictive analysis, and more: here's an introductory note on how AI can be used in marketing for those new to the subject.

94. Customer Engagement is the Key to Achieving Better CX

How customer engagement and customer experience are related.

95. FinTech: A 2020 Retrospective, and 5 Finance Trends for 2021

FinTech is a growing industry at the intersection of technology and financial services. This is a powerful incentive for technological progress, which expands its influence on different sectors of the economy, allowing them to develop. For example, FinTech has been most active in consumer services, banking, money transfers, payments, insurance, asset and capital management. The industry is revolutionizing the way businesses and consumers conduct financial transactions.

96. What Is the Impact of Artificial Intelligence On Your Social Media Campaigns?

The last decade saw a massive shift in the marketing industry.

97. Exploring JTBD: A Cool Framework That Helps You Make Your Clients Happy

Jobs-to-be-Done is the framework for understanding your customer’s needs. However, it goes further than just understanding, and it provides the foundations for improving existing products and services, launching new products and go-to-market activities.

98. Interactive Content Is Changing Customer Experience (CX) For Good

Forget the metaverse: Interactive content is already here, and it's creating a better Internet.

99. How to Map Marketing Automation to Milestones In Your Customer Journey

The marketing automation market is predicted to reach $32.6 Billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.6%.

100. Email Marketing For Tech: A Definitive Guide

Tech companies can use a wide range of inbound marketing strategies to generate leads and grow their companies - but none has a higher lead conversion rate than email marketing.

101. 7 B2B Marketing Tips and Tricks that Work

A 2015 press release from Bain & Company stated an interesting piece of truth. Almost 90 percent of sales and marketing executives don’t feel adequately prepared to sell to today’s digital-savvy buyers. Fortunately, this post offers a few B2B marketing tips and tricks so you can skyrocket your revenue.

102. 11 Customer Support Response Templates That Will Improve Your Email Management

Canned responses help you deliver quick responses while communicating with customers. Here are the most common canned responses that every support rep may need.

103. How to Use Gamification to Boost Conversions on your Site

Learn how to gamify website content to get more conversions on your website

104. Practical Tips to Improve Customer Experience with Data

According to a report, almost 70% of companies compete on customer experience.

105. 5 Ways to Reach your Customers in 2022

What are the communication channels that will best reach your customers in 2022? We’re going to cover them here.

106. 5 Steps to Master Customer Intelligence in 2021

Customer intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing customer data.

107. How Does A Headless CMS Fit In The Realm Of Digital Experience Platform?

What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

108. Helpful Tips and Fundamentals About Creating a Better Chatbot Strategy

Source: Pixabay

109. Food Tech Stories: Why Meal Kit Delivery Business Has Great Potential

How many of us have the time to come up with a freshly prepared meal each day? Only a handful of people. How many of us dream of having mom’s home-cooked meals each day? All of us. Sadly, but instead of taking the time to make the dinner or lunch by ourselves, we opt out to order a take-away. There’s nothing bad in food deliveries or takeaways, but these meals are far from being those comfort food classics that can warm you up on a winter's night and take your worries away.

110. 16 Best Canned Response Examples for Customer Service

Just to be clear. When we say canned response, we don’t mean those automatic commonplace emails like “We received your request and will get back to you as soon as possible. Your ticket number is 345678.”

111. 5 Amazing Ways to Boost Your Customer Retention Rate

Improving your customer retention rate matters, and it’s something worth investing in. So here are 5 ways to know how to retain your existing customers easily.

112. 5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience With AI

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is improving the customer experience by providing personalized services. Here are 5 ways AI is helping brands better serve their CS.

113. How Have Advanced Technologies Influenced The Global Jewelry Industry

With each passing day, there has been a significant improvement in modern technology. Science has progressed really well to make our lives more convenient and comfortable. From the smallest household equipment to great scientific discoveries, everything has played a significant role in improving our lifestyle. True to each word, jewelry is not an exception in this. The effects of modern technology in the production of jewelry is unparalleled. From the discovery of precious gemstones to the creation of e-commerce platforms and cloud solutions, everything has been taken over by technology. As the days go by, more people are implementing various technologies to improve production possibilities.

114. Setting Up Your Customer Support System on Zendesk [A How-To Guide]

Any growing startup needs a professional customer support system sooner or later. There are many solutions on the market (just look at G2 Grid here), but I personally prefer Zendesk for its flexibility, simplicity and good UI. I know Zendesk from a very early time and still love it.

115. How to Implement a Customer Success Strategy: A Case Study

Customer-Centricity is bang on trend; 73% of business leaders recognised customer experience as one of the most important purchase-driving factors. The truth is, there are no conniving, cheeky tricks you can use. Instead, it takes consistency, persistence, and a shared team ethos.

116. Best Advice To Build A Python-based App With Salesforce Platform Like An Expert

If you're comfortable with working with traditional development platforms such as Heroku, but now you need to integrate into Salesforce data, there are many unexpected differences that you might discover.

117. How Augmented Reality Improves Customer Experience

Augmented Reality technology can improve customer experience, thus creating an environment of interaction between agents and clients.

118. You Need A Tech Loyalty Program: Here Are 5 Efficient Use Cases To Spark New Ideas

An efficient retention strategy increases the company's profit up to 95%. Here are the best loyalty programs in the tech sector you can look to for inspiration.

119. How Engineering Teams Can Leverage the Power of Metrics

Ever wondered what key metrics other engineering teams are tracking?  The short answer: it varies completely. Even within the same organization, different teams

120. What Happens When You Make Product Decisions to WOW your Customers [A Case Study]

Which of you, when you have to buy an airplane ticket, is not looking for the cheapest and more convenient solution from SkyScanner or similar? And which one of you, once aware of the prices of the big airlines, doesn’t try to take a look at EasyJet or Ryanair? Honestly, for flights of less than 3 hours, the price paid plays a decisive role in my personal decision.

121. What is Data Collection and What are The Most Important Events to Track

When your company is client-oriented, one of your priority tasks is understanding your clients’ problems and gathering insights on how people use your product and when exactly they benefit from it.

122. How to Build a Successful SaaS Business: The 10-Step Guide

Looking for some straight-to-the-point advice to help you build a successful SaaS business? Philipp Wolf shares personal advice from a founder in this article!

123. Using an Omnichannel Approach for Exceptional Customer Experience

63% of customers expect companies to provide customer service across all their social media channels and to use social networks to connect with brands.

124. The Difference Between CRM and ERP Most People Don't Know About

CRM and ERM may look similar but there is a basic difference between them that you need to know.

125. Eliminate Friction In Your SaaS Customer Experience With This Simple Guide

Why is eliminating friction so important?

126. Voice of Customer: How to Use VOC Data to Drive Business Growth

We all know Customer feedback is always useful for increasing product quality or service. But do you know that by using Customer feedback, you can also increase your company's revenue?

127. The Retail Evolution: Customers Demand Enhancements to the Shopping Experience

Andreas Hassellof, Founder and CEO of Ombori, explores how changing customer behaviors impact retail, and drive retail technology innovation.

128. 7 Critical Customer Satisfaction Metrics You Need to Measure

Measuring satisfaction – the very concept seems weird. It’s either there or not, what’s there to measure? Yet, it turns out that you can, in fact, measure customer satisfaction, and in more than one way.

129. ChatGPT Responds to Common Customer Support Queries

ChatGPT has been creating significant waves among tech enthusiasts, bigwigs, influencers, and startups.

130. How to Use Machine Learning Models to Predict Customer Turnover

Logistic Regression, KNN, Decision Tree, Random Forest, SVC, Linear SVC, GaussianNB, BernouliNB

131. 5 Advantages of Having Live Chat on Your Website [Infographic]

When was the last time you texted someone on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? I bet you keep at least three WhatsApp conversations going right now. While reading this article. And doing a bunch of other things.

132. User Segmentation: Do’s and Dont’s

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what you should do and shouldn’t when it comes to user segmentation.

133. The Future of Customer Support: Facts and Trends to Watch in 2020

So, millennials, huh? Oversensitive snowflakes, always in their smartphones, but don’t like phone calls. What else do we know about people who are already the largest and most influential generation of consumers and only going stronger?

134. How To Perform a Successful Incident Postmortem

An incident postmortem is a meeting that brings together all of the people that were directly or indirectly involved in a project to discuss and document it.

135. How Can Companies Use AI for Better Customer Experience?

Explore how AI can help businesses to upgrade the experience of new and existing customers.

136. Providing Next Generation Customer Experience with Sagi Eliyahu, CEO at KMS Lighthouse

This article talks about how artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are used to improve and automate customer experience with automated smart reply.

137. SaaS Startups: How to Build Strong Customer Onboarding Experience

“You’re searching for a web app to do something. You found a search result that looks promising and decided to try it. After creating an account and reaching the dashboard, You click on different menus and look for that one thing you have in your mind.

138. How the CPQ Software is Transforming The Complex Pricing of Products And Services

Many organizations have also seen the need to leverage technological advancements such as AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, robotics.

139. Customer Service Automation: What It Is And How To Find Balance

Customer service automation is not a new thing in business. Many brands have successfully implemented automation to streamline the processes and save costs. However, there are still many questions on how to balance automation with a human touch and worries about sounding robotic and impersonal.

140. AI-driven Sentiment Analysis: Hacking Emotions to Boost Customer Service

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

141. 9 Steps to Truly Understanding Your Customers

If there is one constant theme in my work across companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes, it is (mis)understanding your customer. So, I’ve put together a checklist for understanding your customer to help you quickly get everyone aligned on how well you really understand your customer.

142. 5 Bulletproof Ways to Master Your Personalization Strategy in 2020

The concept of personalization in marketing has undergone a paradigm shift in recent years. From merely addressing customers by their names and wishing them on their birthdays to powering ML/AI-driven conversations and recommendations today - personalization is every brand’s ground reality, need of the hour, and fundamental challenge.

143. The Old 1-5 Star User Review Process is Being Transformed for Better Customer Experience

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144. Top 25 Customer Service Tools for Every Budget and Need: 2020 Edition

To be completely honest, customer service is such a wide notion that it’s quite difficult to see which tools count as customer service tools and which don’t.

145. The Top 30 Salesforce Consulting Companies

In 2018, more than 150,000 businesses all over the world hopped on the train of Salesforce, the most fast-evolving CRM solution in the world. With adidas, Amazon, and American Express among Salesforce’s customers, the platform has been winning the market over—and pretty steadily indeed.

146. The Contactless Customer Experience

I read with great interest Tim Wu's article published in The New York Times about the "touchless economy". The article focuses a lot on how to "defend" that part of the economic activities that they were able to continue to play an active role during the lockdown. Practically all those activities that continued anyway without the need for physical contact between the actors of the specific transactions.

147. Make Product Experience The Differentiator [Explained]

When someone asks me about how to make a product stand out and what could be one of the key product differentiators.

148. How Digital Transformation Is Redefining Customer Experience

Digital transformation gives a personalized look into the customer’s purchasing habits along with their likes and dislikes. Making it easy for brands to provide a tailor-made premium customer experience based on personal preference & unspoken need.

149. From Cloud to Cryptocurrency to the Metaverse: Tech That Transformed CX

Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse announcement has brought the spotlight to technologies from cloud to cryptocurrency that has transformed the customer experience.

150. 80% of Businesses Do Not Take Cold Calls

You may hear a lot of people asking, "is cold calling dead?" Yes! As digital transformation continues, corporations have stopped taking cold calls.

151. Ok Google, Improve My Retention Rate: A Customer-Centric Approach to the Crisis

COVID-19 shifted the earth from beneath the business world’s feet. Small, medium, and large businesses alike closed their doors and weren’t sure when they would open them again. As the pandemic dug in, most businesses (I hope!) put the health and safety of their employees first. Only once they could ensure their team’s safety, were they able to start putting a plan in place for recovery.

152. 7 Reasons Why Customer Success Function Fails

Ever wondered why most of the SaaS companies have got Customer Success wrong? Check out some pitfalls that caused the Customer Success effort to fail.

153. How Bearbottom is Rising Above E-Commerce Challenges

4 keys to having your brand stand out in DTC and eCommerce. Rise above the challenges of ecommerce with customer experience, team, and technology.

154. 15 Best Practices for Call Center Management

15 best practices for Effective Call Center Management to deliver Exceptional Customer Service Experience.

155. How to Manage a Customer Support Team from Home

The world as we know it has changed. Companies are scrambling to find ways to stay afloat and make the remote work model "work." Of all the departments, the customer service department is the hardest hit. Imagine being at the front line, managing cancelled subscriptions, angry and confused customers filing for disputes and what not. Imagine having to do all this from HOME and making sure your performance remains optimal at all times. It's tough. For employees, more so for managers and leaders who have to manage a vast team with no processes in place.

156. How to Foster Better Customer Relationships in Post-Pandemic Times

With the pandemic dying down, its consequences are still with us. People have become more mindful about their health, spending, jobs, and relationships. Consumers’ relationships with brands have also changed, and brands have to adapt their customer service and support to new customer preferences.

157. What is a customer perception analysis and how can it help your early-stage business success?

Audit your brand and customer perceptions to find out what your target customers think about your company. How to do a customer perception analysis?

158. Top Tips to Grow Your Electrical Contracting Business

As an electrical contractor and business owner, you want your electrical business to be as successful and lucrative as possible—and that means leveraging different strategies to connect with potential customers, get the word out about your company, and drive business growth.

159. Establishing Order is Profitable

Product catalogs play a vital role in improving the user's overall experience, especially when it comes to eCommerce businesses.

160. Implementing a Bridge Between Next-Gen Insurance Claims and Exceptional Customer Service

In the insurance sector, customer service takes on multiple roles and features at various touchpoints.

161. How You Can Easily Identify a B2B Decision-Maker

The process of B2B sales is usually complex and involves up to 10 stakeholders. Mind that these stakeholders don’t share a single point of view, so it takes enough hot air to run a small city before a decision is reached and the deal is closed.

162. The Business of Helping Build Businesses

This goes out to freelancers and those who run professional service companies. Are you building a business or helping others build theirs? It can be both. But that requires awareness, caution, and focus.

163. 9 SaaS Retention Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn

Customer retention is the key for any business and for SaaS, it's way too hard without a perfect strategy. Do check our blog to find the best tips!

164. How to Improve Customer Care

Today customer care is one of the most popular and widely discussed topics in the IT industry.

165. Improving Customer Experience Through Personalization With Predictive Analytics

The development of smartphone and computer technologies, and the internet in general, have influenced customers’ default behavior and expectations.

166. How to Gather Actionable Customer Data With Social Media

Before you can start finding things out about your audience, you have to figure out what you want from your social media marketing strategy.

167. How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth in 2022

Learn here how customer experience drives business growth in 2022. Read out this blog to explore ultimate tips and tricks.

168. 7 Ways to Turn Customers into Brand Evangelists (with Examples)

Here are 7 ways to turn your customers into brand evangelists with real-world examples.

169. Customer Support and Chat Metrics You Should Start Tracking Today

User support is always a story about people.

170. 15 Things That Make Customer Service Key To Business

Are you wondering why customer service is important for your business? Here are 15 Reasons for customer service that will help you become customer-focused.

171. The Role of Embedded Finance in Creating a Frictionless Experience

Customers are still big on frictionless experiences and because humans are insatiable in their quest to improve life’s meaningfulness, the job is never done.

172. Applying Agile Framework To Data Science Projects [A How-To Guide]

Agile principles and values can be applied to the way you approach data science projects

173. Using Interaction Techniques in UX to Influence The Design Of Your Project

A Click Is Still a Click — Interaction Techniques in UX. How different interaction types influence user experience.

174. 24 Customer Retention Strategies

One is better than two and is equal to six. At least, that’s how we ( think when it comes to comparing your regular customers with your potential customers.

175. How Personalization Works in E-commerce and Why Retailers Fail at It

Personalization was, is, and will be among the top ecommerce trends for the upcoming years.

176. B2B Sales Trends: What To Expect In 2020

Welcome to the 2020s!

177. Illustrations in Web Design: 11 Examples For Your Inspiration

Are you aware of all the opportunities that illustrations give?

178. 20 Tips for Selling on Depop App: 2021 Edition

Selling on Depop can be your full-time job and produce fairly good money if you take it seriously.

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