How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth in 2022by@oliviajones
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How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth in 2022

by Olivia JonesDecember 24th, 2021
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Customer experience is made up of a variety of factors, but it ultimately boils down to the customer's view of your company. Everything a business does affects how a customer evaluates it, and thus the client experience, including the messaging it uses, the products it sells, the sales process, and what occurs after the sale. Customers that have a positive customer experience are more likely to purchase from you again. One unfavorable review may cost a business up to 22% of its customers. Just four negative feedbacks can turn away 70% of potential clients.

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We all are aware of the importance of customer feedback in a business. Or, in other simple words, we can say, customer experience drives business growth. Wondering how? 

Umm…it's like by listening to customers' feedback one can get to know the plus points and drawbacks of a specific product. And if there are many drawbacks, companies can work on improving those negative points. 

Well, don't feel confused as in this blog, you'll read about how customer experience drives business growth. 

What Is Customer Experience? 

Customer experience is made up of a variety of factors, but it ultimately boils down to the customer's view of your company. Even if you believe your brand and customer experience are the same, the consumer's perception is what determines the real customer experience. 

So in simple terms, it would not be wrong to claim that businesses should understand the value of customer experience. 

You may believe you offer high-quality items and a positive customer experience, but if a customer receives a defective product that is not repaired, their opinion of your firm as low-quality becomes reality.

Keeping this in mind, one of the most crucial things that businesses should do is manage client impressions. Everything a business does affects how a customer evaluates it, and thus the client experience, including the messaging it uses, the products it sells, the sales process, and what occurs after the sale, as well as internal factors like the business's interworking, leadership, and service or product technology.

The totality of a customer's impressions and feelings as a result of encounters with a brand's products and services are known as customer experience. 

Customer experience refers to a customer's whole connection with a firm, starting before they buy a product and extending through active use to renewing or repeat purchases. A perfect customer experience strategy is needed if you really want to know what customers are thinking about your company or products. 

Why Is Customer Experience Important For Businesses? 

Customer experience is provided by any brand with customers, whether the brand acknowledges it or not. The term "customer experience" refers to the impressions and perspectives of customers. 

According to Customer experience statistics- Customers are the ultimate decider, regardless of whether a brand claims to provide a superior product or give excellent customer service.

Customer expectations must be met or exceeded by brands. Brands that fail to create a positive client experience will perish. Customers that have a positive customer experience are more likely to purchase from you again. 

These clients may also become brand ambassadors or champions, referring friends, associates, and coworkers to a company's products and services. Many companies leverage customer experience as a competitive advantage, gaining market share by outperforming competitors.

What Do You Mean By Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is information regarding a user's encounter with a product or service. Its purpose is to reveal their level of enjoyment and aid products, customer success, and marketing departments in identifying areas for improvement. 

Polling and surveying customers, questioning them, and asking for reviews are all ways for businesses to gather client feedback in advance. Teams can also collect feedback in a passive manner by giving users a spot in the product to leave comments, concerns, or compliments. 

One thing is certain: collecting client input in a proactive manner guarantees that you never wander too far from the requirements of your audience, even as those needs change.

Feedback is a strong tool that can provide your leadership team with insights that can help them design a course forward for all aspects of their business, from product to UX and customer service. When it comes to client happiness, this is very crucial.

What Is The Role And Importance Of Customer Feedback? 

Did you know that one unfavorable review may cost a business up to 22% of its customers? Just four negative feedbacks can turn away 70% of potential clients, a situation from which any organization would struggle to recover.

The significance of consumer input is highlighted here. Businesses are on a never-ending journey to figure out what their customers want and give it to them precisely and quickly enough to suit their needs.

Any company that wants to supply people with the products they want must collect and act on customer feedback. Yes, customer feedback can help increase sales using surveys. 

Customer feedback is critical for guiding and informing your judgment as well as influencing product and service developments and adjustments. 

It's also required for measuring customer contentment among current clients. It's critical to know how consumers feel about your products, customer care, and company. The following are the top reasons why client feedback is critical in the corporate world:

Customer feedback aids in the advancement of new products and services

Market research conducted before introduction can help you determine whether or not potential clients would be willing to purchase it, as well as provide you with suggestions on how to improve it.

However, you will only hear about all of the benefits, problems, and their experience after your clients have used your product or service.

Their comments will help you ensure that the finished version satisfies their expectations, solves their issues, and adheres to their specifications.

Client feedback is useful for determining customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are critical indicators of a company's financial sustainability. It has a number of benefits, including higher market share, fewer costs, and more revenue. 

As a result, there's no doubt that you want to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your goods and services. Getting their feedback is, of course, the greatest approach to see if you've met their expectations.

NPS is one of the most accurate approaches for measuring, managing, and improving customer satisfaction that has been used by many firms.

Customer feedback provides you with information that aids in making business decisions

Successful business owners collect and manage a specific type of information that aids in the development of future strategies. Only in this way will they be able to tailor their products and services to precisely meet the wants of their customers.

Customer feedback is one of the most dependable sources of concrete data that can be used to make business decisions. Customer insights will assist you to gain a better understanding of your clientele and their needs.

Put your clients at the core of your business and treat their input as the most significant source of information in your organization if you want to keep on top of things.

Customer feedback boosts brand trust and social evidence

Positive feedback is an excellent approach to counterbalance the negative effects of negative comments and can help your company operate better.

When it comes to making a purchase, 92 percent of shoppers claim they read testimonials and customer reviews. It demonstrates that someone was pleased enough with your product and service to take the time out of their busy day to compliment it.

Positive customer feedback not only provides social evidence for customers trying to make a purchase choice, but it also gives social validation for how others interpret and what they need to say about a product/ service.

Customers enjoy being involved in the feedback process

When you ask customers for feedback, you're demonstrating that you value their input. You engage them in the growth of your company to make them feel more invested in it.

You give people the impression that your main purpose in the company is to solve their issues and meet their needs, not to make money. It places the customer at the center of your organization, which is the proper approach to managing a firm.

Customers' voices can help you build stronger relationships with them if you listen to them. It's the most effective technique to find valued brand ambassadors who will spread the favorable word of mouth about your company.

How To Collect Feedback From Customers? 

You should be aware that there are various frameworks when it comes to gathering customer feedback. Yes, you read that correctly. 

We all live in a time where technology is really important. And, because of technology, we don't have to walk door to door to get client input. There are a variety of customer feedback software options on the market that can help you collect important input from your users. 

Oh wait, are you not aware of what customer feedback software does? Or, how does it work? 

Here's the simple definition of customer feedback software: A customer feedback software is a tool that enables you to learn how your consumers feel regarding your products/services and analyze their experiences in order to develop a strategy for improvement. 

It is, in simple terms, software that records and analyses customer feedback on a certain product or service that your client has purchased from you.

For instance, you might have heard a delivery man asking you to rate out the service or product delivered. But do you know why they ask you to do so? Well, it's because when purchasing a product, 90% of customers check for positive evaluations. When you review their goods, you raise the credibility of how well the products and services function, which boosts the company's goodwill.

What Are The Best Tools For Collecting Customer Feedback? 

There are several such tools on the market, but deciding which one is the finest might be tough. Continue reading if you want to find out which feedback tool provides the greatest services.

Fynzo Customer Feedback Software

Forms and surveys are great for getting feedback from customers, but they can be off-putting if they're excessively long or boring. In this scenario, Fynzo customer feedback software is useful because it is user-friendly and the beautifully designed forms are entertaining to fill.

Features you'll appreciate:

Fynzo survey offers interactive forms that allow you to interact with more individuals and collect more data.

When you are using Fynzo's customer feedback tool, you won't be whining about data delays.

It stands out due to its ability to collect input in real-time.

It enables users to receive real-time warnings from other users via their websites or mobile apps.

It has the best features to make the customers' jobs easy.

ProProfs Customer Feedback Tool

When it comes to customer feedback solutions, ProProfs Survey Maker is one of the most user-friendly options. Designing a survey is incredibly easy, sparing you time and effort that might otherwise be invested in traversing complicated survey designs.

Features you'll appreciate:

It's also very adaptable, making it easy to create a wide range of surveys and forms, including quizzes and polls.

You may get started immediately with over one million ready-to-use questionnaire items and 100+ survey templates.

Qualtrics Customer Feedback Software

With Qualtrics' customer feedback platform, you can swiftly collect feedback at every important touchpoint and evaluate their comments in real-time.

Features you'll appreciate:

You may conduct surveys, feedback, and quizzes using Qualtrics using a variety of distribution options. The results can be seen and downloaded as reports.

You can use Qualtrics to share surveys and results, as well as cooperate with other users.


SurveySparrow's chat functionality is so appealing that it ensures 40% more responses than any other programme. SurveySparrow will make gathering customer feedback a breeze with its low prices, round-the-clock support, and outstanding tool. You can create chatbots for your website and receive input from your users even if you don't know how to program them.

Features you'll appreciate:

SurveySparrow is a one-of-a-kind continuous quality improvement platform that allows for the closure of the consumer feedback loop and the resolution of concerns.

To improve interaction, even more, the site has now created a first-of-its-kind video survey.


If you're looking for customer survey tools that integrate with your marketing platform, go no further than Survicate. It works with HubSpot, Mailchimp, Slack, and a variety of other applications. Survicate makes it simple to collect feedback from site visitors, embed surveys in emails, and learn more about your mobile phone users.

Features you'll appreciate:

Responses can be exported to XLS, CSV, Google Sheets, or your CRM system.

For your comfort, it allows users to connect to a range of tools.


How many of you have pondered why Customer Feedback Software is so important? No matter how diligently you try to please your clients, it all comes down to one basic question: Have you ever asked or figured out why they quit buying from you?

There's a fine line between bothering customers with unwanted emails and repetitive SMS while they're still in your shop or the midst of a purchase. Being careful is one thing, but becoming an annoyance is quite another.

The objective of customer satisfaction survey tools is to leave a good impression on your customers while they are doing business with you and thereafter. By using sophisticated surveys, smooth interfaces, and smart designs, you may capture your customers' hearts while still giving them a portion of your thoughts.

Optimizing customer experience, which encompasses everything from service quality to how well items fit into their life, will be a major focus for organizations in 2022. 

Brands will build on their achievements and learn from their failures over the coming year, employing technology-driven solutions to the difficulties of deepening customer connections and relationships.

Another important reason that customer experience has an impact on business is that customers will invariably tell others about their experiences. 

A nice online review or recommendations to potential new consumers might result from a great experience shared with friends, family, colleagues, and even on social networking sites.

After reading the entire article, one can readily understand how critical client feedback is for business growth in this day.