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117 Stories To Learn About Small Business

by Learn RepoJuly 21st, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Small Business via these 117 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Small Business via these 117 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Small Business Digital Marketing Trends To Know in 2023

With so much development happening in the world of digital marketing, what are the trends to look out for in 2023?

2. 6 Ways to Improve Inventory Management

A business's inventory is one of its most important and valuable assets. In this article, you will explore six ways to improve inventory management.

3. How to Remain Resilient As an Entrepreneur During COVID-19 Pandemic

These are weird and unsure times in which we live. And while the full effect on our health by the corona virus is not completely established or understood, it is now having significant stress on the economy,the businesses and our personal finances.

4. How to Start, Run and Sell Your Billion-dollar Business

Timeless advice to profit from your passions, capitalize on your ideas and become a better human being.

5. What Mistakes Have I Learned From My Experience as a Boss?

My hiring practice showed that ordinary PR people in offices spend up to 3 hours a day on tea parties. That is why I prefer to work with freelancers.

6. 5 Must-Have Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Businesses

Cyber threats are evolving to increase the probability of damage to the targeted organization, and maximize the opportunity for cybercriminals to get paid.

7. The Startup Idea Matrix: How to Brainstorm New Startup Ideas

Ideas are the new currency of the 21st century. Ideas can be more valuable than money.

8. Creating a Dependable Data Pipeline for Your Small Business

In this article, I will be showing you how to build a reliable data pipeline for your small business to improve your productivity and data security.

9. 8 Steps to Launching Your Business in 60 Days or Less

Launching any business is a difficult and complex process but these 8 steps can help narrow down what you need to do to get your idea off the ground fast.

10. Why Small Businesses Should Move to Cloud Accounting

In this article, you will find how Important Cloud Accounting can be for Small Businesses in this technology era

11. How To Build a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy

Is your business equipped to take on the escalating security threats of the digital age? If not, then a smart strategy is needed. Recent reports state that half of the businesses in the United States have reported a data breach.

12. Boomer-Owned Businesses: The Millennial’s Wealth Hack

A look at how boomer-owned businesses may lead to the greatest wealth transfer in history.

13. Cybercriminals Target SMEs and Large Companies Alike

About the operation of SMEs, there are many misconceptions, especially in the field of cyber-security, but a study by Cisco has shown that they share a lot with large companies in the world.

14. 5 Useful Apps for Small Businesses

Organizing teamwork, submitting bills, scanning documents, and doing inventory—these duties can be carried out swiftly if you know the right app for them.

15. How to Face and Overcome Global Remote Work Fears

Global Remote Work Can Be Scary, But It Doesn't Have To Be! Omnipresent shares tips on how to face your fears about global remote work just in time for Hallow.

16. 5 Reasons to Switch to a Digital Business Card

Digital Business Cards offer a range of benefits that traditional business cards do not provide. Here is a list of 5 reasons to make the switch today.

17. Print Media is NOT Dead

A look at the best options for your small business printer needs.

18. After Six Months, I Ended My Pandemic Startup

Back in July, I launched It was a barter network rooted in the passion economy and improving mental health. My hypothesis, based on my own Great Recession experience, was that bartering during the Pandemic would provide the opportunity for professionals (mainly jobseekers and freelancers) to help small businesses while at the same time offering networking and professional development.

19. 8 Cybersecurity Tips Small Businesses Should Know

Cyberattacks do not discriminate between industries, and no matter how big or tiny your organization is, it is vulnerable to them.

20. 3 Tips to Drive High-Quality, Pre-SEO Small Business Web Traffic

By now, there's little mystery left in the world of digital website marketing. Long gone are the days when it was still possible to find loopholes in Google's search algorithm to exploit or to rely solely on black-hat SEO techniques to drive traffic. Instead, the field of SEO has settled into a fairly predictable and stable rhythm where content creation, keyword targeting, and old-fashioned hard work now rule.

21. How Small Business Owners Can Protect Their Startups From Liabilities

All business owners need to expect unexpected threats, like the possibility for legal lawsuits in the property. Although many companies recognize that security is important to both employees and customers and take measures to prevent the development of dangerous conditions, accidents can occur. While staff team is normally covered by compensation for their injuries, lawsuits filed by accident visitors can be costly. However, by implementing safety policies and procedures, injury can be prevented at your premises. Furthermore, the adverse effects of wrongful injuries litigation should be reduced.

22. How Smart Analytics Can Help Small Businesses Boost Sales

Technology has taken over the world, now is the time for small businesses to realize that what they need is tech. Smart analytics makes everything easier.

23. Quick Path to Selling More: Why Quality Product Content Matters More Than Ever

The majority of business sectors are suffering a slowdown due to COVID-19, but not eCommerce - in fact, many sellers are experiencing increased demand. Those who haven’t transitioned to online, often face a choice of mobilizing all their resources or shutting down.

24. How We Increased User Retention in the LoopMessage App Using Free Messaging

The LoopMessage app helped increase user retention several times. This was reached by sending free personalized messages via popular instant messengers.

25. How Automation Can Help Boost Small Businesses

This guide will show you how automation can help your business by improving efficiency, streamlining processes, reducing costs, or just making things easier.

26. 3 Simple Upgrades to Improve SMB Cybersecurity

If there's one thing that there's no shortage of, it's small businesses. In the US alone, there are over thirty million of them. And by and large, they're doing a miserable job of protecting themselves against a rising wave of cyber-attacks and digital risk.

27. Introducing The Expense Sensei Business Expense Tracking App

Learn more about the story behind Expense Sensei application, and how it can change business expense tracking in IT startups for the better.

28. How I made $100k in Revenue Selling Tutorials on Google Sheets

Celebrating $100,000 revenue selling Google Sheet Tutorials and Google Sheets. Yep, I generated $100k in revenue In 24 months selling Google Sheets.

29. How Small Business Can Improve Their Coupon Marketing Strategy

Humans have their brains hardwired to save money, and brands know that. They are always looking to attract new customers and coupons serve that purpose.

30. Can Blockchain Finally Allow SMBs to Compete with Industry Giants?

While the hype cycles of cryptocurrency investments have calmed down considerably since their heyday three years ago, blockchain’s use in the business setting continues to evolve. Some technology solutions built with decentralized ledgers are even made to be accessible to small businesses.

31. Why Do Most Startups Die Before Taking Off?

Going by the current market scenario, most of the startups fail to achieve progression even before reaching their maximum potential. And those who achieve success are the ones who have full proof plans, financial backups and thorough strategies to fuel their ambitions regarding their businesses.

32. Hidden Costs of Starting a Small Business

If you own a small business, limiting your costs is just as important as maximizing your revenue.

33. How to Learn About Your Target Audience (5 Ways)

Do you want to build actionable buyer personas with concrete customer data? Here's how to get started...

34. How To Create The Career You Want

One of the most important career lessons I’ve learned is to pursue a career and not a job. At first glance, you might think, “What’s the difference?” I also didn’t get it for years.

35. Why You Should Focus on Value and Not on Busy Work

Stop with the busy work, and focus on the value drivers. When business or life are not going well, people often look for anything to do. Doing something may make you feel better, but doing the wrong thing won’t help you, and it can even cause harm.

36. SMBs Are Easy Prey for Cybercriminals, But They Don't Have To Be

Small businesses are the target of an avalanche of cyberattacks. To stop the insanity, here are some low-effort ways they can lower their risk.

37. How to Write a Thorough Grant Funding Proposal for a Small Business

Regardless of the small business, numerous grants of all sizes are up for grabs if you can persuade gifters through a well-written proposal. Find out how here!

38. 4 Tips for Successfully Launching Your First Digital Product

Launching a digital product isn't easy, but it is a worthwhile endeavor. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your next product launch.

39. 3 Tips to Running a Successful Pop-up Store to Boost Traffic

Startups and experienced retail store owners alike can enhance the B2C experience and attract customers to their pop-up store with these 3 strategies.

40. Easy to Start Online Business Ideas: Post COVID-19 Business Opportunities

Covid-19 has affected businesses and economies all over the world. A few industries have experienced an economic downturn and will take time to recover. But, fortunately, there are a few sectors that are experiencing a boom during COVID and have the potential to go from strength to strength.

41. Keeping Up With Tech Trends to Power Your Business Strategy

Building your business to the next level should be a priority for any business owner. Considering technology, trends and more is a key part of the process.

42. Creating a digital-first credit model designed for underbanked micro-businesses with Sean Salas

Camino Financial is an AI-powered Community Development Financial Institution (neo-CDFI) offering affordable credit to underbanked Latinx entrepreneurs.

43. 9 Digital Marketing Services Your Business Needs

There are several digital marketing strategies to grow your business - learn what they are to grow your brand.

44. What Is Miconex? Everything You Need to Know

Because the gift cards can only be used in these places, it incentivizes residents to support their local businesses.

45. From CCPA to CPRA: 5 Actionable Steps Every Business Should Follow

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) is coming into effect on January 1, 2023, and businesses need to be prepared.

46. How To Write a Manifesto

Marzee Labs has launched its Manifesto on its website two years ago. The decision of writing it and the whole process we went through to get there was pretty cool and we wanted to tell you all about it. It made sense to be a team effort, so we brainstormed our way through it on a sunny and hot summer Saturday in Setúbal, Portugal, home of our designers.

47. How CISOs Can Help SMBs Minimize Risks from Zero-Day Exploits

SMBs are particularly vulnerable, so they should prioritize building their security strategies. Fortunately, CISOs can bring the expertise needed.

[48. 7 Reasons Why You Should Switch

To Linux]( Your current computer or laptop shows the same performance no longer? This is absolutely no reason to choose new hardware and invest money in buying a cut edge device. We know a much more attractive solution. It is Linux!

49. 4 Ways to Grow Your Business Without Hiring

Growing a company is tough, and it can become even more difficult if entrepreneurs don’t ask the right questions.

50. SaaS Tools For Small Business: From Project Management to Marketing

Small businesses are in a continuous struggle to manage their workload and summing up their monetary expenses. One of the most affordable and easiest ways is to keep a check on the latest SaaS software which handles all that’s necessary to your business while reducing the manual efforts.

51. Investment Areas for 2022: Lithium, Small Businesses, India, and More

Here are 5 investment areas to watch out for in 2022 including metals, semiconductors, small-cap companies, and more.

52. 5 Metrics for a Startup, and How to Choose Yours

Ah, business metrics… To me, it’s the best illustration of how information overload can do more harm than good. A brief online search will provide you with dozens of “key, important, essential business metrics that every company should know”.

53. Why Small Businesses Shouldn't Move Away from Cloud Services

Humans possess a remarkable ability to nostalgically reminisce about dark times as if they were the best of times.

54. Choosing the Right ITSM Partner: Questions To Ask When Shortlisting Suppliers

Questions to ask when interviewing software vendors.

55. How Different Analyst Types Can Positively Impact Your Small Business

Data analysis used to be considered a luxury of big business.

56. How To Properly Stress-Test Your Business Idea Prior To Launching

Recognising the challenges your business may throw at you and not being blinded by your emotions is an important step.

57. The Small Business Website Is Dead. Here’s What Comes Next

The conventional wisdom says that small businesses need a website to succeed. That doesn't reflect reality, though. Here's what's replacing them.

58. Why Startups Give The-Go-Ahead For Remote Employees

Remote work has become a common practice across the globe. Even 5 years ago, the scenario was entirely different. Organizations were worried that this trend could tarnish their employees’ performance. However, as technology evolved at a rapid pace, so did everything else revolving around it. Now people at the workplace communicate more over Slack or Zoom than they do in person. It’s not a trend anymore. It’s a necessity.

59. 5 Incredibly Useful Online Payment Platforms For Small Businesses

Any business setup whether small or large will get to a point every now and then when they have to accept payments or send out the same. A small business owner usually takes this very seriously as they cannot afford to make mistakes. There are several payment tools and platforms for accepting and processing payments but not all payment processors are the right fit. Some people may be living in countries where some payment platforms are not accepted. It could also be that some of the platforms do not have the features that are needed for your small business to grow. With all these in mind, let us take a look at some incredibly useful online payment platforms for small businesses.

60. How Small Businesses can Utilize Micro Influencers for Success

Brands no longer promote their products. Instead, they have an army of influencers or customers who do it for them. This is where they let the product users speak for them. And it is advantageous. Since the brand doesn’t do the work of promoting itself, they get more conversions and sales as a result of other people’s promotions.

61. How Small Enterprises Can Come Out of this Pandemic Even Stronger

How come small enterprises survive the hard time which is yet to come ahead in later part of 2020. Here a few tips you can use.

62. 12 Product Design Principles While Working in Small Startups

If you are aware of the values of carrying out the Product Design Process, then you are halfway through the success!

63. What Does Your Small Business Cybersecurity Budget Need in 2023?

Small businesses need to protect their networks and data from cybercrime, which requires a smart cybersecurity budget. Here's how to budget for 2023.

64. 3 Common Misconceptions of Running an E-commerce Business for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Three common misconceptions about running an e-commerce business and their corresponding realities.

65. Steal Like Robin Hood: 3 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Are you looking for low-cost marketing ideas for small businesses? This article is for you.

66. How to Use Macro Data Points to Understand SMB Financial Performance

A constant and long-standing pain-point for SMBs has been the difficulty they face in securing financing compared to their larger peers. This has been due in large part to the traditional banks considering SMBs to be both high-risk and high cost to underwrite, onboard, and serve.

67. How to Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences to Grow Faster Online

Phew. Maybe you’ve moved your small business online, either with some landing pages or an ecommerce store. You’ve started building an email list of customers that want to hear about your latest offers. Maybe you’ve even set up Google Ads to advertise to people who are searching for what you’re selling.

68. Stop Introducing "Just Any" Software Into Your Business

To ensure that organizations have a cohesive approach to purchasing and introducing new tools, companies should standardize their software procurement process.

[69. Should Every Small Business Outsource Their Technology Tech

Tasks?]( Technology has become an integral part of running a successful small business, but the cost and management of the technology resources can be overwhelming. In this blog post, we'll examine why every small business should outsource their tech tasks to third-party companies - and how they can do so without breaking the bank. We'll also discuss how outsourcing these tasks can improve customer experience and impact overall efficiency.

70. Time Management or Customer Value: What Comes First to Startups?

Think of a startup as a plane that is flying from New York to Los Angeles. After 6.5 long hours of flying across the states, this plane will have to land. At this point, there are two outcomes:

71. 10 Steps to Ensuring Cyber Security for a Small Business

How can your small business avoid being a victim of a cyber fraud? Here are 10 cyber security steps for small business safety.

72. Developing Effective Cybersecurity on a Tight Budget

We didn’t build the Internet on fundamentally secure technology. Here’s how to protect yourself on a budget.

73. How Can a Small IT Company Implement Corporate Training by Its Own Efforts: A Testers' Case Study

We tried to carry out corporate training for a long time, but all our attempts were a one-time story. We couldn't manage to "churn out" our lectures.

74. How to Build a Compliance Culture by Improving Employee Engagement in Your Company

Creating a culture of compliance means that the organization understands that compliance is critical.

75. 5 Advantages of Automating Expenses for Your Small Business

It's common for small business owners to use traditional methods in their processes, thinking it's more efficient and cheaper. However, this isn't always the case.

76. How To Not Be Blockbuster (And Other Failures, Like Netscape And Sears)

Starting a business isn’t an easy task, no matter how small it is. Unlike employees, entrepreneurs are faced with uncertainty ahead of them. In fact, a study found that 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 30% in the second year, 50% after the fifth year, and 70% fail in their tenth year. However, it turns out that big companies aren’t immune to failures as well.

77. How to Increase Your E-Commerce Revenue Using AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is technology transforming at a fast pace. With its ability to learn and evolve, AI is changing how we live, work and play. And as AI continues to evolve, so makes its impact on eCommerce. From personalization to pricing and product recommendations, AI is changing how we shop online. In this blog post, we will discuss about how AI impacts eCommerce and what it means for shoppers and businesses alike.What is Artificial Intelligence?

78. What Are the Most Interesting Business Models?

In this thread, we share a few of the most interesting business models ever seen, like a company that turns umbrellas into coats.

79. Importance and Tips of Financial Management in Small Business

Managing your business finances is important for creating stable financial future. Keep reading to know useful tips for financial management in small business.

80. Should Small Businesses Accept Crypto by Default?

Cryptocurrency is frequently discussed as a speculative investment, but its main purpose is to function as a mainstream currency.

81. Why Startups Should Look Positively At Doing Business with the Feds

The 10 Perfect Reasons for Focusing on Funding from the Federal Government in Times of Crisis (or Not).

82. How To Manage Your Business During Pandemic

In this Pandemic, Businessman is losing so much money they know it. If your elementary business base on offline, then their barely any chance of making money however If your business on online, then you can make some money because the e-commerce websites are helping out of there are services. I know some startup company their primarily based on online. One of my close friends, he shares some cold facts, how he manages his business in this pandemic.

83. 6 Tools to Help SMBs Hack Productivity in 2020

The approach of the new year is always a great time to revisit all the awesome things your SMB has achieved and pat yourself in the back about how great things are running.

84. How Startups and SMEs Can Prepare for the Looming Massive Recession

For months, financial experts around the world had been predicting an end to what has been the longest economic expansion in American history. That expansion propelled US startup activity to new heights, with near-record levels of new business creation for successive years, and cemented the US's place as the premier startup ecosystem in the world. Many believed the economists' warnings to be alarmist, at best.

85. How to Start a Business with No Money: A Guide for Absolute Beginners

If you want to start a business but have no money, here is our guide you should follow. Starting with the plan and modes of financing you can look for.

86. PPC for Small Business: 5 Ways PPC can Help Your Brand Grow

Most small businesses spend their marketing budget on SEO and website development, broadcast or print media, social media marketing, email marketing, and maintaining their storefronts in the hope of gaining more foot traffic.

87. Uber to Netflix: The Basics of Billion Dollar Business Models

Do you know what distinguishes Billion-dollar companies like Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, etc. from other companies? Their effectively created & implemented business models. Business models that are flexible. Revenue generation models that react to the varying needs of customers.

88. Why Digital Marketing Agency is Important for Small Businesses?

For a small business, it is hard to realize this goal. Here is why a digital marketing agency would become essential. An agency has the right team in place.

89. Why Cybersecurity is Important For Small Businesses

Source: Pexels

90. What is an Evergreen Seminar?

Learn what evergreen webinars are and how you scale your usual webinars to reach more people, build leads, and grow your business

91. 11 Best Website Builders for Small Business in 2022

Modern website builders can help you create fluid websites that can take your business online while looking crisp and beautiful.

92. 5 Small Business Technologies You Can’t Afford to Ignore

In an ever-changing world, staying up to date with modern business technologies can provide business owners with the leverage they need to be successful. This means being prosperous in their ventures and relevant in the competitive market. In most cases, using the correct types of technology will facilitate greater efficiency and even productivity.

93. Overcoming The Promotional Challenges for A New Developed Mobile Application

When was the last time you actually met someone who wasn’t carrying a smart-phone in his/her pocket? Before your mind enunciates the obvious answer, let me just say: Not in recent years, of course. According to the statistics, in 2019, there are 2.71 billion smartphone users in the world today.

94. 5 Essential SEO Tips You Need to Follow in 2023

SEO is just as viable as ever in 2023. Today, will discuss a few tips you can improve your search visibility and connect with your target audience.

95. The Innovation First-aid Kit for Burnt-out Teams

Remote workers will be drained very soon — both cognitively & emotionally, if not helped by innovative approaches to collaboration.

96. Why Dynamics 365 is a Good Fit for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Dynamics 365 Business Central is robust and scalable for company growth, making it a good choice for your small business.

97. 5 Productivity Tools Every Solopreneur Needs

This pandemic is the perfect time to focus on your side hustle

98. 5 Small Businesses Give a Masterclass in Community During COVID-19

Connecting with your community is a vital part of building awareness, trust, and loyalty. While this is always challenging, COVID-19's socially distancing has made it harder than ever. However, some small businesses have taken customer connection—both digital and in-person—to the next level despite the struggles that a global pandemic brings.

99. 5 Ways AI Can Help Grow Your Small Business

“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” This iconic quote from the 1968 classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey is what many people think of when the term Artificial Intelligence is broached. AI has been portrayed in science fiction as something to be wary of and to keep tabs on. AI has a long way to go before we see computers like HAL, but the technology, while in its infancy and requiring special personnel to use it, is cropping up in the business world, and not just in tech giants like Apple or Google.

100. Back on the Market: Could It Be Time to Sell Your Small Business?

Read on as we evaluate the challenges of small business management post-pandemic and decide whether it could be time for you to say goodbye to your venture.

101. Why Your Website Must Have an SEO Strategy for 2022

If you're running a small business, you know that it's essential to be found online. And if you want to be found online, you need to rank high in Google search

102. How to Leverage Local Partnerships as a Marketing Opportunity

If no man is an island, then no business is either. Even if you have the best business plan and top-notch products, you will be limited in your growth and marketing abilities without the support of others around you. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most trustworthy forms of promotion, with 86 percent of consumers trusting messages in this format, according to Referral Candy.

103. Bad Data is Ruining Your Performance

Your CRM has messy data.

104. Catch Your Hacker: Use Honeypot Tools to Capture Hackers Red Handed

The number of security breaches and cybercrimes is increasing rapidly. With more and more approaches being transferred online, hackers have found their way of hacking into a system and corrupting the information or stealing data to turn it into profits. As the technology keeps on changing, the hacking attempts are also becoming smart and upgraded to ensure hackers are never caught in action.

105. 15 Email List Building Strategies for Your Startup

Email marketing is the link that builds a relationship between you and your customers. It hardly matters what business you are operating; an email list acts as the most crucial part of an unbeaten market strategy. Using an email list, it becomes easy for you to share your business story, showcase your business products and boost your business, all the while turning your subscribers into your paying customers.

What do you mean by the term Email List?

106. 11 AI-Powered Tools For Business

AI tools can handle repetitive tasks much more efficiently than humans.

107. Mastering The Old Art Of Cold Calling

Learn to master the old art of Cold Calling with expert salesman Andy Paul, someone who has honed his skill over multiple industries selling everything.

108. Consumer Perception Can Make Or Break Your Business

Consumer Perception Can Make Or Break Your Business

109. 5 Ways Voice Technology Can Transform Small Business in 2021

Voice technology changed the way we surf the net and interact with things. Data suggests people are trending towards voice technology & voice-enabled activities

[110. What Is a Reasonable Digital Advertising Budget for a Small

Business?]( Have you started a small business, or are you planning to do it? You’ve probably started wondering exactly how much you should be spending on advertising. Advertising is a critical component in selling. So how much is the right amount? The truth is there is a lot of debate about this.

111. When Dedicated DevOps is Not Available

With the rise of cloud computing and modern distributed systems, we also witnessed the rise of a new practice area: DevOps.

112. 5 Data Security Mistakes Small Businesses Making

Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report indicates that cybercriminals don’t care how big or small your business is — they want your credentials and data regardless (and will do what they can to get them)

113. The Importance of Local Marketing

Local marketing can help the business reach a wide audience, improve its rankings on SERPs, receive more traffic, and establish your business.

114. Google Ads Are Still Okay, Right? Here's How to Set Up a Successful Campaign

One of the reasons why Google Ads is so popular today is because it allows you to boost your traffic, attract more customers, and ultimately, increase your sales. Isn’t it what every business wants? Duh, obviously!

115. 11 Best Salon Appointment Scheduling Software for Hair and Beauty Business

The ability to make an online appointment is essential to any customer experience today. Here we compare 6 different online appointment tools.

116. The Best Instagram Bots That Will Keep Your Account Safe

An Instagram bot (or growth service, as some people call it) automates your account’s interactions (follows/likes/comments/DMs) so you can appear on many more people’s activity feeds. This increases the number of times your username is seen, which in turn, increases your profile visits, followers, and website clicks.

117. 7 Proven and Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Bootstrapped Business

Did you know that around 50% of small businesses in the US are home-based? And about 82% of them fail because of cash flow problems?

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