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#IHadToSayIt: NFTs ≠ art

The author of "Mastering EOS" and "Master of the. digital world" will try to make together a list of some of these projects that I think are interesting and that can give ideas to anyone who wants to create and develop a business thanks to these NFTs. Author: "I myself created one of the first N.FTs by combining my book, Mastering. of digital and physical but with an extremely. cultural impact, it is possible to create an NFT of. the. first NFT. It is possible for the user to buy only the part that interests him.
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Alfredo de Candia

Author of "Mastering EOS" & "Mastering DeFi" blockchain specialist, android developer

When I talk and discuss about the world of NFT (Non Fungible Token), for the few who know something, they often bring me famous cases of paintings, drawings and more about art, and if I ask for other examples I see that they look into the void because they obviously don't know that NFTs are not just the prerogative of art.

In fact, these axes, which are non-fungible, allow to contain almost any information within them such as images, texts, audio, video, and to exploit these assets also as a link between a digital and a physical asset.

But are there any projects that have combined NFTs with something else?

The answer is yes and we will try to make together a list of some of these projects that I think are interesting and that can give ideas to anyone who wants to create and develop a business thanks to these NFTs.


Obviously the art world is the master in this sector and thanks also to the ease of some ready-to-use platforms, even a normal user, such as a painter or sculptor, would be able to create the relative NFT independently and without too much effort.

Among the artists certainly to follow we can mention Federico Clapis, Giovanni Motta, the Italian project OArts with OctoAliens and so on, also because there are many artists and all valid.


Even the music did not stand by and there are already several solutions and projects active in the NFT panorama, both as celebratory assets of a record release and as assets that represent songs and therefore each NFT is a song that can be purchased and also sold later.

For example, in Italy we find the artist Morgan who launched an exclusive song, also passing the rights to the song itself, so only one song that was sold for 10 Ethereum (ETH).

Texts and books

A very underestimated aspect of this technology is that of publishing, because just as it is possible to create an NFT of an album or a single song, in the same way it is possible to create an NFT of a book and even a single chapter, so in that case, especially in the manuals, it is possible for the user to buy only the part that interests him.

I myself created one of the first NFTs by combining my book, Mastering EOS, bringing to attention this combination of digital and physical but with an extremely cultural impact.

Physical world and structures

Another aspect not to be forgotten is the possibility of tokenizing any physical asset in the digital world and then connecting an NFT to something like structures and monuments of various kinds, to then use them in digital worlds or to exploit them as revenues in events, given that if I have a famous monument, I can make it appear at a certain event and make it known all over the world.

For example, there are only a few projects that allow this to be done and that are operational, as in the case of the OVR project which sold the Eiffel Tower not many weeks ago.

Countries and localities

What can we say instead of exploiting this technology as a tool for geographic dissemination also abroad, especially if we are talking about tourism, given that in this case we can use a place or region of a certain country and make it accessible to all, by entering all the relevant information and of tourist interest.

The project carried out by Hoken Tech is interesting, which has already put NFTs on the market relating to a region of Italy, in this case Puglia, already demonstrating the potential of this technology.


Certainly porn could not be missing in this list also because with the possibility of having images and videos with our darlings and not, it becomes something mandatory, especially for the creators of the related contents who will have all the rights and royalties of the same.

Although there are few cases to mention, certainly an interesting project to follow and with an ecosystem based entirely on blockchain, is that of Pornvisory which not only has a token, PVY, to manage the entire ecosystem but also has several NFTs and with different functionalities of both artistic and videogame type, given that it is one of the few projects to develop a game, blockchain, using porn NFTs, interesting as the project also has a store directly on Ebay to buy the various NFTs.

Finally, I conclude by recalling and responding to all those who do not know this sector well, which is always available my book Mastering NFT - Practical guide for beginners and advanced, in which in addition to enclosing the various passages on the creation and sale of NFTs, there are more sectors that I have explored, including the aspect of rights such as copyright.


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