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About That Fake Beeple NFT...

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It all starts a couple of days ago when this NFT of the same name by Beeple โ€œEverydays: The first 5000 daysโ€ was overshadowed by Rarible by featuring an unusual writing:

Intrigued by this problem, I take the link of the work and examine the blockchain side, that of Ethereum, what happened and from here I retrieve several addresses:

- This where in the NFT section we can see some strange things

- Beeple's address, and always in the NFT section

- And finally an address that leads to an NFTFT token

If we check the various dates we see that it all dates back to several days ago, April 2, 2021, and we discover that we find 2 Beeple NFTs, those with the ID 40913, 40914, 42069 that as much as the NFT with the ID 40913 has been destroyed and sent to the "black hole" address:

It also seems that the related NFTs have been branded with a token, NFTheft (NFTFT), suspecting that they have been stolen or falsified in some way and the incredible thing is that we find 13 NFTs with this pattern, presumably from Rarible or otherwise connected to the same:

Among other things, neither Beeple nor Rarible have issued statements or mentioned the incident on their social networks, which is quite strange given that we are still talking about NFTs with a millionaire value and certainly not cash.

It is still early to draw a conclusion, and I have only brought to the attention of the suspicious transactions that suggest 13 different thefts or falsifications of NFT, and therefore now the ball passes to those in charge to get more information on what happened.

To get more information on Rarible and NFTs, there is the book Mastering NFT - Practical guide for beginners and advanced


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