Hi, I'm Alfred from Italy and I'm a Senior Android developer for over 10 years, with about fifty apps developed, including a personal virus database, a tool to search for different transactions among over 20 different blockchains, a dictionary of Japanese Kanji, and the most complete database on anime and manga character birthdays with over 15,000 entries, a must App for all Otaku. Student of the Japanese language for over 11 years, this allowed me to learn an oriental language and to deepen it under that aspect leading to the creation of a dictionary of Japanese Kanji with an innovative method for Apps of that genre, also always in ' in the context of deepening the Japanese language and the culture of Japan, I also climbed Mount Fuji, the symbol par excellence of Japan made famous by the works of Hiroshige, in my early twenties, acquiring a knowledge of the culture that goes beyond the simple passing tourist. My passion for technology and new technologies applied in different sectors has allowed me to face different realities such as that of Android development and blockchain technology where with my small bitcoin full node he tried to put into practice what I had learned for then move to a new blockchain that was the one offered by EOS, immediately becoming fascinated by its speed and the number of dApps available for that ecosystem and where it has always tried to learn how to use them to better understand their functioning. The dissemination spirit allowed me to create my own YouTube channel where with my video tutorials and guides I have always tried to inform and train all fans and non-fans of the blockchain world by getting involved in the first person even with proposals on the EOS blockchain, such as the referendum proposal relating to the reward of voters by encouraging them to vote, but also through the support offered to the various blockchain events in your area, demonstrating how in small steps it is possible to personally contribute to raising the level of awareness of the people attending the related events. It is also necessary to mention my contribution, as an author, to various newspapers, specialized in the related sector of the blockchain and not, allowing to reach even those who are located throughout the international territory and not given that the articles are also published in English and therefore allowing to enter into communication even with people of different nationalities and different cultures. We recall my previous editorial work in the blockchain field which concerns the EOS blockchain, Mastering EOS, creating the first book that deals with the subject from the basics to the most demanding situations with its attached code, but also the most recent Mastering DeFi, which analyzes in detail many protocols concerning decentralized finance and on 3 different blockchains which are EOS, Ethereum and Tron, demonstrating openness to any blockchain suitable to be exploited compared to a traditional model full of insurmountable stakes at times, Mastering NFT - Guide practice for beginners and not, a true bible of the sector that analyzes 5 different blockchains and different protocols. Finally, mention should be made of his achievements in the field of NFTs with my participation in the NFT Awards 2020, and also a nomination as the best crypto-journalist of 2021, and my participation in having co-founded an innovative startup (Hoken Tech) that operates in the crypto sector and blockchain. Always ready in person to use the news and deepen them to master them and lower the level trying to explain them in a simple and understandable way to spread as much as possible what he learned during his studies in a sector that has a long way to go in this world.

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