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Clarion: A Project for Freedom of Expression

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I have often seen myself banned from different social platforms, or messages and posts deleted for the most different reasons but also without reason, but the ban that struck me most was certainly that of the r / Bitcoin subreddit, my testimony can be read here.

I can understand that some articles I do can be uncomfortable for a community, but everything has both positive and negative aspects and therefore in one way or another someone has to organize them and try to be objective or point out which problems are to be fixed , all in a constructive and non-destructive way.

Especially in the crypto world, the best way to tackle a problem and discuss it to understand the various solutions to a concrete and solvable problem, such as increasing the size of the bitcoin block so as to make the blockchain more efficient, but instead of finding a compromise on this problem, it was preferred to ban those who did not have the same opinions on that subject, turning into maximalists and denigrate anyone and other projects.

That is just a glimpse of what we see in our society and through the use of social media, which perform more the function of mass media and with enormous power to also change the path of news, if done incorrectly and with false or incorrect news, and in this the ban of the former President of the United States shows how not even the most powerful person on Earth can do anything against these centralized companies, that they can check everyone's profile and decide their fate, even closing them.

Thanks to the blockchain, we have discovered a decentralized world and the superfluity of intermediaries between the end user and the source of the good or service we want to use, having both an economic advantage because it is more convenient and useful because it is faster, safer and more within everyone's reach.

With payment systems, which have always distinguished cryptocurrencies, we only started from a simple and everyday concept, namely the transfer of value, but this is just one of the many applications in which it is possible to exploit the blockchain and projects are already being born that exploit this technology in the full spectrum social media field, therefore both textual and audiovisual.

Wouldn't it Be Great to Leverage a Decentralized, Uncensored Blockchain-Based Platform?

Well, this is what the Clarion project, promoted by Daniel Larimer, carries on, that is a tool that allows anyone to spread and send messages and content on this network, so that no one can be censored or banned from the platform itself, or in any case make the removal of the content impractical.

In this case we see how the project takes its cue from other similar platforms, such as RetroShare, Hive / Steemit, Voice, Zeronet and the positive and negative aspects are examined, drawing a fundamental lesson on how it is possible to create something better starting from those projects and enhance them.

In fact it will be a Progressive Web Application encoded in Web Assembly and therefore open and easy to integrate even with all the browsers we normally use and we can identify it as a new concept operating system in which it is possible to create all the elements of an advanced blockchain such as creation of tokens and the use of smart contracts.

What Do We Know About Clarion?

One of the certain things we know about this project which is still in the early stage and looking for people who can join the team, is the type of message structure and limitations:

  • Service similar to e-mail
  • Instant chat and video call service
  • Social media-like service with dedicated posts
  • Open chat and blockchain service

Considering that there will be tokens on this project, it is possible to predict that perhaps there will also be a distribution of some kind (even if it has already been said that it is not certain how, what, and if it happens) it will be carried out on the EOS blockchain.

We know that despite not having a dedicated token, it will be possible to exploit different tokens and therefore integrate the tokens that we find on the EOS blockchain and this consequently makes us think that the EOS.io software will be used to run Clarion, or in any case a modified version just for the purpose, although there aren't many details about it.

Now all that remains is to wait for the evolution of this project and see how it will be developed to make information and communication between all of us decentralized, without any one body who can block us or delete our account.


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