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223 Stories To Learn About Game Development

by Learn RepoDecember 4th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Game Development via these 223 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Game Development via these 223 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Not only the latest news on game development, but also guides and tips on how to improve your own projects.

1. Changing the Gaming Industry with Blockchain

Blockchain technology is actively being introduced into the video game market with a value of over $ 170 billion.

2. How I Developed the Classic Pong Game on an Arduino Board

I have figured out a way to develop the popular pong game on the Arduino board.

3. I'm 16 and I Built CovidInvaders to Help Promote the Coronavirus Vaccine

I've spent the last 2 months building a game, CovidInvaders to help spread awareness about the new Coronavirus vaccine. Here's how I did it.

4. Hyper Casual Gaming Trends for 2022

A summary for hyper casual market as of 2021 with statistics and analytics for downloads, trends, revenues and overall situation. And some forecasts for 2022.

5. How To Integrate App Tracking Transparency with your iOS Unity Project

ByteSyze SDK covers iOS 14 compliant bases by integrating a custom App Tracking Transparency handler into your Unity iOS project for your ATT-dependent SDK's.

6. DeFi Land is Bringing Fun to Gaming and Virtual Farming Through Play-to-Earn and DeFi Gamification

DeFi Land is an online game that simulates multi-chain agriculture to gamify decentralised finance.

7. What are Crypto Games and How do they Work?

Gaming projects on the blockchain are actively developing and attracting new players, and the market for decentralized games is gaining great popularity.

8. Wordle: A Deeper Analysis

Paul Haahr discusses Wordle and how it works.

9. Learn to Code with Pico-8 Games

There are a lot of reasons to learn to code with games. Games are fun. Unlike to-do apps, games are something you are excited to show to your friend because it is something they will engage with. There is a misconception among some developers that games are difficult to code, and unapproachable to beginner developers. I couldn’t disagree more, especially if you learn to code with Pico-8 games.

10. Can BuildBox Challenge The Might Of The Unity Game Engine?

As someone who has used both Buildbox and Unity to make games, I read with extreme interest a post by Venturebeat about the announcement of AppOnboard's new CEO, Mike Seavers. This could be one of the biggest wins for the company ever since Jonathan Zweig and AppOnboard acquired Buildbox last year. Zweig himself is an experienced entrepreneur, having co-founded AdColony in 2008 (sold to Opera for $350m in 2014) and co-founded AppOnboard in 2016. AppOnboard has raised $35m from investors, according to Crunchbase, and the new appointment could lead to new funding rounds when the time is right. This is going to lead to a very interesting David vs Goliath battle between AppOnboard's Buildbox and Unity Technologies.

11. How I Built a Simple Game via Ruby on Rails and Javascript

A few months ago, I had the idea to build a simple game that functions something like this.

12. Every Company Will Need a Chief Metaverse Officer

Every company will be a metaverse company, and every company will need a Chief Metaverse Officer.

13. How We Built a Voice-Activated Lovecraftian Adventure Game

In this article, we will discuss why we decided to create a voice-controlled game, what was the hardest part, and why we decided to open up about the money we make in the emerging market of conversational AI.

14. How Roblox Exploits Young Developers

Roblox is a platform where players get free tools to create but forfeit almost all success chances. Let`s discuss how Roblox exploits children promising profit

15. How to Configure Hyper-casual Game Shaders With Unity

Beginner's guide on how to set up shaders for hypercasual game scene in Unity

16. In-Game Advertisements vs. Microtransactions: Which is the Lesser of Two Evils?

It’s time to explore the pros and cons of in-game advertisements versus microtransactions.

17. Web Development: Teach yourself to Teach Yourself

Struggling to pick up Web Development? This article contains lots of advice you don't have time for or want to hear.

18. Game Development in 2022: Top 6 Programming Languages

Do you want to become a game developer? Then, you need to learn a gaming programming language. So, check out this blog to know more about these languages.

19. The Roblox Noob Guide: What is Roblox and How to Get Started?

If you’re struggling to figure out how to get started in Roblox, check out this Roblox Noob Guide.

20. Omori on Nintendo Switch SERIOUSLY Needs a Trigger Warning

Omori is a game that can trigger anxiety, I know that firsthand.

21. Stop Forcing Me to Explore Your World

Last year, when I started playing Immortals: Fenix Rising, I was excited to play a far more colorful open-world action game. After years of realistic, tiresome Open-World games that Ubisoft had become known for, Fenix Rising looked to be a breath of fresh air that seemed to take inspiration from all things, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, when I claimed my first tower, the game instantly bloomed with tasks to do, items to collect, all in the name of "encouraging" me to explore Fenix Rising's vast world.

22. Cloud Gaming: Will we Soon See a "Netflix" for Video Games?

Cloud gaming is a very exciting prospect within the gaming industry. While we've seen the lukewarm reception of Google Stadia, the idea itself is relatively new. Just like Netflix was rejected at first, perhaps cloud gaming is the future of the game industry as a whole.

23. How to End the Draft Combine in NBA 2K22

24. Is Flutter the Panacea in Cross Platform Game Development?

Analysis of the potential impacts of flutter framework in the cross platform game development industry.

25. What AI Game Developers Do and How to Become One

Depending on the genre and purpose of the game, different technologies and approaches are used in the development of AI.

26. AI is Fostering in a New Era of Video Game Development

With Fortnite, developer Epic Games didn’t just create an internationally acclaimed game; they built a new virtual space for socializing. With the PlayStation VR, Sony released the first mass-market console that allowed us to experience high-definition virtual reality in the comfort of our own living rooms.

27. How to Build a Rock Paper Scissors Game in Python

Rock paper scissors is a popular game played using hand gestures. Two individuals make shapes with their hands, and each shape has a specific degree of power

28. 6 Things We're Learning at Hacker Noon

At Hacker Noon, one of the goals of our platform is to help people learn new things online. This is a major reason why we have a Learn tab on the homepage and a partnership with Udemy. But just what are some of the things the Hacker Noon team and community are learning today?

29. AI in Gaming: 5 Ways Machine Learning Will Change the Industry

With rampant developments in computer vision technology, there are many ways that machine learning is being used in the video game industry, especially in virtual reality. Developments in VR games are quickly changing the way we game and the way we socialize. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that VR is the future of gaming.

30. How to Build an Arduino Starship Game Controlled by Joystick and Computer

In this article, we will develop an Arduino Starship game which will be displayed on an LCD display 16x2.

31. How To Become An AR/VR Web/Mobile/Game Developer

A full roadmap with relevant resources for all developers enthusiastic about developing AR/VR experiences.

32. Unity 2023.1 Introduces Awaitable Class

New Awaitable class in Unity 2023.1, methods, properties, usage. Emphasizes understanding async-await & experimenting for best results.

33. If You Think 100 Days of Code is Hard: Try One Game a Month Challenge

A popular challenge that beginner programmers participate in is called 100 Days of Code. Although I never participated in it myself, I see countless tweets with screenshots and progress reports of people sharing bits of apps they made. 100 Days of Code is a great way to keep people in the programmer mindset. It gets them familiar with what it is like to code every day. Still, I wonder if it is the best approach for everyone.  For them, One Game a Month could be a great alternative.

34. Gossip Simulation Implemented In Python

How important is gossip to our species and our evolution? Enter Celestus the gossip town: where dumb bots, AIs and humans interact and gossip about each other.

35. How to Get Your First Job as a Video Game Designer

How many of us have thought to ourselves “how cool would it be to become a game designer!” It might seem like a pipe dream at first, but with the right approach, it’s possible, even for someone in their 30s with a completely unrelated education or background.

36. How Glenn de Leon Garza Got Into the Gaming Industry and Ended Up Creating Art For Star Wars

How do you get into gaming from anywhere in the world? What to expect from a 3D artist job, and to get your hands on the Star Wars franchise game?

37. Blockchain Gaming: A Paradigm Shift in Economic Modeling

Mobile as a gaming platform has dominated the gaming industry. Nearly 51% of the global games market came from mobile. It is expected that by 2021, mobile games revenue will grow to 100 billion dollars. Today mobile game developers pay a commission of 30% for any lead from the app store (paid app) or in-game transactions.

38. How I Became a Landowner (in the Metaverse)

How I became a land owner in The Sandbox...and why you should too.

39. How Russian Games Propagated the War

Russian propaganda has used the game development industry to promote war with other countries.

40. Build a Game Engine from Scratch in C++

So you want to learn more about game engines and write one yourself? That's awesome! To help you on your journey, here are some recommendations of C++ libraries

41. 2021 Will Bring a Blockchain Gaming Revolution

Blockchain gaming technology can bring countless benefits to the table when it comes to gaming functionality and utility.

42. The Gaming Industry is Going Through a Revolution in 2021

Blockchain technology is resulting in a revolution in the gaming industry.

43. A Podcast with NIS America: How has COVID Changed the Gaming Industry?

In this episode of the Hacker Noon Podcast, I talked to Erin Kim from NIS America. For those of you that don't know, NIS America is the America-based counterpart of the Japanese game development company NIS (Nippon Ichi Software).

44. 'Candy Crush is the First Game to Employ Brain Hacking Techniques'

Past–Present–Future: Q&A with Triple O Games CEO & Co–Founder Isidro Quintana

45. As Software Eats the World, Game Engines Eat Software

Marc Andreessen famously claimed “software is eating the world,” a decade later I claim "game engines are eating software"

46. 3 Reasons Why Wordle is So Addicting

Let's discuss three reasons behind the immense popularity of the Wordle game.

47. What I Learnt During 6 Months of Learning to Code

Anyone who’s wanted to learn coding knows that it’s anything but straight-forward. You’ll face hardships and unexpected roadblocks along the way. You’ve faced them, I’ve faced them.

48. 5 Best Game Engines for Beginner Indie Developers

With so many game engines to choose from it can be difficult to focus on only one. Especially without any experience in the world of game development. That is why I made this list of game engines each with a summary of why it is a great option for beginners.

49. Phaser 3 Game Framework: My Honest Review

I've been using Phaser 3 for a couple of months now, and I'm really enjoying it, but sometimes it makes shake my head 'why?' , only not in a 'bad way', making games is weird, js itself is weird, so it's only logical that Phaser, a game engine js-based... is weird. That's why I opted for the following way to address this review, I'm gonna be giving you something that I liked, next to why/how it was weird, in what's gonna be my attempt to look impartial. But first...

50. Manifesting The Metaverse With Play-to-Earn Games

In Facebook’s recent earnings call with investors and analysts, Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly mentioned “metaverse”, and announced his expectation for Facebook Inc

51. Advantages of AI in Gaming: How We're Creating Smarter Competition

Why artificial intelligence is being introduced into competitive and cooperative games today, and how the development teams of such games use AI.

52. Tutorial: Building A Hangman Game With React Hooks

In this tutorial, we’ll build an interactive hangman game using React hooks. Hangman is a classic game in which the player guesses a word one letter at a time.

53. How to Predict a Hyper-Casual Game’s Success Before Public Release

Understanding how CPM, CTR, and CPI work allows developers to hack their way to their first “hit” faster. And speed is crucial in this genre.

54. Making A Spooky Quantum Game in 15 Hours or Less

It’s no longer news that many organizations and even NASA are in a race to reach what is known as quantum supremacy or the quantum advantage. This means they are investing in resources to develop new computers that are able to solve problems that current (classical) computers cannot; and of course perform faster at already solved problems. If you’re reading this article, you may have heard about Quantum Computing and all it promises to deliver and are curious to learn about the technology.

55. A Guide to Deploying Phaser 3 Webpack Games to Heroku

I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to get a Phaser 3 Game deployed on Heroku. This is why I’m going to show you how to create a brand new node.js project, integrate it with Webpack and Phaser 3 game engine using Express as a Webserver, and deploy it to Heroku, so we can see it live.

56. Building TicTacToe Using Vanilla JavaScript

I am sure you have played tictactoe as a child. In this article, we will build tictactoe using plain JavaScript step by step. Let's go!

57. How to Promote Indie Games: A Grain of Truth on Survival in Competition

The indie spirit lies in moving away from the comfort zone, making leftfield decisions, and experimenting. Experimenting with form, filling, user interaction techniques, and other processes. Stepping into the unknown is always hard yet fascinating. The same goes for promoting indie games.

58. Introduction to Gamevertising

A story about how gamevertising and advergaming are the future of digital marketing. FlyMoney Games is a gamevertising company.

59. How Xbox Changed Their Homepage Every Year for the Past 18 Years

In this review, we will discuss the evolution of the Xbox website and see how the design elements improved over the years.

60. How to Become a Game Developer in 2022

Are you planning on becoming a Game Developer? Here is a roadmap and resources to become a Game Developer in 2022.

61. 6 Software Tools I Use to Make Game Art Without Being an Artist

Being a programmer doesn't stop me from making game art assets. If you go for a minimalism style and use good colors that fit well together you can make a game look good. I will show you the programs I use and the games I used it for.

62. BattleTabs Proves the Potential of Browser-Based Games

BattleTabs is a video game that started as a Chrome plugin, which shows the potential of browser-based games in today's market.

63. 'I Made a Small RPG in Two Weeks' An Interview w/Game Developer Joana Almeida

Joana is a programmer, hobbyist game developer, and technical writer. She grew up in a household where tech was always present.

64. The NFT Artist Who Wants People To Make Decisions For “The Presidents”

This artist created the largest NFT collection of leaders (20,000 avatars) for a project that grants users access to its governance system over its presidents.

65. Updating a .NET MAUI Canvas with Messaging events

In .NET MAUI the Canvas element can be used for drawing. For a Chip 8 emulator I implemented publish/subscribe messaging to redraw the Canvas, in the game loop

66. This is What Happens When You Add Personal Avatars To Mozilla Hubs

Soon after COVID hit and made our team go fully remote, we quickly got tired of seeing each other's faces on video and decided to give Mozilla Hubs a try – so we could meet up in the same room, virtually.

67. How to Create Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard in JavaScript

In this tutorial, we're gonna build a really simple game of Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard.

68. Why Blockchain Gaming in its Current Form Can’t Survive

Investment in the blockchain gaming sector has already broken $3 billion in 2022, compared to $4.2 billion across the whole of 2021.

69. Game Coding for Dummies: A Quick Guide for Newbies

If you’re a complete newbie or already have a bit of a programming background, you can’t go wrong with Java for game development.

70. Game Dev for Beginners: Compiling a Cross Platform And Building a Retro Game Umoria

Looking to get into development? Have a soft spot for old console based RPG games? Why not build Umoria! A Rouge clone created in a day of limited graphics - but nevertheless a very addicting game for the time. I would say one of the more memorable games that got me interested in coding (game was so hard I wanted to reverse engineer the save format).

71. How I Remade 2048 Using React

Today you will learn how to build your own clone of the 2048 game in React.

72. Why Every Multiplayer Game Needs In-Game Voice Chat

Voice chat is natural; it not only allows players to focus on the gameplay but also adds another level of immersion into the game. Easily add this feature!

73. Games, ChatGPT, Interactive Fiction and the Metaverse with FibreTigre

Interviewing FibreTigre on games development, interactive fiction, the metaverse and whether ChatGPT will make it into games.

74. The Metaverse is Coming and There Will be Millions of Them

The metaverse will change the Internet as we know it today. It will let us socialize, play, and work online in new, more immersive ways than ever before.

75. 6 Devices You Won't Believe You Can Play Games On

You sure can play games on computers, consoles, mobile phones and even TVs. But what else can you play on?

76. Is It Hard to Develop a MMORPG?

How we built a MMORPG in just about 2 years (actually, it’s more).

77. Elden Ring is Not Fast-Food Entertainment

Elden Ring might seem difficult at times, but the game’s complex combat system ensures that players can overcome seemingly impossible situations,

78. Blockchain Games Hold More Potential Than Previously Understood

Blockchain technology is step by step penetrating many areas of our lives, not just becoming an innovation, but shaping the approach and requirements for market products.

79. My Experience as A Team Lead For Unity3D Gamedev Team

Recently I became the team lead in the company I am working for and here I want to share a few lessons that I already managed to learn.

80. Making the Snake Game in your Browser: Practicum Coding Bootcamp

Want to make your own classic arcade game?

81. Education of a Programmer: Why It Should Not Be Same as Other Professions

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand" ~Confucius.

82. Teaching Your Character to Run in Flame

Four parts tutorial on how to build a simple platformer game using the Flutter Flame engine.

83. Blockchain Tech In the Gaming Industry: Major Players To Spark Mass Adoption?

While the blockchain and crypto industry participants never stop developing and exploring new possible applications of the tech, major global industries are now turning for answers in this unique technology when it comes to innovations in their field.

84. Indignant CEOs and Struggling Developers: Have Game Developers Lost the Plot with NFTs?

I love Worms. Therefore, I love Team17. But a CEO launching surprise NFTs while artists and devs are starving is not cool. Have game-makers lost the plot?

85. The Making of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Skydance Interactive Podcast

In this special episode of the Hacker Noon podcast, I talk to Mark Domowicz and Todd Adamson from Skydance Interactive, the acclaimed developer of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, one of the best virtual reality games on the market today.

86. How to Get Voice Chat on Roblox

Roblox is a popular online platform that allows users to create and play games with their friends.

87. The Importance of Music in Video Games

Think back to the year of 1986. You are an excited child sprinting through the arcade so you can be the first to get to the amazing new game, ”Outrun”. What was it that was so special about this game? The cars? The quirky characters? The endless crashing into things? Probably. But I recently played it for the first time, and the one thing that stood out to me was the music.

88. Three Lessons For Building a Killer Ad Game

Use elite marketing tactics in combination with gaming to sell your product, generate leads, and land new customers. Marketing made simple with gaming.

89. How to Use Enum in C#

It’s hard to find a developer who has never heard about enum. But do you use it correctly? Let’s find out.

90. Understanding 3D Modeling as a Game Designer

3D Modelling in the games industry has its own requirements, unique from most forms of 3D modelling in the rest of the world, because of the interactivity.

91. The Emergence of CTV Gaming

Worldwide pandemic changed a lot about our everyday lives. But how it affected our gaming preferences?

92. Demographics of the Gaming Industry: Reading Between the Lines

An overview of recent developments in the gaming industry and what they mean for publishers and developers.

93. How I Build a Skate Game On Christmas Hackathon

Skateboard game made with CSS

94. Making Game Boy Games in 2021 with Quest Arrest Developer John Roo

In this AMA, we dive into John Roo's thoughts on game development, retro gaming, and the indie dev scene.

95. Top Game Development Technologies and Trends In 2022 and In The Coming Years

Learn the top game developments trends, technologies in 2022 and the future of game development in the coming years if you are planning to build gaming app.

96. Bugs From the 90's: The Code of the Command & Conquer Game

The American company Electronic Arts Inc (EA) has made the source code of the games Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert publicly available. This code should help the game community to develop mods and maps, create custom units, and customize the gameplay logic. We all now have a unique opportunity to plunge into the history of development, which is very different from the modern one.

97. More AAA-Studios will be Bought for Absurd Cash Deals in the Next 3 years

The future of moblie, desktop, and web 3 gaming. We discuss our predictions for where the market is headed. What I love about advergaming and marketing games.

98. You Will Love These Entity Component System Benefits In The Unity Engine

To date, a truly vast majority of both well-established companies and amateur game developers and indie teams use the Unity engine to develop games, applications, simulations, visualizations, etc. One of the reasons for such popularity is the rather low entry threshold compared to peers. It allows beginners to create their first game prototypes after just a few days or even hours of training.

99. Becoming a Game Designer is More Attainable Than You Think

The School of Game Design: Lifetime Membership - $49 - is on sale for just $49 for a limited time.

100. Configuring Your Phaser 3 Game With Webpack For Production

I am writing this article to help people that are just starting to learn Phaser 3 and need extra support when deploying their game to production. This tutorial will focus on configuring your app with Webpack, I will run through each line of code explaining what they are doing and why they are important. This tutorial won’t show you how to set up your Phaser 3 game, in that case I recommend you to start with this template and jump to configuring your prod.js in this article (Step 5).

101. What I've Learned By Making And Promoting A Game To Help Stray Cats

At the beginning of summer 2019, I've got an idea to make a cat-themed game to help stray cats by donating all the revenue to cat charities.

102. Getting Started With Game Development

How to begin developing video games?

103. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's NFT Push was a Terrible Move for the Industry

The Future of Gaming is complex. Here are my thoughts.

104. How to Improve Marketability of a Mobile Game Application with Concept Testing

Game publishers may have no idea that they have weak marketability until they soft launch their product, and at this point they have already invested huge resources into the development. Yet, there’s a way to make sure that the game can hit its business goals before writing a single line of code. I’m referring to game concept testing.

105. Blockchain Can Create a User-Focused Gaming Industry - Unhashed #5

The gaming industry is growing rapidly and raking in trillions of dollars in revenue. Yet, the gamers get nothing of real value. Blockchain can change that.

106. Ready Player China: An Introduction to China’s Booming Video Game Market

Despite its history of strict regulation against the industry, China’s gaming market is flourishing. Chinese MMOs and RPGs are topping lists around the globe while high-quality cross-platform releases, along with creative marketing through films, eSport competitions, and livestreaming, have set the tone for China’s growing gaming market for years to come at home.

107. Checkers on React - Part 4 - Figures, Selection

Adding figures and selection to a version of Checkers made on React is reasonably simple if you know the basic steps of adding game logic into the language

108. From 3D Rendering to Motion Capture: What's Next for Game Development?

The past few decades have been game-changing for our daily lives as a whole range of industries transformed into what we see today. The world does not function the way it used to just a few decades ago and that is thanks to technological advancements, occurring throughout this timeframe.

109. How the Pandemic is Transforming the Gaming Industry

The Coronavirus has shed light on innumerable industrial and sociopolitical problems: our fractured healthcare system, racial disparity in access to emergency services, the crushing failures of capitalism more generally.

110. Reinventing the Legendary Fish Shooting Game Using Blockchains

With the emergence of new technologies like AI/ML, AI, and Blockchains, the gaming industry today is ready to bring new advancements in the gaming field and create a whole new experience for gamers worldwide. While other techs are slowly picking up the pace, blockchain-based gaming platforms have already started to revolutionize the sector. With their transparent and decentralized ecosystem, they have become sought-after games for players worldwide who are looking for more than just an enhanced gaming experience. Fishcoin is one such blockchain game that is intending to revolutionize the ever-famous fish shooting game by taking it on a blockchain ledger.

111. Games Must Empower Users to Acquire Skills for the Real World

As gamers are more and more exposed to digital assets, they will build up an expectation of being able to own all their in-game items, virtual land, and more

112. 5 Steps You Should Take To Launch A Cool Game

The key steps of the game development process, how each of them functions, and what roles and operations they consist of.

113. Beyond Your Window: A Look Into Visual Novel Development

Beyond Your Window is a Visual Novel divided into 4 different short stories based on the themes of love, responsibilities and difficult daily choices. As Team SolEtude’s first full-length release, we decided to write down this post-mortem to let other designers/writers/fans of the Visual Novel genre know how we developed it from the prototype to the released version.

114. VR Math: The Difficulties of Moving Objects in Virtual Reality

Applied game dev math can be tricky, but is really rewarding. Here’s a follow-up to Nevyn’s Twitter thread on his journey from incomprehensible mess to enlightened one-liner.

115. Mario Kart 9: Possible Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

Mario Kart 9 is reportedly in development. Here is everything you need to know to get excited for Nintendo's next kooky kart racer.

116. This AI by Intel Makes Grand Theft Auto 5 Look Photorealistic

This AI can be applied live to the video game and transform every frame to look much more natural.

117. Coding for Gamers: The Long Dark

Before I became a programmer I loved to play games. I played games for many years before I even knew the most basic concepts about coding. However these days I see that people are trying to introduce their kids to programming and looking for ways to make programming concepts more approachable. I think that using existing games people love is a great way to do just that. That is why I wanted to start this new coding for gamers blog series. In this tutorial I will show you how to do that by walking you through the process of extracting a feature from a video game called The Long Dark and recreating it on your own.

118. Interactive App Development: The Perfect Technology Stack

What is an interactive application? It is a type of a usual web or mobile app with interactive features that allows users to interact with content via gamification, VR/AR, and visualization.

119. The Future of Multiplayer Game Architecture is Hybrid

This multiplayer game architecture, if technically and economically feasible can reshape the future of gaming.

120. Bugs from the 90's: The Code of Command and Conquer [Volume 2]

The American company Electronic Arts Inc (EA) has opened the source code of the games Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert publicly available. Several dozen errors were detected in the source code using the PVS-Studio analyzer, so, please, welcome the continuation of found defects review.

121. Connected TVs are the Future of Hyper-Casual Games

CTV is great for many reasons, and here is one more: it's perfect for hyper-casual gamers

122. How to Evaluate Your Mobile Project to Sell It

How to evaluate your mobile project to sell it profitably: experience by ZiMAD

123. Gravity Simulation With Unity DOTS 1.0

With the release of Unity 2022.2, DOTS packages have finally received a pre-release version.

124. An Intro to Clash Royale: Supercell’s Mammoth Brainchild

Supercell is mobile gaming royalty, as my 5-year relationship with Clash Royale - one of the 5-games on its superstar roster - goes to show.

125. Rewriting the 1978 text-only Super Star Trek game

During the last two weeks, I spent all my free time working hard on one of the most ridiculous achievements of my life: dissecting, understanding, and rewriting the old 1978 Super Star Trek videogame.

126. Lessons Learned Making an MMORPG

In 2016 Casey McGeever, an ex-coworker and friend asked me to have lunch with him and his wife Jocelyne. He had a proposal to make — he was developing a game, and he wanted me to join the dev team (as the only non-developing dev on the team) to help promote the game through its creation.

127. How to Raise VC Financing for Your Video Game Startup

A complete guide to raising venture capital financing for video game startups of all types - technology, game studios, social companies, and financial companies

128. Making Games More Accessible With Accessibility Specialist Ian Hamilton

In this AMA, Ian talks about his role in the gaming industry, what games he has worked on and how he sees the future of accessibility in gaming.

129. Unbound: Worlds Apart was Inspired by Hollow Knight, Ori, Portal, and Diablo 2

Since 2016, Sergiu & the team at Alien Pixel Studios have been working on the new game Unbound; Worlds Apart which recently launched on Steam & Nintendo Switch

130. Fixing Code Errors in Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Just before the release of the "Amnesia: Rebirth" game, the vendor "Fractional Games" opened the source code of the legendary "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" and its sequel "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs". Why not use the static analysis tool to see what dreadful mistakes are hidden in the inside of these cult horror games?

131. Wait, That's How Much Game Dev Costs?!

Mike Vittiglio dropped some serious knowledge bombs about game dev on this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast. Amy asks Mike about the cost of game development.

132. Understanding AI-Powered Simulated Worlds with Christopher Entwistle

In this slogging AMA, we chat with Christopher Entwistle about the Improbable, his career, the future of the metaverse and how to make money in it, and gaming.

133. On Game Development with Salvatore Calì from Rise of Cultures (InnoGames)

In this slogging AMA, we chat with Salvador Calì about the Rise of Cultures, Innogames, game development, the metaverse, and leadership in gaming.

134. How Sandbox Technology Could Revolutionize The Gaming Market

The last decade in the global gaming industry is undoubtedly marked by the rise of mobile gaming, which has completely changed this industry.

135. Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Job to Make Money Playing Games

The what, why and when of playing to earn games.

136. Space Invaders Meet ConfigCat and MelonJS

A simple recreation of the legendary Space Invaders game

137. Checkers on React - Part 5 - Simple movement

Adding simple movement to Checkers made in React, part of a series on learning how to implement the systems ended to create a simple boardgame on React.

138. The Most Important Thing in GameFi is to Create Good Tokenomics

Juanjo Chust is CEO of Arker Labs, a company founded in 2018 which has been developing all kinds of applications.

139. NFT Tools for Building a web3 Game

How can web2 games seamlessly include web3 elements like NFTs in their games?

140. Days Gone 2 Denied by Sony: This Game Needs to Happen

Are you hoping for an announcement for Days Gone 2? Well, you're not alone as there's an ongoing Days Gone 2 petition you can sign to support the game.

141. Gaming as a Socially Acceptable Career

The gaming industry keeps evolving. Now, you can also make a career in gaming and earn a lot of money in this industry. Yes, it is possible.

142. What is Cloud Gaming and How is Google Leading the Industry?

Most games today are downloaded and played on smartphones, gaming consoles, and PCs. Network connections support player accounts and in-game purchases, but the games themselves run on players' devices. Game companies build services around top game titles, enabling them to deliver continuous updates that add new gameplay and respond to the public feedback on social streaming services.

143. How to Add a HUD to Your Flame Game

Four parts tutorial on how to build a simple platformer game using the Flutter Flame engine.

144. The Characters of Battle Of Olympus: An Intro to The Gods

In this article, we wanted to discuss some of the characters you will encounter in our game. Today, we’ll introduce you to Zeus, Hades and Metis.

145. Gaming Industry Having a Boom During Pandemic: Will It Last?

No matter where you look, the coronavirus has done grievous damage. It has disrupted the lives of millions of people in every way imaginable. It has also upended the global economy in a manner not seen since the Great Depression. At the time of this writing, millions are out of work, and companies are cutting costs in an effort to survive the crisis.

146. TETHORAX SOFTWORKS: What I Learned During the Steamworks Virtual Conference

Today I learned more on how to build a community through communication and so can you. This is a condensed view of my experience at the Steamworks Virtual Con.

147. Streets of Rage 4: Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

A Complete Streets of Rage 4 Game walkthrough: Unlock plenty of characters, find the strongest characters and more

148. 6 Reasons to Utilize Sandbox Technology in Game Development

Running a successful online application is an exciting journey, But it is also full of challenges. It starts from product-market fit (PMF)

149. An Intro to User Analytics in the Gaming Industry

Gaming analytics can be best defined as is the whole process of applying user behavior data to guide sales & marketing, product enhancements, etc

150. Browser-Based Games are Making a Comeback...Again

With the creation of wasm, are web based games going to rise again?

151. Deceptive Perception of User Experience

The article explains the limitations of traditional playtesting surveys and how neuropsychology can help capture accurate user experience data using EEG devices

152. Recognized and Accepted: The Inevitable Rise of the Gaming World

Gaming fosters the mindset that allows creativity to grow. Now that gaming has been slowly recognized, will it continue to rise against all odds?

153. Video Games Can Help Kids Choose Future Careers

Netflix documentary series on video games: High Score. Video games were the exact reasons I chose to study computers in college and work in IT.

154. Exploring the Wizarding world: My Magical Experience Playing Hogwars Legacy

The attention to detail in Hogwarts Legacy is truly impressive. This is a must-play for every harry potter fan or video game geek.

155. On Bot Development in FPS Games

We understand how difficult it is to find 10 players to play with, especially for a new indie game. Can you imagine playing a first-person shooter without anything to shoot at? It simply didn't make sense. As a result, we decided to include bots in the game so that players could play even when their buddies were unavailable.

156. Good Things Happen When Devs Start Building on Metaverses: The WoF Story

157. Sonic Colors Ultimate Switch Version is an Unsurprising Embarrassment

Sonic Colors is yet another example of why this trend in gaming needs to die.

158. Fall Guys' Free Fall: Is Mediatonic Resuscitating a 'Dead' Game?

Back in 2020, the highly competitive battle royales space was swamped with path-breaking games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. These games cornered the majority of the market size and were really intense. Amidst all this, Fall Guys made its debut in the market as a game with a comic show setting.

159. Blockchain Game Development: What Is It, And How Do You Get Started?

In this article we’ll take a look at blockchain game development. We’ll also list popular games and some of the best blockchain game developers.

160. Checkers on React - Part 6 - Player

It’s time to add Players and the ability to change the current player on every next turn.

161. The Importance of UX Design in Video Games

UX design is an important part of video games as it helps users form first impressions of the game and motivates them to try it out.

162. How AI Helps to Make the SIDUS Metaverse Better

For over 15 months, SIDUS has been involved in AI tech game development. During 2022 only, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) helped us reduce game development, and in the future, we are going to increase this number. Along with the decrease in expenses, AI and ML help us to boost the quality of every component of the SIDUS Metaverse.

163. Tech Trends that will Rule the Gaming Industry in 2022

India's gaming sector has achieved 38% astronomical growth and is expected to exceed $ 5 billion by 2025. India, home to 420 million onlinegamers, is also second only to China.

164. Battle of Olympus Gameplay Mechanics and Story

This article will provide an in-depth description of the mechanics and animations for our game Battle of Olympus.

165. On Weapon Design in Video Games

After introducing you to the game characters' initial conceptualization in the previous DevBlog, it is now time to design the weapons that the characters use.

166. 11 Phases Of Simple Mobile Game App Development

11 phases of simple mobile game app development: ideation, prototype development, testing, and launch.

167. Don't Learn Alone, Take ChatGPT With You

You may have noticed that, in the last few years, the Rust language has become a true Internet darling.

168. Is Epic Games Partnering with Kiraverse?

Kiraverse, the highly-anticipated Web 3 game, has recently rolled out its Beta, and the way it's been rolled out is raising some eyebrows in the gaming community. The Beta version of the game could soon be available on the Epic Games launcher and includes Epic online services already, leading many to speculate about a potential collaboration between Kiraverse's parent company, Param Labs, and Epic Games.

169. What Can You Do to Make Reddit Aware of Your Game? A Real Experience

In this article, you will find how to promote your game on Reddit, how to get karma, and what subreddits you can use for this. All you need is this article.

170. What Happened to Bully 2?

Despite the success of the game, Rockstar has yet to do anything with the Bully IP in years. Why is that? What happened to Bully 2?

171. Real-Time Rendering Tool with Reconstructions Based on UE4 Raytracing Tech

Direct use of UE4's pathtracing is a great yet not perfect solution, since UE4 uses BruteForce

172. Gold Fever, Wealth Management Tool in the Form of a Game?

Here is our story and how the bear market should know about Gold Fever.

173. Taking your Interactive Pixelated Game to the Next Level

Add camera movement, music, a health status bar, and more to your first pixelated game!

174. Far Cry 6’s Gameplay Doesn’t Need to Change, but Ubisoft Does

Far Cry doesn't need to change its core gameplay, but Ubisoft does need to change how it makes and releases other franchises.

175. Wanna Get Great At Making Indie Games? Make Lots Of Them

It's simple, really: ff you want to become a good game developer, you need to make lots of games. Let’s first start with why you need to be productive: the more games you make the better and faster you become at making games. Every new game you make is a new addition to your portfolio. Publish your games on different portals to see what the players think about your game, see what works, and what kind of ideas don’t.

176. How Many Times Do We Need to Remake Resident Evil 4?

The remake is being developed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC via Steam.

177. The first generation of Crypto Games and Crypto Gaming Guilds

A review of the current Crypto gaming landscape, particularly on the economic design, stakeholders, and core gaming principles.

178. The Evolution of Blockchain Games

Did You know that with a simple plugin You can transform any game in a blockchain game?

179. Designing Your Level in Flame

Four parts tutorial on how to build a simple platformer game using the Flutter Flame engine.

180. Decimated, the Next-Gen Gaming Metaverse to Look Out For

Meet the developers of Decimated, MMORPG in a cyberpunk metaverse with web3-enabled in-game assets and user-generated content.

181. COVID and CTV: How the Pandemic Fueled a Boom in VOD

What made CTV so great in time of the worldwide pandemic?

182. Oh You're Going to Your First Game Jam? Read Me First

I have participated in quite a few game jams over the years and now I want to share my experiences with you. I participated in both online as offline jams like Ludum Dare and Global Game Jam. Game jams are fun and can be a great learning experience but they can also be stressful and tiring.

183. Meet Sergei Golitsyn: #Noonies2021 Nominee, Game Developer, & Lifelong Learner

Sergei Golitsyn is the Senior Software Engineer @ ZillionWhales. He has been nominated for several 2021 Noonies award.

184. Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Coming in 2023

Capcom has officially announced the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection featuring all 10 games from the Mega Man Battle Network series.

185. Aleksandr Pindyk on Creating, Playing and Writing About Games

This story is a part of Hacker Noon's Meet the Writer series of interviews. Aleksandr Pindyk is an AI game developer and HackerNoon contributor.

186. The Three Elements of an Effective Game Development Team

The process of composing a development team can look a lot like starting a fighting game where you choose characters to fight your battles. Here are many tips

187. Checkers on React - Part 3 - Figure

188. An Intro to Ethermore: A Blockchain RPG Built by the Community

Ethermore is a blockchain RPG and emerging fantasy world built on the Ethereum blockchain.

189. Building a High-Performance Platform on AWS to Support Real-Time Gaming Services Using Presto and Al

An innovative platform with Presto and Alluxio as a data orchestration layer to support online services with instantaneous response within the gaming industry.

190. Let's Talk About Sumire: Indie Game Storytelling at its Finest

The premise of Sumire is beautifully simple: you have one day to change your life.

191. "Current P2E Gamers are drawn in on the earning aspect, which is unhealthy" - Ethan Ng

WonderHero is a Play-And-Earn RPG for iOS & Android, where players control a team of 4 heroes in tactical turn-based battles to win NFTs and Crypto Tokens.

192. How I Built A 2D Platformer Using Unity3D game engine

Forest Assassin is a 2D adventure platformer game with easy controls and fun gameplay, which helps every one to get started, this is a classic platformer game with wonderfully designed characters and world.

193. Building a Simple Tic-Tac-Toe Game with JavaScript

In this article, we will be building a simple version of Tic Tac Toe using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

194. Games That Embrace the Spirit of Satoshi

It is clear to see which games are in keeping with the ethos of Bitcoin. Such games provide their users with more control over in-game currencies and items

195. TGS 2022 Suffers a Nearly 50% Decrease in Guests, But 'Nothing Stops Gaming'

In a flash report to press attendees, the TGS 2022 press contact has announced that the event was able to bring in 138,192 Visitors over a 4-day period.

196. Disney Dreamlight Valley Launches Early Access in September, New Gameplay Trailer Released

Gameloft and Nintendo revealed some new footage of the upcoming life-sim adventure game, Disney Dreamlight Valley, which hits Nintendo Switch in September.

197. Tokyo Game Show 2022 is More Than Just a Video Game Convention

It is a return to a long-awaited normalcy the gamers of Japan, no, the gamers of the world, so rightfully deserve.

198. An Introduction to LÖVE the 2D Game Engine

If you are looking into starting with LÖVE, this guide compiles a lot of information that will help you to get started and save you hours of research.

199. Interactive Video: Past, Present, and Future

Do you remember Dragon’s Lair? If you grew up in the eighties and spent any time around arcade games, there’s a good chance you will. Its most recent high profile name-check was in Stranger Things: a nod to its enduring pop-culture legacy. And there’s talk of a film in the works.

200. CGC|LIVE: Cutting-edge Games Conference Coming September 22 - 26

Cutting-edge Games Conference invites all game industry professionals and enthusiasts to plunge into a completely different world for five days, to explore new capabilities of technology and creativity during the game developers’ conference sessions and on the online exhibition area!

201. Why Political Science Can Take Game Development to the Next Level

202. Ethical Considerations in Web3 Game Development

When designing and developing web3 games, there are a few different ethical considerations to take into account. Read about these ethical considerations.

203. 'Seed' by Klang Games: Part 1 of The Game AI Series

I spoke to their excellent game AI engineer Alessia Nigretti to get some insights into the team’s development process and the technology unpinning the game.

204. The 'Cult' Of Kojima

Can one man have so much love and hatred at the same time? If Your Hideo Kojima, it's par for the course.

205. New Hybrid Models for Multiplayer Games and More with Noonies Nom, DoubleX

A general interview of DoubleX, one of those being nominated for HackerNoon Contributor of the Year - architecture, which is one of the Noonies award.

206. Using Collision Detection to Make Your Game Character Jump

Four parts tutorial on how to build a simple platformer game using the Flutter Flame engine.

207. Launching a New Play-to-Earn Game Studio

We're really excited to break cover and launch a new video game studio dedicated to developing large play-to-earn worlds.

208. Why is Gaming Important to You?

In this slogging thread, the team at Hackernoon discusses why gaming is important and how it can impact our lives. For all you like-minded gamers, you have to g

209. Tap Fantasy: The Lost World of Odom [Part 1]

The story begins with a young adventurer and the planet Odom far, far away.

210. 5 Things You Should Know Before Developing CTV Games

Learn 5 main steps that CTV developers should take into account when they are creating a new game.

211. Why is Gaming Shifting to LiveOps, the Metaverse and Who Does Not Need It

How did games as service emerge, what are they used for, what are LiveOps in games, why does CS not change with years and stays popular, what else will be created in Fortnite and what is awesomeness inflation?

212. Storytelling in Virtual Reality – The State of VR Podcast w/One Hamsa

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing technology industries in the world. While many companies have been developing VR headsets, apps, and games for a number of years, VR has not yet broken into the mainstream. However, with the release of the PSVR in 2016 and the Oculus Quest in 2019, VR is growing rapidly in the gaming sector.

213. Create an IDE with Godot

I wanted to create a game, but I created a basic IDE for the Click4 fantasy console.

214. The Life and Times of Adobe Flash Player Gaming

I tell how Adobe Flash Player expanded the video game audience, spawned the indie movement, created the basis for social and mobile gaming, and why Flash died.

215. Reviewing My App Development Experience for Mafia: The Game

In this article, I would like to share the development experience of my latest project, Mafia: The Game, a multiplayer game for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and the web.

216. Coding for Gamers Series: Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice [Part 2]

In my last Coding for Gamers post we talked about replicating the hunger meter in The Long Dark. Today’s post is about replicating a feature from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Hellblade is one of the most harrowing journeys into a mentally ill person’s mind that I have ever seen in a video game. If you haven’t played it, I highly recommend checking it out. You don’t even have to worry about getting addicted because the game has a concrete beginning, middle, and end. One of the unique aspects of Hellblade is a mini puzzle game that involves finding a shape in nature that matches a shape carved into the various runes in the world.

217. Creating a Notification-Based Game via Unity and Courier

I built a notification-based game with Unity Engine, Courier, Twilio, and Mailjet. This post discusses how I used Courier to build Rain Spikes.

218. The Making of Arizona Sunshine - Vertigo Games Podcast

In this podcast, I talk to Arjen van Heck from Vertigo Games, one of the biggest VR game developers in the industry, and the renowned creators of the zombie apocalypse game Arizona Sunshine.

219. How to Create Promotional Assets: An Insider's Guide into the World of Graphic Design

I offer you to go through the evolutionary stages of promo materials.

220. Minecraft Chooses Classic Gaming Over NFT Hype

Minecraft released a statement on its website emphasizing its lack of interest in integrating any form of NFTs into its games.

221. Diversity in Gaming: Art & Design that Reflects Reality

The popularity of online, PC and gaming apps skyrocketed during the Covid pandemic.

222. How to Start Your Video Game Quest Writing Career on Ethermore

Ethermore is your chance to break into the world of video game quest writing by giving you a platform to show off your writing skills. Here's how it works.

223. On Games as a Service Streaming Platforms & nerdytec w/ CEO Chris Mut

In this Slogging thread, we talk about nerdytec, Netflix, and the future of the gaming industry, considering the growing impact of GaaS platforms.

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