Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's NFT Push was a Terrible Move for the Industryby@bryoreotendo2021
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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's NFT Push was a Terrible Move for the Industry

by Bryan ApplegateJune 19th, 2022
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What is the Current State of Gaming?

The current State of Gaming is consisting of platform-exclusive games turning into multiplatform games. We’re getting DLC expansion continuations for main games such as Resident Evil: Village and its’ Winters’ Expansion. Summer Games Fest announced plenty of Space-themed games like Starfield and so on. We’re getting games similar to older games such as Capcom’s Exoprimal.

NFTs are collapsing. The same is going for Crypto-themed games. Crypto itself is crashing. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is getting a demo and a one-year road map as of right now. Persona 3 portable, 4 Golden, and 5 Royal are all coming to everything but PS4 and Switch.

What do you Like About the Current State of the Gaming Industry?

Multiplayer games getting more focus is something I can appreciate and like. Depending on who you ask, Persona mainline games coming to everything but PS4 and Switch can be seen as disappointing or a good thing. Lots of games coming to Xbox Game Pass is also something I really like such as Starfield and Persona.

The game industry debuting long-awaited titles like Hollow Knight Silksong and Neon White is very good and exciting. The number of games announced at Summer Games Fest was exciting as well.

What do you Dislike About the Current State of the Gaming Industry?

The shift from completed games at launch to “incomplete” games that are completed via DLC is a very annoying trend. Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is an example of a game filled with too much content, and no end in sight. It's very good, but overwhelming for new players.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint introducing NFTs which didn't last too long was a terrible leap for the industry. Play-to-Earn is a neat idea, but not well in execution. Persona coming to everything but PS4 and Switch is infuriating and baffling. Crypto-based games not doing well due to the economic bear market is harrowing and awful.

What Piece of Gaming Tech do you Like the Most and Why?

I love my Nintendo Switch. It's a home console that is portable. It can run 8th-Generation games like The Witcher III Wild Hunt, DOOM Eternal, and Mortal Kombat 11 to name just 3. It also streams Cloud games.

What Piece of Gaming Tech do you Think is Lacking?

The most lacking piece of Gaming Tech that I had the displeasure of experiencing is the PS5. It only had backward compatibility with PS4 titles. for PS3 (Stream Only) titles, PS2 Classics, and PS1 Classics, you have to pay nearly $180 a year to play those extra titles! And some of them got texture issues, no less, despite operating at 60FPS!! Also, the current library of PS5 games, barring Spider-Man Miles Morales and Stray, doesn’t appeal to me too much.

Lastly, What is the Future of Gaming? Where is the Industry Headed?

The “Future of Gaming” is a complicated thing. It’s tough to describe, in detail. It will, in the short-term, consist of Multiplayer games-as-a-service style games like Exoprimal. It will involve Crypto - as the basis for play-to-earn games - rising and falling and rising in a cycle like with what is currently going on with Bitcoin.

The industry is headed to a point where the pioneers become pay-to-win type of developers instead of fun-based developers. That mantle of fun-and-memorable type of game developers will eventually - whether by time or force - be handed down to younger developers like

Yoshiaki Koizumi. SEGA has embraced a future where fans lead popular IPs like Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, and Sonic Mania & Sonic Origins. It’ll also be a future where NFTs are ignored in favor of old practices like DLC expansions for games.