6 Devices You Won't Believe You Can Play Games Onby@oleksandrkovalchuk
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6 Devices You Won't Believe You Can Play Games On

by Oleksandr KovalchukAugust 6th, 2021
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You sure can play games on computers, consoles, mobile phones and even TVs. But what else can you play on?

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The future is finally here, but instead of flying cars or hoverboards, we have computers installed into literally everything. This brings unexpected possibilities for curious gaming enthusiasts, who expand their hobby and push the boundaries of what was thought possible. So, what jury-rigs can you play your games on? Here’s a quick Top-6 of unexpected gaming devices, in the order of potential gaming experience. 

#6 Pregnancy test (yeah, for real)

Yep, it's not a joke — you can really play games on a pregnancy test. Have a look at the video below.

Being connected to a simple screen and a microchip, it becomes possible to transform sophisticated game graphics into something capable of being displayed on a tiny screen. With the right string inputs, the pregnancy test display changed into a real Doom machine.

#5 Graphing Calculator 

How about playing Doom on a graphing calculator? 

#4 iPod

If you've found your old iPod touch, don't throw it away. In addition to its nostalgic value, the iPod touch supports playing games. Download games you like through the AppStore and enjoy a blast to the past. Some of the games may be simplistic compared to modern offerings, however, you can update its operating system to the latest version and try out some other games.

Doom also runs perfectly on iPod Classics. Check it out yourself!

#3 Fridge 

Isn't it convenient to open the door and treat yourself to delicacies while playing a game without having to leave the kitchen? 

Unsurprisingly, not any fridge can sustain such a function — only the ones with a good screen. A big tablet on the door acts like a gigantic monitor which can offer you an absolutely unique gaming experience and may even go beyond some possible restrictions on iOS and Android.

#2 Tesla 

Tesla is undoubtedly a dream car, and its features are often considered state-of-the-art. With Elon Musk's passion for all things technological, it’s no surprise that you can play games on a Tesla’s dashboard.

The games use the steering wheel as a controller, so it's designed for the person in the driver's seat. Of course, you won't be able to drive a car and play a game simultaneously - games can only be run when parked. Yet, it's a great opportunity to amuse yourself when stuck in a traffic jam. Check out how it works on the video below. 

#1 Smart TV devices

Playing games on Smart TVs are quickly becoming a popular and widespread alternative to consoles and PCs. With Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Android TV, you can broaden your gaming experience and try something different from consoles or smartphones.

It’s especially relevant today since more and more game development companies are focusing their efforts on game production for smart TV devices. You can play games from well-known game development studios, including Playcent Games.


People love playing video games, and enthusiasts have gone a long way in ensuring that any device with a microchip and a screen can run video games. Take a look around! Your room might be stuffed with many other devices suitable for gaming.  Dare to explore!