Tap Fantasy: The Lost World of Odom [Part 1]by@tapfantasy
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Tap Fantasy: The Lost World of Odom [Part 1]

by TapfantasyDecember 22nd, 2021
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The world of Odom consists of 6 islands: Flora Forest, Wind Riverbed, Karashin Desert, Cloud Height and Sunshine Beach. Only by venturing the dungeons to worship the Sky Goddess heavily guarded by the evil beings, can one be offered the Golden Compass. Gold is more important than you think! Gold is needed for more attempts should one fails the limited amount of attempts. In the magical auction house, adventurers can list or purchase the treasures looted from the journey. As long as you have Gold, you can buy everything!

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The story begins with a young adventurer and the planet Odom far, far away.

The tranquil forest, the azure sky, and the milky white clouds shrouding the horizon… When the adventurer opened his eyes on this island, only these immortals and ancient beings standing silently around him.

The welcoming inhabitants of the island told him that most had never left this island. The clouds are impenetrable, hindering the escapade of countless pioneers in countless generations.

The adventurer then learned, from the ancient scrolls, this world consists of a cluster of islands, far more enormous than the peaceful Flora Forest
where he was located. Out there exist vast prairies, desolated deserts, deep canyons, and summery beaches with distinctive landscapes and cultures. However, these places too are yet cut off by the thick clouds.

The adventurer was increasingly eager to travel through the Sea of Clouds and explore the mysteries of all the islands. He thereupon did an incalculable amount of research, and a forbidden secret of the island slowly loomed out of the shadow.

The islands can rewind time……

The Secrets of the Islands

The world of Odom consists of 6 islands:

  1. Flora Forest
  2. Sophia Plain
  3. Wind Riverbed
  4. Karashin Desert
  5. Cloud Height
  6. Sunshine Beach

There is a diversity of races across the islands:

  1. Felis (needs to be determined)
  2. Orcs (needs to be determined)
  3. Elves
  4. Demons
  5. Humans

The mysterious time-rewind among the islands:

Every once in a while, time will be mysteriously rewound and go back to
the point when the adventurer wakened in this world, seeming to prevent anyone from unraveling the island’s secrets. The locals cannot even perceive the rewind of time, only the adventurer himself seems to retain the memories before each rewind.

The Sea of Clouds

The cause of the Sea of Clouds is unknown. Anyone who attempts to sail
through the sea of clouds will lose their direction and mysteriously end up at the point of departure. Many adventurers from other dimensions sometimes would have to settle down, biding their time for a savior to lead them out of the island.

The Rainbow Bridge

According to the scrolls, those who summon the Rainbow Bridge can travel
across the islands. However, only by venturing the dungeons to worship the Sky Goddess heavily guarded by the evil beings, can one be offered the Golden Compass, and only by the Golden Compass can one summon the Rainbow Bridge. The ones who travel among the islands via the Rainbow Bridge only exist in the legends.

The Dungeons

To get access to the dungeons, adventurers need to collect the Magic
Crystals scattered on the island. The more dangerous the dungeon is, the more crystals are required. This might be the most primitive selection or protection mechanism for adventurers.

Gold is more important than you think!

The System of Coins

The world of Odom adapts to the same monetary system.
1 USDT from the outer dimensional world can be exchanged for 10 Golds. 1 Gold can be exchanged for 100 Silvers, and 1 Silver can be exchanged for 100 Coppers.

Of course, the USDT used by adventurers to exchange for gold coins will
be safely stored. When adventurers wish to return to their own dimension, they can exchange their USDT back anytime!

The Role of Coins

1. Unlock more attempts: Some adventures have limited allowed attempts. Gold is needed for more attempts should one fails the limited amount.

2. Tickets: If the adventurer wants to visit the Rift and raid more powerful
bosses, don’t forget to pay for the access!

3. Shopping: In the magical auction house, adventurers can list or purchase the treasures looted from the journey. Equipment, ingredients, recipes, as long as you have Gold, you can buy everything!

4. Auction fees: Sellers who make money through the auction house should not forget to hand in a fixed amount of booth fees to the auctioneers, you don’t want to mess with the Chamber of Commerce!

The Fellowship of Odom, assemble!

Unlocking Characters

In the world of Odom, there are 16 unlockable characters awaiting. It is
easy to persuade all of them to be partners and join the journey. Adventurers do not need to spend more than their personal charm to make them tag along.


When exploring the world, adventurers need to pay attention to the
team's stamina! Farming, exploring, and unlocking special gameplay all require stamina. If the stamina is exhausted, adventurers
need to temporarily stop exploring and wait for the stamina to recover.

If the adventurer doesn’t want to rest, magic potions that restore stamina are available for purchase.


After a long day of adventure, the auction house is a good place to pay a visit. Find a booth there, list the treasures, equipment, and ingredients looted along the journey, then wait for other adventurers to make a bid.

Odom’s Chamber of Commerce treats all Golds equally. No matter how the
coins are obtained, they can be exchanged back to USDT.

I wonder what’s inside that box...

In Odom's world, there are many treasure chests scattered around. It is recorded in ancient scrolls that these chests were placed by a mysterious god himself in order to reward his meticulous and courageous children. Later in history, the commanders of the Knights followed this god’s practice and prepared precious treasure chests for outstanding adventurers to encourage them to keep exploring.

Treasure chests are thus divided into different levels, and adventurers
don’t need to spend a dime to open them!

Although ordinary treasure chests are easy to find and loot. Chests with
divine blessings are not so easy to just stumble into. In order to test and
qualify the adventurers, these chests were placed in the Rift. If the hunt is
successful, there should be a chance to obtain them.

According to the previous experience by many adventurers, most ordinary chests contain equipment or ingredients – simple but indispensable, quite practical when traveling.

The chests with divine blessings, on the other hand, will provide
adventurers with TAP Tokens. If lucky enough, they can even acquire an NFT partner skin!

Play to Earn – Dungeons for Treasures

After enough experience and recruiting more partners, adventurers can
start the challenge in the Rifts and loot better treasure chests!

There are 3 levels of Rifts: Hero, Epic, and Legend.

The enemies and bosses in the Rifts are much more powerful than the
outside world. They all have devastating elemental abilities. Only partners who equip skins with elemental resistance can deal with these damages. The more powerful monsters need higher element resistance.

The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward. But if adventurers
want to enter the Rift of different difficulties, they need to purchase tickets
in advance.

Adventurers can obtain higher-level weapons, armors, gloves, and helmets
in the Rifts, as well as the opportunity to find powerful equipment only available in the Rifts: ornaments and cloaks!

At the same time, the elemental monsters in the Rift will drop a special
ore called Magic Crystal that can be used to upgrade the skins.

Adventurers can obtain TAP Tokens by defeating the super boss that will
respawn in a fixed time (20-40 minutes regarding the number of active
adventurers), and even have a chance to obtain an NFT treasure chest with divine blessings!

Of course, the treasures found in the Rifts can be equipped by
adventurers themselves or listed at the auction house.

(To be continued…)

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