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204 Stories To Learn About Nft Art

by Learn RepoOctober 16th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Nft Art via these 204 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Nft Art via these 204 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. I Don't Like Big Butt NFTs and I Cannot Lie

The human body is an endless source of inspiration for art. But are there too many ass-themed NFT art out there? I certainly think so.

2. 7 NFT Makers to Create Your NFT Art Collection with No Code

In this article you will find best Free NFT Generator to Make Your NFT Art Collection without Coding. Also, Learn How to Create an NFT Art in few minutes.

3. Play-2-Earn Gaming is Taking Over DeFi

Combining playing with earning has massive potential to become one of the largest industries in the world.

4. This 2-Year-Old Artist Has Her Own NFTs

Two-year-old Xenia Rose has already started working towards her dream of being a professional artist, with the launch of her first collection of NFTs.

5. 10 Best No-Code NFT Avatar Creators

In this article, we’ll explain 10 best avatar maker and Top NFT Avatar creators that you can use to make your NFT avatars without coding.

6. NFT DeFi: NFT Lending, Renting, and Staking

The more NFTs you collect, the less liquid your portfolio becomes. How can NFT lending, renting, or staking solve your illiquidity problem?

7. NFT Marketplace Development Relies on a Smart Contract Protocol

One of the options to benefit from NFTs is to create an NFT marketplace, where people can buy and sell NFTs. So here's a guide.

8. 5 New NFT Platforms Riding Crypto’s Latest Wave

Here are five new platforms hoping to become mainstays of the burgeoning NFT landscape.

9. The Craze for NFTS and the Downsides

Despite its relative straightforwardness as a token, NFT industry participants can have wildly differing opinions on what NFTs really are. Here are 4 viewpoints

10. The Canine Cartel: How Much Is That Tattooed Dog NFT In The Window?

Mutts - gather round. The Canine Cartel rules the streets of the blockchain, got it?

11. 5 New NFT Projects On The Rise

We selected some of the hottest trends on the NFT market, showing that innovation happens fast to create value.

12. My Love For "Drop Bears" and Collecting Specific NFTs

Why the High Demand for PFP NFTs and logic of several collectors collecting a specific NFT - in my case “Drop Bears”.

13. Understand NFTs in 5 Minutes or Less

We have been hearing about NFTs being sold for millions of dollars, but what are NFTs? Are teenagers really making millions from JPEGs or is there more to it?

14. Actor Jordi Molla Plans Genesis NFT Drop with Krew Studios and Raini

Krew Studios and Raini to launch Jordi Molla's inaugural NFT drop with a star-studded collaboration to accompany their highly anticipated new NFT release.

15. NFT Accelerator Launchpad Luna is Helping Creators Reach New Heights

New NFT Accelerator Launchpad Luna encourages innovation in the NFT space.

16. Why is everyone going crazy over NFT?

What are NFTs and why is everyone going crazy over them?

17. SolPunks is a Great Example of How to Build a Thriving NFT Community

What is it that makes the SolPunks community so unique? How did an entity without a roadmap become a force to reckon with in the NFT community?

18. ‘NFT Collectibles Are a Transformative Tool for Communities’: Tagan Horton

I am Tagan Horton, an artist and designer building at the bleeding edge of digital media and cryptographic data technology.

19. I Spy Pixelated Nipples on the Blockchain #FreeTheNipple

The remarkable team behind the Nippleverse aim to liberate the Nipple from surging censorship and central control

20. The Honest Story of a $5 Million NFT Drop With Wayne Rooney, Darren Till, and Mike Bisping

An NFT drop is a huge milestone for any project, new or existing. But, like most things, NFT drops have pros and cons. This article will look at both.

21. Eight NFT Platforms That Empower Creatives and Developers

Along with cryptocurrencies, NFTs have been highly successful in bringing many new investors into the blockchain world of digital assets in a short amount of ti

22. A Newbie’s Cheat Sheet: Creating a Custom 10k NFT Collection with Developers

Detailed guide to the world of nft collections from idea to realization. It's useful for all beginners how to create your own collection and not to miscalculate

23. "I want to work on a blockchain that keeps improving every day"

A multi-chain approach to NFTs -- one that frees creators from reliance on Ethereum with their prohibitively high Eth and Gas fees -- is a matter of necessity.

24. NFT: The Treachery of Digital Images

NFTs are inherently treacherous and right-clickers, collectors, and artists worldwide are falling for their deception.

25. Famous Manga Artist Fujiwara Kamui Designs "The Land NFT" As The Anime Community Embraces NFTs

Singapore-based blockchain and multimedia digital entertainment company will release the first NFT called the Land NFT for its PlayMining Verse metaverse.

26. Medusa Collection NFTs set its Gaze on Raising Money for TeachRock

Medusa Collection NFTs seek to correct the record concerning this misunderstood mythical character and raise money for alternative education.

27. Metablaze to Introduce NFT based Perpetual Royalties on Ethereum

Metablaze is introducing perpetual royalties to the Binance Smart Chain.

28. Far Beyond the NFT Madness

Let's get through the NFT hype to all the questions and concerns about the future of NFT and digital art

29. How to Generate an NFT Collection (+10,000) Without Coding for FREE

Here's a tutorial about how to generate NFT collections (+10,000 NFTs) without coding and for FREE.

30. NFT is a Game Changer for the Ticketing Industry

NFT for ticketing is evolving vertical attracting sport event organizers and music festivals worldwide with FlashBack being a pioneer in the space.

31. Alibaba’s Metaverse Art Exhibition is a Great Snapshot of China’s Current NFT Landscape

This confusing exhibition provides a stellar and pretty comprehensive snapshot of China’s NFT landscape from a number of angles

32. NFT Music Introduces the Beginning of a New Music Industry

The potential for NFTs to tap into the music industry is unparalleled. Digital art has all the benefits the old world of art does not. NFTs can counter scarcity

33. 5 NFT Projects For NFT Enthusiasts in 2022

As the demand for NFTs increases, so does the need for investors to understand how these tokens work. These five stories demonstrate that fact about them.

34. If You Don’t Know About NFTs then You’re ngmi

What is NFT? Why everyone is mad about the non-fungible tokens? What's the point? Check this article for the answers

35. Ex-Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist Launches Female based Sneaky Vampire NFT Collection

Ex-BAYC artist is launching the 2nd collection for Sneaky Vampire NFT Collection.

36. Colorectal Cancer: What You Need to Know

Colorectal cancer — not exactly the most hilarious topic. But sometimes, a little humor can make a serious issue more approachable. So, let’s talk about colorec

37. Why Pixel Art May Be Greater Than Photoshop

What is pixel art

38. Non-Fungible Tokens Simplified: What Does NFT Really Mean?

A simplified breakdown of non-fungible tokens (NFT), using easy-to-understand analogies and non-technical terms.

39. 5 Best NFT Generators to Create an NFT Collection (No Code)

The NFT industry is setting a new threshold for secure asset classes, property rights, and profitable careers for artists.

40. How Museums are Using NFTs to Monetize and Preserve Art

As more and more artists and collectors turn to NFTs - museums are starting to take notice.

41. 🎮 NFTs are Coming to Instagram

42. There is a Surging Sense of Optimism in the NFT Ecosystem

Is the worst of the crypto shakeout that started last year behind us?

43. ATTENTION NFT Artists: Now is The Time to Buckle Down and Build

The markets are down and crypto has been falling — so it’s the perfect time for artists to get to work on their next creation.

44. NFT Twitter: 16 NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2022

In this article, will discuss on Top NFT Influencers in 2022, The Biggest NFT Influencers to follow in 2022 and Best Top NFT Influencers on Twitter and YouTube.

45. Staking NFTs – A Beating Heart Among Stillness or Clinically Dead?

The genuine features of NFTs make them ideal for wait-and-HODL strategies but has the era of staking NFTs come to its end? Some don't think so.

46. How Blockchain and NFTs Can Change The Creative Industries

What are the benefits of blockchain and NFTs for creative industries? How has their emergence and spread transformed the principles of communication there?

47. Andy Warhol Artwork to be Auctioned as an NFT

Andy Warhol physical piece goes on sale as an NFT

48. A Beginners Guide to NFTs for Digital Asset Authentication

Since it is so easy to counterfeit papers and information on the internet, having a unique and secure certificate of authenticity is incredibly valuable

49. Colexion a Celebrity NFT Platform Raises $5 Million from Polygon, Titan Ventures and Maven Capital

Colexion NFT Platform Raises $5 Million in Funding to expand operations in Asia.

50. How NFTs Are Bringing the Cannabis Industry Together

Cannabis brands are especially able to benefit from the unique relationships NFTs create.

51. Predictions for the Art NFT Market

Taking a look at current trends, this piece looks into the future of the NFT market.

52. How Cultural Sector Can Help The Business Industry

Working with people from other fields may help artists and thinkers contribute to the corporate world in useful ways that the current paradigm does not allow.

53. The Doge of NFTs, Pudgy Penguins, Fetches Over $125,000 in Sotheby's Sale 

Dogecoin has been disrupting the cryptocurrency space for a long time. Now the NFT space has its own Dogecoin...

54. The Revenge of Cute NFTs 😊

Lately the NFT space’s meta pendulum has swung decidedly back in the other direction of collections that are considered to be in the "Cute NFT" category.

55. Right Click Save

While it's true that you can just right-click-save an image rather than buy the NFT, this overlooks a couple of important things: provenance and the market.

56. Are NFTs Dead - What Does the Global NFT Market Growth Rate 2022 Tell Us

the current state of nfts in 2022

57. Why NFTs Are The Future Of Online Art Trading?

The art world is a highly lucrative industry, with a reputation for being both exclusive and enigmatic.

58. 4 Reasons Why Artists Should Create Art NFTs

Many artists hesitate to create NFTs, here's why they should.

59. How Holo-NFT Blurs the Line Between Traditional and Contemporary Art

The contemporary art world is well known for pushing boundaries and getting people to ask, “What is Art?”.

60. Creating NFTs on the Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin and NFTs are the future! But how do you create them? This article will show you how to create your very own NFTs on the blockchain.

61. 37xDubai Raises $5 Million from Morningstar Ventures to Build NFT Art Gallery for the Future

37x Dubai Raises $5 Million to Create NFT Art Gallery in Dubai.

62. New to NFTs? Six NFT Mistakes to Avoid

We all know that the NFT is the next big thing and has many forward-looking potentials and utilities. As you find more NFTs trading in different marketplaces,

63. Some NFT Projects Have Weathered the Storm but the Majority Failed

There have been poor outputs from much-hyped projects. Thankfully their day in the sun is over, making space for projects with tangible and intrinsic value.

64. 3 Ways to Increase NFT Adoption Among Artists

Let's talk about challenges and opportunities to increase adoption of art NFTs.

65. Music NFT Buyer’s Guide: Looking Into Types, Values, and Goals

This story will help you plan your music NFT purchase by going over the types of music NFTs, the goals of music NFTs, and how to determine the value.

66. Top 10 NFT Sales In 2021 That Broke All the Records

NFTs have become a creative and commercial revolution. Here are the top 10 largest NFT sales of 2021 that broke all the records for NFT sales in the past.

67. 5 Things You Might Not Know About NFTs

It’s becoming apparent there’s a lot more to the NFT hype than simply art dealing. So what are the 5 things that you still don’t quite get about NFTs?

68. NFTs are Democratizing the Art Industry for Everyone

This interview talks about NFTs and why it democratises the art industry by bringing digital art to the masses.

69. Launching an NFT Collection For Free

This article explains how to launch a NFT collection for free. Learn how to promote and launch a NFT collection without having to spend any money.

70. 5 Best Practices For Artists Creating NFTs

The NFT community is growing stronger and more dynamic by the day. This article covers the top challenges and five best practices using artist data.

71. What is Art? - Can This AI Algorithm Answer the Age-Old Question

Art is the flight of a soul, it addresses issues, unleashes the inner world of a person and aims to convey an either subtle, or heavily metaphorical sense.

72. How Weedbits is Bringing 420 Culture to the Metaverse

73. NFT Dry Spells? Maybe Not for “Zero to Hero” NFT

Crazy headlines saying that the total sales volumes of NFTs have plunged more than 90 percent. The next thing I remember, I had to launch my book immediately.

74. Viral Memes and NFTs: How Monetization Would Shape Communication on the Internet

An image or a video eliciting humor while portraying the thoughts and feelings of a specific audience is a meme.

75. Ethical White Hat Hacker Claims to Expose NFT Influencer Beanie

As NFT influencers go, Beaniemaxi has never been far from controversy. Is there finally enough proof to nail him as a scammer?

76. Batten down the hatches, Matey! Ye either a Punk, or it’s the plank for you!

Aye aye Captain! The Piracy Punks are a group of 10,000 ERC-1155 tokens on the blockchain launching October 4th

77. Future of NFTs - why art is just the beginning

Why NFT is a real revolution not only in the field of art but also in our digital identity.

78. DOGAMI is Bringing Petaverse - A Pet focussed AR Experience to the Tezos Ecosystem

DOGAMI is an NFT play-to-earn AR mobile game that is bringing Petaverse, a place where users adopt and raise 3D dogs and earn tokens in the Petaverse.

79. Non-Fungible Tokens Are The Future

How NFTs are the changing the game for owning a piece for true art.

80. Increase Engagement in Your NFT Discord Server With These 3 Methods

How do you increase engagement in your NFT Discord server? Find out how you can get people to interact with your project on discord.

81. “I Don’t See NFT As a Bubble”, Sebastian Clej on NFT Art And Blockchain Technology

Sebastian Clej on NFT Art And Blockchain Technology

82. #Debunked - 4 Common Myths About NFTs

NFTs are the digitized form of any artwork, and the people interested in these artworks can buy them from NFT marketplaces.

83. Exploring the Top 5 NFT Utilities in 2022

Let's explore the great utilities that NFTs bring to users. Read now!

84. What NFT Wallet Are You Sporting?

A review on the pros and cons of the best nft wallets: MetaMask, Coinbase, and Trust Wallet.

85. SundayMonday: A Renowned Pixel Artist Talks About His NFT Journey

SundayMonday is a renowned pixel artist who has made a name for himself by selling his art as NFTs on the blockchain.

86. Purr-fect New NFT Collection Who Keeps Waving Good Luck Back to its Collector

Meow! The Lucky Maneki NFT is prowling around the blockchain spreading good luck and fortune to all who collect them!

87. Artist to Create Van Gogh Meets Satoshi Nakamoto NFT Collection

Alireza Karimi Moghaddam partnered with blockchain’s Yacooba startup to create an astonishing and exclusive 12 NFT collection.

88. How to Become an NFT Artist: a Step-by-step Breakdown of an NFT Plan

Looking to become an NFT artist? Here is how you can become an NFT artist and fulfil your dreams to live a good life!

89. NFT and Intellectual Property: What Do You Get When You Buy an NFT?

One of the most confusing things about NFTs is intellectual property rights. When you buy an NFT, do you really get all the rights to an item or not?

90. SEC vs. BAYC: US Securities and Exchanges Commission targets NFTs

SEC is interested in one of the most popular NFT collections Bored Ape Yacht Club. Will it be a high-profile precedent for the entire art market of NFT.

91. 5 Most Popular NFT Marketplaces to Buy and Sell NFTs

In this article you will find best Best NFT Marketplaces and Top NFT Marketplaces in 2022 and Top NFT Platforms to Buy and Sell NFTs.

92. What’s Coming Next for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)?

A deep dive into Bored Ape Yacht Club's story, and it's coming Otherside metaverse.

93. Aping into NFTs: Here's Why You Should

A 12-year-old coder from north London has made headlines around the world selling nearly $400,000 worth of programmable NFT artwork. The success of Benyamin Ahmed has now won positive press from major outlets including The New York Times, Business Insider, CNBC, The Telegraph, BBC, ITV News, Mirror, NY Post, and Decrypt.

94. Conversation with an NFT Artist

An interview with Pierre Bourque, NFT artist and founded of Blockchain Radio.

95. Soldier Turned Sculptor Brings AK47s and NFTs Together on the Blockchain

London-based Bran Symondson uses AK47s as his medium, turning arguably the most dangerous weapon in the world into art.

96. OCEARCH NPO Partners with Rogue Sharks Solana NFT Project to Help Save our Oceans

OCEARCH and Rogue Sharks Announce New Strategic Partnership to Protect Our Oceans

97. A Brief Overview of NFT in 2 Minutes

Let's have a quick look at the overview of what NFT is.

98. Are NFT Artworks Any Good?

Artist and provocateur Brad Troemel recently stated in an Instagram slideshow post that the present state of NFT art is best defined as "visual dogshit."

99. NFTs: The Simplest Explanation You’ll Ever Read

Learn what an NFT is and why anyone would want to buy anything from this blockchain technology niche.

100. I Bought This Image For $1,500 (and I sold it for +50% in two weeks) Using NFTs

NFTs are the newest hype. Millions of dollars in transactions and to tell you the truth, I love how they disrupted the art gallery space.

101. Can NFTs Sustain as the Backbone for Digital Ownership?

Can the success of NFTs in the fine art, blockchain gaming, and venture capital space expand to the rest of the digital economy?

102. Every Walk of Life will Come into Indirect Contact with NFT Technology in the Coming Years

This article talks about celebrities NFTs and how celebrities are increasing the adoption of NFTs by leveraging their fanbase.

103. Top Platforms to Launch an NFT Collection for Digital Content Creators

Creators with zero to little coding experience can leverage any of these platforms to build an NFT collection, unlike many other currently available solutions.

104. Hiding Secrets: Steganography in Digital Arts and NFTs

The Da Vinci code for the NFT art generation is called steganography. Artists must use new techniques for hiding their secrets inside their artworks.

105. Becoming an NFT Photographer in 2022? Here's What You Need to Know

Are you a photographer? Consider attaching an NFT to your photographs. You don't want to miss out on the new blockchain platforms and cashing in on royalties.

106. NFTs & Traditional Art - Can They Co-Exist? The Daring Venture of MunchiesNFT

I met an NFT artist on a flight to the US. Here's what he taught me about NFTs.

107. NFT: Is GIFs Selling For Millions of Dollars The Economy of The Future?

NFT tokens are the blockchain trend in 2021, first of all, are related to the very industry’s most vibrant progress.

108. Music-Specific NFTs Have Massive Adoption Rates So Far

The year was 2000, and most people were worried about computer Y2K deficiencies disrupting their business, meanwhile on the radio, "NSync" was blaring worldwide. NSync's album, "No Strings Attached" sold 2.4 million copies in it's first week of release and almost 10 milion units by the end of the year. It's also the year compact discs (CDs) were starting to get phased out for Napster-styled streaming downloads.

109. 4 Steps Towards Owning Your First Art NFT

The following four steps will demystify the NFT buying process for you so that you approach purchasing your first NFT with confidence and excitement.

110. A Brief Intro to NFT Marketplaces

In this article you will gain some insights about NFT Marketplaces on different chains.

111. The Basics of NFTs [Infographic]

NFTs are certificates of ownership on digital collectibles, including but not limited to digital artwork.

112. A Brief Introduction to NFTs for Beginners

An NFT proves that a digital asset is the original asset and not a copy.

113. Curators Will Play a Major Role in Fostering Art NFTs — Here’s Why

Why Curators will have a role to play in fostering art NFTs just as they do in the real-world's art galleries and art industry by helping both collectors.

114. How Technology Enables Visual Artists to Create and Monetize Digital Art

What are hottest NFT trends and what to expect in the field of digital art?

115. 3 Interesting NFT Statistics: How NFTs are Being Adopted Globally

NFT ownership has increased throughout the globe, with Southeast Asian nations such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia leading the pack.

116. NFTs for Dummies: A Complete Guide to the World's Biggest Trend in Art Business

NFTs are the hottest thing in art right now. This book is your guide to understanding the technology and business behind these exciting new collectibles.

117. Hackers Are Stealing NFTs, and It’s Not As Easy as You Think

Unfortunately, even though NFTs are relatively new, there’s already been an issue of hackers stealing non-fungible tokens. Here's a closer look.

118. How to Market and Sell NFTs to Investors

This article talks about how projects can market and sell NFTs, building community and decentralized finance.

119. The Ultimate Guide to Create and Sell NFT Art

The Ultimate Guide to Create and Sell an NFT Art: Blockchain, NFT, Bitcoin, Crypto and more. Discover your inner artist and learn how to create, market and sell

120. BREAKING: Pedigree pups turn to life of crime following war with cats!

A pack of 10,000 Canines—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain, what will this shifty cartel get up to?

121. Naked Non-Binary Metamorphs Minted As ERC721 Tokens Are Coming To Explore the Metaverse

Naked Metas NFT Collection - A non binary species of metamorphs unique with their own metastones that live to explore in the Ethereum Blockchain.

122. AnRKey X NFT Sales Reach Top 10 in the World on Rarible

Over the last 30 days, AnRKey X’s NFT sales volume was in the top-10 in the entire world on

123. Here's Why NFTs Are The Hottest New Trend In Town: The Layman Edition

You know, if there’s one thing I do like about the internet, it’s the potential. Nearly everything is possible when the web is involved.  We’ve seen some strange things come out of the internet that have already proven to be successful. Immediate ideas that come to mind are things like crypto currencies and NFT’s. The NFT is a groovy way to own art but not have to worry about whether it fits on the wall at home. When you consider just how popular digital art is, it’s not hard to connect the dots and figure out the power of an NFT.

124. 4 NFT Projects for Spirituality Enthusiasts

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market has grown significantly over the years. Today, NFTs have become a hot-ticket item for different individuals and companies. Everyone's trying to get their hands on these tokens!

125. How Much Does it Really Cost to Create a Successful NFT Collection?

The common advice on how much it costs to create an NFT collection is BS. I pulled pricing from several pros to get the real cost of an NFT collection.

126. The Resurgence of Pudgy

Pudgy Penguin has skyrocketed in the last couple of weeks. Where has this come from? Is it here to stay? My personal experience with Pudgy and more.

127. Building a Whole New World for the Fine Art Community

ArtMeta is a metaverse designed to serve as a meeting place for artists and connoisseurs of fine art from all around the world.

128. CryptoPhunks: Just a Flip or a Movement?

It’s been just 2 weeks since I started my fall down the NFT rabbit hole… and it does feel like at least 6 months, to be honest.

129. Stickers NFTs Sold on Secondary Markets for as High as 50,000 USDT

Stickers platform has become a very popular NFT platform when it comes to digital art. Stickers NFTs Sold on Secondary Markets for as High as 50,000 USDT.

130. There's More To NFTs Than Just Collectibles and NFTfi

It is important to study the NFT space as a whole when considering investing in or creating new projects.

131. Gaming on the Blockchain Amidst the Bear Market

The hype around the bear market in cryptocurrencies is progressively fading, and in recent weeks, the cost to join the exclusive club for gamers has been rapidly falling.

132. Reinventing Rarity by the Foot with TiptoePunks NFTs

TiptoePunks NFTs add an interlocking feature to address the role of luck in scarcity.

133. Twitter Brings NFT Profile Pictures to Reality with QuickNode as NFTs become Mainstream

Twitter introduced NFT profiles to reality with the help of QuickNode making the future of NFTs mainstream.

134. A Game-Changing Platform to Discover NFTs tries to solve the fragmentation and the market flooding in the NFT space, offering a powerful non-fungible-tokens metasearch.

135. BASED VITALIK Creator Offers Full Refund and Moves to Free-to-Mint

NFT Creator ART101 puts community over profits, refunding entire community and making collection free-to-mint.

136. NFTs, The Next Frontier for Artists

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens open up new possibilities and opportunities for artists to get discovered and commissions. Learn how artists can benefit from NFTs.

137. NFTs on Bitcoin Are The Next Big Thing In Crypto

NFTs on Bitcoin, powered by Stacks blockchain, Clarity smart contract.

138. 5 NFT Trends to Follow in 2022

NFTs are finding new applications in various of industries, from fashion to real estate. Which sectors will profit the most in the coming year?

139. NFTs Are More Beneficial to Museums than You Think

How are museums using NFTs, and perhaps just as intriguing, why are they using NFTs?

140. What are Fractionalized NFTs

Fractional NFTs or F-NFTs, in simple terms, are NFTs that have been divided into a number of fractions and sold in pieces using tokens.

141. 5 NFT News Publications You Should Follow to Keep Up With the Industry

5 NFT News Publications You Should Follow to Keep Up With the Industry

142. The Past, Present, and Future of NFTs — And Why it Will be Wild...

This article gives an overview of the past and present NFT space. It also gives thought into the future of the Metaverse and specifically Wilder World.

143. How to Succeed in the NFT Art World as an Artist

This article talks about NFT based digital art and how artists can succeed in the world of crypto art by selling their artwork to users.

144. Generative Art is Here to Stay. Here's Why

Generative art intersects the art and computer science worlds. However, is it true art, is it here to stay, and which projects should you follow?

145. NFT Art Should be Valued Higher than Traditional Art

This article talks about how NFT based art should be valued. The article is a guide for NFT art investors on navigating the world of NFT based art.

146. Doodles: A Brand Exceeding the NFT Community

A breakdown on how and why Doodles are one of the biggest brands in the NFT space and why they will help bridge the gap from web2 to web3

147. Bringing Social Integration With Play to Earn (P2E) Gaming

NFTs are digitizing everything, whether physical or digital, making Web 3.0 the future of social integration.

148. An Intro to the Lithoverse and NFTs on CENNZnet

Litho, the CENNZnet’s NFT aggregator and marketplace is ready and open for business. Mint, search, buy and sell your NFTs fast and with super-low gas fees!

149. NFTs and The Sports Industry: The Perfect Pair

In this article, let’s find out what values NFTs bring to the sports world and how they contribute to the development of the sports industry.

150. Is It Too Late to Jump Into the NFT Space?

The story introduces different perspectives, acknowledges the state of the growing NFT ecosystem and the way artists see it and the challenges they face.

151. NFTs That Fight for Ukrainian Independence and Freedom

NFT initiatives aim to help Ukraine survive in the fight against the Russian aggressors. Check out to see how digital art helps people in need.

152. Building a Community Around Your NFT Project is Critical

This article talks about NFTs and how to market and build communities around NFT projects.

153. "The fundamental value of an NFT is not just dollars and cents," says the Founder of Hornicorn

I made Hornicons a community-driven project, so everyone has an equal voice, with the guidance from my expertise...

154. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs): A Guide for Beginners

Distributed ledger technology, including blockchain, is an emerging technology that can compete with traditional business models. Their models rely on slow and costly third parties to build trust between two parties who do not believe each other. However, to make the process easy, instant, and cheap, distributed ledger technologies have led to the concept of cryptocurrency that will eradicate the need for intermediaries.

155. Unique NFT Use Cases: What’s Beyond NFT Art?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been popularized through selling art. However, what's beyond NFT art? Let's take a look at other industries NFT can transform.

156. Text-to-Image: How AI Illustrates the War in Ukraine and What You Need to Generate Your Own Art

Text-to-Image: how AI illustrates the war in Ukraine and what you need to know to generate your own

157. ‘My Nightmares Inspire My Art,’ Says NFT Artist kertburger

I interviewed kertburger, a 2D and 3D digital artist on finding one's creative expression and how he got started with NFTs as a digital artist.

158. The NFT Art Boom is Not About Art (But There's Nothing Wrong with That)

NFT art isn't about art, but that's okay. Just because I can't wrap my head around spending hard-earned money on virtual bits doesn't mean anyone else can't.

159. The Rise of NFTs Means That Marketers Can Leverage Digital Scarcity

Non-fungible tokens are unique representations of digital assets. NFTs allow for better monetization and introduce a way to tokenize services and experiences.

160. 7 NFT Use Cases That Will (Probably) Survive the Hype

The hype for NFTs has slowly fallen off in 2022 but the use cases for them still remain exciting. Find out about the NFT use cases that will survive the hype.

161. Young Artist, LizArt, Sparkles on Flare Blockchain

LizArt, at 13, is selling out her art collections on Sparkles - and giving the profits to charity

162. Here's Why I'll Continue Buying NFTs

Tech investor, Visa Kannan, reflects on becoming a new NFT-owner. What the upside scenarios look like, the value NFTs bring and also if she would buy another.

163. Are NFTs Real Art? Four Artists, One Question

I discuss the nature of NFT art with artist and supermodel, Sasha Pivovarova, and world-renowned artists Emmanuel Flipo, Igor Vishnyakov, and Artem Mirolevich.

164. Is the Hype Surrounding NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain a New Trend?

The Ordinals protocol recently implemented the ability to add NFTs to Bitcoin transactions without requiring a separate sidechain or token.

165. How NFTs and Museums are Creating A Digital Art Revolution

NFTs (and their derivatives) are the future of art, and museums are the perfect place to start. Explore the latest trends in NFTs and how they're changing

166. Don't Make These Mistakes When Launching an NFT

In this article, I share 5 typical mistakes NFT founders make so you can learn from them and launch your NFT project successfully.

167. Are the Creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club Copying the Idea of a Young Crypto Project?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a popular collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain that has taken the crypto world by storm.

168. Are NFTs Here to Stay?

Limarc Ambalina, Ellen Stevens, and Amy Tom debate the future of NFTs. This Week On Planet Internet - are NFTs here to stay? Will the hype die down?

169. How the NFT Breathes New Life Into Branded Content Marketing

How companies can protect their branded content and take their brand marketing to the next level by tapping into the NFT space.

170. How the NFT Art Market Works

An NFT or non-fungible token is a unique digital asset that stores image data, audio files, video, or the digital equivalent of a physical asset.

171. NFT Advantages in Gaming for Publishers and Players

NFT is an emerging technology with the potential of revolutionizing the gaming sector. It has already started changing how people used to earn from games.

172. Famous 3D Artist Gal Yosef Announces Meta Eagle Club Collection Backed by Fine Art Eden Gallery

Famous 3D Artist Gal Yoseh Launches 3D NFT Collection as the NFT’s Become Mainstream.

173. I Organized An Entire Conference In 30 days: Take That, Gary Vee

This summer I run my first own conference using NFTs as tickets and it was epic. This is how I did it (and how you can do your own!)

174. The NFT Artist Who Wants People To Make Decisions For “The Presidents”

This artist created the largest NFT collection of leaders (20,000 avatars) for a project that grants users access to its governance system over its presidents.

[175. Guiding to the NFT Marketplace -

A Unique Business Module]( A complete guide in developing an NFT marketplace. Create your own NFT Marketplace easily.

176. Niftables is Changing NFTs Experience with AR and VR Features That Make Metaverse Feel Real

Niftables is introducing a while-label NFT solution for brands and creators that allows for the development of NFT platforms without any struggle.

177. The Quest of Investors for the Next Bored Ape NFT Project

The success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club has proven that big NFT successes can exist. These projects have the potential to match the BAYC's success in the future

178. The Best PixelArt Software and NFT Projects to Follow in 2023

Today, there is nostalgia for pixel art. The creativity of the 90s is returning to the modern world as a fashion item to stand out and offer a unique product.

179. 16 Most Influential Women in The NFT Movement

NFT is one of the hottest topics of the year. Meet sixteen notable and influential women in the NFT world!

180. NFTs and The Metaverse, The Next Big Step For Art and Culture

Have you ever held onto an event ticket from a memorable night?

181. 5 Trends Shaping the Future of NFTs

Let's take a look at 5 NFT trends that are positioned to transform the gaming industry, how we manage our identities and even how healthcare will work.

182. How NFTs Will Disrupt These 5 Major Industries

The ticketing industry is ripe for disruption. Tickets will eventually be sold as NFTs through the event directly instead of ticket marketplaces.

183. “I Am Pushing The Boundaries Of Art and Tech”, Jay Rosen On Bridging Art And Technology

Jay Rosen has a visible footprint in the worlds of art and technology.

184. The Benefits of NFTs and Web3 for Musicians

For decades, artists and musicians have gotten the short end of the stick, struggling against outdated gatekeeping models and unfair compensation.

185. The Ultimate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Guide: Use Cases, Ecosystem, Benefits & Challenges

The NFTs phenomenon is explored in several aspects: main features and standards, use cases, ecosystem landscape and market overview, benefits and challenges.

186. NFTs: How They'll Help Us Move Forward and Rebuild

From underpinning decentralized credit scores to prediction markets, NFTs will play an increasingly pivotal role in reenvisioning Defi's full potential.

187. NFTs Don't Work The Way You Might Think: Misconceptions About NFTs

The thought that NFT is dead to me is a misconception. Let's walk you through 10 misconceptions that I see often.

188. What the UK Royal Mint's "Official" NFT Means for Global NFT Policy Adoption

The UK Treasury's move to create an official NFT is certainly a positive step forward in terms of governmental policy support of NFT and blockchain.

189. Your NFTs Are Yours, for Now: And That’s the Problem

Your NFTs Are Yours, For Now: The problem with NFTs.

190. NFT are Officially on Instagram with the NFT Toolkit 📱

Let’s dive into what we can expect from this NFT toolkit and also touch on the rise of web3’s native social media ecosystem

191. What are NFTs and Why Should I Care About Them

Understanding NFTs, knowing what they are, what they are used for and how to buy or sell them

192. Having Revolutionized Art, NFTs Are Now Coming for Photography

NFTs are transforming the world and building the virtual economy. Here, we look at the industry where NFTs could bring about the next revolution, photography.

193. How NFTs Are Overhauling the Creator Economy

Creators generate an enormous volume of content. Here, I discuss the detrimental effects of centralization and how an NFT-enabled creator economy can help.

194. Introducing the CENNZnet DApp and NFT Hackathon

Calling all aspiring DApp devs and aspiring NFT creators. Join us at CENNZnet for our 3-week hackathon in partnership with Gitcoin.

195. Want to Buy NFTs!? Here Are 7 Reasons You Should!

Why do I have to invest and buy some NFTs? Let's explore some objective reasons to get an NFT!

196. Adopting The Dynamics of NFTs To Raise Cancer Awareness

Don't miss out this NFT collection. The art is stunning and holders have access to fruitful benefits while empower women who fight against cancer & raise awaren

197. Join the Silent Revolution of WEB 3

This is how WEB 3.0 will empower artists and content creators beyond the power of present-day gatekeepers like Facebook and Spotify through the blockchain.

198. Art Collecting Launches NFT Platform on Tezos Blockchain Domain

The team is pleased to announce the launch of a new NFT platform.

199. Slogging Insights: Let's Talk About NFTs

NFTs have blown up in the past year. Are people using NFTs the wrong way? Also, should NFTs have a use case?

200. Why NFTs are Hated - Some Remarkable Criticisms

In 2021, Collins Dictionary ranked NFT as the word of the year. Today, it has remained a focal point in web 3 — thanks to its army of critics.

201. The Continuum (CNTNM) Bands Together NFT Creators in Building the World’s First Infinite Art Project

CNTNM, short for The Continuum, offers an alternative and a solution to these immutable, monotonous NFT collections.

202. Interview With an NFT Collector - What You Learn by Buying 4,000 NFTs

Benjamin Leff shares his story in collecting over 4,200 NFTS and how the blockchain and NFT space has changed in the past 8 years.

203. How to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2023

Today, content marketing is integral to any brand effort. It helps achieve a wide range of goals, from tailoring brand perception and raising awareness to attracting traffic and increasing conversions, smoothly paving your company’s way towards becoming a market leader.

204. A Commitment to a Pristine World Ecology by the NFT Ecosystem

How the NFT ecosystem can demonstrate a commitment to a pristine ecology

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