The Worms of Purgatory: When the Hunter Becomes the Huntedby@huffhimself

The Worms of Purgatory: When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

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Vincent lives in a post-apocalyptic Earth called "Purgatory," a result of genetic experiments gone wrong. Giant, genetically engineered sandworms roam the Earth, making life perilous for the surviving inhabitants who live under domes. The story hints that Earth's elite and wealthy have escaped to outer space, while those who couldn't afford it remained behind. Vincent and Daryl's ancestors were among those who stayed. Vincent's team is tasked with investigating seismic activity suggesting a large movement of worms. They use devices that mimic the sound of rain to lure the worms to the surface, as the creatures come above ground during rainfall. After successfully luring and slaughtering a group of worms, they return to their city only to find it has been attacked by another group of worms. Vincent realizes the creatures may not be as unintelligent as they believed. The worms' simultaneous attack on their city and response to their luring devices suggests a level of coordination and strategic planning. The story ends with Vincent and his leader, Felix, recognizing that they might be up against a more formidable enemy than they initially thought.
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by Michael Huff @huffhimself.Michael Huff is currently retired, so of course, that means he is a real estate agent, a writer and a homesteader. He's been married over forty years and has two sons and four grandchildren, so far.
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