Identifying Uniswap Impersonating Scams on Discord: A Checklistโ€‚by@alfredodecandia

Identifying Uniswap Impersonating Scams on Discord: A Checklist

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Often, some of the projects in the crypto and blockchain world use the Discord platform to communicate and interact with their users, because it is more convenient and allows them to better manage their activity, and also limits potential scammers compared to the Telegram chat. .

Today I want to report a new scam that is circulating on Discord that I came across and therefore we will analyze all the information that we can recover from the scammers and how they operate.

By checking the messages section of my Discord, I realize that I have received a message from a user with a familiar name, namely Uniswap, and in the content of the message we can see that there is an airdrop in progress:


Nothing suggests that a real scam is hidden behind it also because both the name and the logo are authentic, or at least they seem, because it is in the link provided that we have some surprises and it does not match the original one, because the original site ends with an extension. org, while that of scammers with .site

If we use a tool for verifying domains, we discover that this domain was registered only a few days ago, ie on 23-03-2021, and here the first alarm bell is already going off:


But how does this scam work?

The content of the scammer's message explains that there was an airdrop of 2.5 ETH and that by following the link we can connect our wallet and claim these cryptocurrencies, quite tempting given the price per single unit of ETH.

Then the victim, taken by euphoria, clicks and follows the link of the message and takes us to a page that mirrors the official Uniswap one but with something different, because among the possible wallets we have only MetaMask and not other known wallets and known:


But this is where the trap is triggered, because as soon as we click on the Metamask item, it takes us back to another page where we must enter the seed of our wallet and also the password of the same, which should never be done, especially if the relative wallet already installed:


Also because if we put false parameters, it will return an error message telling us that we must enter at least 12 words, and then the password, thus demonstrating that the scam ends here, and we will not be able to do anything or even redeem these phantom ETH, which obviously they will be fictitious.

With this memory, the invitation to decline any direct message from strangers and above all who reward us with some crypto, because in 99.9% of cases we are faced with a scam designed specifically for us.


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