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Get Paid To Play Oldie Games - Yes, You Heard That Right

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Author of "Mastering EOS" & "Mastering DeFi" blockchain specialist, android developer

The blockchain is certainly an important tool that has no limits especially in the gaming world and therefore both the objects of the related game and the proceeds of the same, run on blockchain and can be monetized by anyone, receiving their own crypto in exchange.

Unfortunately, there are not many games that are interesting or that we can like and in addition we must also know the relative reference blockchain and also have the correct crypto and wallet to interact with them without problems.

But if there was a method to play traditional yokes and also recover crypto, wouldn't it be perfect?

Well, a project has been launched, Womplay, which allows you to take advantage of traditional games, both on PC and on mobile, regardless of whether on Android or iOS, and recover crypto, in this case EOS, all simply and comfortably as a registration on the relevant platform.

In fact, at Womplay it is possible to register with 4 different methods such as Google, Twitter, Facebook or Apple accounts, therefore open to almost everyone and then connect your EOS account, in fact Womplay is a platform created by the team behind the Wombat wallet that has the advantage of creating an EOS account for free and then receiving the related EOS on the account we will create.

Once inside the platform, we will be able to choose the game that interests us, divided both by earning opportunities and by type of game, such as strategic, puzzle and so on, simply by clicking on the relevant game and then installing it through the appropriate link, in fact in this way Womplay will be able to track our progress in the game and award us prizes, which are called wombucks, every time we complete missions, and then as soon as we have received these wombucks, we will be able to exchange them for EOS, in fact not there is a minimum threshold to reach, and anyone can participate in the pool that will distribute the EOS, once a week, to those who have deposited their wombuks by simply pressing the "Join" button:


We are not talking about simple and unknown games but about real games developed by promising teams, in fact some of these are:

-ย Forge of Empire

-ย Elvenar

-ย Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

-ย Worlds of Warships (for pc)

Once we play the various games, we can go to our profile and see the wombucks won so far and also all the various EOS payouts that have been sent to our EOS account:


As you can see, I myself have taken the trouble to test it and for several months, and all the payments that have been made to my EOS account, demonstrating that there are no tricks or deceptive systems, all based on the EOS blockchain.

So not only will we be able to play our favorite games and in complete freedom, since many are right on smartphones, but by playing we will also be rewarded, going to close the circle and actually find ourselves in the "play to earn" situation but with crypto and therefore with an asset that could increase significantly over time.

Imagine if at the dawn of the blockchain and bitcoin, you could recover BTC by playing a mobile game, now after 10 years, you would have a real heritage and who knows now history could repeat itself, so have fun everyone.


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