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Will Robots Take Your Job: Reality or a Misconception?

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@emily-danielEmily Daniel

Emily is a tech writer, with expertise in entrepreneurship, & innovative technology algorithms.

There has been a lot of fear regarding human beings being made redundant due to artificial intelligence and automation taking away their jobs. The recruitment industry is one of the many sectors AI has enhanced in recent years. AI and robots are used to optimize the workflow through machine learning and problem-solving. Automation with AI helps to dig the best resource out of many available candidates. The ability of robots and AI to provide efficient outcomes swiftly is the reason for the massive adoption of these technologies. There is no divided opinion about the fact that digital workers known as robots are performing more of the work traditionally done by humans so saying that these AI-based robots are taking away human jobs is nothing more than a  dystopian claim. 

Robots are taking over rote tasks that humans used to do manually so they are not eliminating jobs for anyone in any way but they are actually making the work more exciting and interesting by providing new opportunities for business-wide advancements. Robots are revolutionizing workers by bringing a change in their workflow. Without a doubt, there is a lot of silver lining to these clouds. Here are a few ways digital workers are positively upending and improving the workplace for all. 

A Higher Level Of Operational Agility

In a workforce, individuals have different levels of skills and abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, the same is the truth within the mix of human and digital laborers. As there are some responsibilities better suited to someone in finance vs. The HR department, there are some tasks better aligned with robots’ skill set.  With a blend of humans and robots, each can be matched to their respective tasks for a fully optimized workforce. Is there anyone who wants to spend an entire day on manual data entry? that too, without making any error?

It's highly not likely. But this is still a job that needs to be done in no time. Robots can do this task easily and perfectly in half the time taken by humans. So robots reduce the risk of omissions in the work and take the pressure off the employees so that they can focus on higher-value activities. Automation is revolutionizing the work by driving a change in workflow.  Robots and artificial intelligence are assisting employees and organizations by speeding up tasks by adding operational agility. 

An Amplified Human Workforce

Verily, automation by AI and robots is changing the way we work and play a crucial role in the future of the workplace with a vision of not to replace but to amplify human employee for greater productivity and efficiency. When employees are not overly occupied they can spare time to think critically and creatively and bring innovative ideas to light. Businesses who employ robots to work alongside humans have much to gain. 

More Rewarding And Meaningful Work

Not only robots contribute to a streamlined workforce but they can also make for happier employees by lessening the burden. Automation has relieved workers of the tedious parts of their jobs that take considerable time and effort to accomplish. This has given the employees more time to produce thoughtful analysis of every task.

According to research, 87% of knowledge workers are comfortable with re-skilling in order to work alongside a digital workforce. Robot’s ability to build stronger customer relationships has made work more rewarding.

Why People Should not Fear AI and Robots?

Here are some reasons why people should not be afraid of AI and Robots:

Robots do not know everything

Thanks to Hollywood movies and sci-fi novels, we have gone overboard with the unrealistic portrayal of AI robots and supercomputers. Such AI and robots that are reared to take over the world do not exist. 

AI creates new jobs

AI has led to the creation of many jobs. For instance, smartphones combined with AI technology have given birth to many apps like Uber which have created driving jobs for anyone with a car.

It makes for a better consumer experience:

AI can analyze a user's behavior, thanks to data-processing expertise, it can then respond accordingly. It can create an enhanced environment for people. 

So to wrap up, it is obvious that robots are not the job killers but provide more jobs. In fact, one of the crucial things in recruitment is to find the best fit with relevant skills and match, and this done by automated sourcing of potential candidates. Sourcing out only the potential candidates out of the many is a daunting task when done manually but AI has gained ground in this as well.

AI solutions can analyze more than 300 million social media profiles in no time and personalized messages can also be sent using this technology. So AI and robotics are nothing to be afraid of rather these technologies are creating more ease in creating new jobs.

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@emily-danielEmily Daniel

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Emily is a tech writer, with expertise in entrepreneurship, & innovative technology algorithms.


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