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10 Ways AI Has Changed Our Lives

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@bella-williamsBella Williams

The human race has come a long way in history. The recent technological advancements contribute to this progress, making lives easier for everyone. Robots, supercomputers and interactive applications are no longer science-fiction tropes. Data scientists and machine learning engineers are working on realistic machines with human-like intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an integral part of our everyday life. From our smartphones to the GPS navigation in our cars- life without AI seems impossible. Here are some ways that AI impacts our life;

Improved Healthcare and Treatments

There was a time when a simple cough and cold could be fatal to human life. Over the decades, the healthcare sector has come up with effective treatments to cure serious ailments. Today, we can heal cancerous growths, ulcers, deadly injuries, nervous conditions and more. AI helps doctors in successfully diagnosing diseases in the human body. The advance scanners, ultrasound machines, probes are intuitive enough to detect the minutest of changes. Artificial intelligence also speeds up the treatment and recovery process for most patients. Disabled patients can now live a healthy life with robotic limbs.

Enhanced Data Management

Data is an essential asset for any organization that wants to survive intense competition online. The recent e-commerce trends and the rising influence of social media have only made things attractive. Companies can no longer claim a monopoly over the market and offer substandard services. Clichรฉ as it might sound, but it is a consumerโ€™s market after all. The customer has no shortage of choices. It is you who has to pull up your socks and tap into the valuable insights and demand metrics. Artificial Intelligence now aids
developers design complex databases for storing, sorting and arranging raw data. This data is then analyzed and used to predict future trends and customer preferences.ย 

Easier Navigation

Thanks to AI, it is impossible to get lost! With an extensive global positioning system installed in almost every device, we can now determine our live location. However, the wonders of GPS are not limited to you finding your way to the supermarket. GPS is an indispensable part of the transport industry. Aircraft, trains, cab companies and other service-based sectors use AI for traffic detection and safer navigation. Book tickets, place online orders, track the location of your package- everything is a touch away. AI also improves website navigation and access. With intuitive website builders, you can build functional dynamic web pages from scratch without any coding. ย ย

Cybersecurity and Decreased Risks

With GPS, it is easier to track criminals and locate them anywhere in the world. AI technology is indispensable in cybersecurity. You donโ€™t have to worry about data theft, hacking, and other online threats. Armed with voice recognition software, AI platforms also offer better protection against
unauthorized access. This improves the chances of detecting terrorist camps, predict adversities and prevent calamities. Some platforms use AI to detect activities deep underground as well. It gives scientists an idea about earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other disasters. This allows authorities to gather force and execute successful evacuation programs. AI, therefore, is crucial in disaster management.

Machine-oriented Manufacturing

With machines becoming smarter and self-sufficient, the need for human labor has become obsolete. Manufacturing units prefer automated engines to boost their production process. Using devices removes the scope of human error. Plus, companies also save the cost of employing people for a job that can now be done by machines. Today, AI-powered devices can complete the tasks faster and more efficiently than the best of human teams. Entrepreneurs are applying machine learning and deep learning technologies in multiple industries. Artificial Intelligence also enhances service-based sectors. The hospitality industry, aviation, e-commerce- AI has left no industry untouched.

Smart Weather Forecasting

With AI technology, weather reports are also far more accurate than they were in the past. It is easier to study the climate, predict storms and excessive rainfall in specific areas. It gives authorities the time required to get the inhabitants to a safer location. GPS and weather prediction systems get live feed from satellites for accurate and actionable information. It is, therefore, more comfortable to prevent natural disasters which would have otherwise led to the loss of life and property. Forecasting also assists
the agricultural sector, giving farmers accurate insights on upcoming rains and drought spells.

Personalized and Interactive Experiences

Everything we need is now at our fingertips. Students have better access to information. Institutions and learning spaces optimize on AI-based frameworks to improve teaching techniques. Students can stream live lectures, interact with machine-controlled bots to simplify the learning process.

Whatโ€™s more, mobile phones are more interactive and intuitive than before. There are special applications for scheduling events, setting reminders, saving notes, sending messages, storing pictures and more. Even websites and streaming platforms come tailor-made to our tastes. There are AI algorithms that chart your web activity and shows you content that matches your preferences.

Time-Effective and Sustainable

Artificial intelligence platforms save you a lot of time and effort. Companies save tons of money and resources in the manufacturing process. Businessmen also save time on the distribution and shipping of the packages. Customers can track their orders, determine the date and time of the delivery and more. AI makes everyoneโ€™s life a lot easier. It removes the risk of repetition, improves accuracy and accounts for quicker error detection. Furthermore, AI is a sustainable, renewable resource that has no limit. There is immense scope for research in this field, opening new avenues of development.

Holistic Entertainment

AI-powered entertainment platforms have caused a revolution in mainstream media. Earlier, the technology was used only in the gaming industry. The first-ever usage of artificial intelligence for entertainment was in role-playing games. The modern-day gaming platforms incorporate intuitive graphics, better interaction opportunities and overall realistic experience. Add to that the VR/AR devices, and we have a whole new virtual sphere that looks and feel extremely real!

The Social Impact

AI even left a lasting impact on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram have chat bots and automated platforms for checking the credibility of users. These networks also trace our online activity, thereby
getting insights into our preferences. This makes it easier for companies to
marketing their product and pitch services that cater to our needs. AI is also applied to fight online trolling, cyber bullying and detect offensive content online.

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As a technology enthusiast, Bella contributes to open-source projects. She is also a Consultant for topmygrades and part time academic tutor at expertassignmenthelp and loves to write about students. When she not helping students, you can find her enjoying a bar of chocolate, traveling or taking a stroll down the beach. You can also find her on LinkedIn.


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