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Uber Technologies, Inc. provides ride hailing services. The Company develops applications for road transportation, navigation, ride sharing, and payment processing solutions. ...

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10K+ employees
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Since 2009
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1078 at Alexa

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Uber's Secret Algorithm to Calculate Fares
Published at Sep 21, 2022 by TheMarkup
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How Uber Uses AI to Improve Deliveries
Published at May 23, 2022 by whatsai
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A Much-Needed Truce Between Uber Drivers and Taxis
Published at May 17, 2022 by saragpinto
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Startup Stories: The 'Uber Success' of Uber
Published at Aug 31, 2021 by scott-d.-clary

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Qualcomm exec thinks AI will help smartphones eclipse dedicated cameras soon
Published at Sep 28, 2022 by Digital Photography Review
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Deep learning from a dynamical viewpoint
Published at Sep 14, 2022 by Phys.org
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Founded by Google and Uber Data and Machine
Published at Sep 14, 2022 by TMCnet

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