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Warframe Void Storm Guide

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Just released with Update 30, Call of the Tempestarii, Warframe’s Void Storms offer a new way for you to open your sweet, sweet relics for those primes and ducats. This new game mode lets you take your relics into new mission types that mix the usual Void Fissures with Railjack’s Empyrean missions. Getting dropped into one of these can be overwhelming because so much will be going on and with much of it going unexplained.

This guide should cover the general flow of a mission and help you keep up with your team. 

Riding into the Void Storms

Void Storms can be accessed through the Railjack mission selection menu under the same icon as Void Fissures and come in the same four tiers that we’ve all come accustomed to. The difficulty is scaled according to the tier which makes it important to have a properly equipped Railjack. 

The relic selection menu is no different from the usual one. Like all Empyrean missions, the host’s Railjack will be used for the squad. 

Surviving the Void Storms

Void Storms use Empyrean mission structures. Just listen to Cy give out orders and take out the Crewships and fighters the usual way to progress through the level. The catch is, you still need reactant to open the relics. Unfortunately, these don’t drop from vehicles and must be collected from Corrupted infantry, just like normal.

Being Railjack, though, much of the focus isn’t on dealing with infantry. It’s surprisingly easy to blow through some missions without getting all the drops. To mitigate this risk, you can hang about without clearing the objective in order to get more enemies to spawn and collect their drops. You can also maximise their spawns by taking advantage of the four main places they come from.

  1. Ramsleds
  2. Crewships
  3. Away Team objectives
  4. Derelicts

Ramsleds are the boarding torpedoes the enemy will launch at you. If you are worried that you won’t get enough drops, you can let yourself get boarded, let the enemies get corrupted and kill them once they’re done. 

Crewships can be farmed for drops as well by killing the crew before blowing it up. The new Corpus Crewships are especially good for this as it’s harder to bypass enemies in Corpus Crewships than Grineer ones. 

The Away Team objectives should get you all the drops you need but there seem to be a finite number of spawns with some objectives so be careful and let them spawn first. 

Finally, derelicts. These don’t always spawn and you will need to find them yourself unless you have the 7th Pilot intrinsic that will mark them on the map. You should do these anyway because of the extra drop and because they give you another chance to grab more reactant from the enemies guarding the derelicts

Don’t worry if you’re stuck on the ship as the pilot. Unlike Void Fissures, reactant drops are automatically shared with the whole party which encourages people to actually man the Railjack and is a nice touch.  

Playing Solo

These missions are quite doable while playing Solo, if that suits your fancy. You can use your Railjack Crew here to man the ship while you’re away completing objectives. If you’re worried about boarders steamrolling your crew, you can use a Kuva Lich as a defender and keep the rest of your guys safe. 

Unfortunately, the crew can’t be told to point the Railjack at a target which makes it hard to use the Forward Artillery and Archwing Slingshot to their full effect. 

Why you should do the Void Storms

To be perfectly honest, there are more efficient ways to open relics. Void storms aren’t as fast as spamming Captures and Exterminates and don’t bring the same rewards for persisting as Survivals and Defences. What they do bring, however, are great drop rates for Radiant relics and Void Traces. The highest level of Void Storms have drops for 100 traces which is hard to beat.

As an added bonus Sevagoth, the ghost themed Warframe, drops from Void Storms alongside his signature weapon, Epitaph. 

They’re also a great way of getting Railjack affinity for command intrinsics and Railjack scrap for higher level missions. DE have been spending a great deal of time on Railjacks and it’s safe to assume that more content will be dependent on your Railjack. 

The option to use Archwings and Necramechs adds a further opportunity to get affinity for them, too. It may not be the most efficient way of levelling them but it might be fun to break up the monotony. 

Final thoughts on Void Storms

Overall, this new mission type mixes two game modes for some nice variety which is always great in Warframe. The tradeoff is that these aren’t the most efficient way of getting any of the rewards but it offers a great mixture for a fun part of the game.  

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