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Top 5 Roblox Tycoon Games to Get Rich In

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Roblox’s Tycoon Games have been a cornerstone of the platform’s offerings. Effectively a cross between a management game and occasionally a simulator, these games give players the chance to accumulate wealth and get good various things?

The thing is, while each tycoon game has the same general loop of spending resources to get infrastructure to get more resources to build more things to eventually get everything, they can be pretty unique. 

Some of these games even transcend Roblox’s conventional limitations and offer experiences closer to classic management builder games than typical Roblox experiences. Others mix genres to give players more interactivity than normal tycoon games.

Either way, these games are long, long experiences that you might want an informed opinion on before you dive in. Keep reading to see what we think are five of the best tycoon games to get rich in.

1. Roblox Theme Park Tycoon 2 by Den_S


This game is perhaps one of the most impressive Roblox games out there. Instead of following a linear upgrade path to slowly crawl up and instead of using pads to make purchases, Theme Park Tycoon 2 has a far more elegant solution. The game is really a Roblox-ified Roller Coaster Tycoon. Rides, paths, decorations and shops can be placed onto the map with an interface similar to Frontier’s Roller Coaster Tycoon. While this system must have been incredibly difficult to develop, it pays off when your theme park looks completely different to your neighbours. 

When it comes to the most important parts of the theme park, there are plenty of rides to fill your theme park with. There are some simple ones like the teacups and the carousel right up to gargantuan roller coasters. Each ride can be managed through a menu that lets you alter the price of each ride and more. 

There’s so much to this game that it has its own Wiki and has had 623 million visits. 

Play it here

2. Roblox Restaurant Tycoon 2 by Ultraw

Imagine if Cooking Mama and Diner Dash had a blocky baby. Restaurant Tycoon 2 would be that baby. This game starts you out in a small restaurant that you develop as the game goes on which is pretty standard as tycoon games go but doesn’t fully encapsulate what makes this game incredibly fun. 

One of the more impressive parts of the game is the player's ability to take part in both cooking and waiting on tables. When waiting, you can guide customers to their seats, bring them their food and, most importantly, take their money when they leave. As a chef, you play a minigame, hitting keys in the right order as you prepare and cook the food your restaurant will serve. Each dish has its own combination to understand, something which you’ll be rewarded for doing as serving customers quickly gets you more money. 

It won’t take long before it’s impossible for you to handle the restaurant alone which isn’t much of a problem as you can hire staff to take over those roles. These staff members even level up as they work, getting better at their jobs. 

Another impressive part of this game are the cuisines you can choose from. Classics like American, Japanese, and Chinese are joined with more interesting options like South American, African, and Australian, among many, many others. You will eventually be able to cook them all as you expand your business which is a particularly fun part of the game. 

Play it here

3. Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2 by Defaultio


I played this game a decade ago when it first came out and I couldn’t recognise it in its 2021 form. As the name suggests, you establish and grow a logging company by chopping down trees and selling the wood. 

It’s simple but gets very complicated very fast. Selling raw lumber isn’t actually very profitable, which can be easily solved by getting a sawmill. Getting wood in and out of the sawmill is finicky at best but can be easily solved with a longer conveyor belt. The conveyor belt may have wood rotating in such a way it cannot enter the sawmill which can be easily solved with another gizmo. And so on and so forth. Designing a truly efficient system is expensive in both time and money and is really, truly satisfying. 

The only issue is that Roblox seems ill-equipped with dealing with the complexity this game brings. Lumber Tycoon 2 can lag pretty badly even when there isn’t much going on. 

Play it here

4. Roblox Superhero Tycoon by Super Heroes


This game has an admittedly strange concept. I’m pretty sure that the majority of superheroes don’t power themselves with money. Regardless, this game lets you play as some of the most famous superheroes by farming money and buying their powers like Green Lantern’s many projections and the Flash’s speed. It doesn’t make much sense.

This all ties into the fact that the game has PvP combat, letting you pit your hero against others. It’s a shame that it’s inherently imbalanced by dint of being a tycoon game. It also gives you guns that are far more lethal than any powers you can buy, which is a real bummer. 

Play it here

5. Roblox Wizard Tycoon by TheFermiParadox


This game is all about playing a tycoon game to get more magic goodies to head out and fight other players. Unfortunately, much of this game consists of clicking on a single square and watching the money grow. What does make this game worth recommending, though, is its co-op mode which groups players up in pairs. It breaks up part of the monotony and makes the PvP combat more fun. It can be enjoyable, if annoying.

Play it here

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