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5 Best Roblox Survival Games

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Roblox survival games are almost as old as the platform itself. This genre takes Roblox’s flexible game engine and mixes it with a variety of interesting special situations ranging from the expected to the absurd. Finding survival games on Roblox isn’t hard but finding the best ones can be difficult given how long this type of game has been around.

So if you’re looking to get a taste of these games, stick around and read what we think are the five best Roblox survival games available on the platform today. 

1. Survive a Plane Crash

This game challenges you to survive a plane crash, either when it begins to fall out of the sky or while a player acting as the pilot fails to navigate the aircraft through a mountain range. Like many of the survival games on this list, the premise and task are simple enough. However, actually getting out of the plane is a challenge. 

Each round progresses from takeoff to sudden crash with the plane’s status being reflected in rumbles, shakes and explosions from each event that leads to the aircraft’s destruction. When experienced with this game’s surprisingly good music, it’s easy to feel tension as the engines blow out one by one and oxygen masks fall out of the overhead compartments. Survival isn’t easy and you’re likely to die. Still, it can be a lot of fun to experience. 

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2. 🚁Disaster Hotel: Remastered


This is one of the older survival games on Roblox and is pretty simple as things go. Players choose to spawn in various areas around the hotel and will have to play until the map is reset, usually with the hotel in ruins. 

Any number of random events will play over the course of a round. At the start, a flying, exploding boat may slam into the hotel and blow a good chunk of it out. Later on, a meteor might punch through the hotel, spreading fire through its structure. Or a fire itself might slowly spread through it, killing players it traps. 

Like many survival games, this one is a little morbid but is fascinating to see the hotel slowly crumble as one disaster hits it after another. By the end of one match, I had to dodge falling chunks as a typhoon ripped it apart before it collapsed for good. 

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3. Natural Disaster Survival


This is a newer, fancier version of Disaster Hotel that has incredibly varied gameplay. It draws on a wide pool of disasters and pairs them with maps that can lead to interesting combinations. A theme park could be engulfed in flame, spreading flames across the rides. A race track could find itself in a blizzard, forcing racers to scramble for whatever shelter they can find. 

This game’s randomness keeps things fresh, though some interactions between disasters and maps can make it easy to cheese. 

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Unlike the other Roblox survival games, this one keeps things simple. There will always be a tsunami coming to wipe everyone out but the players will always be somewhere different. One instance sees players scramble on jet skis frantically outrunning the tsunami. Another has them scramble for high ground as progressively higher waves surge through the map. 

Like Natural Disaster Survival, some levels can be laughably easy to clear when the map is just right. If there aren’t too many players, it can be quite easy to climb up trees and the like. This game is also not as exciting to play as other survival games as the tsunamis don’t destroy scenery in the same ways. 

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5. Survive the Night


This is more of a horror game but is still quite a bit of fun to play. This Roblox survival game is all about surviving a night in a haunted estate, hiding from a supernatural killer. The game is reminiscent of Phasmophobia except that players don’t need to hunt down the monster. 

It’s incredibly complex for a Roblox game, forcing the player into the first person. It has custom sounds such as creaky doors, loud footsteps, and a heartbeat that gets louder as the monster gets closer. It’s effective, tense, and more than a little frightening. It definitely gets the heart pumping. 

The map itself is well designed with plenty of places to hide in with an oppressive darkness that makes it hard to make a safe decision. 

Play it here!

Final thoughts on the best Roblox Survival Games

Overall, this is a varied genre with plenty of interesting choices. The ones included on this list were chosen based on how well they fit the term “survival”. Others, like one that has players survive an anime-infested Area 51 (which we discussed on our best Roblox anime games), are still a lot of fun. You should try to find them. 

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