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Things to Consider Before Buying a Domain Name

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A domain name is the unique name of a website. It is an important factor to build an online presence. Choosing the right domain should be of the utmost concern of every webmaster.

It is highly recommended to register your own domain rather than using a free option with a sub-domain. This article will cover why using a paid domain is important and what to consider when buying a domain name.

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The Advantages of Paid Domains

For people who donโ€™t want to monetize and brand their website, using a free domain might be fine. However, the fact is that a free domain will have many limitations. A paid domain is a better option to run a website in the long run.

There are many advantages of paid domains, here are a few:


Once you buy a domain, it will be tied to your image, itโ€™s personal. In other words, it is yours. You can keep it as long as you renew the lease from the registrar you buy the domain from.

The minimum period to claim a domain is one year, and the maximum is three years, then you need to renew it.

Unique Identity

A paid domain allows you to have an exclusive brand name like . Unlike free domains, you have full control over the creative process and, thus, the identity of your domain name. This is critical if you want to make your website stand out from the others.

For example, instead of using, you can have a unique domain.ย 


You can gain more trust using a paid domain. Not only does it differ from a temporary project, but a paid domain indicates how much effort youโ€™ve put into your website. Also, if the name suits your niche well, it might indicate that you cover a certain area of expertise.

What to Consider When Buying a Domain Name

As you now know that having a paid domain is valuable, you need to pick a proper one.

Domain Registrar

A domain registrar is a company that reserves a specific name online. You should only buy domains that are ICANN certified, however, as other sellers might not be fully legitimate.

You need to consider who you buy a domain name from and make sure they are reliable. This is important to make sure that the domain name is registered under your name, not theirs. You can read their policy carefully or contact them for further information.

Domain Name Availability

Going for the .com TLDโ€™s (top-level domains) first is the primary rule.
Unfortunately, most of them are already taken.

Donโ€™t fret. There is still an opportunity to get an ideal domain name. You can try to use a domain extension that represents your websites properly. With this availability, you can keep your branding strategyFor example, if you canโ€™t get the as your domain name, you might try instead. It will specifically represent your niche too. Or, you can use a location-based domain name like if your company is based in the UK or targets the UK market.

With a little bit of creativity, you can have a new, unique domain name for the standard price (usually around ยฃ8/year). Buying a premium domain can be an option. However, bear in mind that a premium domain can be very expensive.

Domain Pricing

If you are on a tight budget, buying an affordable domain name can be a solution. For example, you can choose .xyz instead of a .com TLD โ€” most registrars offer less common extensions for much less, as low as ยฃ1/year.

Many domain registrars give a special price for the first year subscription too. You can compare prices among them before buying. If you are lucky, you can even get a good domain name free for the first year!


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