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Nginx + Docker: How to Get Html Page Up With Local Domain Name

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I will setup a very simple html page with docker and nginx.

Source files can be found here:

https://github.com/ikknd/docker-study in folder recipe-01

1. Create a project folder setup:


-> /docker

-> /html

In "html" folder I will create index.html file, that simply says: "I work inside docker!"

In "docker" folder I will keep docker related files and configs.

2. Create nginx config site.conf in "docker" folder:

3. Edit /etc/hosts file on host machine, and add a record:       myapp.loc

4. Create docker-compose.yml file in "docker" folder:

Here I do several things:

  • point port 80 from inside container to port 80 on my host machine
  • copy html folder on my host machine to /var/www/myapp folder inside of container
  • copy site.conf nginx config file to /etc/nginx/conf.d/site.conf location in container

Note that we can point not only directories from host machines to inside of container, but also individual files.

5. Go to /var/www/docker-study.loc/recipe-01/docker/ and execute:

docker-compose up -d

If I now try myapp.loc/ in browser, I will see: "I work inside docker!".

In several simple steps, I got html file to be served via nginx, and got local domain name to work with docker setup.


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