The Dummies Guide to Earning While Learning Web3: 12+ Learn to Earn Platforms by@thezainabowolabi
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The Dummies Guide to Earning While Learning Web3: 12+ Learn to Earn Platforms

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Learn to earn is a concept in Web3 where individuals are rewarded for learning about crypto, Web3 development, or completing tasks to earn NFTs and tokens. This article's for anyone who wants to trade crypto, become a Web3 developer, or is willing to kickstart their Web3 career.

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What was your first thought when you heard we wouldn't need to trust each other to transact across the web? You might've thought it was impossible.

Clifford Stoll, 1995, also believed that no online database could replace a daily newspaper. Look at us today. When last did you buy a newspaper to read? I can't remember the last time I bought one myself.

With the rate at which Web3 is being adopted, in no time, you'll have to learn about Web3 to stay ahead. What if I told you there was an easy way to learn and earn while learning Web3? It means you're getting something from it apart from gaining new knowledge. Although there're several ways to earn with Web3, the learn-to-earn opportunity was the one that stood out to me.

In this article, you'll learn about different Web3 learning platforms where you can earn while learning diverse topics, including crypto, Web3 development, DeFi, Ethereum, Solidity, etc.

Are you still in Web3, or have you moved to web3?

Are you still in Web3, or have you moved to web3?


I suggest you see the dummies guide to Web3 before or after you read this article.

Key Objectives

  • Identifying the audience
  • What is learning to earn in Web3?
  • Why learn Web3?
  • How to learn and earn in Web3 for Investors and Web3 developers
  • FAQs

Identifying the Audience

This article's for anyone who wants to trade crypto, become a Web3 developer, or is willing to kickstart their Web3 career. It's also for Web2 developers looking to transition into Web3 development.

Learn to earn in Web3

Learn to earn in Web3

What Is Learn to Earn in Web3?

It's as simple and direct as the title. Learn to earn is a concept in Web3 where individuals are rewarded for learning about crypto, Web3 development, or completing tasks to earn NFTs, crypto, or tokens.

So, what's the motive behind paying people to earn? Well, for some of the platforms listed below (which are mostly exchange platforms) — when you learn from their platform, you're more likely to become a customer once you complete your learning.

It's an excellent win for the beginners and the company that has offered to teach them. Apart from the earning potential, why should I learn about Web3? See answers in the next section.

Why Learn Web3?

Why Learn Web3?

Why Learn Web3? When people ask this, they mostly ask to see if it's possible to build a successful career in the field. The average application users are usually only interested in using the apps, not learning about their inner workings.

Take a look at Illustration one below.

Illustration One: A few years back, Danny had to prepare for her project at the web development boot camp she partook in. It was a hassle to learn and finally deliver on the project, but she did it, and her team came in second place.

Danny got her hands dirty with several projects but started to earn when she landed her first job as a web developer. Currently, Danny would like to transition into Web3, but she can earn while learning and without a job this time.

That's an excellent reason to want to learn Web3 as a developer, but there's so much more. Discover them below:

1. Countless Job Opportunities Other career paths in Web3 include investors, designers, community managers, product managers, Web3 business owners, etc.

2. High Demand and Scarcity There's a high demand for jobs in Web3 like blockchain engineers and designers and a massive knowledge gap as there're only a few blockchain developers worldwide. This means there's still a low entry rate into the industry and minimal competition.

3. High Pay According to Dataconomy, the average annual blockchain developer salary is around $119,000, but about ⅓ earn over 180,000 USD. However, about 80% exceeds 115,000 USD. You can already tell that starting a career in the industry is a profitable one. I've also seen design jobs that pay around 70,000 to 100,000 USD.

4. Learn on the Job There's an opportunity to learn on the job as employers aren't expecting you to know everything as there're many new technologies, so you can quickly get paid to learn. Gregory — the founder of dapp university, has something to say about his experience of being paid to learn on the job.

5. Early Adopter It allows you to become early adopters and have an edge against when web 3 becomes mainstream.

How to Learn and Earn in Web3

In this section, you'll discover several Web3 learning platforms where you can earn, but I would like you to check out LearnWeb3 and the Hashnode Web3 blog. These are sites where you can learn the basics of Web3 before you proceed to the other media in this article.

Let's get down to business. I divided this part into two sections, so you can go to the section that concerns you or go through it all — that's totally up to you!

Web3 Learn To Earn Platforms For Investors

Below you will find Web3 learning platforms to learn about crypto and the blockchain to become a better investor and make smarter choices.

1. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is the number one site for sourcing the price of crypto assets if you have ever wondered where the crypto pros get their insights from. It aims to empower crypto investors with the accurate information they need to make informed investment decisions.

As an investor, if you would ever love to learn about crypto and earn while learning, CoinMarketCap is a suitable option. There are several video training available on-site, after which you complete quizzes to earn crypto through the site.

Thanks to some of CoinMarketCap's partnerships, you can dive deeper into various cryptocurrencies and blockchains, including Tron, BNB Chain, Solar, Oasis Network, NEAR Protocol, Only1, etc.

Learn Crypto, Earn Crytpo from CoinMarketCap

Learn Crypto, Earn Crytpo from CoinMarketCap

2. Binance

Binance is a lot of things, but at this moment, it's the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of its trading volume and number of users. Another essential piece of information is that you can learn and earn crypto through the Binance Academy.

The goal behind Binance is to foster a world where everyone has the freedom to earn, hold, share and give their money no matter who they are.

So, if you're interested in learning about cryptocurrencies, earning, and trading on Binance, the academy offers free training to beginners and pros alike.

Earn free crypto through learning from Binance

Earn free crypto through learning from Binance

3. Cake DeFi

Cake DeFi's one of the fastest growing online platforms that provide investors with easy access to decentralized financial services through their products. Cake DeFi aims to help entry-level and existing investors build wealth through the decentralized financial applications they provide.

Through Cake DeFi, you can earn small amounts of crypto with the lessons and quizzes they provide on cryptocurrencies.

Note: if you signed up on Cake DeFi anytime from the 29th March 2022 till the present, you'd be eligible for up to 10 USD in crypto. However, you'll only receive your earnings after you complete the signup process and the quiz at the end of each module.

If you signed up before 29th March 2022, you can participate in the training for free but will not earn the 10 USD.

Learn and earn from Cake DeFi

Learn and earn from Cake DeFi

4. Phemex

Phemex is a crypto trading platform where you can buy, sell and do many cryptocurrency-related activities. The d-app is highly trustworthy as it records 300,000 executed orders per second.

The goal behind Phemex is to allow anyone anywhere in the world to trade crypto at any time.

Although Phemex has temporarily suspended their learn and earn bonuses due to their restructuring, you can still access the courses and enhance your crypto knowledge. How does Phemex learn and earn program work? You have to watch the videos on the platform, take quizzes, and earn cashback vouchers when you complete quizzes.

Learn and earn from Cake DeFi

Learn and earn from Cake DeFi

5. KuCoin

Kucoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges that offer services such as buying and selling crypto, spot trading, etc. With Kucoin, you need to complete tasks to earn USDT.

Once you sign up, you can start performing a specific weekly task and will have an idea of how much you can earn from these tasks. You can also navigate to the learn to earn section on the site, where you can learn about the birth of Bitcoin, how to deposit, etc.

Learn and earn from KuCoin

Learn and earn from KuCoin

Web3 Learn to Earn Platforms for Web3 Developers

Below you'll find Web3 learning platforms to earn while you learn Web3 development.

1. Web3 University

Web3 University is a literal goldmine. The online university is an educational platform that brings us the best resources on blockchain development. I was stunned by how filled it was with knowledge on Web3 development.

Although you can't earn while you learn with Web3 university, you can learn anything about Web3, from writing your first smart contract and how to build your first NFT to building a Web3 front end with React.

They are currently offering a free 10 days course on Web3 development, and you don't want to miss out.

Learn and earn from Web3 University

Learn and earn from Web3 University

2. useWeb3

useWeb3 is not your regular Web3 learning platform as it's filled with resources ranging from books, courses, code challenges, guides, starter kits, tutorials, and videos to recommended Web3 resource sites.

useWeb3 is for both beginner and Web2 developers looking to transition into Web3 by providing them with a handful of resources. One thing about useWeb3 is that you might not earn while learning, but it provides you with a pool of jobs you can upskill and apply for.

Learn and earn from useWeb3

Learn and earn from useWeb3

3. Pointer

Pointer, similar to Web3 University, is an online educational platform that rewards software engineers in crypto to improve their skills. The demand for blockchain developers is relatively high, and with the help of Pointer, you can meet industry standards and qualifications.

After researching the site, I must say that Pointer has a great UX design, which is a plus apart from learning and earning on their site. Another plus would be from the developers who've taken their courses; they've some excellent reviews on taking Pointer courses.

Learn and earn from Pointer

Learn and earn from Pointer

4. Proof of Learn

Proof of Learn is an education platform founded to address the knowledge gap and shortage of skills in Web3 and to help students earn while learning. Proof of Learn aims to unlock accessible, high-quality education worldwide through the blockchain.

Their vision is to help anyone with an internet connection and a passion for gaming to learn smart contract development and earn alongside. Through the platform, you can earn crypto incentives, gain hands-on Web3 skills and build your career. It sounds like the perfect plan for anyone looking to learn Web3 development.

Proof of Learn has a project called Metacrafters to help bring their dreams to reality. So what's Metacrafter?

Metacrafter is the premier project of Proof of Learn, where developers can learn to code on the blockchain through the immersive gaming experience that brings the history and core of the blockchain to life.

The project is still underway and not fully realized yet, but you can have it in mind when you want to start your Web3 development journey.

Learn and earn from Proof of Learn

Learn and earn from Proof of Learn


QuestBook aims to become the Uber app of builders (Web3 developers). What do I mean? When you use the Uber app to order a ride, a driver registered on the app and is close by can come and pick you up — no questions asked.

QuestBook is looking to achieve similar feats for builders by plugging developers into businesses/projects that require their service. It aims to help builders realize the dream of decentralization by providing them with the needed tools and resources.

When you learn and complete quests on QuestBook, you can earn some crypto or NFTs. You can also earn indirectly from the program if you build your skills over time and join the community to make inquiries. You can learn many new things, such as building on Solana, NEAR, Polygon, Ethereum, etc., through QuestBook.

Learn and earn from Questbook

Learn and earn from Questbook

6. Moralis

Moralis is a Web3 as a service tool that provides API, SDK, and data for building high-performance dapps. You can see that their target audience would be builders or Web3 companies searching for builders.

With Moralis, you can learn anything from Rust programming and DeFi in 2022 to building an NFT marketplace. Moralis also comes in handy because it provides a personal roadmap for you depending on your level of knowledge and interest in Web3.

Another plus of Moralis is that it provides a free professional CV template tailored to blockchain development. Join 60,000+ other Web3 students who want to master Web3 programming just like you when using Moralis.

Learn and earn from Moralis

Learn and earn from Moralis

7. StackUp

Stack up is an online platform that offers much more than earning while learning. You'll get the chance to learn, earn, connect, grow, attend events, and level up with StackUp.

You can also choose any programming language, from Python to Rust. You may get paid in USD if you complete the quests or campaign that meets the standard requirement. You should also connect with like-minded individuals in their discord community and participate in organized events.

Other web3 development learning sites include Buildspace, Thirdweb, Odyssey, etc.

Learn and earn from StackUp

Learn and earn from StackUp


Q: Is Web3 worth it? A: Yes, because there'll be mass adoption of Web3 years from now, it's worth learning.

Q: How do I start Web3 development? A: You can get started in Web3 by taking action steps towards what you've learned in this article.

Q: What programming language does Web3 use? A: There're several languages in use when Web3 is involved, but the non-negotiable language you must learn is solidity.

Q: How do I get a job in Web3? A: Check out page for job opportunities once you've started building your skill set.

Closing — The Dummies Guide to Earning While Learning Web3

Through this article, you've learned more than 12 Web3 learning sites and d-apps where you can learn about Web3 and its related topics. I'm grateful I got to research and write this article because I've learned many new things, and I'm sure you've too.

A great tip would be to select a few from this Web3 platform when starting and focus on them before trying every other resource because you don't want to spread yourself too thin. Choose based on your interest and which platform you're most comfortable with learning on. Adios!


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