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Social networks are broken

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@GabrielMassanaGabriel Massana

It is impossible to be visible if you have a Facebook Page. Only paying ads to Facebook you can get new followers.

It is impossible to attract people to follow you on Twitter. Only by following and unfollowing other users you can acquire new followers.

It is impossible to get people to follow you on Instagram. Only following/unfollowing, liking and commenting on other can bring attention to your account.

Why are they broken?

Nothing is real.

I can pay people to Like my Facebook Page. I can use a follow chain to follow back thousands of users in Twitter. I can use tools to exchange likes in Instagram. I can pay for adverts to acquire followers anywhere. I can pay a company to follow, unfollow, like and even to comment posts in Instagram automatically.

It is obvious that the size is important in social networks. The more followers the better, the more comments the better, the more likes the better, the more retuits the better. Nowadays companies use algorithms to free boost our posts.

The more everything we have, the more we will have. The problem is how to get there. If you have a website, you probably know something about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). For social networks it is the same. You need techniques to position your posts.

When a user opens a video in Facebook, they will play another video automatically. Probably from an account that the user do not follow. They are the best videos, with millions of visualizations. So at the end it is exponential!

When I post in Instagram I want to be discovered. So, I hope my posts will go to your Explore tab. The more likes, views, comments my post got, more likely is to go there. So, at the end, it will be easier to have even more and more.

Since Twitter do not use the Chronological Order for the feed, it is impossible to be discovered without thousands of likes and retuits. In fact, nowadays, it is even worse. Since they released the “In case you missed it” feature, I just open Twitter, check the three tuits there, I scroll down some tuits, one refresh and bye bye.

Better for them.

I know this is better for the platforms. It pushes the engagement. With Facebook strategy I can be looking for videos for hours because all of them are good. I know I just need 10 minutes to read the best tuits. Also, I know I can go to the Explorer in Instagram and check the best photos and videos.

Worst for us.

However, this is making impossible or really difficult for new people to be discovered in the social platforms.


I created a Facebook page a month ago. During first days only real friends followed me. Somehow Facebook gave me 30£ in adverts. I set up some tests, I boost some interesting posts and finally I created an ad to invite people to follow my page. When the money was gone I was around 10k followers in the Page. A week after I’ve got only 10 more. And my posts are reaching a lot fewer people. If you do not pay, you do not get attention.


Same day I created a Twitter account. After several weeks, I was only able to get around 20 followers. Finally, tired of waiting, I started the follow / unfollow growth hack. Really slowly, with a lot of care because the last time I tried the hack Twitter caught me and my account it’s still in suspension.


This was my last try. I’ve got the account for two weeks. Nothing. One like here. One account doing follow/unfollow. Nothing else. So back to the business I started doing the same. Some JavaScript to auto like posts, I joined a company that offers three days for free of auto comments and finally a Chrome extension to exchange likes. I’m now over 20 followers 24 hours after.

Why are they broken?

Because, without cheating, you will be never discovered.

Good luck cheating yourself.


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