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PS5 Controller Review: 5 Best Features That'll Blow Your Mind

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Although the PlayStation 5 is an excellent console in itself, it's PlayStation 5 DualSense controller makes the console stand out, having a range of features that make you feel like you are experiencing next-generation gaming.

The next generation of video game consoles is upon us. Xbox has released the Xbox Series X and S, and the PlayStation 5 is the next instalment in the PlayStation series.

Until recently, I was sceptical as to how these consoles are truly next-gen. The consoles' updated graphics and power seemed just iterations on previous hardware, not worthy of next-gen.

Even when I picked up an Xbox Series S, I failed to see what made these new consoles next-gen worthy. However, that all changed when I managed to beat the scalpers and land a PlayStation 5.

PS5 Controller's Haptic Feedback

Rumble technology in video game controllers has been around for decades. In the new PS5 controller, rumble has been enhanced to a whole new level with haptic feedback.

Haptic feedback uses dual actuators to replace traditional rumble motors, giving you immersive feedback when performing game actions. Haptic feedback is a standout feature on the PlayStation 5 controller, as it does genuinely immerse you in your gameplay.

One example is its use in Astro's Playroom. Astro's Playroom is a fun 3D platformer designed to show off the PlayStation 5's capabilities. From just holding the controller, the haptic feedback technology made me feel every game environment, from my characters' footsteps to defeating enemies in the game's overworld.

The DualSense controller gave me feedback on my actions, fully immersing me in the Astro Playroom world. Likewise, the haptic feedback technology works just as well when playing games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, giving accurate feedback when firing and shooting weapons. The use of haptic feedback makes this controller and console feel next-gen.

Adaptive Triggers

The PlayStation 5 controller also has adaptive triggers. Adaptive triggers, unlike typical standard triggers, offer a whole new level of game immersion using adaptive trigger technology to provide resistance and tension as you engage with your in-game environments.

The use of adaptive triggers blew me away when I first experienced them during my playthrough of Astro's Playroom. In one particular instance, I found myself rock climbing up a cliff face. The adaptive trigger technology made me feel the tension and force behind every climbing motion and hold grab.

Astro's Playroom makes full use of adaptive trigger technology. Likewise, although relatively few at this stage in the PS5's lifecycle, other games such as Call of Duty: Cold War are also making use of the adaptive triggers.

In Call of Duty: Cold War, the adaptive triggers make you feel the tension behind every gunshot when you press down the trigger, which largely depends on the gun's weight.

All in all, the adaptive triggers present in the PlayStation 5 controller are mind-blowing and fully immersive. Hopefully, in the future more games adopt the technology.


A Built-In Microphone

Unlike its predecessors, the PS5 controller has a built-in microphone, meaning you do not need to own a headset to communicate with your friends.

If you are like me and constantly breaking headsets, this is a great feature. I was initially sceptical about the microphone's quality, but it is as practical and responsive as a voice chat feature as it is a voice command feature when using apps such as Youtube.

It is also used in games such as Astro's Playroom and makes an excellent addition to the controller, making jumping on and playing with your friends on your brand new console instantaneous.

A New and Improved PS5 Controller Share Button

The PlayStation 5 controller also built upon its predecessor's share button. The share button on the PlayStation 4 allowed you to share screenshots and short clips with your friends. The new Share button on the Dualsense dubbed the create button does all this and so much more.

The create button speeds up capturing screenshots and video sharing, making the process seamless. It also gives you the option to start broadcasting and streaming on streaming services such as Twitch. Likewise, the new button also allows you to choose what format you want to upload an image or video in.

Thus, the new create button iterates on the PlayStation 4's share button to create a fluid and seamless sharing feature worthy of next-gen.

3D Audio

The PS5 controller also supports 3D audio technology. For those who are not lucky enough to own a wireless 3D headset, the PlayStation 5 controller, through its headphone jack, supports a 3D Audio output with any headset.

3D audio is fully immersive, making you hear accurately at a distance every sound and audio cue and works well on the PlayStation 5, giving you the option to tailor the 3D audio to your preferences.

Unlike Xbox, PlayStation supports 3D audio with all of your headsets, meaning anyone can pick up a controller and experience this immersion given they have a headset. It is an outstanding next-gen feature that anyone can experience thanks to the Dualsense.


Final Thoughts on the PS5 Controller

Overall, the PS5 DualSense controller is an outstanding piece of next-gen hardware. The PS5 controller sets the bar to what a next-generation controller can be and far outmatches its competitor's controllers. The PlayStation 5 controller provides a truly next-generation experience and is an incredible piece of technology.

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