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Sony Group Corporation designs, develops, produces, and sells electronic equipment, instruments, and devices for the consumer, professional, and industrial markets worldwide. ...

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109700 employees
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Since 1946
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1346 at Alexa

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Everything We Know About Sony's PSVR 2 and Its Design
Published at Feb 25, 2022 by bensonador
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Bungie Joins Sony in Surprise Acquisition
Published at Feb 02, 2022 by Limarc
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Days Gone 2 Denied by Sony: This Game Needs to Happen
Published at Oct 21, 2021 by brandonk
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What is the Sony PlayStation 5 System Software Beta Program?
Published at Jun 20, 2021 by wheeljack84
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Why is it so Hard to Find a PS5 for Sale?
Published at Nov 15, 2021 by faizan4it
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5 Burning Questions After the PlayStation Showcase
Published at Sep 17, 2021 by blakeelon

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Sony shifting focus to metaverse to harness gaming, music expertise
Published at May 18, 2022 by Kyodo News on