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Only at Node.js Interactive: The Evolution of IoT with Arduino from Rachel White

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Rachel is a self-taught front end engineer, an active member of the NodeBots Community and a cat connoisseur! She is currently at Microsoft, working on projects to get developers excited about new technologies.

For her first project using Node.js, socket.io, microcontrollers, and johnny-five, she built a web-based feeder that delivers tasty cat chow on a configurable schedule or when triggered remotely.

This year, at Node. js Interactive Europe, Rachel will take us through an engaging experience that allows us to discover the many different modules that integrate with an Arduino. Arduino (if you are not familiar) is an open-source platform used for building project that consists of both a physical programmable circuit board and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It runs on your computer, and can write and upload computer code to the physical board.

Rachel aims to shed some perspective on what is possible in the world of Node.js hardware, creative coding, interactive robots, and more. Through diagrams and detailed code examples, her presentation, โ€œAlt-Ctrlย : Scream into this Arduinoโ€ will render us with an inside look into accelerometers, capacitive touch, light, and sound. She will show us how certain modules easily integrate with an Arduino, what they can be used for in everyday life, and how these applications are driving evolution in the IoT world. There will be also demos with various sensor modules, such as copper touch sensors to control a video game and yelling to control brightness of LEDs.

Node.js Interactive Europe takes place September 15โ€“18 in Amsterdam. We look forward to learning more about thinking outside of the box when it comes to limitations with coding. Be sure to register today!


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