Coming In Hot: Initial Keynotes and Full Agenda for JS Interactive Announced! by@nodejs

Coming In Hot: Initial Keynotes and Full Agenda for JS Interactive Announced!

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We are so excited to bring you the initial keynotes and the full agenda for JS Interactive taking place October 10 -12 in Vancouver BC, Canada. The event is co-hosted alongside the JS Foundation to bring you keynotes, sessions, panels and workshops that will dive into enterprise development best practices, new innovation and emerging standards for JavaScript technologies.

**The Agenda**This conference is an expansion of Node.js Interactive with a program that covers a broader spectrum of JavaScript ecosystem technologies, concepts and applications trends including server-side JavaScript, IoT, internationalization, accessibility, progressive web apps, serverless, voice-based apps, the offline-first approach, and much more.

We have several deals with airlines as well as a hotel blocks to help make the process of booking your ticket more seamless. Additionally, if you are a student, there is special student pricing available. Please learn more on our website.

Register for JS Interactive by July 20 to save up to $549 USD.

**Scholarship Opportunities**JS Interactive is awarding a few scholarships based on a combination of need and impact. The scholarship includes a conference pass, coach airfare and hotel accomodation for three nights. For eligibility and how to apply click here. All submissions are due by July 6.

**More to Come!**Beyond this awesome conference, the Node.js community is hosting a Code + Learn, which is an an in-person (and free) event series where developers receive mentoring from Node.js Core Contributors to learn the step-by-step process of contributing to Node Core. Code + Learn will happen the morning of October 13 after the conference. More on how to sign up and register for this coming soon!

Please stay tuned for additional details through following the conversation on social via #jsinteractive or registering for the Node.js Foundation newsletter.


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