Convince Your Boss to Send You to Node.js Interactive North America by@nodejs

Convince Your Boss to Send You to Node.js Interactive North America

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Node.js Interactive North America is quickly approaching — the conference will be held from November 29 — December 2 in Austin, Texas. If you would like to attend the conference, but you still need to ask your boss, we have you covered. Below is a suggested email to send. Feel free to use all of it or pieces of it to help you get to Austin!

Hope this helps you out and can’t wait to see you there!

— Node.js Foundation team

Dear {Boss Name},

I’d like to attend Node.js Interactive North America taking place November 29 — December 2 in Austin, TX. This event will help me fine-tune my skills in Node.js/JavaScript and better understand the future of the platform. I will hear from top Node.js Project developers who will discuss the future of the code, and major enterprise users who will provide best practices on how this technology can support our business needs.

The conference welcomes new and experienced developers and offers many tracks and workshops that will benefit our business, including:

{Insert Most Appropriate Track: Cloud and Backend; Diagnosing, Debugging and DevOps; Machine Learning and Big Data; Artificial Intelligence; Node.js Core; Security; IoT; Full Stack Development; Performance; Operations}.

Additional reasons to attend the conference include:

  • Node.js is a very diverse technology. It can be used to build robotics or mobile apps, and almost every big name company is using it, including Netflix, IBM, Microsoft, Capital One, PayPal and Walmart. For new projects, it is likely that Node.js will be the technology that I use across the stack.
  • 50+ sessions in two days, including workshops, community and technical talks, and use cases that will inform the future development of Node.js.
  • The conference will not only hone my skills with Node.js, but also help me learn how to best adopt the technology to our business for smoother transitions and a more united IT team.
  • Key sessions include: Slaying Monoliths with Docker and Node.js (A Netflix Original); Deploying and Scaling Node.js with Kubernetes; Building Desktop Applications With Node.js Using Electron; Real-Time Machine Learning with Node.js; Hitchhiker’s Guide to “Serverless” Javascript; Building and Shipping Node.js Apps with Docker; Surviving Web Security using Node.js; and many other great presentation. You can view the full agenda here.

The event costs $600.00 USD, but will be $800 after November 14. This includes full access to all the events’ happening at Node.js Interactive. If we want to send four or more employees, tickets are 20% off.

I would be happy to write a post-conference report and share with other members of the team what I’ve learned and how we can implement Node.js into our business strategy.

If you still don’t think this is a good event for me. Here is what Rick Adams, who is an IT Application Portfolio of Digital Interfaces Manager at Lowe’s Home Improvement, said about the event and why it’s important for developers to attend.


{Your Name}

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