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NEW Hacker Noon Podcast Episodes and 27 Text Based Stories About Tech Podcasting

The first two Hacker Noon Podcast episodes are now available:

Episode 1: Starting Up with CrazyEgg’s Hiten Shah

iTunes and Youtube

Episode 2: The Maturing Crypto Market with Grace Kelly

iTunes and Youtube

Hiten says stuff like, “It is easier than ever to reach the customer; it’s harder than ever to get and keep their attention. So you can’t just say here’s my new shiny thing — it’s gonna solve all your problems. You have to really spend the time to know what problems it’s going to solve, describe it really precise ways, and basically level up so that you’re actually getting them to pay attention to you because whatever you’re providing benefits them.”

Grace says stuff like, “So it’s a maturing market right now. The teenage years are over. It’s time start looking for a grown up. Right now we have this thing called Fork. It’s like all we’re gonna fork and if you don’t like it we’re gonna fork you. We’ve taken all our intelligence as humanity and instead of improving the world — getting better health, getting rid of poverty, getting rid of war — we’ve programmed our smartest programmers to get people to buy stuff they don’t need.”

I have been listening to recordings — some good upcoming episodes covering how blockchain could combat healthcare’s bureaucracy, the behind the scenes look at a crypo public relations firm, what a decentralized cloud could actually look like, and where funding meets futurism. The Hacker Noon Podcast is available on Youtube & iTunes.

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27 Text Based Stories About Tech Podcasting

All you need to start a podcast by Ben Wheeler

A real-world DAO template for podcasts by Anthony Akentiev

11 Best Podcasts For Founders by Vikas Jha

Founder Interviews: Justin Jackson of Transistor.fm by Davis Baer

Hacker’s guide to Internet Minimalism by AMR

How I built Programming Podcasts by Joe Lennon

Integrating Algolia Search in Winds — A Beautiful RSS & Podcast Application by Nick Parsons

Make your own podcasting platform! by Knut Melvær

Marketplace Scaled To Thousands Of Users In Hours by Mike Williams

Osmo-FL2k: A $15 DTV transmitter, FM radio hijack and GPS Spoofing device. by Tomas C.

🅟🅞🅓🅒🅐🅢🅣🅢 &…The Search for Sound by Jeremy Streich

Podcasts — Getting started, sources and recommendations by Tarun Jadhwani

Podcrypt: automatic, fair, peer-to-peer podcast donations with Ether by Jordan Last

State of Podcasts 2018: Takeaways from Podcast Movement on monetization, diversity, and discovery by Justine and Olivia Moore

Streaming services can find growth in AM/FM’s 176 billion annual listening hours, Pandora has three numbers that should be music to your ears: $40 million, 76 million and 1 billion. & The day music discovery failed me by Glenn Peoples

The Best Podcasts, Blogs, and YouTube Channels I Used to Learn UI/UX Design & 5 Things I Learned From My Comparative Study of Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer by Brian Tan

The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations by Beautyon

The 5 Best Bitcoin Podcasts for Beginners by Mike Fishbein

The many ways to make audio with Anchor by Anchor

Top 5 Podcasts to expand your mind by Yoni Shechter

Top 5 Startup & Technology, Angel Investing and Venture Capital Podcasts in Order & 5 Favorite Technology/Futurism Podcasts & 4 Favorite Blockchain/Crypto Focused Podcasts by Matt Ward

Why I’m Starting a Podcast and How Desperate I am for you to Help Shape it by Chris Herd

If you want to publish about your tech podcast or how you make your tech podcast or just have a remarkable voice to share, email Stories@HackerNoon.com. A real live human will read it.

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