Hackernoon logoThe Do's and Don'ts of Starting a Podcast by@benjaminbateman

The Do's and Don'ts of Starting a Podcast

The NeverMind the Sh*tcoins podcast is a project born of passion from my living room. With episodes one and two out now in all good stores, I’ve got a couple of insights to share. The two main factors that determine whether a new show will give its listeners eargasms that keep them coming back are: Quality and quantity of production and consistency at which the show hits the shelves. The number of podcasts on the market has also skyrocketed with over 750,000 podcasts actively recording new episodes on a regular basis. Over 160 million Podcast listeners worldwide as of June 2021.
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Benjamin Bateman

Crypto gonzo blogger degen, host of @NVMtheShitcoins podcast + more 💎🙌 #TFIFT # NVMTS #WebFree


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