Why I’m Starting a Podcast and How Desperate I am for you to Help Shape it by@ChrisHerd

Why I’m Starting a Podcast and How Desperate I am for you to Help Shape it

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Chris Herd

Our PodCast launches next month, will you listen?


I have a lot to say and often I can’t get it all down on here in a succinct and coherent manner. I need another outlet to share those thoughts and ideas.

I talk to some of the most interesting people in the world, tackling some of the worlds biggest problems on an almost daily basis and the advice I receive is priceless. Instead of being the lone beneficiary of these sage suggestions I believe you could find tremendous value in those conversation as well.

At the intersection of those spheres is an opportunity to create something unique

As many of you know by now, I am in the process of founding a tech Startup. The story this Podcast promises to capture is the serialisation of our process and progress. Like Alice in Wonderland I intend to peel back the curtain and reveal the inner working of everything. I seek to unveil the subtle details of company building, strategy and growth in the most candid and intimate way possible. Nothing will be sacred or sugar coated. This will provide anyone who listens a realistic portrayal of what it looks and feels like to be part of an early stage startup. The maniacal ,and often times desperate, nature of startup business will be conveyed through the only way I know how — radical transparency.

We will interview world class Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, founders of the companies we invest in, key personnel Nexves early users of the platform as well as friends and family affected by my dedication to the business.

Where the story revolves around the current issues that I and Nexves are facing, my role will switch to become the interviewee and I will take a deep dive on the methods I am employing to negotiate my way past it.

What I hope this achieves is an intriguing mix of historical context, of how some of the most successful entrepreneurs have overcome adversity, and modern strategy, supplemented with a business doing the same thing in the current market.

I believe there will be tremendously interesting comparison to be made. It will become apparent that somethings that worked yesterday don’t work today. Yet, certain strings of strategy, determination and desire will be integral to past and future success — that is information we are looking to focus on.

We intend to launch next month and have lined up several founders of unicorn businesses for the first several episodes. From there we will expand into a few general partners at Europes leading venture capital fund before evolving into modern business founders tackling some of the worlds biggest problems.

We are not only going to explore threads of the past, but each of those persons views of the future, expectations for the development of technology dominating today as well as how the see the world changing politically, morally and philosophically.

The future will form a key element of the podcast. We seek to focus on revolutionary thoughts an ideas not just just products of imagination. This will straddle what is currently available and how life will be augmented by things that are close but not quite ready.

We hope you are interested in listening, If you are I would appreciate every clap you give this post as it will help us reach as wide an audience as possible

We are currently grappling with two names for the Podcast

Adventure Capital __________ or ___________ Anarch.vc

Would love it if you could highlight whichever title you prefer!

Donations and support are greatly appreciated

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