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Forget Shark Tank, The Killer Whale Pod is Here to Support Your Blockchain Projects  by@benjaminbateman

Forget Shark Tank, The Killer Whale Pod is Here to Support Your Blockchain Projects

Benjamin Bateman Hacker Noon profile picture

Benjamin Bateman

Crypto gonzo blogger degen, host of @NVMtheShitcoins podcast + more 💎🙌 #TFIFT # NVMTS #WebFree

Passive income is pretty great, right? Cryptocurrency and, in particular, DeFi, have opened up an incredible selection of weird, wonderful and inventive ways to invest and earn without the red-tape and barriers to entry seen in traditional financial markets. And now with the eye-watering expansion of the play-to-earn ecosystem, inclusivity is seeing new ATHs across the world.

So, alluding back to the title, wouldn't it be great if there was a Venn diagram middle point between playing-to-earn and more serious investment options for passive income?


A show, which connects the dots between investment/VC launchpad entertainment, and real-world decentralized finance opportunities?


Engage-to-Earn, what's that?

Kicking off on October 30th with a live 'Whale Drop' event, the KWPC is a LaunchPad for young blockchain projects on the most scalable cryptocurrency network in history — Free TON. With the opportunity to receive listing support and liquidity on FLEX - the ground-breaking DEX platform launching soon on Free TON - as well as the inclusion of the project's token into incredible yield-farming pools, the stakes are high for founders!

It's not going to be easy though!

In order to receive this abundance of funding and support, applicants will not only have to dazzle and wow the audience of Killer Token Hodlers, they'll have to impress Mitja Goroshevsky.

Mitja will grill them on everything from technology to tokenomics, their background and roadmaps, right down to what underwear they're wearing!


Founders beware!

Get Your DYOR Caps on!

Of course, Mitja can't tell you where or when to put your tokens where your mouth is. The decision of whether or not to invest your Killer Tokens is completely yours.

But, Ben, how do I get 'Killer Tokens?' you ask?

Well, the ONLY way to get your fins on Killer Tokens will be at the live Whale Drop (okay, it's an airdrop but I like puns!), on October 30th. As soon as you've received your drop, you can place your Killer tokens into the KWPC liquidity pool and earn up to 100% APY, whilst also being able to vote and invest in the projects on the show in real-time!

The total supply of Killer Tokens will be determined by the number of drop recipients on the day, with LP token ratio weighting incrementing every minute of the show. In other words, the early Whale gets the best fish.

What's the Catch?

Umm, you'll have to put up with more of me in your ears?

But as well as Mitja and myself, we'll have the fabulous Anastasia Yugova steering the ship, keeping the show on track, and doing her best to ensure Mitja plays nice (good luck with that one!).

So, to take part in the live Whale Drop event and get your Killer Tokens, head to and be ready to make a splash on the 30th!


And if you'd like to hear more of me and Mitja's oddball pairing, check out the brilliant Hackernoon podcast hosted by the one and only, Utsav Jaiswal. We talk all things Free TON, breaking world TPS records, scalability in blockchain, layer 2 solutions (and why they kinda suck), and more!

And if you like your podcast a little lighter at heart, don't forget I host Nevermind the Shitcoins, a crypto panel quiz show, every week!