Blockchain: Intelligent Investing and Effective Marketing by@trentlapinski

Blockchain: Intelligent Investing and Effective Marketing

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Trent Lapinski

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Watch now: Intelligent Investing In the Blockchain Space with Tomer Federman

An interview with Tomer Federman, CEO and founder of Federman Capital. In this episode Trent Lapinski and Tomer Federman discuss why he left Facebook to start his own crypto and blockchain investment fund.

“Crypto shouldn’t be about getting rich quickly. It should be about creating meaningful products that solve real world needs, and address real pain points.”

Watch next: Effectively Marketing Blockchain Technology with Erica Blair

An interview with Erica Blair, founder of Blockchain Branding. In this episode Trent Lapinski and Erica Blair discuss branding, messaging, and what takes to effectively market a blockchain technology company.

“Crytpocurrency is an entire governance model of saying this how decisions get made, this is how how value gets distributed.”

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