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Netflix and CD Projekt RED Announce The Witcher Partnership for WitcherCon

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In a major event, it appears there is finally going to be some marketing synergy between the smash-hit Netflix TV series, The Witcher, and the highly popular video game series of the same name from CD Projekt RED. The partnership will culminate in the celebration of the series called WitcherCon, scheduled for later this July.

The website for Witchercon is already live It appears this will be an online-online virtual event that will be a celebration of the franchise. The hit Netflix and Game series are both based on the dark fantasy books created by Andrzej Sapkowski. CD PR and Netflix teased the announcement of the digital convention earlier on Friday (Jun. 11) via Twitter.

Based on the info on the website, WitcherCon will be a one-day event, and it will be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch on Friday, July 9. This is the first-ever multi-format event dedicated to The Witcher Universe.

Both companies are promising the convention will feature interactive panels spotlighting the makers of the games and TV show, breaking news, behind the scenes and never-before-seen reveals from the franchise and more.

One thing CDPR did confirm ahead of time is that the convention will not reveal a new installment of The Witcher game series. At least being transparent about these matters is a good, progressive step to not set up fans for disappointment or create undue expectations.

CDPR has reportedly been developing a new AAA game for The Witcher franchise for a while, but it's yet to be officially announced or revealed. So fans will have to wait a while longer to learn more about the new game.

CDPR and Netflix finally partnering together, even if it's only for a digital convention, is a positive move for The Witcher franchise. Hopefully, this means potential future collaborations. Perhaps there can be skins or DLC for existing games for The Witcher inspired by the Netflix series. Or there can be some soundtrack synergy among the composers.

For example, perhaps the Netflix productions will be able to get permission to use some of the epic music from the CDPR games and vice versa. Those are just speculative ideas. Either way, the idea of CDPR and Netflix partnering related to The Witcher should be a good thing for the franchise and fans.

The full schedule for WitcherCon will be revealed later on.

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